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These are recommendations made by {{Troper}}s for ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' {{Fan Fic}}s, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. ''No-name recommendations will be '''{{zapped}}'''.'' Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.


[[folder: Authors, and Websites]]

''[[ TiggerPup91]]''
* Recommended by @/AlannaMo
* This girl writes for different fandoms, but her Legend of Zelda fanfics are based off of the VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaFourSwordsAdventures manga.

''[[ TennisWriter456]]''
* Recommended by @/LittleMissSophie

''[[ Dictionary Ink]]''
* Recommended by @/{{Bookwormtiff}}
* Dictionary Ink writes for many fandoms, and has a very nice collection of Zelda drabbles. Her style is peculiar as it contrasts and moves between choppy abruptness and eloquence, but somehow it flows and makes for an engaging read every time. Her Zelda pieces are good character studies, and her fics are het. Mostly. (There ''is'' one crack-fic of Zelda/Ruto...)

[[ Seldavia]]
* Recommended by Cattychan
* This girl is spectacular when it comes to plot holes. Many of her fics (most notably ''The Fierce War'' and ''Cry for Hyrule'') do a great job of "humanizing" Ganondorf.

[[ Shadsie]]
* Recommended by Cattychan

[[ The Tacochickenwings]]
* Recommended by Cattychan
* Tacochickenwings has a brilliant (obscure, but still brilliant) sense of humor. She has written some extremely hilarious R-rated parodies of TheMinishCap, [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker The Wind Waker]], and the VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaFourSwords manga. ''[[ The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker]]'' has two sequels: ''Hidden Fire'' and ''The Sister'' (which is now a DeadFic). ''[[ Four Swords Plus]]'' also has a sequel: ''The Prince of NyPotho''. Also, as a warning: there is LOTS of yaoi, yuri, and hentai. Rule 34 probably contributed much to the The Tacochickenwings' inspiration.

[[ Rose Zemlya]]
* Recommended by Redeadhunter, Mirage
* Rose Zemlya has written four Zelda tales, being known for very detailed exploration into Link's coming of age, psychology and has many unique and memorable original characters and overall vivid and imaginative expansions upon the Zelda universe.

[[ fleets]]
* Recommended by serpentchan
* fleet does novel length general fanfics revolving around Vaati. Although he's usualy the protagonist, she does a good job of never softening him up to make him more likable, and her plots and writing are always engaging. She also has a [[ DeviantART page]] where she does fanart to accompany her stories.


[[folder: General Fics]]
''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''

''[[ The Legend of Zelda: Sky Lines]]'' by [[ Light Onthemayo]]
* Recommended by Tropers/MugenKagemaru
* Summary: (From [[FanFictionDotNet FF.Net]]) One hundred and fifty years after the disaster with the Spirit Tracks, Hyrule has taken to the skies, where people have made a living through the use of airships and the "Sky Lines", trails of intense wind used to aid these airships in their travels. And now, a young boy named Link has just been given his own airship...
* (Comments)
** Tropers/MugenKagemaru: I'm not gonna post a synopsis as I would like to preserve what the summary hasn't already spoiled. But I '''WILL''' say that this fic has a lot of promise, and I am very much looking forward to the next time, Mr. Mayo updates this.

''[[ The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Wind Waker]]'' by [[ AngelRin89]]
* Recommended by clockwork11
* Synopsis: Link and Midna battle their way through the Temple of Time, they come across a curious hidden room, not on the map, in there they find a object that was forgotten by time. A gateway opens, pulling the two in, eventually awakening to find themselves in a world covered in water. Even stranger, they come across a young boy who bears a resemblance to Link, even sharing his name!
* Comments: The fanfic is basically a crossover between the two games of the separated timeline, [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess Twilight Princess]] and [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker Wind Waker]]. The story is already very fascinating and the author loves giving you details on the littlest things that make you feel like you're in this world. It leads some interesting foreshadowing of things to come that only makes you guess what's going to happen, and it's very clever in [[MythologyGag bringing back elements]] from Ocarina of Time, to tie these two separate worlds together. It so far shows to be a very creative story and the character interactions that you see so far are very enjoyable to read. Also there are promises from the author that there will be [[ShipTease ship teases]] between [=TPLink=][=/=]Midna and [=WWLink=][=/=]Tetra.

