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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Comicbook/YoungJustice fanfics, both [[WesternAnimation/YoungJustice the series]], and the comics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found [[FanficRecommendations here]].

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Sidenote: Quite a few of the fics recommended are from the [[ YJ Anon Meme]], [[ (now to be found here)]]hence why a lot of the author's are listed as "anon". Attempts will be made as time goes by to change this ''if'' the authors themselves decide to de-anon on the meme.


''[[ JaggerK]]''
* Recommended by @/{{Somariel}}
* This author has a great ongoing series of one-shots and short multi-chapter fics incorporating Catwoman and Lois Lane into the Young Justice universe.\\
The description from their profile is as follows: ''Right now I'm working on some one shots set in the Young Justice universe. A bit AU since we've never seen Catwoman/Selina Kyle there. I'm assuming she has a relationship with Batman/Bruce Wayne and has had one since before Dick Grayson entered his life. She pulls her act together and becomes one of the heroes - doesn't make her less of a bad@$$. Lois Lane will also show up. She is also a bad@$$.''\\
Their profile also lists the in-universe chronological order for the fics.

''[[ Shade's Ninde]]''
* Recommended by Tropers/GracieGeek
* This author is the queen of Koy (Kaldur/Roy) fics, so I'm surprised her name isn't in this section yet. Some of them are bromance, some expertly crafted romance, and her Roy and her Kaldur are so IC it's almost scary. She's also written many Kaldur-centric oneshots / multi-chaptered fics that give Kaldur the spotlight he deserves but isn't always given.
** Dellanotte: That might be because she's in the AU section with ''Camp Us''. While this Troper isn't overly fond of Slash, she does greatly enjoy Shade's Ninde writing The Team as a whole. She has (literally) everyone's characterization down epically, and somehow makes every AU ''work.'' Majorly seconded.

[[ Angelus-v1]]
* Recommended by Tropers/EricW
* This author has 2 kinds of Young Justice fics. Lighthearted fun fics, and epic, well thought out fics. His one shots such as It's the great Turkey M'gann Morzz are more for fun and laughs. His fic "Breather" is a combination of the two styles with it being both one shot in nature, but also featuring a longer story arc. However, his crowning achievement by far has to be his ongoing takes on Seasons 3 and 4. FanFic/YoungJusticeDarknessFalls and FanFic/YoungJusticeTitans. Epic, heartfelt and easily matching the show's combined tone of epic fights with real drama, these are the fanfiction that EVERY fan of the young justice show should read if they want closure for the show. Weekly updates for his main work.

[[folder:Alternate Universe Fics]]
''[[ Following Footsteps]]'' by Jessesgirl1549
* Recommended by MuchAdoAboutNonny
* ''Synopsis'': "-He's my son." Diana watched the youth beyond the glass' eyes twinkle, she smiled softly and added in a lower tone just for him, "Aren't you?" They wanted the ultimate weapon, so it was logical Cadmus would use another hero's DNA for Superboy as well.
* ''Comments'': Wonder Woman fans will love this. Diana's character is done fairly well, and her relationship with Superboy is heartwarming.
** Looks like Jessesgirl1549 has deleted her account and her work would be helpful if someone found a link.

''[[ The New Kid On the Block]]'' and the sequel/continuation Marathon, followed by Network by x meets y
* Recommended by {{Catchandelier34}}, {{Nana Bana}}, {{Keyseeker}}, KomodoClassic
* ''Synopsis'': Kid Flash's the newest thief in town. Dashing in and dashing out, he's the epitome of a "cool" thief, and has even had Robin-hood like escapades. Young Justice's mission? Find him, catch him, and see if they can turn him to the side of good.
* ''Comments'': Semi-Dark!Wally fans will like this one. I mean, you've got AU elements in spades, and you've got the most seamless integration of MULTIPLE cannons ever. But if that isn't enough for you... Wally wears a fedora in this one. It ''still'' isn't at the climax of the story, but what is there to read is pure win. It even has a pretty regular update schedule.
** Here's its own [[FanFic/NewKidOnTheBlock trope page!]]

[[ Strays]] by blackash26
* Recommended by Willowleaf and HinnRaven
* Synopsis: Batman is very happy with the way that Robin has picked up his training, his methods and his habits. Generally. But his protege showing up at the Batcave with two small children, Tim and Jason, clinging to him proves he's adopted one trait Batman would have rather he hadn't. It seems the batfamily has an incurable penchant for picking up strays, and Tim and Jason are only the beginning.
* Comments: This fic is one of the most heart-meltingly adorable things in YJ fanfiction. Be warned, for this trooper does not "aaaaw" easily.
** Seconded. This story is full of warm and fuzzy feelings, and every character is perfect. This story is the perfect thing to put a smile on your face and Batfamily love in your heart.
** Here's its own [[{{Fanfic/Strays}} tropes page]]!

''[[ Whiteout]]'' by Subatomic_grape
* Recommended by Tropers/{{LavanyaSix}}
* ''Synopsis'': Minor AU. M'gann tries to ignore what she is, but after being forced back into her natural form every muscle in her body wants to go back to what feels powerful and comes naturally to her. It finally comes to a head when her team is threatened, and she is forced to choose between her shame, and their lives.

"[[ Healing]] by Sassbrat
* Recommended by ladyofthelibrary
* Synopsis: Female Wally: Boudicca 'Brodie' West is found in an alley by two of the Rogues after being raped. As time goes by she struggles with healing from her ordeal with the help of her friends.
* Comments: As might be indicated by the summary, this story manages to avert RapeAsDrama by showing a very realistic reaction to both the rape and the aftermath by Brodie, the [[GenderBender fem!Kid Flash]] and also showcases the reactions of those around her. ThereAreNoTherapists is averted like in the show with WarriorTherapist Black Canary trying to talk with Brodie. This story is well written and worth your time whatever your opinion of the pairing or the premise is.
* Warnings: Discussion of rape.
* Pairings: Red Arrow/fem!Kid Flash

"[[ Cranes]]" by Catchandelier
* Recommended by Willowleaf
* Synopsis: In one world, one we're more familiar with, Jonathan Crane has died. What essentially amounts to a cosmic filing problem leads to the former supervillain being offered a deal: He can be reborn into the world and become a hero, or he can die. Well, it was considerate of the Powers That Be to make the choice simple, in any case. He accepts, and in another time and another place, Johnny Crane is taken in by his previously unknown great uncle on his mother's side: One Alfred Pennyworth. In another time and another place, Jonny Crane moonlights as a vigilante known as Scarecrow on the streets of Gotham, and the team known as Young Justice is a very different group (somehow, though, everything important has stayed exactly the same).
* Comments: A hugely fun AU in which Scarecrow works bizarrely well as a good guy. The occasional interludes delve into the backstories of the people and places of this new world, letting the readers know exactly how much has changed and what's stayed the same. The author obviously loves writing this, and that love and excitement for AU potential just kind of oozes through the entire story.
** Here's its own [[{{Fanfic/Cranes}} tropes page]]!

[[ A Minor Situation]] by hinn_raven
* Recommended by ladyofthelibrary
* Synopsis: Gotham Academy is taken hostage and due to Batman being on League business, Young Justice is deployed. While infiltrating the Academy, the Team meets up with Artemis, Barbara Gordan, Dick Grayson...and Dick's younger siblings. Due to Wally and Dick being a couple, the Batsibs decide to test their older brother's boyfriend while Dick enjoys trolling his boyfriend because the rest of the team doesn't know Dick = Robin so they think Wally is cheating on both of them. But seriously; what could go wrong?
* Comments: A surprisingly funny story so far given the set up and the Batkids are adorable. This is shaping up to be a good read, especially if you either like Robin/Kid Flash or the [[{{Fanfic/Strays}} Strays AU]] because apparently it was a big inspiration.

[[ Earning the Night]] by Adorable Pragmatism
* Recommended by Completely Different
* Synopsis: Batgirl!Artemis AU. A different set of choices and circumstances leads to a different path. Artemis Crock takes up the symbol that shines in the sky outside of her bedroom window and becomes another kind of hero.
* Comments: An interesting alternate possibility where Artemis's rebellion against her father takes a much earlier turn, and leads her to trying to earn the respect and title of the Bat.
*** The link is dead, an alternative link would be appreciated.

