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* Kecleon [#352]

!! Notable Biology
Kecleon are green, reptilian Pokemon that are found mainly in Hoenn's rainforests. They are chameleon-like, with yellow facial markings, a curled tail, and a red zigzag stripe on their bellies. Rarer individuals have a blue belly stripe instead, and are highly prized by collectors. The rarest Kecleon of all are those with a purple pattern, rarely seen outside of private collections.

Kecleon have skin containing color changing cells known as chromatophores. These cells allow them to change the color of their skin to match their environment. This mechanism is almost flawless except for their red zigzag stripe, which possesses no chromatophores, making them stand out if they're standing in a relatively clear area. However, in their natural habitat, this drawback is negligible, and it helps to break up its outline even more. Their ability is also used to denote mood, vitality, and mating availability.

Another trait Kecleon has is the ability to [[BarrierChangeBoss copy the attributes of any attack that strikes it]], better known as "Color Change" amongst trainers. This is due to clusters of non-differentiated cells within a Kecleon's body that react to trauma by rapidly maturing within seconds to combat the threat. This ability allows it to defend itself from a wide variety of adversaries, and make Kecleon one of the most adaptable species of Pokemon, capable of surviving in a variety of habitats. However, a team working in tandem can defeat it by using its own ability against it.

Rarer still is its second ability, known as "Protean" amongst trainers. Due to highly developed combined with clusters of non-differentiated cells, Kecleon with this trait can use any attack with the same skill as a Pokémon who naturally had the type. This makes them far trickier opponents to tackle, as they can change their type on the fly.

!! Habitat
Kecleon are mostly found in Hoenn's rainforests, including Fortree City, where they live in the canopy. Small numbers of Kecleon have been spotted in Sinnoh's Great Marsh and Route 210, mostly as the result of trainers abandoning them. The reason they can survive in Sinnoh's cold climate is due to Color Change making them Ice-types when the winter sets in. There is also a population of Kecleon living in the Nature Sanctuary outside of Unova's borders, as well as a population living within Kalos' Route 6.

!! Diet
Kecleon eat mainly Bug Pokemon, with the occasional Zigzagoon or Oddish, which they catch with their long, sticky tongues after sneaking up on them, which can stretch up to 10 ft. Said organ also contains a mild neurotoxin in its saliva, which it uses to paralyze its prey for easier consumption.

!! Hazards
Kecleon are a non-confrontational species, preferring to run and hide rather than fight. However, if all options are exhausted, Kecleon will fight back, showing off an impressive variety of moves befitting a Normal type, including Shadow Claw, Psybeam, Sucker Punch, and Ancient Power in older specimens. [Trainer's Note: Trained Kecleon can learn even more moves with [=TMs=].] They are not afraid to use underhanded tactics to defend themselves, including attacking the eyes or groin, and will attack opponents while remaining invisible.

Another tactic Kecleon use when pushed up against a corner is to use their tongue to wrap around a human's neck and then either choke it out or snap it. They can also use their tongues to temporarily paralyze an enemy before running away. In some people, this can cause heart failure if they have any preexisting conditions. There are tales of Trainers dying from being paralyzed and falling face first into a small puddle, drowning in less than five inches of water.

Kecleon's special ability, Color Change, also makes it hard to combat by rendering the move that hits it ineffective by type if used twice in a row. For this reason, make sure your Pokemon knows a variety of moves if you field it against a Kecleon. [Trainer's Note: For this reason, Dragon types are especially useful for this purpose, as are Ghost types, however to use Ghost types effectively, one must first make Kecleon change it's typing, preferably to the Psychic type. If those moves aren't an option, oddly enough, Kecleon's own type, Normal, is also a decent substitute, as are the Flying and Fighting types.]

It is also not very wise to take anything from a Kecleon that it considers its own. If you do, the Kecleon will [[ImplacableMan relentlessly]] chase you in order to get its things back. It is not unheard of for a mischievous Kecleon to loot items from the unconscious bodies or corpses of its foes.

!! Courting and Childrearing
When two Keceon of opposite genders meet, they mate after they change color to signify interest. After mating, the female Kecleon lays 2-4 eggs, which she buries in the soil and leaves to their fate. After four months, the eggs hatch, and the hatchlings dig their way out of the soil before going their separate ways.

!! Social Structure
Kecleon are a mostly solitary species, only coming together to mate.

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