''[[ The Hyrulian Valhalla Saga]]'' by [[ Queenie Z]]
* Recommended by Cattychan
* Summary: ''Meanwhile, in the Hyrulian version of Valhalla, where the Heroes go when they die… A series of cracky shorts featuring all of the Links and their wacky adventures in the afterlife.''
* Synopsis: As mentioned in the summary, this is about all the Links spending eternity in the afterlife. Follows the new official timeline, with Skyward Sword coming first. In Chapter 4, “I Dreamt I Was A Moron”, the CD-i games and/or the animated series is mocked. Chapter 9, “Let’s Conductive Ourselves Like Abults” (deliberately misspelt) makes fun of the infamous MyInnerLife. Chapter 11, “I Kissed My Past Self (And I’m Not Sure If I Liked It)” is ‘’slightly’’ disturbing. Chapter 23, “With Apologies To Akira Himekawa” refers to the artist circle that created most of the manga adaptations of the games (I’m not really sure why the author felt the need to apologize, though...). Each hero apparently manifests as they were in their prime, rather than as they were in their later years. Since every hero is named "Link", each one has been given a nickname. Here's what I've managed to figure out (listed in no particular order):
** ''Ocarina of Time'' / ''Majora’s Mask'' Link (the Hero of Time): '''Time'''
** ''Twilight Princess'' Link: '''Twilight'''
** ''The Minish Cap'' Link: '''Mini'''
** ''Skyward Sword'' Link: '''Sky'''
** ''Four Swords'' Links (the Heroes of the Four Sword): '''Green''', '''Blue''', '''Red''', and '''Vio''' (based on the Four Swords+ manga)
** ''Oracle of Seasons'' / ''Oracle of Ages'' Link: '''Duo''' (because he saved both Holodrum and Labrynna)
** ''A Link to the Past'' / ''Link’s Awakening'' Link: '''Light'''
** ''The Wind Waker'' / ''Phantom Hourglass'' Link (the Hero of Winds): '''Wind'''
** ''Spirit Tracks'' Link: '''Engie''' (because he was an engineer)
** ''The Legend of Zelda'' Link: '''Brown''' (because he’s the only brunette)

''[[ Legend of Zelda: A New Day]]'' by [[ Snake Staff]].
* Recommended by Forged in Darkness
* ''Synopsis'': Zelda attempts to keep power in a rapidly modernizing world after an attack on her father, while Link is sent out to bring her the Triforce. Interesting and fairly original ideas so far.

[[ The heros of Termina]] by [[ Freak Gamer]].
* recomended by indexer
Status:Dead. It's been four years since the last update.
* synopsis : four alternate links are separated at birth and raised by the four non-human races. They find themselves thrust together one year into the future in a dying land.
Solid characters, sort of a what if as opposed to strict AU
[=[[reviews:LegendofZelda:the heros of Termina]]=]

''[[ Hit List]]'' by [[ zestycrouton]].
* Recommended by Tropers/MugenKagemaru
* ''Synopsis'': A classic Zelda story set in a modern-day high school. On the site we have this. "''It all started as a typical day at Ordon High, until a sudden school shooting turns the life of Link Hero upside down. Now, surrounded by enemies, can Link save his friends and escape the school alive?''"

''[[ Ignorance is Bliss]]'' by [[ Rift-Raft]]
* Recommended by Cattychan
* '''Summary''': ''Zelda: Twilight Princess oneshot. What if Talo saw Link transport into Kakariko Village?''
* '''Synopsis''': In [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess Twilight Princess]], after you complete the second dungeon, a little boy from Ordon Village named Talo can be found on the roof of the building at the northernmost part of Kakariko Village, on the lookout for monsters. It's up REALLY high, so if you go up there, you can see just about EVERYTHING.(In the game itself, if you go there during the day as Wolf Link, Talo will spot and everyone outdoors will scram.) One of the things visible from the lookout post is the black and blue portal in the sky that Link and Midna use to "warp", or teleport. For some reason, none of the NPC's seem to notice it. In this FanFic, Talo "borrows" the Hawk Eye from Malo's shop, an obtainable item in the game that can be used as a telescope. Through it, he not only gets a good look at the portal, but sees Wolf Link come out of it with Midna, and then sees him transform back into his human form! Uh-oh.

''FanFic/AwesomenessOfTheOcarina: [[ The Shameless Deconstruction and Parody of a Well Respected Game]]'' by Villain-of-Awesome
* Recommended by Aries
* ''Synopsis'': ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin, A humorus Ocarina of Time DeconstructiveParody and novelization.

''[[ Link and Zelda Get Their Driver's Licenses]]'' by Villain-of-Awesome
* Recommended by Jailbird408
* ''Synopsis'': When Link's trusty steed Epona is killed in an unfortunate volcano-related accident, he and Zelda have to find a new ride to get around. So they go to the DMV to get their driver's licenses.

''[[ A curse, not a blessing]]'' by [[ Insane. Certifiably]]
* Recommended by Cattychan
* '''Summary''': "The Triforce, the golden power, the blessing of the goddesses. Is it truly a blessing, or a curse?"
* '''Synopisis''': A different approach to the "the ChosenOne" theme of the Zelda series. Not set in any particular game, just about the legacies of the Triforce-bearers. The inner thoughts of the Bearers of Wisdom, Courage, and Power.
* '''Notes''': Very, very sad. Uses the perspectives of Zelda, Link, and Ganondorf, in that order. Each one's POV uses a different format. Zelda's is NORMAL, ''Link's is ITALICIZED,'' '''and Ganondorf's is in BOLD.'''

''[[ To Forge the Master]]'' by EmeraldDragon
* Recommended by Sheik
* ''Synopsis'': They say a legend is just a little bit of truth, wrapped in a lot of fiction. One boy, one girl, one sword, one hope, one destiny. A legend is born, and a kingdom will never be the same.

''[[ Chronicles of the Chosen Three: Unholy Triforce]]'' by [[ Seldavia]]
* Recommended by Cattychan
* Is [[IThoughtItMeant in no way related]] to ''that'' [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaCDiGames Unholy Triforce]].
* '''Summary''': "Why is the most sacred icon in Hyrule's history seen as a curse mark? Why is Princess Zelda being held in a tower by her uncle and forbidden from practicing magic? What will happen when two other Bearers come to the castle, asking dangerous questions?"

''[[ The Great Desert]]'' by Shadsie (Might be considered AU due to the setting.)
* Recommended by Sgt Conley and HarDHarKoopa
* ''Synopsis'': In the distant future of Hyrule, when all that remains is a vast desert, a young rancher named Link takes part in a grand adventure. With the help of heroes past, Princess Zelda, and the most unexpected of beings, Link must fight to fulfill his destiny as the next true Hero.

''[[ Hylian Lullabies]]'' by [[ Kayari of Midnight]]
* Recommended by Cattychan
* '''Summary:''' "COMPLETE: A collection of over 100 lyrics set to many of the Background music tunes from the different Zelda games. Some are cute, some are silly, some are just plain weird. Enjoy!"
* '''Synopsis:''' Like the summary says, this is a collection of Kayari of Midnight's fan-made lyrics to many of the songs from Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda franchise. "Hylian Lullabies" does not include any songs from PhantomHourglass, SpiritTracks, or SkywardSword, because it was completed before those games were released.

[[ Liberty Rock]] by Sergeant Conley
* Recommended by Sanity's Papercut
* Synopsis: As the summary puts it: "Post TP. This is the tale of the warriors who defended Liberty Rock in the name of peace in a land torn by Civil War, of the days long siege where their enemies grew in number, yet their resolve remained strong, and of the fall of the Hero of Twilight."

''[[ Zelda: Winds of a New Beginning]]'' by Alaia Skyhawk
* Recommended by Xolroc
* ''Synopsis'': A few years after ''The Wind Waker'', the oceans begin to recede and Link must discover why.

''[[ The Legend of Zelda: The Fourth Piece]]'' by [[ Davin Sunrider]]
* Recommended by Lumiere305
* ''Synopsis'': Eight months after the events of ''Twilight Princess'', Link is drawn into another adventure when Hyrule is attacked by a masive army and is quickly conquered. Soon after, Link, Zelda, and a new group of allies must embark on a new journey to save Hyrule and the world beyond it...

''[[ When They Were Young]]'' by [[ onyxpilot]]
* Recommended by Cattychan
* Summary: ''An [[OrphansOrdeal orphaned]] [[WildChild boy turned feral]] from the hardship of living on his own. A girl alone in a small close knit village called Ordon in the southern tip of Hyrule's Ordona province. One day something happens that changes everything for her and her entire village.''
* Synopsis: A backstory for Link from [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess Twilight Princess]]. Explains why Link seems to never have had parents in Ordon, seeing as they're not mentioned or even alluded to in the game. Also reveals why Link is the only Hylian (long-eared type of human) in Ordon Village, while elsewhere in Hyrule (mostly Castle Town, being by far the most populated) the numbers of Hylians and humans is fairly equal.
* Pairing: Link/Ilia, but mostly as friends, since they're much younger when this story takes place.

''[[ Ascension]]'' by Damien
* Recommended by Watashiwa
* ''Synopsis'': Post Majora's Mask, Link is spending his time trying to find out about his parentage and avoiding the orphanage's attempts to get him adopted. His life gets complicated when a delegation of Terminan nobles arrives in Hyrule via the Lost Woods, searching for the Hero of Time... except no one knows what he looks like, or what race he is! Things rapidly spin out of control from there. Warning: HIGHLY not canon.

''[[ Cry for Hyrule]]'' by Seldavia
* Recommended by Watashiwa
* ''Synopsis'': Running alongside Wind Waker, Cry for Hyrule shows a different side to the King of Red Lions, and suggests a different impetus for the Great Flood. Warning: Not canon, darkish.

''[[ Breaking Zelda's Curse]]'' by Seldavia
* Recommended by Comartemis
* ''Synopsis'': ''For centuries the name Zelda has been cursed with loneliness, suffering, and tragedy. But I will not surrender to the Bearer of Power. I will not deny my bond with the Bearer of Courage. [[ScrewDestiny My name will not decide my fate]].''

''[[ Free as the Wind]]'' by [[ Trickster's Imagination]]
* Recommended by @/MeikyuButterfly, Aditi Young, @/{{Marioguy128}}
* ''Synopsis'': In their respective Time-periods, Link of ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess Twilight Princess]]'' and Link of ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Ocarina of Time]]'' (and Navi and Midna) are both caught by a mysterious storm at lake Hylia. After being infused with each other's memories, they find themselves stranded in the [[AlternateTimeline other timeline]], on Outset Island, just in time for Link's (''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker The Wind Waker]]'') catastrophic eleventh birthday. The story follows the framework of the ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker The Wind Waker]]'', but deviates in various points, mostly though the two adult Link's heavy influence on the Kid-Link by tring to pull him into different directions: While [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Ocarina of Time]] Link, who entered a HeroicBSOD upon realizing that there was a timeline where his attempt to secure Hyrule just flat out [[EpicFail FAILED]], tries to train the boy into becoming the one who can bring Hyrule back, [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess Twilight Princess]] Link wants the boy to decide for himself, instead of being [[TheChosenOne sucked into some ancient prophecy.]]

''FanFic/{{Exoria}}'' by [[ Sudentor]]
* Recommended by l3wt, Meiousei, owlbot, Minkette, @/REV6Pilot
* ''Sypnosis'': Set many centuries after Zelda canon, Hyrule is now a modern superpower that shares the continent with two other nations of equal strength which are in a stalemate, Gerudo and Valent. When Valent begins an unexplained but ruthless invasion of both Hyrule and Valent, Crown Princess Zelda has to do what she can to save her nation...and finds hope in the strangest of places, that being Hylian Joint Intelligence Agent Link.

''[[ Curse of the Triforce]]'' by Lord Syntax
* Recommended by Pentrox
* ''Synopsis'': 400 years before Ganondorf's birth, the Triforce first becomes the object of mortals' desires. Heroes, kings and thieves clash in their bid for its terrible power, heralding the dawn of a new, bloody age in the history of Hyrule. Prequel to [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime OoT]] and [[ZeldaIITheAdventureOfLink AoL]].

''FanFic/{{Insomnia}}'' by [[ tikitikirevenge]]
* Recommended by Null, @/QuinKylar, Pykrete, l3wt, @/{{Joysweeper}}, @/{{Komodin}}, @/MeikyuButterfly, @/{{Marioguy128}}, @/REV6Pilot
* Status: Ongoing
* ''Synopsis'': A novelisation of [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask Majora's Mask]] done in a captivating style that sheds new light on the characters, scenario and setting.