''[[ A Thorn In The Side]]'' by anonymous
* Recommended by Gracie Geek
* ''Synopsis:'' One day, Wally West discovers the formula that transformed his Aunt Pam into the supervillainess Poison Ivy and changes his life forever.
* ''Comments:'' This fill was so much better than I'd hoped for when I requested it. Everyone is in character, and the author manages to spin Wally as a villain's sidekick in a way that is realistic for him.
* The author has since deanoned and reposted (with updates) on ''[[]]''

''[[ The Different Ways to Say Dad]]'' by Varmint
* Recommended by ladyofthelibrary
* ''Synopsis'': Due to a change in history, Batman ends up raising Roy Harper, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Wally West, Megan, Conner, Kaldur, Artemis, Zatanna and Rocket...all at the same time.
* Comments: This story is incredibly well written and sweet. The kids are slowly added with all but Jason getting at least some degree of explanation and the names they use fit each character perfectly. The only real flaw is [[spoiler: the villainizing of pretty much the entire Justice League save Green Arrow and Superman]] but the explanation given makes sense and the rest of the story is so [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming deliciously heartwarming]] you can let it go. Additionally the author has confirmed they plan to make a sequel.
* Pairings: Slight teasing of Batman/Green Arrow and Batman/[[Film/ThreeHundred the general king from 300]]

''[[ You'll Find Me Just As Broken]]'' by damnation soldier
* Recommended by carpediem
* ''Synopsis'': Fem!Nightwing tries to handle the losses of the Invasion. Vulnerable and lonely, she by chance befriends the newest addition to Gotham's finest criminals, the Red Hood.
* Comments: A very interesting take on a female version of Nightwing. Every one is IC. And the dynamics between the genderbent Dick and other characters is obviously tweaked, but in a smart way. Artemis' fallout with her concerning Wally's demise is dealt with very nicely too. The only complaint so far is that Red Hood hasn't showed often yet, but the story's just beginning.
* Warning: OC's are involved.

''[[ Young Justice Next Gen]]'' by Crossoverpairinglover
* Recommended by KRSPACET
* ''Synopsis'' What would have happened if Red Tornado had a different sort of program in place during the events of the Season 1 finale. How could the events of this change the story? As timelines collide and new heroes and villains appear, it can only get more complicated. For no villain can be worse than Project Nextgen. Multiple harems. Marvel influence though Young Justice World
* Comments: One of the few Young Justice Harem fics, the story is not a place where the idea of hooking up with everything that moves is considered good. It takes much time to imply that what happens is practically rape to both parties. Viewing how a world controlled by the Light might evolve, it begins to create Marvel Characters, as well as other DC and INVASION era YJ characters in new ways, mixing the YJ verse and [[Comicbook/{{New52}} the DCnU]], showing extensive research. One complaint could be that the writer prefers Superboy over the other two main 'harem leads', Wally and Dick. But he makes up for that by killing off Lagoon Boy.
* Warning: While no sex ever occurs in story, it is mentioned. Violence.
* Pairings: ....A lot. Mostly of the Conner-Harem, Dick-Harem and Wally-Harem variety. Monogamous pairings are also around....somewhere
* Trope page: FanFic/YoungJusticeNextGen

''[[ Somehow I'm the Mother of the Year]]'' by [[ Katty008]]
* Recommended by Dellanotte,cyissoul
* Synopsis: "Talia decides to pick sides once and for all and marries Bruce. She was not expecting this to involve eight children, two dogs, and cats. Lots and lots of cats."
* Comments: And ninjas. Unhappy ninjas, who will make you laugh, and then the next scene will make you laugh harder. Then, just when you're sure this AU can't get anymore ridiculous-yet-perfect... HilarityEnsues. Also, [[HilarityEnsues legitimately happy Bruce.]] Also you will love every single bit of feels in this.
* Pairings: Bruce and Talia, duh.

''[[ Stages of Deterioration]]'' by [[ aradian nights]]
* Recomended by secretlystephaniebrown
* ''Synopsis'': After Bruce finds Jason Todd, catatonic and traumatized, miraculously alive on the streets of Gotham, Tim, Dick, and Barbara attempt to fix their broken brother. AU for Invasion.
* Triggers/Warnings: Violence, swearing, mental trauma, torture
* Comments: A very dark, very angst, very good fanfic. The relationship between Jason and Tim in particular is really striking.

''[[ Caged Bird]]'' by velkynkarma
* Recommended by SolipsismIF
* ''Synopsis'': Dick Grayson isn't adopted by Bruce. Instead, he grows up on the streets and navigates the underworld of Gotham using his own wits and bravery. When he runs into the YJ team, everything spirals downward.
* Triggers/Warnings: Violence towards minors
* Comments: Really, really great fic, updated quickly, and keeps all of the characters in-character.

''[[ Camp Us]]'' by [[ Shade's Ninde]]
* Recommended by Dellanotte
* Synopsis: "College AU - Artemis has some interesting hallmates. Team hijinks, multiple pairings, featuring RA!RA and his hat-tossing skills. T for language and occasional questionable content."
* Comments: No superpowers, and they're still The Team, anyway. Epically, Heartwarmingly so. Contains a realistic depiction of college life and its trappings, hilarious bonding moments, and a very epic [[{{Troll}} Dick]]. All from [[SnarkKnight Artemis' perspective.]]
* Pairings: Mostly canon. [[spoiler: And Roy/Kaldur.]]
* Now with companion [[ "Winning,"]] which occurs right after Chapter 6 (Winter Break) and features one of the best games of "Never Have I Ever" [[HilarityEnsues ever]].

''[[ Pharos]]'' by [[anon]]
* Recommended by Seiya
* Summary: Genderbending AU! All Alexandria "Lex" Luthor wanted was a nice date with Clark Kent. It turned into a night that changed everything.
* Triggers: Fraud, Mind-Altering Substances, Talk of Pregnancy Termination.
* Comments: Story starts of years before canon. Lex Luthor is still a supervillain and member of the Light and Conner is still born.
* Pairings: So far Clex, Clois, Lex/Mystery Person

''[[ Schism]]'' by WritingEmi
* Recommended by Completely Different
* Summary: Written for a prompt from the yj_anon_meme community: When Wally West got his powers, his psyche also created a new personality to deal with the trauma of the experiment and the new responsibilities of being a speedster.
* An odd little fic that manages to be AU while still seeming perfectly believable within canon. Characterization is spot-on, and the writing is beautiful.
* Pairing: Kind of confusing, but; one-sided Wally/Megan, Wally/Linda, Kid Flash/Red Arrow [[spoiler: Kid Fate/ Artemis]].

''[[ Hoist High the Black Flag]]''
* Recommended by KomodoClassic, IgnisFatuus
* Summary: Dick Grayson is taken in by Slade, who gives him the training he needs to hunt down and kill Tony Zucco in revenge for what he did to Dick's family. Going by Renegade, he encounters Kid Flash. That's how the Justice League learns of Renegade's existence, and then they run into him again...
* Unfinished.
** Check out the companion fic, ''[[ Lex Loci Delicti]]'', as well. It's the same anonmeme prompt, with Lex Luthor taking the place of Slade. And it ''is'' complete!

''[[ Untitled]]'' by Anon(s)
* Recommended by KomodoClassic
* Summary: Wally West has been having odd dreams about running faster than anything alive and saving the world. But they can't be real...right?
* Written for the YJ Anon Meme. There are multiple fills for this prompt, and all are worth a try.

''[[ Tuesday I Get A Little Sideways]]'' by Anon
* Summary: Wally doesn't accept magic because that would mean accepting that he's half-fae, and he can't handle that. But then his sixteenth birthday comes, and the fairy queen steals him away. Well, his team isn't just going to take that lying down, now, are they?
* Notes: This was written for the YJ Anon Meme and is unfinished.

''[[ Kidnapping Equals Adoption]]'' by Seito Sosuka
* Recommended by KomodoClassic
* Summary: The Bat-siblings kidnap Wally. They want to keep him. HilarityEnsues.
* Pairings: Wally/Dick, though it's not the main plot.
* Notes: Now a series, with major appearances from Superboy and Red Arrow.

''[[ Where in the World?]] by midnightluck
* Recommended by ladyofthelibrary
* Summary: Wally isn't Mary West's biological son...he's Carmen Sandiego's!
* Notes: A ''hilarious'' story about Wally being the son of the world's greatest thief. Highlights include Artemis' hilarity at the situation, Wally panicking over his mother stealing the Flash museum and Robin going into a rant about how [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome awesome]] it was that Carmen stole the ''whole'' Alaskan Pipeline.

