A 2011 Iranian drama about the pair who decides to separate on the ground of their irreconcilable goals: Simin wants to leave Iran in order to give her daughter Termeh a chance to grow up in a less restrictive culture, whilst Nader believes his primary obligation is to care for his father, who suffers from Alzheimer disease. The film subtly comments on cultural and psychological differences by confronting the two main characters with another married pair with less education and more traditional worldview - Hodjat and Razieh. Apart from all that, it is a compelling crime story full of suspense and plot devices characteristic for Agatha Christie's books.

!!Examples of tropes included:
* BittersweetEnding: [[spoiler:Nader is not punished for Razieh's miscarriage, which was most likely not his fault, but he and Simin are still separating. Their mourning clothes as they wait for Termeh to make her decision also indicate that Nader's father has died.]]
* DaddysGirl: Termeh, who seems to get on better with Nazer than with Simin.
** [[spoiler: However, Simin suspects that Termeh is [[TakeAThirdOption just trying to keep them together.]]]]
* DivorceAssetsConflict: Averted - Simin does not want to retain any material possessions with the exception of a couple of books.
* FeudingFamilies: Nader and Simin vs. Hodjat and Razieh, as a result of unfortunate conflict about the old man.
* FieryRedhead: Simin.
* FollowInMyFootsteps: Simin and Termeh.
* FootDraggingDivorcee: Nader.
* GreyAndGrayMorality: All over the place. All of the characters wind themselves deeper and deeper into [[MoralDilemma moral dilemmas]] where they struggle between their faith, their family obligations, the law, and the truth.
* HouseHusband: Nader.
* MissingMom: Simin for Termeh, for quite some time.
* [[spoiler:MySecretPregnancy]]: Razieh.
* NoEnding: The film ends without revealing the ultimate outcome of the separation.
* SolomonDivorce: Termeh's problem.
* TakingTheKids: [[spoiler:Simin]] attempts to do it.
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