! Sentret Line

!! Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Sentret [161]
* Furret [162]

Sentret has a big round body with stubby arms and two small feet. It has a striped tail which it uses to stand on to see if there is danger nearby. It has long black ears, a white ring on its belly, and white paw pads.

Furret's most notable feature is its long skinny body which is used for slipping through the small entrances to their nests. It has four medium sized brown rings from its tail to the middle of its torso and smaller brown rings on each of its forepaws, although its hind paws are cream-colored. It has two brown lines on each cheek, cream-tipped ears, and the top of its head is brown. Its paws have circular pink paw pads.

!! Notable Biology

The Sentret stage has a strong tail with impressive endurance- the Pokémon is capable of balancing itself on its tail for extended periods of time. They do this to find out whether there is any danger nearby and also to warn others of possible danger. Their shrieks warn all Pokémon in the neighbourhood of any possible danger.

Due to its abnormally long, slender body, Furret are able to dig very narrow burrows, which no other Pokémon can enter. The mother puts its offspring to sleep by curling up around them.

!! Habitat

Town outskirts and Fields where there are small holes to hide in or, preferably, soft earth for burrowing. As their sensitivity to air pollution is high, not many are seen near bigger settlements or cities.

!! Diet

Omnivores, these little mammal-like pokemon are often seen competing with Rattata for food in the routes near towns.

!! Hazards

While Sentret is generally docile, its tail can sometimes be used to deliver hard strikes. In addition, Furret is prone to clawing and/or biting at anything it perceives as a threat.

!! Courting


!! Social Structure

Large, social communities with connected burrows. The Sentret maintain a lookout in shifts.

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