''[[ It's Raining Bats and Cats]] by Hinn-Raven.
* Recommended by ladyofthelibrary
* Summary: Artemis Crock is Black Cat, AKA the protégé of Catwoman, the big sister of Robin, the adopted daughter of Batman, the friend of the Justice League�wait, what? AU. Spitfire and BatCat
* Notes: This is an incredible one-shot Cat!Artemis is awesome and hilarious, the Batfamily is wonderful and overall this is a worthwhile read...especially if you've ever wanted to see Artemis with a mother figure who can give her physical mentoring. Also great for Catwoman fans.


[[folder:General Fics]]
''[[ Mainline Series]]'' by Kazyre
* Recomended by Tylonius
* ''Synopsis'': When Wally doesn't show up at the cave one day for training, Dick immediately knows something happened to his best friend. The League is called in to help once they do find him. As well as the entire speedster family.
* ''Comments'': Quite possibly the greatest YJ fic on the internet. The characters are wonderful, the plot is masterful, and the writing is amazing, and the romance is both heartrending and heartwarmingly beautiful. A full ensemble piece that weaves together several different comic plots and characters into the Young Justice 'verse. Technically a series, but the first part is acts more as a very long first chapter to the second part, which picks up right after the first.
* ''Trigger Warnings'': Abuse, death, violence
* ''Notes'': KF/Robin romance.

''[[ Young Justice: Beta]]'' by Punisher164
* Recommended by Maxcron
* ''Synopsis'': We're second best, second choice, last option, and this is our story. A story of the beta team that helped save the world, but got no credit. It's a long journey to tell, but well-worth the tale. There were betrayals, fights, drama, love, friendships, dreams, and nightmares. Was being a hero really worth it? Read and find out.
* Comments:This fanfic it's truly a masterpiece the author just grabs the world of YJ and makes it his own whit his team of OCs which grows larger as time passes and interacts with the original team as they evolve during the timeskip. Each of the characters have great development as the story progresses and the autor has a great imagination with each arc having different dinamics than the previous one. Don't be put down by the Ocs, the way the story is written makes you feel like as if this could be cannon.
[=[[reviews:{{Young Justice:Beta}}]]=]

''[[ With Proper Motivation]]'' by Fayah
* Recommended by eruFUN, {{Nana Bana}}
* ''Synopsis'': Mr. Freeze realizes that there's a much easier way to find the cure to his wife's terminal illness: inject Robin with the same disease and let Batman do the work for him. After all, the dark knight can supposedly do anything with the proper motivation.
* ''Comments'': This is a really interesting take on how one event changes the canon events completely, and it's done in a way that there isn't much rehashing of the same exact canon scenes. The writing is excellent and the characterizations are spot on. If you like something that flirts with canon elements but also takes an unique route of its own, you should try this

''[[ Erasing Everything and Rewriting It]]'' by [[ Ivee-Waterlilly]]
* Recommended by IgnisFatuus
* ''Synopsis'': After falling through a window, Robin never expected to find a certain happy family in Crime Alley. His heroic instincts are his downfall, however, and his world changes instantly. No team, no Batman, and no Batcave to hide in.
* ''Comments'': Dark, tragic, and eventually heartwarming.

''[[ Without Me]]'' by [[ Glimare]]
* Recommended by IgnisFatuus
* ''Synopsis'': KF's latest souvenir has finally done it, ruined Robin's day. Now he's gone to an alternate Earth where Robin never existed. Can he get home? How did his life make such a difference for his friends? And for Batman?
* ''Comments'': Way, way better than it sounds. One of the best characterizations of YJ!Robin found in fanfic.

''[[ Some Sort of Truth]]'' by kittu9
* Recommended by J the Drafter
* ''Synopsis'': Zatanna spends a long month mourning her lost father. (Second Person)
* ''Comments'': This is the best take on Zatanna's place in the aftermath of "Misplaced" that this troper has yet read, and he's read a couple good ones. The writing does a wonderful job getting Zatanna's grief across, and the plot smoothly goes through the all changes Zatanna is forced to adjust to.

''[[ Before the Dawn]]'' by meowfu
* Recommended by Tropers/{{foxfireflamequeen}}, eruFUN., athenaswings, IgnisFatuus
* ''Synopsis'': Robin was captured and tortured, and he is not okay. But no one knows how to fix him when they're not sure what's broken. This is a story of pain and recovery, of family, friends and support, and this is how Robin learned to laugh again.
* ''Trigger Warnings'': Graphic torture and non-graphic violation (they last a very short time, though, and the writer has specified the locations of all the explicit scenes ''[[ here]]'' if you want to skip them); clinical depression.
* ''Comments'': A beautifully realistic venture into a dark, tragic world. Keep the tissues at hand; this is an emotional rollercoaster.

''[[ Proof in the Parenting]]'' by Takebuo Ishimatsu
* Recommended by Tropers/{{FanGirlAndProudOfIt}}, Zephyr7, {{Keyseeker}}
* ''Synopsis'': "The League is amused to realize that little Dick Grayson isn't the only one learning things from his new family." Batman's interaction with Robin, as witnessed by the Justice League.

''[[ Control]]'' by writing_emi
* Recommended by Tropers/{{Loracarol}}
* ''Synopsis'': Wally West's dad is abusive. Mostly psychologically and emotionally, but because he never hits Wally, Wally doesn't think it ''is'' abuse. The team finds out the threat. H/C, Mostly gen with hints of KF/Rob.
* ''Trigger Warning'': For abuse.

''[[ On The Safe Side]]'' by Anon
* Recommended by Tropers/{{jenicaaladima}}
* ''Synopsis'': The League just wants to be sure that their sidekicks are all right. Short, sweet, and hilarious.

''[[ Coming of Rage]]'' by [[ Black Friar]]
* Recommended by IgnisFatuus
* ''Synopsis'': Batman is infected with rage, leading Robin and Kid Flash on a mad dash through Gotham to find the cure before Batman destroys either himself�or someone he cares about.
* ''Trigger warning'': Violence towards children.
* ''Comments'': Everyone is in-character and the feels are overwhelming.

''[[ Bird Song]]'' by Anonymous
* Recommended by Zephyr7
* ''Synopsis'': Robin sings like an angel. Each member of the team hears him at different times. It's so natural he never notices when he begins to sing.
* ''Comments'': This was just a lovely little fill where each of the members hear Robin singing (as an ActorAllusion to Music/JesseMcCartney) to OwlCity songs. The one where Robin sang to an unconscious Batman was one of the [[TearJerker most]] [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming touching]] part.

''[[ Nobody's Child]]'' by Kizmet
* Recommended by HinnRaven, KomodoClassic
* ''Synopsis'': Superboy is deaged. While Young Justice looks for a cure Batman sticks Clark Kent with babysitting duties.
* ''Comments'': A hilarious, adorable family fic, focused around an adorable 5 year old Superboy, Superman, and Lois Lane. If you want to see someone [[WhatTheHellHero call out Superman for his treatment of Superboy]] or even just see [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming Superman and Superboy interact]], this is the story you want.

''[[ Identity]]'' by Anonymous
* Recommended by WaffledFlambe
* ''Synopsis'': Robin is badly injured on a mission, and his teammates are completely unprepared for Batman's response.
* ''Comments'': This story really highlights the close bond between the members of Young Justice and examines how much Robin is tied to his superhero identity. Oh, and you might wanna have some [[TearJerker Kleenex]] on hand while reading this, heartstrings will be tugged.

''[[ Collide]]'' by [=LaLaCat1=]
* Recommended by HinnRaven, JustNobody, Zephyr7, {{Keyseeker}}, KomodoClassic
* ''Synopsis'': Jason Todd lands in the YJ universe, where he tries to figure out why there's a new Robin and why Bruce doesn't remember him.
* ''Comments'': This is a really good story, told from Jason's POV, as he tries to understand the whole concept of alternate universes. Good writing, good characters, and a really interesting plot.
** Agreed. It really is an enjoyable and thought-provoking read. The writing is good, with a few typos, and if you've always needed some slight Bruce/Jason reconciliation, here you go.
** While good as a fluff piece, I can't help but feel that there was some overlooked potential in the early chapters. [[spoiler: Batman accepted Jason a little too early, some build-up and drawn out antagonism would have been interesting.]] But the writer excels at capturing the character's voices, Jason especially stood out.
* ''Trigger warnings'': Coarse language.
* Now with a [[ sequel]].

''[[ Fail Safes]]'' by kkizmet
* Recommended by Naganonamy
* ''Synosis'': Superboy is undergoing CloneDegeneration. As he starts coming apart, the team comes together to support him.
* ''Comments'': [[TearJerker This will make you cry.]] [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming And it will make you smile.]] And the descriptions of Superboy's body failing him [[NauseaFuel may make you feel a bit ill]], as it leads to RealLife type consequences.
** Tropers/GracieGeek: Agreed. This fic is gold. Pure, sad, heartwrenchingly-hard-but-captivating-to-read gold. Also incorporates an interesting take on who TheMole is.

