Film / Dark and Stormy Night

There's a reading of the will
on a dark and stormy niiiiiiiight.
Sure hope I don't get killed
on a dark and stormy niiiiiiiight.
I don't really know
who is friend or foooooooooooe
on a dark and stormy night.

— Some of the survivors, at the end of the movie.

Dark and Stormy Night is a 2009 movie by Larry Blamire of The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra fame. It is an homage to the Old, Dark House movies of the 1930s, complete with Lampshade Hanging moments. It features a large cast of stereotypical characters at an Old, Dark House for the reading of the will of Sinas Cavendar. Some are there to see what they got, and others are there by accident, or are they? During the reading, the lights go out and the lawyer reading the will is killed, leaving in doubt the possession of Sinas' estate. As the night progresses, more and more of the guests in the house are killed off by a mysterious murderer. Can the two ace reporters figure out who's doing it before they are the next victims?

Tread carefully, spoilers abound.

Not to be confused with It Was a Dark and Stormy Night.

This movie provides examples of: