[[caption-width-right:342:The theatrical poster, illustrated by Jack Davis of Magazine/{{Mad}} magazine fame.]]

->''"Although the United States is, uh, a very rich country and San Marcos is a very poor one, there are a great many things we have to offer your country in return for aid. For instance, there, uh, there are locusts. Uh, we have more locusts than... uh, locusts of all races and creeds. These, these locusts, incidentally, are available at popular prices. And so, by the way, are most of the women of San Marcos... despite the tiny size of our nation, few people realize that we lead the world in hernias. They also fail to realize that before Columbus discovered your country, he stopped in San Marcos and contracted a disease which today can be cured with one shot of penicillin..."''
-->-- '''[[Creator/WoodyAllen Fielding Mellish]]''', ''Bananas''

A 1971 comedy movie by and with Creator/WoodyAllen as Fielding Mellish. He's a lonely product tester in the big city, who tries and fails to maintain a relationship with Nancy, a politically motivated woman whose pet project for the year is raising money for the rebellion in San Marcos, a Central American country ruled by dictator Vargas and riven by rebellion. Despondent over the break-up, Fielding travels to San Marcos to see things for himself, and gets sucked into the fight against Vargas. HilarityEnsues.

One of Woody's earliest films, ''Bananas'' is also listed as one of his funniest, using absurdist humor and slapstick mixed with political commentary.


* AcquiredPoisonImmunity: Gen. Vargas has a servant on hand to taste his meals in case they are poisoned. One meal does turn out to be poisoned, but the General eats it, anyway, claiming that he's been poisoned so many times to have developed immunity.
* AirGuitar: This movie has a scene with an ''air chamber band''. Woody eventually asks them to keep it quieter. (Originally, there were supposed to be instruments, but they never arrived and Woody decided [[ThrowItIn to roll with it]].)
* AllLowercaseLetters: the opening and closing credits.
* AllMenArePerverts. Especially Fielding. As is one SexySecretary.
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: Fielding is accused of fraud, inciting to riot, conspiracy to overthrow the government, and [[FelonyMisdemeanor using the word "thighs" in mixed company.]]
* AskAStupidQuestion:
-->'''Fielding:''' Do I look like the kind of guy who'd have trouble in bed?
-->''(Co-worker grins.)''
-->'''Fielding:''' I didn't! I didn't!
* BabyCarriage: As a quick throwaway gag
* BananaRepublic: San Marcos. (A FictionalCounterpart of Cuba)
* BloodlessCarnage: At the beginning, El Presidente is shot several times, point blank, with a [[{{BFG}} big gun]], and there's not a drop of blood.
** The same with the executions in the middle of the film. Woody Allen stated that it was a comedy, and blood would have ruined the Creator/CharlieChaplin mood he was going for.
* {{Bookends}}: WideWorldOfSports shows up to cover both a political assassination (at the opening) and a honeymoon (at the end) as sporting events.
* BrickJoke:
** The woman with crutches eagerly reads Fielding's copy of ''Orgasm'' that he nervously bought in the previous scene.
** Vargas' officers complain Vargas is not going with the usual tailor. Later:
--->'''Soldier disguised as a rebel:''' I do not feel good in these clothes!
--->'''Soldier #2:''' It's not our usual tailor.
--->'''Soldier #3:''' He made ''cuffs'' in these pants!
* CaliforniaDoubling: A mild case: the film was shot in Puerto Rico.
* TheCaligula: Rebel leader Esposito, the second he gains control of San Marcos.
* CannotTellAJoke: See the above page quote. Even Fielding realizes he's dying on stage, after starting to tell a dirty FarmersDaughter ParentalIncest joke.
* ClarkKenting: Sent to the US to plead for aid, Mellish knows he needs a disguise to hide the fact he's really an American in charge of a foreign nation. Cue one ridiculous-looking beard with the straps keeping it in place visible to everyone.
* UsefulNotes/ColdWar: US Troops being flown to San Marcos:
-->'''First Paratrooper''': Which side are we on?
-->'''Second Paratrooper''': The [=CIA=] is not taking any chances this time. Half of us are for, half of us against!
* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: Being forced to listen to ''Naughty Marietta''.
-->'''Prisoner:''' Please! I cannot stand operetta!
* CourtroomAntic: Parodied to the hilt. Among his other antics includes Woody Allen's character conducting his own defense, with results in cross-examining himself as a hostile witness... by ''jumping in and out of the witness box''.
** The judge has enough at one point and orders Mellish bound and gagged. Cut to the following witness as Mellish, still bound and gagged, mumbling at her until she tearfully recants her testimony.
*** Mellish [[spoiler:is found guilty, but the judge throws out the ruling once Mellish agrees never to move into the judge's neighborhood.]]
* CrucifiedHeroShot: Fielding tells his psychiatrist this dream he has of being crucified and carried down a New York street. And then running into another New Yorker on a crucifix as the monks carrying them fight over a parking spot. ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fVJt9FToP4 Link]])
* DirtyCommunist: What the Feds think of El Presidente Mellish.
* DrugsAreGood: The jury starts passing a joint (or drinking from a fish bowl) as the trial drags on, while Miss America sings an opera song.
* DrunkWithPower: After overthrowing the government of San Marcos and rebel leader Esposito declaring himself the new president.
* EverythingSoundsSexierInFrench: Discussed when Woody is in bed with his new girlfriend.
-->'''Woody:''' I love you, I love you.\\
'''Nancy:''' Oh, say it in French! Please, say it in French!\\
'''Woody:''' I don't know French.\\
'''Nancy:''' Oh please... please!\\
'''Woody:''' What about Hebrew?\\
'''Nancy:''' ...oh.
* FalseFlagOperation: The dictator of San Marcos attempts to assassinate a bumbling American tourist (guess whom) and frame a revolutionary group, in order to obtain American aid against the insurgents. It backfires, ultimately leading to the tourist becoming the ''leader'' of San Marcos.
* FelonyMisdemeanor: Using the word "thighs" in mixed company.
* AFoolForAClient: Fielding Mellish. Subverted in that the trial is clearly stacked against him.
* FullCircleRevolution: Parodied-upon taking power, the leader of the revolution immediately starts making a series of ridiculous decrees, see above. His underlings get rid of him and make Woody Allen dictator.
* HarassingPhoneCall: Apparently, Fielding makes obscene phone calls as a hobby.
* HideYourGays: Averted. There is one on the jury. Fielding wonders if it's that big guy on the end.
* HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood: Woody Allen recalls his parents to his psychiatrist:
--> "I think they hit me once, actually, in my whole childhood. They, they, uh, started beating me on the 23rd of December in 1942, and stopped beating me in the late Spring of '44."
* HistoryMarchesOn: The New Testament cigarette ad parody was made at a time when cigarettes could be marketed on television.
* IHaveToWashMyHair: Fielding Mellish tries to ask out a SexySecretary.
--->'''Fielding''': You busy tonight?
--->'''Norma:''' Some old friends are coming over. We're gonna show some pornographic movies.
--->'''Fielding:''' You need an usher?
--->'''Norma:''' Aw, that's sweet. I'm busy.
* ImmediateSelfContradiction: Fielding after Nancy breaks up with him.
-->'''Fielding''': Well, don't you worry about me, honey. [[TheStoic I'm like a]] ''[[TheStoic cat.]]'' [[TheStoic I'll always wind up on my feet.]] ''({{beat}}, then bursts into tears)''
* JunglePrincess
* KentBrockmanNews: It began with [[LargeHam Howard Cosell]] himself providing live commentary on the assassination of the leader of San Marcos.
-->'''Cosell''': It's all over for El Presidente!
** It ends with WideWorldOfSports covering Fielding's marriage to Nancy.
* KickedUpstairs: Fielding really doesn't want to be El Presidente.
-->'''Fielding:''' Let me be Vice President! That's a ''real'' idiot's job!
* LeftTheBackgroundMusicOn: Creator/WoodyAllen is invited to dinner with the president of the country he's visiting, and as he dazedly lies on his bed harp music starts. Then it turns out there's a harp player in his closet. Why? He couldn't find any other good place to practice.