''[[ Playing Scales]]'' by Anonymous
* Recommended by Naganonamy, Salnax1
* ''Synopsis'': When Superboy is given an allowance, he has no idea what to do with it. So of course, he learns to play piano.
* ''Comments'': [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome This is that story.]] I made dolphin noises at 3 am. This is a keeper.

''[[ Flutterbies]]'' by kingburu
* Recomended by Marvelfan019, {{Keyseeker}}, klfette
* ''Synopsis'': in a fight with Klarion the Witchboy, Wally is de-aged and the team unknowingly leaves hims with his abusive mother and father.
* ''Comments'': Excellent plot, wonderful characterization, and an adorable 5 year-old Wally (whats not to love?).
** Tropers/MakiP does not believe the above comment makes the story justice. This is an absolutely amazing story, and a major TearJerker; the Wests are horrible, horrible people, to say ''The Rogues'' make better parents than them it's all.
** Tropers/GracieGeek - This troper doesn't really understand why KF-child-abuse fics seem quite popular, but I gotta say, this one takes the cake. I was squeeing the entire time I read this. Little!Wally isn't the only draw, either. It's brilliantly written and I like how KF was acting about his past at the end. He [[spoiler: didn't allow it to damage him - he used it to make him stronger]].
** I cannot recommend this enough. The writing is excellent and the writer is very good at conveying emotion. The story line is good, the ending is great and kid!wally is too adorable for words.
* ''Triggers'': child abuse

''[[ Because Your Freckles Dance]]'' by anonymous
* Recommended by Tropers/{{Loracarol}}
* ''Synopsis'': Wally dies in Robin's arms. This is not a spoiler. What the story is about is the aftermath, mostly told from Barry's POV.
* ''Comments'': Sweet merciful crap this is a {{tearjerker}}. It's mostly told from Barry's point of view as he comes across Wally and Robin, Wally dead in Robin's arms. IT's just... Seriously, I was crying. The author has a way with words that makes you feel for the characters as they [try to] come to terms with Wally's death.
* Some [=Rob/KF=], but not so much that this should be under the "shipping" fics.

''[[ Linchpin]]'' by Tiger Lily Roar
* Recommended by sgtangua8, {{Keyseeker}}
* ''Synopsis'': The Heroes of the world have a *BIG* problem when Robin - yes, Robin - is kidnapped from Gotham City Academy. The big deal, other than the obvious? He was Dick Grayson at the time!
* ''Comments'': An entertaining plot that keeps you engrossed. While there are several mispellings, it still is a good story.
** The story itself is good, but the mechanics of the writing are pretty painful. "Course language" really says everything about it.
* ''Triggers'': Abuse and coarse language.

''[[ Brave New World]]'' by [[ dyaoka]]
* Recommended by sgtangua8
* ''Synopsis'': After being shot by an energy beam, Damian Wayne is found by the Young Justice crew.
* ''Comments'': The author does an amazingly spot on job writing the sarcastic thoughts of Damian. The plot gets better as it goes along.

''[[ Pretty bird]]'' and it's squeal ''[[ One by one]]'' by Ayries
* Recommended by FangYingyu
* ''Synopsis'': "It's stupid. If she doesn't want to tell them, why does she want them to notice?"
* ''Comments'': Now I'm not really an expert on DC stuff, but I found this well browsing and decided to check it out. What I got was very well written, well researched, and actually made me tear up a bit. (In a good way.) I really hope the author writes more of this.
* ''Notes'': Transgender character

''[[ Try Not To Laugh]]'' by Anon
* Recommneded by Zephyr7
* ''Synopsis'': The team were given orders to guard the Joker until the Justice League comes back for him. The Joker then proceeds to have a little fun by making sexual comments about Robin and Batman, infuriating Robin.
* ''Comments'': The anon got Joker's twisted personality well. And they captured Robin and the others' horrified and disgusted reactions perfectly. In fact, Robin isn't worried that Batman would ever do something like that to him but he was worried that his teammates would ''think'' that was the case.
* ''Triggers'': Disturbing imagery.

''[[ Hammurabi's Robin]]'' by Anon
* Recommended by Zephyr7
* ''Synopsis'': Robin finds out where Tony Zucco, the man responsible for his parents' death, is. He goes off to get revenge, much to his teammates and Batman's distress.
* ''Comments'': Based on [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries BTAS]]: "Robin's Reckoning". A neat incorporation of Young Justice and the animated series. The author does a great job writing the characters and the scene where Robin was dangling Zucco off a building and arguing with his teammates why Zucco shouldn't live tugged at the heartstrings, especially when you remember that Robin is just a thirteen year old kid who misses his parents.
** Fics like this one are the whole reason WHY I read fan fiction. The raw emotion the writer is capable of putting into the characters is staggering.
* ''Triggers'': [[spoiler: Almost-murder]]

''[[ Just Like Bad Wallpaper]]'' by Anonymous
* Recommended by Tropers/GracieGeek
* ''Synopsis'': �Family love is messy, clinging, and of an annoying and repetitive pattern, like bad wallpaper.� The YJ team move, one by one, into Wayne Manor.
* ''Comments'': Short, sweet, cute and funny. Bruce's reactions were hilarious.

''[[ Family Ties]]'' by [[ Shade's Ninde]]
* Recommended by Tropers/GracieGeek
* ''Synopsis'': In the aftermath of "''Alpha Male''", the team are still holding Kaldur's omission of the truth against him when he suddenly goes missing - kidnapped by Black Manta.
* ''Comments'': If you're of the opinion that Kaldur needs more love, then read this. Incorporates Kaldur's parentage, his bromance with Roy and his relationships with Aquaman, Garth and Tula.
* ''Triggers'': Abuse.

''[[ Dare Not Meet In Dreams]]'' by Anon
* Recommended by Zephyr7, KomodoClassic
* ''Synopsis'': The team goes back into time, ends up in Crime Alley and stops a mugging. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary. But when they return to their world, they find that their world is unraveling and blending with other worlds.
* ''Comments'': The author has an amazing flow where they show sentences and paragraphs concerning the present world and the alternate universe right after, to show how one little shift was able to throw all the worlds out of control. The blending of the worlds is done with excellent writing, tone and detail. The author also does a great job incorporating the different universes [[spoiler: such as All Star Batman and Robin, All Star Superman, Batman: the Bold and the Brave, the mainstream comics, the comics!Young Justice, etc]]. A definite recommendation to read.

''[[ Snarls in the Timeline]]'' by [[ Reef of Happiness]]
* Recommended by IgnisFatuus
* ''Synopsis'': Artemis can't remember being captured by an alien species, and she also can't remember what they did to her, but the scars on her body and the expressions of her teammates tell her all she needs to know.
* ''Rating'': T for mentions of torture
* ''Synopsis'': A dark but matter-of-fact fic that captures Artemis's practical personality very well. Especially interesting in that it reveals none of the torture, only its nauseating after-effects.

''[[ Go the Distance]]'' by Anon
* Recommended by Zephyr7
* ''Synopsis'': Five times someone thought Iris or Barry were Wally's parents and one time Wally honestly wished they were.
* ''Comments'': This is a TearJerker so you may need some tissues. Wally's parents are abusive and neglectful so Wally's aunt and Barry who both treat Wally more of a son than a nephew are by any other definition Wally's real parents. By the end, you just want to give [[TheWoobie Wally]] a hug.