''FanFic/LegendOfZeldaTheReturn'' by Rose Zemlya
* Recommended by ShayGuy, Malonromani
* Completed 10-31-03
* ''Synopsis'': Takes place after [=OoT=] with the assumption that Link lost all of his memories of the events in the game when Zelda sent him back in time.

''[[FanFic/LegendOfZeldaTheReturn Legend of Zelda: Reconciliation]]'' by Rose Zemlya
* Recommended by Malonromani
* ''Synopsis'': A sequel to Legend of Zelda: The Return, featuring the same characters in a retelling of VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkToThePast.

''[[ Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time]]'' by Arxane
* Recommended by ShayGuy
* Status: DeadFic
* ''Synopsis'': ''Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time'' is ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin -- a novelization of the most popular game in the series.

''[[ The Golden Power]]'' by DBAinsw
* Recommended by Lavanya Six
* ''Synopsis'': A few months after the events of ''Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess'', Princess Zelda and Link each struggle with their lives now utterly changed by the fight against Ganon and the Triforce power they now possess. But even with the final death of Ganon, the Goddesses have plans...

''[[ Group of Weirdos: Ocarina of Time]]'' by Mr. Light Chicken Bulbs
* Recommended by SpiriTsunami, @/{{Anomalocaris20}}.
* Completed December 18, 2009
* ''Synopsis'': A parody based on ''Ocarina of Time''. Link is TooDumbToLive, Navi [[BreakingTheFourthWall breaks the fourth wall]] on a regular basis, and all of the bosses do {{Heel Face Turn}}s when they're defeated. Oh, and Ganondorf has a weird obsession with laundry. Basically, a good fic to read for laughs, and not for [[SoBadItsGood the normal reason you laugh at fanfics]]. Now has [[FanFic/GroupOfWeirdos its own page]].

''[[ The Legend of Eevee: Pokéflute of Time]]'' by that one little guy
* Recommended by SpiriTsunami
* ''Synopsis'': Another humorous telling of ''Ocarina of Time'', this time with all characters replaced by [[{{Pokemon}} Pokémon]]. Link is an oddly-colored Pichu (and later, Pikachu), his inventory is represented by Pokémon moves (many of which Pichu can't normally learn), the sages and Princess Zelda are all members of the Eevee family, and Ganondorf is Mewtwo. Also...HotterAndSexier? Huh?
** Seconded by DrakeClawfang. Fic is absolutely hilarious, Pichu is the ButtMonkey of the universe and everyone in it, and there is such MediumAwareness the characters are constantly lampshading the fact they're Pokemon in a retelling of a Zelda plot. Also has a sequel based on ''Majora's Mask'', [[ Majerkass's Mask]].

''[[ No Such Counsel]]'' by Guardian1
* Recommended by Frantic Rat, Suspicious Cookie, Shinji117, @/{{Bookwormtiff}}, moooomoooo
* ''Synopsis'': Set after Twilight Princess, the aftermath of it all and our hero is bearing the brunt of it all.

''[[ On Being Young]]'' by Guardian1
* Recommended by @/{{Bookwormtiff}}
* ''Synopsis'': "She is the fierce pirate captain, and he is her purehearted maiden... Or so Tetra would like to think." Another wonderful oneshot by Guardian1, this time set in the [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker Wind Waker]] universe. This is very, very mildly Link/Tetra, and it's short, sweet, cute, so vivid, and very in-character. Also extremely addictive.

''[[ Impa's Story]]'' by Ted Anderson
* Recommended by ShayGuy
* ''Synopsis'': The story of Impa's life, from the [[DoomedHometown loss of all she'd ever known]] and her subsequent meeting with the goddesses, up to ''Ocarina of Time''.

''[[ The Legend of Zelda: The Chameleon Stone]]'' by LupiLoop
* Recommended by QuinKylar, AQZT, lax
* ''Synopsis'': Let's have Lupi Loop's Official Summary do the talking: ''The Legend of an unstable Link, a long-suffering Zelda and a special Ganondorf who loves Seeing Stones and baths with his Rubber Ducks, as they go head-to-head with a fallen goddess for the power to make dreams reality. mayhem & zelink.''
* ''Comments'': AQZT: I have only one thing to say about this: Most awesome version of Link EVER. He's [[BadAss brilliant, snarky, intelligent, competent]], and [[CrazyAwesome utterly batshit insane]].

