Fanon Pokedex / Unown


Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Anger [#201-A]
  • Bear [#201-B]
  • Chase [#201-C]
  • Direct [#201-D]
  • Engage [#201-E]
  • Find [#201-F]
  • Give [#201-G]
  • Help [#201-H]
  • Increase [#201-I]
  • Join [#201-J]
  • Keep [#201-K]
  • Laugh [#201-L]
  • Make [#201-M]
  • Nuzzle [#201-N]
  • Observe [#201-O]
  • Peform [#201-P]
  • Quicken [#201-Q]
  • Reassure [#201-R]
  • Search [#201-X]
  • Tell [#201-T]
  • Undo [#201-U]
  • Vanish [#201-V]
  • Want [#201-W]
  • XXXXX [#201-X]
  • Yield [#201-Y]
  • Zoom [#201-Z]
  • ????? [#201-?]
  • !!!!!! [#201-!]

Physical Descriptions

Unown are small Pokemon, only half a meter in height. They are light as well, weighing only five kilograms. There are twenty eight known variations of Unown. Twenty six of them are shaped like letters in the latin alphabet. The remaining two are shaped like a question mark and exclamation point, respectively. The majority of the Unown's body consists of a black material, which a large "eye" in the center of their body. Samples taken have shown it to contain several carbon compounds not found anywhere else in the world. Trace amounts of, strangely enough, Regicite are also contained within their bodies.

Lore and History

Several native Johtian myths discribe a powerful Creator emerging from the stars. When the Creator spoke, His speech became words. These words, according to His will, wrote the writings that form the world. All that existed was written down by the words. The sea, the land, and the sky. The story of every living being was written down. Finally, the stories complete, the Creator rested, and His words fell asleep, stored in sacred temples. They await the day that the Creator would speak once more.

It is now believed that the Unown are the inspiration for this myth.

Known Sightings

The Ruins of Alph were one of the most mysterious archeological sights in all of Johto. Whatever ancient civilization built them is unknown. They seemingly had no purpose, being large empty buildings with carvings of various Pokemon. Including, strangely enough, Pokemon which had been long extinct by the time the buildings had been constructed. But strangest of all, were the writings covering the walls of the structures. The writings engraved into the walls were comprised of the modern Latin alphabet. This despite the fact that the Ruins of Alph predate any Latin speaking civilization, and are geographically separated to such an extent that any such crossover is impossible. Finally, the engravings were, as far as any linguist and archeologist could tell, gibberish.

Recently, answers to some of these questions have been answered. One of the smaller buildings excavated contained what appeared to be a sliding block puzzle embedded into the wall. Researchers did not manipulate it, due to fears of the mechanism being damaged. A young trainer, ignorant of how to handle such relics, entered the ruins during a time when security over such things was lax. The trainer solved the puzzle, and this activated some unknown trigger within the ruins. The engravings came to life, removing themselves from the walls and revealing themselves to be Pokemon. It is now believed that the Ruins of Alph exist as a sort of holding pen for the Unown. Why they are contained within these buildings, however, is still unknown.

Shortly afterwards, ruins in Sinnoh also became inhabited by Unown. Sightings have also occurred in the Sevii Islands.


Unown has no mouth and has never been observed eating anything. It is unknown what, if anything, Unown eat.


Individually, Unown are among the weakest Pokemon. Any trainer looking to capture one can do so easily. Unown can levitate, and project a wave of psychic energy known as Hidden Power. This energy takes on elemental properties, unique to the Pokemon using it. This is the extent of an individual Unown's battle prowess, the largest danger being the chance that the particular Unown will use an element your Pokemon is weak to. Unown also possess impressive regenerative abilities, and are capable of healing from any injury (albeit not in the middle of a fight.) If a large enough piece of an Unown is broken off, it will actually grow into a new Unown.

However, Unown are rarely encountered individually. Instead, they group together in massive swarms, composed of several hundred Unown. Psychic probing has lead to the conclusion that the Unown link their minds to form a hive mind, enhancing their powers in the process.

In this group, the Unown are a force to be reckoned with. Witnesses have reported masses of Unown producing high level psychic effects, as well as strange phenomena that have no current explanation.

