!Koffing Line
!!Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Koffing [109]
* Weezing [110]

!!Notable Biology

Koffing and Weezing are regarded as some of the most fascinating and enigmatic of the Poison-type Pokémon. Despite looking like a heavy and dense ball of rock, Koffing are a species of airborne fungus, and are actually very light. Their entire body is riddled with pores and hollow chambers, wherein a variety of biological processes essential to their health and mobility are carried out. Two darker patches conceal a series of primitive eyespots, which, to most casual artists and passersby, resemble a more functional-albeit cartoonish- eyeball. Quite often, another patch of color on their lower bodies resembles a classic ‘skull and crossbones’ symbol. This resemblance is entire coincidental (although it is believed that some ancient seafaring rogues did keep the Pokémon as pets), Koffing also posess a large, tusked mouth, although why they do so is unknown. They have no digestive system to speak of (see Diet), although they can use this mouth to produce a series of sharp, barking cries reminiscent of forced exhalation, from whence the creature gets its name.

A Weezing is created when a Koffing enters sexual maturity via gaining experience. At this time, several smaller organisms begin to bud off from the parent organism as it evolves. Furthermore, Weezing are far more resilient to damage and more easily provoked than their prevolutions. It is believed that Weezing are driven instinctually to protect children- Weezing will flock to the defense of any Koffing, regardless of whether or not it is theirs. Weezing get their name from the song harmonies that the parent and child will produce when calling-, a long, rasping cry.

Of particular note is the methods by which this particular Pokémon moves. While most other Pokémon of this shape and size move through psychic powers or manipulation of air currents and/or magnetic fields, Koffing keep aloft by continually emitting a dense cloud of noxious methane gas. The force produced by this output allows the (extraordinarily light) creatures to hover, although they cannot move too quickly or perform aerobatic feats like some other Levitating Pokémon.

Koffing and Weezing will make their home anywhere where there is easy access to hydrocarbons. This includes factories, oil wells, garbage dumps, sewers, garages, and highways. At one time, Koffing and Weezing were even more populous than today. In the Golden Age of Steam, roughly 70 years ago, locomotives, railway stations, roundhouses, and fitter’s yards served as magnets for the creatures, who unwittingly caused all kinds of mayhem. Steam locomotives were brought to the region from Unova, and the builders of the engines had had little experience with Koffing or Weezing. The creatures interrupted the daily maintenance of locomotives, frightened or sometimes attacked unsuspecting workmen and passengers, and eventually reached pest status. To this end, railway businessmen often hired Trainers to chase off or capture the Koffing, with mostly positive success- it is estimated that over 2, 000 Koffing found good homes among young Trainers and collectors. The abundance of Koffing and Weezing was also one of the reasons why Kanto and Johto implemented 'modernization plans' for their railways long before other regions decided to make the shift from steam to electric.

At one time, Koffing and Weezing were believed to spread pollution, and as such they were frequently chased away from cities and towns by concerned citizens. However, it is now known that the species feeds off pollution and waste products, converting these products into biodegradable (albeit noxious) gas through electrolysis that allows it to float. Koffing will often congregate around smoky factories or over smoggy cities. The only type of pollution they seem to dislike and do not feed off of is radioactive waste, which they steer clear from. As with Grimer and Muk, some enterprising heavy industrial companies have begun domesticating Koffing and Weezing to eat the toxic fumes produced by their operations, essentially using the Pokemon as living waste disposals.

Koffing, despite the stigma associated with Poison-type Pokémon, are essentially peaceful creatures. However, if threatened, Koffing can emit a heavier, denser, gas (believed to be a stored byproduct of the methane gas emitted) that can sting the opponent’s eyes and conceal the fleeing Koffing from view. Failing this, a Koffing or Weezing will defend itself through a variety of means. Masters of chemical warfare, Koffing and Weezing store the majority of the electrolysis byproducts in their bodies for such attacks. This can include debilitating blasts of corrosive gases, lobbing fast-acting neurotoxins, or suffocating the attacker with small ‘bombs’ of toxic gases. Of particular note is the highly trained Weezing of the Elite Four member Koga, who, in his days before joining the Four, entered it in several Leagues where it enjoyed a long winning streak.

!!Courting and Childrearing
All Weezing usually reproduce through fission. The cell growth is extremely rapid and continuous, meaning that a Weezing can ‘grow’ up to ten children in the space of a month. Furthermore, if somehow shredded or mutilated, larger parts of the Koffing, given enough time, can regenerate themselves into entirely new organisms. Exactly how a creature can reproduce so fast and in so many ways is not entirely certain. The individual cells of the organism appear to be able to grow and divide incredibly fast, in some ways resembling a human tumor. Research by Professor Birch’s lab seems to indicate that the cells are influenced by their surroundings. Pollutants, hydrocarbon byproducts in particular, seem to act as a catalyst for rapid growth, which is one of the reasons why the species congregates around factories or heavily polluted areas. Scientists are also investigating these Pokémon for cancer research, where their unique cellular structure may prove to hold a cure or treatment for the disease.

!!Social Structure
In the wild, Koffing and Weezing form loose groupings, with one or two Weezing and their children travelling together. As more and more factories begin to shift away from burning oil and fuel and towards greener methods, the species has found its numbers beginning to fall back to pre-Industrial Revolution levels. Now, with their habitat diminishing, Koffing and Weezing have begun to come into conflict with other Poison-type Pokémon, especially Grimer and Muk. Exactly what this holds for the future of the species is unknown.


[-Written by Tropers/{{Locoman}}.-]