! Phanpy Line

!! Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Phanpy [#231]
* Donphan [#232]

The Phanpy line consists of two species which in general are similar to elephants (in spite of their small stature), with Donphan also looking like a part-hog hybrid. They are Ground-types with a mammalian structure that live in mountainous areas; most of their habitat is in Johto. The largest known natural habitat of wild Phanpy and Donphan are on the mountainous roads connecting Blackthorn City to Cherrygrove City. Phanpy are blue and orange in color, with Donphan being black and grey.

Phanpy are active, curious, and playful creatures who respond well to general playful attitudes. Donphan will generally permit their young to wander around and explore as long as they are within visible eyeshot. Unlike most Pokemon, Donphan are not particularly concerned for a Phanpy's physical well-being, as they are by nature extremely sturdy.

Donphan, while not overtly concerned over its young, are remarkably territorial and aggressive against those it deems a threat to the pack. Its general response to danger is to curl up into a wheel and use Rollout to take down anything in its way.

!! Notable Biology

Phanpy's skin color is blue because its natural diet contains copper ore, which oxidizes when it reaches its blood and is used as one of the compounds that harden its skin. Speaking of which, its skin is an extraordinarily hard but elastic material with properties similar to rubber, allowing it to withstand most attacks by taking on its full impact. It has been shown to be hard enough to resist bullets with minimal effect on the Pokemon itself. Due to this property, many in the past have tried to poach the species in order to use their skin as materials for armor. However, due to the difficulty in skinning a Phanpy, as well as the natural hazard of provoking the Donphan herd, it was discontinued as a practice once more legitimate types of material became available. It has been known that spraying the Pokemon with a large amount of high pressure purified water will cause the minerals to dissolve, softening its skin; hence, its weakness against water-type attacks.

A Phanpy's body is extremely heavy despite its small size. This is largely in part because a Phanpy's body is almost entirely composed of muscle mass, as well as having having much less liquid in its body than the average Pokemon; instead of water, it has even more muscle. In fact, Phanpy does not consume water ''at all''; it instead synthesizes liquid fat from its carnivorous diet to serve as its blood plasma. All of Phanpy's metabolic reactions and enzymes have been adapted to utilizing lipids as a means of nutrition transportation around the body. Although this shift should make Phanpy weak to fire (and indeed, it technically is), Phanpy's mineral-like skin allows it to resist heat with astounding efficiency; it is capable of resisting up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit for ten seconds. The majority of weight, however, comes from Phanpy's unique skin, which has been reinforced by carbon and mineral compounds, making it highly effective as an armor. The feeling when touched is effectively like rubber except much, much harder.

Phanpy are double jointed, and are cable of curling themselves into a ball to use its favorite technique, Rollout. The orange pads that Phanpy have on either sides of their legs are used to push off with violent force from the ground, sending Phanpy rolling at high speeds at a target. This high-speed impact, combined with its natural weight, allows Phanpy to break down rocks and dent steel structures. As mentioned before, Phanpy are incredibly sturdy (though not enough so to avoid being knocked out in a single attack), and have very few pain sensors (they just don't have much need for them). Indeed, Phanpy are encouraged to engage in reckless behavior by their parents to condition their skin to become harder.

Donpahn are essentially sturdier versions of Phanpy. During evolution, the Phanpy's nose will elongate, as well as developing nubs along the base of the nose to the back of its tail, growing ridges when it evolves into Donphan. The blue skin color is considerably darkened once it reaches the Donphan stage, as the Pokemon will eat Graveler instead of Geodude; this diet alteration leads to increased nutritional variety (Graveler has a larger variety of rock material than Geodude, who is largely composed of rock salts and copper compounds.)

!! Habitat

The Phanpy line lives primarily in mountainous regions, though it often can be seen within walking distance of a water supply. The water is not for drinking, but for frolicking in. The Phanpy line's skin will often require water's solvent properties in order to keep it smooth. It is mostly found in Blackthorn City's outskirts.

!! Diet

Both species are carnivorous with herbivorous tendencies. The Phanpy line posses an unusual digestive system and nutritional system, as their primary source of delivery is liquid plasma in the form of liquid animal fat. The Phanpy line requires constant movement during digestion to generate an optimal temperature for the most efficient function of their digestive enzymes. Due to alcohol's boiling point being much higher than water, Phanpy is able to store up to three times as much heat as a regular human body, and their enzymes have adapted to such conditions. Both species will occasionally eat herbivorous foods such as grass or leaves in order to use its insoluble fiber material to clear its digestive tract of any venomous compounds. Phanpy consume mammalian animals such as Sentrets and Furrets, as well as more irregular ones such as Zubat and Geodude. Donphan, being much stronger, are capable of devouring Graveler and Teddiurisa should they feel like it. In each case, Phanpy and Donphan are {{extreme omnivore}}s with powerful digestive systems.

!! Hazards
Phanpy is not dangerous, and rather tends to run away from any possible conflict. Donphan, on the other hand, are fully capable of wrecking houses with their Rollout and other fighting heavy moves. They are also easily angered, so all trainers should approach with caution.

Please remember that Phanpy and Donphan are elephants, and by nature, A: They are quite fearful of Pokemon of the Pichu line, as well as Plusle and Minun, and B: Never forget anything. The second point isn't as severe as it is with Cascoon, but this point still means they will remember who hurt them. This can also be used to easily train them.*

* We kid, but do pay attention to the first paragraph.

!! Courting
The males have been seen doing what is called the 'love dance', which is basically the two males trying to out-roll the other for the females of the herd.

!! Social Structure
The herds are led by the dominant male and are nomadic in nature. The Donphan protect the smaller Phanpy from danger by circling themselves around them, and should a predator come too close, a trio uses the Rollout attack against them.


[-Written by Tropers/{{Skorpio}}.-]