Several notable incidents follow:

  • A sudden earthquake caused a section of the Ruins of Alph to collapse. The damage was severe, and it was believed to be impossible to restore. In response, the Unown left the ruins, swarming outside the collapsed area. Observers reported it "as if time was being reversed." The collapsed section rebuilt itself under the Unowns' influence.

  • People involved in researching Unown have been known to "vanish" for periods of time. When they return, they have no memory of what went on while they were missing. At least one eyewitness report states that the Unown take them away, which would collaborate with one incident in which the Unown were hostile, detailed in the "Hazards" section.

  • Reports of many unusual Pokemon in the Ruins of Alph. These included Pokemon not found in Johto, entire colonies of "shiny" Pokemon, and several "species" that are complete fiction (such as a Venusaur/Blastoise hybrid). One infamous event involved Mew, Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Celebi, Jirachi, and Deoxys sighted all at once in the central plaza of the ruins. Any attempt to make contact with these Pokemon resulted in them vanishing. It was eventually discovered that these are illusions created by the Unown. A psychic probe by Saffron Gym Leader Sabrina reveals, in the Gym Leader's own words, "They were bored. So they played a prank."

  • However, the full extent of the Unown's "illusion" generating capabilities (if what they do can truly be called illusions) was revealed in what is known as the "Crystal Tower Incident." It involved Dr. Spencer Hale, a well known archeologist and researcher, and his daughter, Molly Hale. Dr. Hale had uncovered some tablets with Unown engraved on them, and was studying them at his private residence. However, the tablets contained true Unown. The Unown abducted Dr. Hale, leaving Molly devastated; sensing this sadness, the Unown then reacted to Molly, altering the very landscape. The Hale mansion became a massive tower, while the surrounding land became a wasteland made of crystal (no samples of the crystal were able to be taken). Finally, the Unown produced a simulacrum of the Legendary Beast Entei. This "Entei" displayed incredible power, easily on par with the genuine creature, according to reports of trainers involved in the incident. Interestingly enough, according to reports, the Unown lost control of their power, and had to be stopped forcefully by the "Entei" they created. How and why the Unown reacted in this way is currently unknown.

Unown constantly emit radio waves, to the point that any wireless communication will be rendered useless in an area where any large mass of Unown live. When using a radio in these conditions, a sound described as "eerie" plays. Strangely enough, the sound has been identified as extremely similar to a song played in some religious ceremonies in Sinnoh.


Unown do not seem to mind being captured. In fact, due to the fact that they are both rare and easy to care for, many collectors try and get one of each kind of Unown. There are no confirmed injuries or fatalities from trainers and collectors attempting to capture Unown. The only time the Unown have performed hostile actions is when any individual attempts to deface or otherwise harm the Ruins of Alph.

One notable incident involved fifteen people suddenly appearing in front of the entrance of the ruins. Upon being questioned, they confessed to being unauthorized diggers, searching for treasure in the Ruins. They claimed that, as they were digging into the Ruins, a swarm of Unown descended upon them. They quickly dispatched the Graveler and Dugtrio they were using to dig, before turning onto the diggers themselves. According to one of the diggers; "They took us away to this... this place. It wasn't right. Everything was... was twisted and WRONG. Joe over there, he was on the ceiling, while Andy was thrown into a lake, that was ON THE WALL. And... everywhere, not just letters. But... other things too. They weren't happy. Not happy at all. They didn't like us trying to enter without their consent." Attempting to get any more information out of the diggers was futile, as they had all been severely traumatized by the incident.


On March 14th 201X, a researcher at the Ruins of Alph reported that a trainer with a Pokemon had never seen before came to the ruins. Upon entering the central plaza, the Unown reacted wildly, swarming around the trainer and the Pokemon. However, there did not seem to be any hostility. Both the trainer and the Pokemon vanished. They reappeared a few hours later, the trainer holding an unknown Pokemon egg. Attempts to find the trainer and this Pokemon have proved fruitless.

This story coincides with a reported sighting of Arceus by Cynthia, Champion of the Sinnoh Pokemon League. See Arceus article for more details.
Written by Pata Hikari.