Fanon Pokedex / Tentacool

Tentacool Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Tentacool [72]
  • Tentacruel [73]

Tentacool and Tentacruel are box jellyfish Pokemon, known for their (relatively) clear bodies and unique red crystal like protrusions on both sides of their heads, as well as one at the very front. As per their name, both morphs have tentacles, though only a Tentacruel has a great many.

Notable Biology

Both morphs are highly poisonous, and though it looks like they have a shell, they do not. Early scientists often thought them related to the prehistoric Omanyte line, until they were actually captured and studied. Recently found fossil evidence shows Tentacool to be at least as old as the Omanyte line, however. Tentacruel, in addition to more poisonous tentacles, also now has two large pincers to capture prey. Tentacruel are also more rare to find in the wild.


Commonly found in shallow seas, often where warm and cold currents are mixing.


The morph line uses a unique mix of filter feeding, photosynthesis,Trainer's Note  and a wait-and-catch approach to hunting. Tentacruel is slightly more aggressive in its feeding approach; it has been known to stalk its prey and, when in range, stun it with a flash from its middle ruby.


Being jellyfish Pokemon, the line is highly poisonous [Trainer's Note: About the safest place when around these creatures is their heads, though sometimes even that is disputable]. The morphs also have some small shock abilities, which often leads to a person and Pokemon being paralyzed. Though not the most aggressive Pokemon, it will defend whatever area of the sea it is using as feeding grounds at the time. In the wild, nets are kept up to keep them out of swim areas. There is also a very small, but not zero risk, of Tentacruel kidnapping female Trainers.

Courting and Child rearing

The peak breeding season is early spring, when large swarms gather in warm water to spawn. Once the eggs are laid, the parents will swim back out to other feeding grounds. Once hatched, the microscopic jellyfish are on their own.

Social Structure

Tentacool and Tentacruel live in large swarms that float throughout the shallow seas in all areas. There is little actual structure to them, as the swarm goes where the food is.

Written by Skorpio.