Fanon Pokedex / Deoxys


Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Deoxys, Defence Form [386-D]
  • Deoxys, Normal Form [386-N]
  • Deoxys, Attack Form [386-A]
  • Deoxys, Speed Form [386-S]

Physical Descriptions

Hailing from an unknown world in the far reaches of outer space, the shapeshifting organism referred to among the scientific community as “Deoxys” is a Pokémon in name only—while it is humanoid, a carbon-based life-form, and shares some similarities with Psychic-type Pokémon, the entity’s genetic structure and physiology have no known terrestrial analogue.

In all its forms, Deoxys is primarily orange, with teal highlights on its multiple limbs and a segmented black section around the gem in its core. Furthermore, the organism maintains a roughly humanoid shape, although several key features—such as feet, a mouth, and the presence of reproductive organs—are absent. Although it has a discernable “head” and a face with eyes, it has been determined that Deoxys’ brain is located within the orb on its chest, and is not inconvenienced by the destruction of its cranium.

In its default configuration—dubbed the Normal Forme by the poetic—Deoxys sports a pair of finlike protrusions on the sides of its head, as well as four tentacles that can entwine and become a pair of arms. These arms terminate in teal, five-fingered hands which demonstrate remarkable dexterity and hand-eye coordination. The organism’s waist is notably thin in proportion to the rest of its body, and is devoid of the orange material, exposing a segmented black carapace that may be the creature’s actual epidermis.

The Defence Forme, by contrast, is remarkably massive—apart from a small ring around the core, the orange material covers the creature’s entire body now, and the head has rounded out in order to merge with the shoulders. The tentacles have become two pairs of flat, largely inflexible paddles which it uses to shield itself from harm. Deoxys is far less mobile in this configuration, but at the same time it is notably impervious to damage; presumably it could simply outlast an assailant in a battle of attrition, then change to another form in order to eliminate the threat.

The offensive configuration, or Attack Forme, is more streamlined than either of the previous morphologies; the fins it possessed in the Normal Forme have transformed into a pair of backswept horns accompanied by a third which sprouts from the top of the organism’s head, and the tentacles are both thicker and more sinuous than those in either previous form, and covered in microscopic barbs. A pair of spikes sprouts from the alien’s knees, giving it an additional weapon to utilize against an enemy. Finally, the black carapace is far more exposed now, covering much of Deoxys’ torso.

The final configuration, the aptly-named Speed Forme, is even more streamlined than the offensive configuration; apart from its head and the thighs, the creature’s body is completely devoid of the orange material. The cranial horn has migrated to the back of the skull and has elongated into a rudder-like appendage, presumably to provide a counterbalance while it is running, and the other two horns have transformed into a pair of small outrigger fins to provide stability; similar fins sprout from the orange “wheels” that are Deoxys’ hips. Finally, the organism possesses only a single pair of tentacles in this form, and they are much thinner than those of any other configuration.

Lore and History

Few are aware of the exact circumstances surrounding the extraterrestrial’s arrival on our planet, although it is known that the creature was first glimpsed seven years ago by a party of geologists exploring the polar ice cap. Upon investigating the impact crater of a meteorite which had preceded an unusually intense aurora borealis, the researchers discovered the entity in its basic configuration cradling a small piece of the surprisingly intact meteorite.

While Deoxys quickly fled upon noticing the researchers, they were able to study the meteorite itself. Roughly twenty foot square, the space rock was composed of numerous elements that are rare in this solar system and coated with microbes of a complex and altogether alien phylum. From this, the team was able to infer that the meteorite itself may have been a piece of Deoxys' homeworld, blown into space as the result of a cataclysmic explosion and drifting through the cosmos for unknowable centuries before chance deposited it here.

Known Sightings

After the intitial sighting seven years ago, Deoxys has appeared briefly in several locations throughout Hoenn and Kanto, and was once observed engaging Rayquaza in a protracted aerial battle. In recent years, it appears to have taken up residence on the remote Birth Island in Sevii. There are rumors of a Deoxys sighting in Sinnoh, but they are unconfirmed.

Diet (if any)

As an extraterrestrial, Deoxys is incapable of attaining sustenance through conventional means: it has no mouth and cannot eat meat or vegetable material, and has not been observed photosynthesizing nutrients like certain plant Pokemon. What it eats, or indeed if it even needs to eat at all, has never been confirmed.


In addition to its shapeshifting abilities, the most distinctive trait Deoxys possesses is its phenominal regenerative powers; during the aforementioned altercation with Rayquaza, the entire left half of the creature's body was atomized by the dragon's Hyper Beam attack, only to regenerate the missing body parts in the span of twenty seconds. it has been theorized that as long as the core remains intact, Deoxys cannot be killed.

In addition, the creature possesses formidable psionic powers which allow it to levitate and fly at incredible speed through the air, lift objects with its mind, and peer into the minds of other beings in search of information. Human telepaths who have had their minds "scanned" in this way became traumatized and reported under hypnosis that the intellect probing theirs was "unlike anything [they] had ever felt before," and that it "wasn't human, wasn't anything like a human or a Pokemon."


While Deoxys generally tends to avoid humans and Pokemon, and will indeed ignore them if they are present and don't bother the creature, it is not to be trifled with. A common belief among the so-called "Deoxys Watchers" holds that the creature can flay a human being alive with its mind alone; this is not far off the mark, frighteningly enough. In addition to its impressive psionic and psychokinetic powers, Deoxys can also lash out with its tentacles at blinding speed, project beams of raw cosmic radiation from the gem in its core, and can inflict severe psychological trauma if it decides to scan one's mind. As such, it is generally a good idea to leave the creature alone if encountered, and to flee at the earliest possible convenience if it cannot be avoided, especially if Deoxys is in Attack Forme. However, its Defense Forme is by far the weakest of the four offensively, and its Speed Forme is more apt to flee than fight, as no known Pokemon can match its speed.

Fortunately, it has proven susceptible to all the weaknesses of earthly Psychic Pokemon, and in spite of its regenerative powers the creature has a weak constitution — if an opponent so much as nicks its core, Deoxys will flee and not bother that individual again. Even so, the creature is still incredibly powerful, and battling it is not recommended unless one is on par with the regional champion.



Written by Sullen Frog.