* MajorInjuryUnderreaction: A variation. The patient who is being ''operated'' on by Fielding's patients doesn't seem to be affected in the least ''that he's being operated on''. He asks them if they can wrap it up in time for his theater plans.
* MaleGaze: Done to comic effect with a leather clad secretary who brags she and her friends are going to have a porno party.
* AManIsNotAVirgin: Fielding has a hard time getting any kind of date, and even his relationship with Nancy goes nowhere. It's not until he joins the rebels and proves his worth that he gets to bed the sexy rebel girl.
* MeetCute: How Fielding and Nancy meet.
* MightyWhitey: Played with. Of course, since he's Woody Allen, he isn't exactly competent, but when the revolution succeeds and the Great Leader immediately goes crazy, his underlings get rid of him and force Woody Allen to become the new dictator because Woody Allen is an "educated American." (He finished high school.)
* NervousWreck:
-->'''Official:''' You're not tense, are you?
-->'''Fielding:''' ''Tense''? Why would I be ''tense''? ''(proceeds to'' eat'' a wine glass)''
* OverlyLongGag. Fielding and Nancy's breakup.
* PaperThinDisguise: Fielding's ridiculous red beard.
* ThePerryMasonMethod: Subverted when Allen, gagged and tied to a chair, nevertheless manages to get a key witness against him at his trial to tearfully confess that she lied.
** Parodied when a man bursts into the courtroom tearfully admitting he was guilty - then realizes he's in the wrong trial and sheepishly leaves, apologizing.
* PuppyDogEyes: Fielding makes them at Nancy when she approaches him as a San Marcos fangirl.
* ReignOfTerror
* SevenMinuteLull: A variation. The convenience store owner decides to yell to his co-worker about the price of ''Orgasm'' in front of Fielding and a dignified old woman, forcing Fielding to make up a ridiculous story of why he's buying a porn magazine.
* SexySecretary: Who comes to work in thigh high leather boots, a short skirt and visible garters, and loves to ShowSomeLeg.
* ShareTheMalePain: Fielding Mellish cringes at the mention of the word "Castration".
** Nancy sympathizes - she gets the same way around the word "[[FelonyMisdemeanor appendicitis]]".
* ShoutOut: During one of the rebellion shoot-outs there's a [[Film/BattleshipPotemkin baby carriage]] rolling down the stairs.
* TheShrink: Of course, psychoanalysis is in this movie.
* SlasherSmile: Fielding gets off a good one after seeing the "snake bite lady".
* SoLongSuckers: Woody Allen's character gets knocked out a moment after triumphantly shouting this phrase.
* SpeedSex: The film ends with Mellish and Nancy consummating their marriage (covered by World Wide of Sports). It lasts for about 30 seconds.
* SuckOutThePoison: A group of rebels is going over jungle survival, each repeating "Suck out the poison", until Allen says "I... I could never suck the leg of someone I wasn't engaged to.". Minutes later the sexy rebel girl runs past, shirtless, clutching her breast, shouting "I've been bitten by a snake!" Allen and [[AllMenArePerverts all the other men]] rush after her.
* ThrowThePin: pulls this gag twice in the course of a montage. Woody Allen's character is training with the rebels, and he tries throwing a grenade. Predictably, he throws the pin, having just enough time to make an exasperated face before the grenade explodes in his hand. Later, he tries again, and [[spoiler:successfully throws the grenade. The ''pin'' explodes in his hand.]]
* TitleDrop: Only happens when Fielding is made El Presidente and it's brought up that San Marcos' sole real export is bananas.
* TrainingMontage
* TyrantTakesTheHelm: Esposito
* WakingNonSequitur: As Woody Allen is roused after being knocked out, he's moaning "...no more Polish women!"
* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkYfmRwryQo&feature=related Thusly]]
-->'''Esposito:''' From this day on, the official language of San Marcos will be Swedish. [[SilenceYouFool Silence!]] In addition to that, all citizens will be required to change their underwear every half-hour. Underwear will be worn on the outside so we can check. Furthermore, all children under 16 years old are now... 16 years old!
-->'''Fielding:''' What's the Spanish word for straitjacket?