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''Céline et Julie vont en bateau'' (''Céline and Julie Go Boating'') or ''Phantom Ladies over Paris'' is a 1974 French [[LeFilmArtistique arthouse]] MagicRealism film directed by Creator/JacquesRivette with an understated matter-of-fact tone, [[MindScrew crafted out of sheer WTF]]. The film's French title contains a pun; "vont en bateau" can also mean "get caught up in a story" or "go crazy".

The film opens with soft-spoken red-headed Julie (Dominique Labourier), a librarian lounging in a Parisan park whilst reading a book on magic (the occult kind). StageMagician Céline (Juliet Berto) dashes past and drops an article of clothing; much like the White Rabbit from ''Literature/AliceInWonderland''. [[FollowTheWhiteRabbit Julie, sure enough, picks it up and pursues her]]. And it goes on from there.

The film is, at heart, a reflection on the nature of the narratives of books and movies; with particular emphasis on the [[BreakingTheFourthWall Breaking of the Fourth Wall]] and insertion of the viewer into the story. Furthermore, it is about adults undergoing age regression and escaping back to the playfulness, innocence and irrationality of childhood.

The film is more than three hours long, unconventional, and extremely hard to find, but also funny, entertaining, creative, light-hearted and charming.

!!This film provides examples of:

* AnimalMotifs: Cats appear everywhere.
%%* BreakingTheFourthWall: The whole point.
%%* ButtMonkey: [[spoiler:Julie's fiance.]]
%%* ComedicSociopath: Céline (and arguably Julie).
%%* DisposableFiance
%%* GainaxEnding
%%* GayParee
* GenreShift: The {{Flashback}} scenes [[spoiler:inside the HauntedHouse]] practically seem to belong to a different movie, intentionally so.
%%* GroundhogDayLoop
%%* HauntedHouse
* HeadsIWinTailsYouLose: Céline pulls this on Julie with a coin when they're debating who gets to go the house on a particular day.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: The title characters, in a surprisingly short time.
%%* LeFilmArtistique
* LeaveTheCameraRunning: Kind of a habit for director Jacques Rivette, and this film certainly has moments of this. Take for instance, the opening footchase (see ShoutOut) that seems to go on and on until the heroines have practically covered all of Montmartre.
%%* MagicRealism
%%* MindScrew
%%* OrWasItADream
%%* OurGhostsAreDifferent
%%* PaperThinDisguise
* RunningGag: "But, next morning..."
%%* SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong
%%* ShoutOut: To ''Alice in Wonderland''.
%%* ShowWithinAShow: Types 3.
%%* SliceOfLife
%%* SpyCatsuit
%%* StageMagician: Céline.
* TarotTroubles: Julie reads the fortune of a fellow librarian and inevitably, the death cards comes up. She informs said librarian that it just means change.
* WidgetSeries: It's a Weird Thing from France.