''[[ In The Grave]]'' by Adoglover5
* Recommended by ladyofthelibrary
* ''Synopsis'': "You might want to breathe slowly or you could simply put the gun in your mouth and pull the trigger or any way you want...You're going to die down here, Baby Flash." The Central City Rogues go farther than anyone ever thought possible. Now the Young Justice team and the Flash must race against time to save Wally before he's forced to take matters into his own hands.
* ''Comments'': An awesome story that is now complete. While the team, Wally, Barry and Batman may occasionally get out of character, I feel it's justified due to the situation they're in. The fic is well researched when needed and the writing is great. Numerous [[TearJerker Tear Jerkers]] occur, specifically with Wally's flashbacks about his [[AbusiveParents sorry excuse for a father]] and the team's reaction to Wally's predicament. Definitely worth a read but a word of warning: the author is a big and fairly blatant Wally/Artemis shipper so be prepared for it to come up.
** Multiple typos, crude humor in early chapters, and most glaringly, the Rogues are terribly [[OutOfCharacter out of character]]. They are the definition of [[PunchClockVillain Punch Clock Villains]], and so I can't see them doing something so needlessly sadistic.
*** Original poster here. I will concede all your points but I can at least slightly respond to the last one. All of the Rogues save Captain Cold make it clear that they didn't intend for the scheme to end badly (particularly Trickster who remains close to his normal self) and it's heavily implied that Cold has lost his mental bearings completely; I mean [[spoiler: he blows himself up for goodness sake!]] But again I will merely say to each their own and point out that I enjoyed this story and think others might as well while conceding your right to dislike it.
* ''Triggers'': Child abuse, violence, coarse language, both attempted and successful suicides, disturbing imagery

''[[ The Bechdel Test]]'' by Shade's Ninde
* Recommended by Zolavine
* ''Synopsis'' "Five times the girls talk about things that are not boys, and one time the boys discuss the ladies in their lives."
* ''Comments'': Very much [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin what it says on the tin]]. The conversations are delightful and I wish that canon had the time (or inclination) to show stuff like this.

[[ Civvie]] by TotallyLosingIt
* Recommended by ladyofthelibrary, Nana Bana
* ''Synopsis'': "Wally West's kidnappers learn what it means to be on the bad side of two super-powered teams. Shameless Wally whump, because seriously? How FUN is that to say out loud?"
* ''Comments'': An interesting take on the kidnapping of one of the League's sidekicks given Wally is kidnapped in civilian identity by someone who wants revenge on his uncle's civilian identity. Does an interesting take on [[TheMole one of the potential moles]] and why they act the way they do and manages to bring the heroes featured into an odd little almost family. Worth reading if you have a few minutes to spare.

''[[ Blondes Really do Have More Fun]]'' by Anon
* Recommended by Kaza999
* ''Synopsis:'' Magical genderbending...with a twist.
* ''Comments:'' Everyone is in character and the writing is superb. It's a bit long, though
* ''Warnings:'' Gender issues, transsexuality.

''[[ Brand New Hurt]]'' by 67chevyImpala
* Recommended by ladyofthelibrary
* ''Synopsis'': Kid Flash's family problems follow him to Mount Justice. Bruises the mask doesn't cover and injuries that can't be explained away by missions catch Robin's eye.
* ''Comments:'' While obviously [[AlternateUniverseFic AU]] since in the show Wally has GoodParents while in this story [[MissingMom his mother is dead]] and his father is [[AbusiveParents a real S.O.B.]], this story is well written and very touching...not to mention we get to see [[PapaWolf protective]] [[FanNickname Daddybats]] ''dealing'' with Mr. West. A good example of a story focused on the relationship between the Flash, Kid Flash, Batman and Robin.
* ''Trigger Warning'': Child abuse

''[[ In Case of Emergency]]'' by deranged black kitten of doom
* Recommended by [=PitViperOfDoom=], Zephyr7, eruFUN, {{Keyseeker}}, KomodoClassic
* ''Synopsis'': It had started as a joke, contingency plans made for various hypothetical circumstances, but then the world falls under mind-control, their mentors turning against them, and those rules made up in jest become something to survive by.
* ''Comments'': I honestly can't think of anything negative to say about this fic. The characterization is spot-on, it's well-written, exciting, suspenseful, and even emotional and heartwrenching at certain points. I'm sure everyone will want to give Dick a hug when Roy and Wally find him about a third of the way through. It is a bit long for a oneshot (over 50,000 words), so make sure you read this when you have way too much time on your hands.
** What are you doing right now? Stop it and read this. Go on, do it. Don't ask why. It's the length of a novella, so read it in chunks if you want. [[JustOneMoreLevel (You won't want to.)]] This is one of the most well-thought-out, intelligent, perfectly characterized things. Not fanfics, just things. It has the ring of well-researched science fiction, and every single element has the air of someone who really knows what they're talking about. Just... just go. Read it now. Don't worry about the recommendations.
** Tropers/GracieGeek - Holy crap read this read this now. This ate up two entire days which I'd promised myself I'd dedicate to homework but I can't bring myself to dislike this fic for it. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time, right up to the last sentence, even. I admit, I wish I'd seen more of the rest of the YJ Team, but nevertheless.
** KomodoClassic: Holy crap. This took me a few hours of basically nonstop reading, and it is completely fantastic. I keep finding myself practically speechless at the sheer ''brilliance'' of the authors in this fandom, but...even then, this story is a [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome cut above the rest.]] It's amazing.

''[[ Making the Grade]]'' by [=LaLaCat1=]
* Recommended by [=PitViperOfDoom=]
* ''Synopsis:'' Sometimes even Dick can miss the warning signs. Sometimes not everyone can be trusted.
* ''Comments:'' The writing is excellent, everyone is in-character, and this fic is one of the frankly too few instances of this certain issue being portrayed both seriously and realistically. Also contains Bruce being [[PapaWolf awesome]].
* ''Warning:'' Molestation.

''[[ Semi-Automatic]]'' by [[ Reef of Happiness]]
* Recommended by IgnisFatuus
* ''Synopsis'': After being held hostage, Robin is forced to fellate a gun.
* ''Comments'': A very interesting look into Robin's personality given that he's pretty much a child soldier.

''[[ A lifetime away]]'' by Anon
* Recommended by Tropers/{{TheViolentTomboy}}
* ''Synopsis'': Robin and Superboy find themselves trapped in another dimension with no way back, so they build themselves a new life on this new world.
* ''Comments'': It's amazing what the two of them do once they accept that there's no way back home. [[spoiler: Starting the League from scratch is one thing. And it's heartbreaking when they die and find themselves back in their home dimension and no time passed despite the decades they spent together.]] It's hard to explain how awesome this all is, not to mention full of ContinuityPorn from all sorts of different canons.
* ''Warning:'' Robin and Superboy being in a fully committed relationship with each other.

''[[ That's As Many As Four Tens]]'' by Anonymous
* Recommended by GosuroriOtaku
* ''Synopsis'': Superboy gets brushed off by Superman one too many times, and decides to do something that Superman would never, ever do. Something that only Superman's greatest enemy had the balls to do.
* ''Comments'': To say much more would ruin the surprise, but Superboy's thought process is utterly brilliant.

''[[ Sacred]]'' by Anon
* Recommended by Tropers/TheViolentTomboy, {{Keyseeker}}
* ''Synopsis'': Zoom, impersonating the Flash, sneaks into Wally's room every night and sexually assaults him. Needless to say, things get very strained between Wally and the real Barry Allen, who has no idea what's going on.
* ''Comments'': Oh god. It's downright heartbreaking what Wally's going through at the hands of who he thinks is his beloved uncle, and how he feels that he can't tell anyone. And you can tell how much Barry really worries about his nephew and wants to help, but, well, it's not like Wally can turn to him for it.
** It's well written, with great character dialog, but the rape scenes are very graphically written and can be unpleasantly squicky, so some heavy warning is in order.
* Warning: '''Graphic descriptions of child rape and in depth exploration of psychological impact on the victim.'''

''[[ Getting There Is Only Half The Fun]]'' by [[ Scotty1609]]
* Recommended by Reuvas
* ''Synopsis'' Roy, Wally, and Dick all go on a camping trip in the woods... until things get out of hand.
* ''Comments'': This is one of those good old friendship adventure stories about surviving against the elements and an implacable mother nature. They're all wonderfully in character, the premise is interesting, and executed well, the writing is engaging, and the story is suspensful. And... it even makes you feel. Roy fans will love this. Also, probably the best animal!OC ever.
* ''Triggers'': There is some violence, and [[spoiler: character death]]... well kind of.

''[[ Hero]]'' by anon
* Recommended by Troper/TheViolentTomboy
* ''Synopsis'': 5 times Superboy was caught wearing the other mentor's costumes, and one time he wasn' least that's how it started out...
* ''Comments'': What started out as a simple fill from a request that wanted Superboy trying on other hero's costumes has spiraled into an epic growing-of-age story for him. It's amazing to see him grow and accept himself into becoming his own person, and amusing how he holds Clark Kent in such a positive light while not knowing the man is actually Superman.
** YMMV on this one. The first few parts are fine, but once the plot kicks in the ooc-ness of quite a few characters starts to jar because it no longer has the buffer of humor behind it. Approach with caution.
** YMMV on the YMMV. As in all fic, there is some level of OOC-ness, and some of it is due to the fact that the story diverges quickly from canon (having been started in May). However there's an early incidence of humorless OOC-ness which isn't so much humorless OOC-ness as much as it is plot.

