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!! Physical Descriptions

Entei is a large quadrupedal Pokémon with a mixture of canine and feline characteristics. It is large and muscular, standing nearly seven feet tall. Its fur is thick and brown, its underbelly and muzzle are a lighter tan, its paws are dull gray, and black cuffs adorn each leg at the ankle. Its face is covered with a colorful plated mask of red and yellow that resembles a feudal helmet, and a gray mustache-like plate guards its nose. It has a long, dull gray mane that rests lightly on its back like a loose cloud of smoke and extends all the way backward into its tail, and its back is ringed by an array of gray, spiky plates that extend to either side and appear to have the texture of smooth stone. Its eyes, like the other Johto Beasts', are bright red.

It is widely believed that only one Entei exists, and it implies credence to this during its encounters with humans. Its gender is unknown, or indeed if gender is even applicable to it, though its psychic voice is distinctly masculine and it seems to be okay with being conventionally referred to as male.

!! Lore and History

The most well-known legend concerning Entei is that of the destruction of Brass Tower (see Ho-oh: Lore and History). After the tower burned down, {{FanonPokedex/Ho-oh}} took pity on three Pokémon that perished in the collapse and resurrected them as the Legendary Beasts of Johto. One of them became Entei, an embodiment of the fire that consumed the tower, charged to keep its blaze in check across the land (Entei's observed actions are actually more closely targeted to volcanoes than fire in general; see later); its siblings became {{FanonPokedex/Raikou}} and {{FanonPokedex/Suicune}}. Though Ho-oh's ability to resurrect a dead Pokémon is in question, skeptics admit that no evidence, legend, or sighting accounts of Entei date further back than 500 years when the tower's collapse was recorded by Ecruteak scribes.

Entei bears several passing anatomical resemblances to the Pokémon Arcanine, whose evolutionary predecessor [[FanonPokedex/{{Growlithe}} Growlithe]] inhabits the travel routes directly south of Ecruteak. Should the resurrection legend prove true, Entei may be a resurrected specimen of that line, modified to suit its new responsibility. Other theories hypothesize that Flareon is a more likely candidate, making its brethren resurrections of Jolteon and Vaporeon, tying them closely together.

Entei's sightings near erupting volcanoes have spawned two main myths. The first legend claims that an Entei is born every time a volcano erupts. This is generally believed untrue, as plenty of volcanoes have erupted in recent history and sightings have not dramatically increased. Thus far, Entei's confirmed sightings have been consistent with a single entity, albeit a very fast one with an outstanding travel plan.

The second legend swaps the cause and effect of the above, that Entei's roar incites volcanoes to erupt in the first place. Entei's observed abilities do include causing localized geothermal fractures, and it often roars while doing so. However, travelers have certainly witnessed Entei roar without being incinerated by a spontaneous torrent of magma. While it is possible that Entei may use the sound wave to cause its Eruptions, it is much more likely that the roar is unrelated and Entei merely has a taste for theatrics.

Unlike its siblings, Entei's telepathic communication was never really in question. Entei broadcasts psychic warnings to towns and villages near volcanoes prior to eruption. Psychic-types will occasionally intercept a broadcast message from Entei requesting a method of sea travel, though the signal is notoriously difficult to trace. Entei pings these broadcasts across an elaborate relay of Slowpoke (who are too vacant to give it away to anyone) to obscure its exact position, not unlike a series of living proxy servers. Additionally, retired private sailors have reported conversing with Entei upon finding it stowing away on their craft, some on repeated occasions. Its psychic voice is described as a deep, smooth, and clear baritone with a slight northern-Johto accent.

!! Known Sightings

Entei is often seen near or atop volcanoes shortly before and during eruption. Entei is the only one of the Johto Legendary Beasts to make regular trips out of the region around the world to visit volcanoes. It is unusual in that despite its strong connection to fire and magma, it is most often sighted far at sea either stowing away on commercial ships, riding atop a Wailord or Gyarados with a full vanguard at the flanks, or at island villages in remote archipelagoes as a herald of an impending eruption. Satellite images of eruption sites visited by Entei almost always reveal new vents spontaneously opening on the back face of the volcano, supposedly to vent pressure, mitigate the blast, and direct the worst of the lava and debris away from civilization.

Entei also differs from the other Beasts in its general demeanor. While its siblings are skittish around humans and do not stay around when discovered, Entei is not shy about making an appearance so long as it is on its own terms. Entei will stroll coolly through an island village, projecting a psychic warning to evacuate the area if it does not garner a large enough crowd by its sheer presence for word of mouth to travel sufficiently. This is always followed by its iconic display of sitting atop a volcano, roaring into the sky as it erupts. This is not to say Entei is never caught off guard; sailors who discover the Legendary among their cargo are often greeted with a bemused chuckle and pleasant, if reserved company in exchange for keeping to secrecy for a few months while its trail cools.

