! Team Magma

One of two eco-terrorist cults plaguing the Hoenn reigon, Team Magma is believed by authorities to be a dangerous, fundamentalist splinter group of Team Rocket. After their failed attempt to awaken the powerful Ground-type Pokémon Groudon, they were apprehended and eventually brought to justice.

!! Activities

Unlike the larger and more powerful Team Rocket, Team Magma seems to have completely devoted itself to one major goal- the extension of the world's landmasses and the destruction of the seas. Their ultimate plan was to awaken the Ground-type Legendary Groudon, but this attempt was thwarted. In addition to this, several reports of terrorist bombings, diversion of funds to support their efforts, youth recruitment drives, and illegal genetic experimentation were all associated with this group. In addition to this, Team Magma would regularly conduct genocides against indigenous Water-type Pokémon. The most shocking of these occurred ten years ago, with the infamous "Sharpedo Massacres". Dozens of Sharpedo were killed and dragged ashore, for unknown purposes. The local police force was unsuccessful in apprehending the team for its actions.

!! Organization

Team Magma members were surprisingly well organized. Each recruit was given a Poochyena or Zubat to use as a weapon or guard. Higher-ranking administrators were seen using Mightyena, in addition to Ground-type Pokémon such as Numel and Camerupt. Their organization is treated in the same way as a militia: a general plans and coordinates the movements of his underlings, who in turn will direct individual operatives to specific goals. Being much smaller and less powerful than Team Rocket, Magma required more direct methods of control to achieve their master plan.

!! History

Both Team Magma and its rival Team Aqua are believed to have stemmed from a reconnaissance cell of Team Rocket operatives dispatched to Hoenn during a time of extreme civil duress between Kanto and Hoenn. This team discovered the legend of the mighty Ground and Water type Legendaries Groudon and Kyogre. Realizing that such Pokémon could provide a major tactical advantage in case war was declared, the team attempted to find the two Pokémon and smuggle them back to Kanto. However, with time growing short and the Pokémon not showing themselves, a schism grew between the members as to which Pokémon should be awakened. The team collapsed into infighting and went their separate ways, each trying to find the Legendaries before the other.

[-Written by Crow T. Robot.-]