''[[ A Good Plan]]'' by Anon
* Recommended by Zephyr7
* ''Synopsis'': In a single day, Bruce Wayne lost everything. Again. Dick Grayson and Alfred Pennyworth are dead. Superman puts Young Justice (minus Robin) on suicide watch who don't know that Bruce Wayne is Batman and that Robin is dead.
* ''Comments'': This was just an amazing story of Bruce interacting with the rest of the team, particularly as a person and not as the Batman. [[spoiler: Of course, Dick and Alfred aren't really dead and they were just hiding to expose a certain organization.]]
** MakiP It pains me to say it, but the First Ending (The BAD ending) is the best for the story. There I said it, the story is great either way, but it's better if it has tragic ending. Now if you don't mind I'll go cry somewhere for the cruelness of he world

''[[ Ready for This]]'' by Anon
* Recommended by Zephyr7
* ''Synopsis'': "When other kids his age are playing with GI Joes and Matchbox cars, Dick Grayson is polishing Batarangs and sneaking his dad's cable launcher out into the yard to scale trees with."
* ''Comments'': Robin was just plain adorable here and his interactions with Batman are doubly so. The image of Robin hiding behind Batman's cape when he first meets Superman is perhaps the most cutest thing ever.

''[[ Untitled]]'' by Jayeinacross
* Recommended by ranmouri
* ''Synopsis'': "Kara comes to meet her new family member and finds out that Clark doesn�t talk to Conner. Kara disapproves and decides to set Clark straight." Based on a prompt from the anon meme.

''[[ snakeskin (hollow shapes)]]'' by kittu9
* Recommended by Tropers/{{LavanyaSix}}
* ''Synopsis'': Paula Crock fell off a roof and came home six years later. She does not allow herself the luxury of illusions.
* ''Comments'': A wonderful introspective piece relating how Paula came to quit the business, and her tenuous relationship with her remaining daughter, Artemis.

''[[ By Any Other Name]]'' by Traincat
* Recommended by anarden
* ''Synopsis'': After the Justice League's hideouts are compromised and the Team has to stay away, Batman leaves Superboy in charge of Lois Lane, which of course, has nothing to do with the fact that she personally knows Superman.
* ''Comments'': A funny and touching good story in which Lois, no doubt this being Batman's intention, calls out on Clark for ignoring Superboy, and even manages to help on their relationship.

''[[ Submerge]]'' by Shade's Ninde
* Recommended by MuchAdoAboutNonny
* ''Synopsis'': Post-Depths. As she joins Kaldur undercover, Artemis has a few doubts about the whole operation.
* ''Pairings'': Wally/Artemis is mentioned. Kaldur/Roy is hinted at, but obliquely enough that one can interpret it as a close friendship.
* ''Comments'': Very well-done character study, done from Artemis' point of view.

''[[ Though This Path The World Has Laid For Me]]'' by [[ Soului]]
* Recommended by Tropers/GracieGeek
* ''Synopsis'': The League needs better intel on the Light and Dick has a plan. He just wishes it didn't sound so much like something Batman would come up with. Spoilers from 'Disordered' all the way up to 'Depths'.
* ''Pairings'': Some Spitfire.
* ''Comments'': Very well-written introspective piece centred around Nightwing and his thoughts on the person he is becoming.

''[[ Father's Day]]'' by [[ Masterdramon]]
* Recommended by Chiropteru
* ''Synopsis'': Lex Luthor's never been much into the celebration of the third Sunday in June, but a routine visit to Project Cadmus might just change his mind on that...and on a few other things besides.
* ''Comments'': An excellent and intriguing character study of Lex Luthor.

''[[ The Things Between Us]]'' by anon
* Recommended by Tropers/GracieGeek
* ''Synopsis:'' Robin comes out as gay. His friends don't take it as well as one could hope.
* ''Comments:'' A well-written fic based around a simple concept. In a lot of slash fics, when a character comes out as gay, it's generally well accepted by the people close to them, but what if it isn't? Answer: it's both heartbreaking and frustrating. The fic hasn't been updated for a while, but what is there so far is very good.
* ''Triggers:'' Homophobia.

''[[ The Things We Must Do]]'' by parvumautomaton
* Recommended by Tropers/Windona
* ''Synopsis:'' After Jaime graduates High School, he goes on a very important mission.
* ''Comments:'' So far, it is shaping up to be a great exploration of the fact that the Reach are still out there, with many planets enslaved. A definite need-to-read for Jaime fans.

''[[ Charades]]'' by ([[ Black-Friar]])
* Recommended by: VelkynKarma
* ''Synopsis:'' While Batman and Robin are mysteriously occupied elsewhere, the team are assigned a mission in Gotham that Wally suspects may not be all that it seems. When a link to a high profile kidnapping is revealed, Wally is faced with the difficult task of keeping one of the Justice League's biggest secrets while also hiding his concern for a friend in trouble. Season 1 fic, taking place after 'Failsafe' and 'Disordered.' Mostly features Robin, Batman and Kid Flash, but the rest of the team and even a few Justice Leaguers make appearances as well.
* ''Tags/Trigger Warnings'': Some descriptions of torture/abuse, kidnapping
* ''Comments: '' The summary just doesn't do it justice. There are a lot of Dick Grayson-gets-kidnapped-for-ransom fics, but this one really takes the cake. Well researched, well written, and the antagonists are chillingly [[DangerouslyGenreSavvy Genre Savvy,]] making them ''believably'' stay one step ahead of Batman the whole time. An intense and highly engaging read.

''[[ From the Bones]]'' by MsWikit
* Recommended by KashiWaffles
* ''Synopsis:'' After an accident renders Lagoon Boy comatose, M'gann delves into his mind in an attempt to wake him up. In doing so, she discovers the secrets of his past.
* ''Comments:'' It's a semi-sequel to the author's Robin fic [[ Circus Dreams]], this one featuring Lagoon Boy. It's insightful, slightly heartbreaking, and may make you rethink your opinion of Lagoon Boy. It also contains hits of Angelfish.

''[[ Batsketball]]'' by adorable pragmatism
* Recommended by KomodoClassic
* Summary: One day, Dick and Jason play basketball with Bruce.
* The first chapter is cute and sweet and funny...and the second is unbelievably sad.

''[[ Our City, Our Hero]]'' by Anon
* Recommended by KomodoClassic
* Summary: Kid Flash is kidnapped. The Rogues decide to come rescue him. HilarityEnsues.
* Written for the YJ Anon Meme. Now a series. Very funny, with the awesomeness inherent in a story featuring the Rogues.

''[[ Just Another Trip to the Store]]'' by Anon
* Recommended by KomodoClassic
* Summary: Dick Grayson is the worst hostage ever. By the time the YJ team come to rescue him, he's already free and ready to cause havoc.
* A short and rather funny story, where the ending is the best part.

''[[ Raised by a Bat]]''
* Recommended by KomodoClassic
* Summary: Five times Wally did something that told the team he was trained by a Bat.
* Notes: A cute one-shot that explores the possible effects of Wally being Robin's best friend.

''[[ Feeling the Aster]]''
* Recommended by KomodoClassic
* Summary: A series of one-shots featuring Robin, Kid Flash, and Speedy. Guest-starring Flash and protective daddy!Bats.

''[[ Little Indian Boys]]'' by Anon
* Recommended by KomodoClassic
* Summary: Five times someone died on a mission, and the one time nobody came home.
* Notes: DEATH FIC. Character deaths for all member of the YJ team when there were six. Unbelievably sad and touching.

''[[Fanfic/YoungJusticeDarknessFalls Young Justice: Darkness Falls]]'' by [[ Angelus-v1]]
* Recommended by Tropers/EricW
* Status: Complete
* ''Synopsis:'': Following the events of the Reach's invasion, The Team is faced with another incoming threat worse than any they have faced before. New faces join their ranks as others seek to destroy or enslave them while the last members of The Light cast its shadow over the Earth in its continued attempt to rid the world of its heroes.
* ''Comments:'': A {{Continuation}} Fic set immediately after the expulsion of The Reach. (no timeskip) Characterization seems solid enough, but the focus of chapters are a little different. More focus is placed on Beast Boy, Superboy, Miss Martian and Wonder Girl, while some like ComicBook/BlueBeetle, Static and Aqualad are more OutOfFocus. Further, this fic borrows some concepts from WesternAnimation/TeenTitans and incorporates several of its heroes into the story. However, these are Young Justice versions of the characters rather than AU's, so it keeps the feel of the show going. The story is made of win, trying to capture the overall feel of the show, while still putting its own stories into the mix, as the league struggles with a foe much greater than any of the light was: ComicBook/{{Darkseid}}. Furthermore, even though the ending is open ended, it provides a kind of closure that any fan of the show needs after season 2. A must read for anyone who wants some closure for young justice.