Despite Entei's social tendencies, it remains quite elusive. Like the other Johto Beasts, it is incredibly fast. Entei can lose pursuers in nearly any dense underbrush, and can mask its heat signature. Thermal imaging has revealed that it uses a blast of heat to give itself an updraft while leaping, and can achieve staggering jump distance this way. It commands a great deal of respect from wild Pokémon, who will usually leap to its aid en masse for transit, defense, and diversions, and the humans it approaches usually respect its request for temporary silence. Additionally, its frequent association with sailors lead many to falsely claim a sighting, which in turn throws off pursuers even more. In effect, Entei's greatest evasive strength is its own charisma and social connections.

Entei was present during the Snagem/Cipher incident in Orre. Though the details have been kept classified, it is speculated that Entei and the other Beasts were captured by the criminal organization. Entei appears to be considerably less spooked over it than the other Beasts have been ever since, and continues to approach humans, though sailors that have encountered it before report that Entei is more cautious, less conversational, and keeps its distance when possible.

The recent incident at Dr. Spencer Hale's mansion was first thought to have involved Entei, filmed abducting a woman and carrying her into a nearby crystal wasteland. Though the exact details have been kept classified, local officials have stated on the record that Entei was not responsible; the culprit was a psychic avatar of a different entity altogether that merely took the Legendary's shape. The real Entei was later confirmed to have been at a remote atoll that very morning, three thousand miles away.

!! Diet (if any)

Entei has never been observed eating anything in the conventional manner, or if it requires food at all. Sailors report no theft of supplies during stowaway episodes.

!! Abilities

Entei is an extremely powerful Fire-type Pokémon, and has been observed to employ explosive flak and Fire Blasts powerful enough to rival battleship artillery. Even when attacked in the confines of a ship at sea, Entei is skilled enough in close combat to incapacitate most opponents without severely damaging the surrounding hull. It can surprise opponents with a type advantage with Solarbeam, has been observed to use Extrasensory and Stone Edge as tertiary techniques, and has even caught other Fire-types off guard by manipulating geothermal conditions to create a geyser.

Entei's methods of geothermal manipulation are unknown. It can sense an impending eruption from across the world. Entei can target and trigger the spontaneous bursting of key stress points in underground magma chambers to generate a Lava Plume or Eruption from anywhere on the ground. It uses this ability to bleed off geothermal pressure, and prevent or mitigate the eruption of a volcano. Though its iconic eruptions are impressive, it should be noted that the majority of the debris and lava is directed away from local settlements, and the eruption is a good deal smaller than it would have been otherwise.

In addition, Entei carries a great deal of status among wild Pokémon, and captive Psychic-types explain that assisting Entei is considered a great honor. Its requests for sea travel rarely go unanswered without a mount and full escort, and if it loses the upper hand at sea it will send a psychic SOS to all nearby Pokémon. One infamously ill-fated pirate boarding of a commercial fishing vessel resulted in not only being confronted with the stowaway Entei itself, but several [[{{FanonPokedex/Magikarp}} Gyarados]] and Tentacruel, a flock of Fearow, and {{FanonPokedex/Kyogre}} who happened to be in the vicinity. Needless to say, the attackers were swiftly stopped.

!! Hazards

Entei, like all Legendaries, is exceedingly powerful, on the approximate level of the A-teams of some of the most powerful Gym Leaders in Johto. While unprovoked attacks from Entei are unheard of, its very appearance in the vicinity of a volcano heralds an eruption, and is itself a warning to vacate the area.

Given that its abilities include spontaneously creating lava flows far from geothermal faults, the foolishness of attacking such a creature or forcing it to fight with Mean Look should be readily apparent. When ambushed at sea, not only is Entei quite capable of putting up a fight on its own, but it will send a psychic SOS to all nearby sea Pokémon, who are likely to have much less restraint to incapacitate rather than kill. Attacking Entei means bringing [[ChasedByAngryNatives the entire local wild population down around one's ears]].

Furthermore, Entei's excursions are mainly to bleed off geothermal pressure and trigger evacuations from impending volcanic eruptions. If it were to be captured for an extended period of time, the ramifications would likely involve a rather large death count worldwide.

!! Other

Though Entei is one of the most socially active Legendaries known, many details of its origin, physiology, and the extent of its abilities remain unconfirmed indeed, we still do not even know for sure of its uniqueness, gender, or the details of what happened in Orre. The sailors it most frequently associates with are for the most part sworn to confidentiality, and rarely get straight answers when they inquire anyway.

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