''Damnation Alley'' is a 1977 science-fiction thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world, [[InNameOnly very loosely inspired]] by the [[Literature/DamnationAlley novel of the same name]] by Creator/RogerZelazny.

WorldWarIII happens. The crew at a remote U.S. Air Force missile base survive the war, but following an accident which kills several of them and destroys most of their supplies, the remainder decide to make their way across the country to the only part of the U.S. that is still inhabitable. Unfortunately, the only way to get there is a narrow strip of not-quite lethal wasteland, dubbed by the leader of the expedition as "Damnation Alley". As the name suggests, it's no picnic. They set out in a pair of "[=LandMaster=]" armored vehicles, encountering various dangers and other survivors as they travel east.

The [=LandMaster=] prop is arguably the best thing in this movie, and went on to have almost as long [[PropRecycling a career in cinema]] as the human star, Jan-Michael Vincent.

Best known for being the blockbuster 20th Century-Fox was expecting in the summer of '77, if not [[Franchise/StarWars the one they got]].

!!The movie contains examples of:

* AwesomePersonnelCarrier: The [=LandMaster=]. Armed to the teeth with [[StuffBlowingUp rockets, mortars]] and [[MoreDakka machine-guns]], amphibious, large enough to hold several people comfortably (complete with bathroom and shower), an internal navigation system and radio, with a triple-wheel arrangement on each axle that allows it to go over obstacles with minimum fuss. Doubling the awesome is the fact that the thing ''actually worked.'' [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26n3RsXNyKE This interview by Dean Jeffries showcases the awesome]].
* AfterTheEnd: WorldWarIII came and went and the world was devastated UpToEleven (the characters at one point discuss that the nuclear explosions ''changed the Earth's axis'').
* AlienSky: Lots of strange zippy cloud formations.
* AttackOfTheKillerWhatever: The cockroaches of Salt Lake City.
* BaseOnWheels / BigBadassRig: The [=LandMaster=].
* BigWallOfWateryDoom: The final obstacle before the film's end is a massive flood that wipes out Detroit.
* BlackDudeDiesFirst: Strictly speaking averted, in that he's not the first of the group of survivors to die, but he doesn't come close to surviving the trip either. The fact he is played by Paul Winfield assures his fate.
* CosyCatastrophe: The people of Albany have apparently been doing quite well despite the catastrophe.
* DeathWorld: Earth, after the nuclear exchange. Narrative titles point out that the weather has gone mad, among other things, and the titular "Damnation Alley" is explicitly the path of ''least'' resistance through the irradiated wasteland.
* DuringTheWar: During the prologue.
* RoadTripPlot: From the Nevada desert to Albany, New York (the only parent safe zone left in post-nuke America).
* SafeZoneHopeSpot: Blithely subverted with Albany. Although it's discussed early on that it could be this trope played straight (an automated radio broadcast, etc), the town survived.
* ScaryScorpions: Giant mutated ones make a brief appearance.
* TheSwarm: The cockroaches again.
* ThereWasADoor: The [=LandMaster=] is used to blast into and out of a parking garage.
* TitleDrop: The "Damnation Alley" is a pretty vague route from one coast to the other, defined by it being a series of interconnected spots of terrain that have been (comparatively) less irradiated.
* WackyWaysideTribe: A small group of survivors (hinted to be cannibals) threaten the companions at one point. [[CurbStompBattle They are disposed of easily]], with a few [[BoomHeadshot head shots]], a well-thrown rock, and [[StuffBlowingUp the LandMaster's rocket launcher]]. They are the only human enemies that appear on the whole film.