''[[Fanfic/YoungJusticeTitans Young Justice: Titans]]'' by [[ Angelus-v1]]
* Recommended by Tropers/EricW
* Status: Complete
* ''Synopsis:'': One year after defeating Darkseid, The League has expanded to include a third team. Where the black ops team operate on the sly, this new team will be publicly known. But now a new threat is on the horizon, one with a strong foot hold in Earth and looking for the perfect chance to strike with neither Earth's heroes or villain's knowing anything about it.

''[[ Young Justice Thanksgiving]]
* Recommended by Tropers/EricW
* Status: Complete
* ''Synopsis:'': Takes place after the Epilogue of Young Justice: Titans. Different members of the teams have different traditions with one thing in common, that wherever they may go, however they may celebrate, they are always family old and new.

''[[ Five Times Roy Wasn't Red Arrow, and One Time He Still Wasn't]]'' by anonymous
* Recommended by: bookzen
* ''Synopsis'': Prompt from the anon meme: Robin and Wally rig the Zeta Beam to identify Roy as something different every time he walks in.
* ''Comments'': A hilarious short fic with great characterization of Dick, Wally and Roy.

''[[ With This Ring]]'' by [[ Mr Zoat]]
* Recommended by Gore17
* ''Synopsis'': What happens when a man is thrust into a world that is both familiar and alien to him, equipped with the most powerful tool in the universe? A great deal of awesome, apparently.
* A Self-Insert fic, where the main character wakes up one day in orbit, wearing an Orange Lantern Power Ring. From there, it details his integration into this new world, and the changes caused by someone with a Power Ring, both on the Team, and on the world. FTL dodges, anyone?
* Trope Page: ''Fanfic/WithThisRing''

''[[ Santa]]'' by [=PeachBelle=]
* Recommended by Tropers/{{Iowaforever}}
* ''Synopsis'': Lian asks her parents why Santa never comes to their house. Cute, fluffy Christmas.
* An adorable little fic about Christmas for Roy, Jade and Lian. Has plenty of fun moments to go with the heartwarming ones.

''[[ And Superboy Makes Three]]'' by Anon
* Recommended by Tropers/{{TheViolentTomboy}}
* ''Synopsis'': A crossover with the Marvel-verse, pre-Bereft. ComicBook/CaptainAmerica, appalled at Superman's treatment of Superboy, decides to adopt the kid.
* ''Comments'': It's genuinely heartwarming how Steve really cares about Superboy and wants the kid to be happy. Warning for yaoi-haters, Steve is in a fully committed relationship with [[IronMan Tony Stark]], but it's obvious through the writing how much they love each other. Also, Tony Snark is still in full-force, enjoying trolling the hell out of the Justice League and Nick Fury.
** My god, seconded so hard. Several people obsessively stalk that page waiting for updates, self included. If you read ANYTHING on this page, read this. I personally HATE crossovers, but this one doesn't even feel like a crossover. It feels like canon. It should be canon.
*** Page to be filled [[Fanfic/AndSuperboyMakesThree here]].

''[[ Kal]][[ chie]]'' and especially its sequel ''[[ Out In]] [[ The World]]'' by [[ thingamawhatsit]].
* Recommended by Naganonamy
* ''Synopsis'': The first is an adorable crossover get-together story, the second is a prime example of the ComingOutStory done right.
* ''Pairing'': Kaldur/Richie or Aqualad/Gear
* ''Comments'': You need to be familiar with ''WesternAnimation/StaticShock'', because Richie's the POV character and half of it takes place in Dakota, but for fans of both shows it's fantastic.

''[[ The Last Son of Tomorrow]]'' by ''[[ rgm0005]]
* Recommended by SAMAS
* ''Synopsis'': A hot young inventor has started making big waves in Metropolis, pushing medicine and technology by leaps and bounds, and even gaining the public support of Superman himself. But this brilliant young man, named [[WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond Terry McGinnis]], has a few dark secrets of his own, secrets that could decide the fate of two worlds...
* ''Comments'': Very well written and astonishingly thought out story. Every action and decision makes perfect sense.
** Seconded. This fic needs it own page its amazing.

''[[ Young Justice: Red X]]'' by ''[[ Hexalys]]
* Recommended by Rogueristylover
* ''Synopsis'': Robin, leader of the Teen Titans, wakes up in a world not unlike his own. Deciding to continue down the path of a hero, he takes up an old alias and leads a new team, Young Justice. As Red X, he starts to make a name for himself, as well as new enemies.
* ''Comments'': The story is a little strange, given that it Red X comes from a AU Teen Titans, but everything is explained in story well, and the presence of X quickly derails everything, creating a new and interesting Mythos that still feels like it could fit within the YJ cannon, especially as the show has been getting Darker.

''[[ Two Birds]]'' by [[ adorable pragmatism]]
* Recommended by HinnRaven
* ''Synopsis'': [[WesternAnimation/TeenTitans One team]] is strictly on a mission. [[WesternAnimation/YoungJustice The other team]] wants to find out what they're hiding. With common enemies, working together becomes their only option. "We're not a promise of what's to come, and you're not a chance for us to change our pasts."
* ''Comments'': This is a beautiful crossover, with brilliant dialogue, a clever plot, and really well-done characterization. This is pretty much ''the'' most brilliant crossover this troper has ever seen.
* Unfortunately the story and the author seemed to have been deleted off There seems to be no copy of the story on the internet. Excellent story that will be missed.
** There's a downloadable version that can be found [[ here]].

''[[ Royally Flushed]]'' by [[ Satellites on Parade]]
* Recommended by Dellanotte
* ''Synopsis'': "So Artemis Crock is a princess now, apparently."
* Concept Crossover with ''ThePrincessDiaries'' and HighSchoolAU Young Justice, which somehow manages to include just about everyone. Hilariously, because [[DeadpanSnarker Artemis]] is narrating, and [[BunnyEarsLawyer Oliver Queen]] is king of a country and [[HilarityEnsues giving her princess lessons]].

''[[ Before the Devil Knows You're Dead]]'' by Anon(s)
* Recommended by KomodoClassic
* Summary: YJ/Supernatural crossovers, featuring members of the team as various supernatural creatures.
* Notes: This prompt had multiple fills, of which Before the Devil Knows You're Dead is only one. One of the stories also contains a mild spoiler for season six of Supernatural.

''[[ Fixations]]'' by [[ MathisMagic]]
* Recommended by bookzen
* ''Summary'': YJ/Justice League Unlimited Crossover. The Flash is rescued from the Legion of Doom by the turncoat villain Tigress. Things go downhill from there as she brings in other members of Wally's old 'Team' to combat a mysterious force that is eliminating the Wally Wests of every universe.
* ''Comments'': A fun crossover between the universes and a sort of a fix it fic for Endgame. It focuses on Spitfire and the original team.

''[[Fanfic/{{ASubtleKnife}} A Subtle Knife]]'' by industrious
* Recommended by Tropers/
* Crossover with {{Worm}}
* Synopsis: "Waking up in Gotham with no idea how I got there wasn't the best start to my day. Killing someone in front of Batman with my newly discovered superpowers just made it worse. I'm not a good person, let alone a hero, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try to be one. After all...if not now, when?"
* Status: Ongoing
* Comments:

[[ Adorable Murderbeasts]]
* Recommended by Tropers/{{Mikeal52}}
* Crossover with {{Pokemon}}
* Synopsis: One day, Mahmoud Schahed finds himself on the outskirts of Metropolis with a bag, a flute, and six. He knows he's in ''a'' Creator/DCComics universe, but has somehow forgotten ''which'' one, and the important details thereof. One foiled bank robbery and a session with the [[ComicBook/WonderWoman Lasso of Truth]] later, he finds himself taking the name of Trainer Red, and assigned to the Team with Aqualad, Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, and Miss Martian. As such, this story is about the Self-Insert and his Pokemon, characters in their own right, becoming heroes in the Young Justice universe.
* Status: Ongoing
* Comments:

[[ Innocence and Experience]]
* Recommended by Reppuzan
* Crossover with ComicBook/{{Batman}}
* Synopsis: What starts as a normal patrol ends up shaking up the world of Young Justice when a future Robin appears. The Team struggles to deal with Damian and the future he represents all the while trying to send him home.
* Status: Ongoing
* Comments: This story is a satisfying take on the age-old "Damian meets the Young Justice team". Instead of the usual "alternate unvierse" premise, the author attempts to [[CanonWelding canon weld]] Damian's Pre-New 52 life story into the Young Justice timeline through time travel, and does so seamlessly, even managing to throw in some throwaway references to ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond''. There is a lot of angst, and Dick is sometimes irritatingly (but sometimes understandably) hostile towards his future little brother. Nevertheless, the original plot, good pacing, and overall strong dialogue make it well-worth reading for Damian fans while remaining firmly set in the Young Justice mindset.


[[folder:Shipping Fics]]
''[[ Such Vast Deserts We Cross]]'' by mekosuchinae.
* Recommended by Tropers/{{Ayries}}
* ''Synopsis'': M'gann turns matchmaker for Wally and Dick, but nothing plays out quite like she expects it to. (Superboy/M'gann)
* ''Comments'': Even if this ship isn't your thing, it's just a stunning piece of ''writing''.

''[[ Moon and Sun]]'' by darkmistress in the shadows.
* Recommended by AgentCyan
* ''Synopsis'': In the end, they're not that different after all.
* ''Pairing'': Kaldur/Ariel crossover
* ''Comments'': The moments between Kaldur and Ariel are very sweet, especially when they grow up and learn their differences are more complementary than anything else.

''[[ How to Date the Girl That Seems to Hate You]]'' by Hezpeller
* Recommended by marvelfan019
* ''Synopsis'': Wally decides he wants to go on a date with Artemis, but takes a different tack than expected.
* ''Pairing'': Spitfire aka Kid Flash/Artemis
* ''Comments'': characterizations are excellent, has cute romantic moments between Wally and Artemis, but that doesn't keep them from sticking to their snarky routine. if you love Spitfire this is a must read.

''[[ Here Kitty Kitty]]'' by [[ edwestwickfan1]]
* Recommended by Tropers/GracieGeek
* ''Synopsis'': It's not coincidence when a small, orange cat turns up at Mt. Justice just when Wally goes missing. Somehow, Artemis gets lumbered with cat-sitting.
* ''Pairing:'' Wally/Artemis
* ''Comments:'' The quality picks up after the first chapter and gets even better. It's lighthearted, funny and cute. A definite read if you want some believable Spitfire fluff.

''[[ The Scientific Method]]'' by [[ Satellites on Parade]]
* Recommended by onemillionpicarats
* ''Synopsis'': Wally realizes that he might like Artemis more than he thought he did. He freaks out and runs to Superboy for girl advice.
* ''Pairing:'' Wally/Artemis
* ''Comments:'' Somehow, Wally being a DoggedNiceGuy to Artemis's DefrostingIceQueen is way cuter than it sounds. Plus, it makes bacteria look romantic.

[[ Cat in the Cave]] by Destiny919
* Recommended by gravedancer121
* ''Synopsis'': Wally finds a mysterious cat on the beach. Except she's not so mysterious - she's Artemis.
* ''Pairing'': Wally/Artemis
* ''Comments'': Very cute two-shot, worth taking a few minutes to read.

[[ Keep Prying Eyes Away]] by shadowinthedark13
* Recommended by gravedancer121
* ''Synopsis'': "You're young and it's hard."
* ''Pairing'': Wally/Artemis
* ''Comments'': While this is a Spitfire fic, it's also one of the most [[TearJerker heartwrenching]] portrayals of Artemis's past and family. Incomplete.

[[ Hypothermia]] by [[ xyukiix]]
* Recommended by gravedancer121
* ''Synopsis'': "Because he would be the one qualified to be her personal heater."
* ''Pairing'': Wally/Artemis
* ''Comments'': One of this troper's favorites, it really shows how Wally cares deeply for Artemis.

[[ The Thimble Ninja]] by TigerQueen
* Recommended by gravedancer121
* ''Synopsis'': Wally bets he can out-ninja Artemis.
* ''Pairing'': Wally/Artemis
* ''Comments'': Really cute and funny, the ending came as a complete surprise to this troper.

[[ Midnight Days]] by shadowinthedark16
* Recommended by ladyofthelibrary
* ''Synopsis'': "She's missing," Batman says. He shakes his head, pulling away from them. And from the looks on their faces�his friends, his mentor�he knows they're telling the truth.
* ''Pairing'': Wally/Artemis
* ''Comments'': Well written but features some of the darkest Artemis torture I've ever read. Quite frankly it's gut wrenching to see just how badly broken the story's events leave Artemis but this story is ''definitely'' worth your time.
* ''Triggers'': Torture and some language.

[[ Genius Denied]] by Katty008
* Recommended by: {{Tropers/devsHaruhix}}
* ''Synopsis'': Until he got superspeed, Wally was picked on for being in special ed. When he got his powers, suddenly he didn't have to be in special ed and no one had to know he was anything less than a genius. Still, he was always afraid someone would find out. And he really didn't want that someone to be Robin if it meant he might face rejection again.
* ''Pairing'': KF/Robin
* ''Comments'': I cried. I cry just trying to tell people about this fic. It's wonderful, but that's awful because you feel every blow to Wally's emotions, but it finishes off sweetly so all is well.
* ''Triggers'': "Retard" is thrown around a couple times in reference to the teasing and negativity Wally has faced and fears.

[[ Sleeping Beauty]] by BubbleFairy03
* Recommended by: {{Tropers/Haluwasa2}}
* ''Synopsis'': If you got hit in the head with a building, literally, what would you dream of? Wally wakes up to find himself prince of the Kingdom of Flash. Now he must journey across the land on a quest to awaken his true love: the "princess" of the Kingdom of Bats!
* ''Pairing'': KF/Robin (Light hints Miss Martian/Superboy)
* ''Comments'': Amazing story! It's fluffy and funny and a very good read, especially with the mesh of all fairytales. Its well-written and seriously cute!

''[[ You and I, Right or Wrong]]'' by [[ chalantness]]
* Recommended by Tropers/GracieGeek
* ''Synopsis'': "This changes nothing." He narrows his eyes from behind his glasses and hopes he sounds as convincing as he needs to be. But she just tilts her head, amused. "Wrong again, Sidekick. This changes everything."
* ''Pairings'': Mainly Roy/Jade. Also includes GA/BC.
* ''Comments'': What I love about this fic is how it shows Roy and Jade's relationship growing in a realistic and healthy way. A definite read if you love this pairing.

''[[ crackerjacks]]'' by [[ Adreus]]
* Recommended by Oddric
* ''Synopsis'': We could totally run away and start a circus together.
* ''Pairings'': Robin/Zatanna
* ''Comments'': Short, sweet, intelligent, and funny. Balances the fluff with those communal daydreams we all had as kids. Sweet enough that you'll get cavities, but doesn't go over the top - a rare thing in fanfiction.

''[[ Split Brain Syndrome]]'' by [[ Adreus]]
* Recommended by {{Tropers/g3m1n1}}
* ''Synopsis'': Girl likes boy. Girl likes another boy. Boy is the same person.
* ''Pairings'': Robin/Artemis/Dick
* ''Comments'': Pretty much the defining fic of the Traught fanbase, described by the author as 'fluffy angst.' Including the prologue, eleven chapters of [[{{WAFF}} sweetness.]] READ IT.

''[[ Compromised]]'' [[ Skylark Evanson]]
* Recommended by JtheDrafter
* ''Synopsis'': Batman confronts Robin with a few hard truths about the Boy Wonder's relationship with Zatanna.
* ''Pairings'': Robin/Zatanna
* ''Comments'': This fic was written in response to how the show chose to portray the Robin/Zatanna pairing, and it does a good job getting its point across. Namely, gratitude in the midst of grief isn't the most lasting form of attraction, and the show's decision to make most of Robin and Zatanna's moments together about Robin giving Zatanna emotional support send some disturbing messages about what Zatanna saw in Robin.

[[folder:Fan Videos]]

[[ remember the name Young Justice]] by fired1000
* Recommended by: KomodoClassic
* Comments: Well, the show has plenty of clips that match up to this song perfectly. It's a good video.

[[ Welcome to the Show, Young Justice]] by listen2ourhearts
* Recommended by: KomodoClassic
* Comments: The editor of this video did such a fantastic job matching up beats with clips.

[[ Roy Respectable]] by BRB CRIMEFIGHTING
* Recommended by: Misstikilicious
* Comments: Red Arrow as Kim Possible, Kid Flash as Ron Stoppable and Cheshire as Shego. The clips match the Theme Song ''perfectly''.