''[[ The Ocarina Of Time]]'' by [[ Peptuck]]
* Recommended by corin, {{l3wt}}
* ''Pairing'': Strong hints of Link/Malon
* ''Status'': Was previously a DeadFic, but a recent announcement by the author stated that he is resuming it.
* ''Synopsis'': ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: An in-depth {{novelization}} of ''The Ocarina of Time'' written by the same author behind ''Fanfic/TiberiumWars''. Deviates somewhat from the story, mostly for narrative reasons and to improve the dungeon sequences. Integrates elements of ''Twilight Princess'' into the plot.

''[[ Adventures in Randomness with Zelda and Company]]'' by [[ Deadeyedave]]
([[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Random humor]], anti-Mido, Self-insert, Suggestive humor)
* Recommended by {{MMM_AJ}}
* ''Synopsis'': The Author and a rather comprehensive cast of Ocarina of Time Characters spend a lot of time doing moronic things, then go on a [[RealityTV reality TV show]] involving them being stuck on a tropical island together, and finally participate in a murder mystery party in classic Whodunit style.

''[[ The Silent Kingdom]]'' by Freedan the Eternal
* ''Recommended by'' @/ArcVaranus, seconded by @/{{Pykrete}}, thirded by @/{{Komodin}} and fourthed by @/REV6Pilot
* ''Synopsis'': A what-if story set in the wake of the Twilight Princess. Link, Midna, and Zelda are the only survivors of a dark magic that has turned every living creature and plant in Hyrule to stone. Now, they journey to a distant land called [[TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons Mystara]] to find the one responsible, and a way to save the kingdom. Lots of new friends and enemies await them as they explore this new land, and little do they know, the three of them will eventually decide the fate of not just Hyrule, but the entire world.

''[[ Potential of Man and Moblin]]'' by karkashan
* Recommended by belgariad
* ''Synopsis'': A discussion held between Ganon and Link in Spectacle Rock near the finale of the first game.

''[[FanFic/LegendOfZeldaSacredReliquary The Legend of Zelda: Sacred Reliquary]]'' by Sharper Than the Sword
* Recommended by Ugolino, lanky
* ''Synopsis'':This is not the Hyrule you know. An ageless Princess rules from cold spires high above, a dark horror stalks the nights, a small band of rebels fights for the people, and a ruthless warrior named Ganondorf thirsts for the blood of nobles.

''[[ For the Love of One's Country]]'' by Seldavia
* Recommended by @/PataHikari
* ''Synopsis'': Ganondorf has taken over Hyrule, Zelda is imprisoned in the castle tower. And all they can do is [[HoldingOutForAHero wait for Link]] Chusai, Zelda's bodyguard ends up becoming Ganondorf's bodyguard and second in command, in order to attempt to reduce the damage done while they wait.

''[[ Steeped In Fearful Armor]]'', by Marching Madly Onward
* Recommended by: @/{{Comartemis}}
* ''Synopsis'': Ganondorf Dragmire considers a great many things. His people, his past, his ambitions, and more... Behold the King of Evil. Behold a man.

''[[ The Weekly Hyrule News]]'' by BatNeko
* Recommended by Aranfan, ShayGuy, {{Jisu}}, {{Tacitus}}, {{guestyman}}
* ''Synopsis'': ''The Weekly Hyrule News'' is the best Modern Day Hyrule fic I have ever come across.
* ''Comments'': Batneko is currently writing a sequel with a Shad/Dark Link pairing, but she makes it work.
** ShayGuy's review: Dialogue - excellent. Story - not bad. Dark Link - hilarious. Link being [[spoiler:bisexual]] - interesting, if somewhat WriterOnBoard-ish. Setting - I didn't know making sense HAD an opposite. It's like each of your eyes is seeing a different view, one modern America and one a modernized-society-and-tech Hyrule. Try and imagine a world map with Hyrule, Sweden, and Japan on it and you'll get my drift. Or grafting LOZ onto real-world history. (Hippies in the "'60s"...Gregorian calendar...counting from the birth of Jesus? Christianity exists in the same world as Din, Nayru, and Farore?)
** {{Jisu}} loved it. The setting was pretty interesting, the story was awesome (even when it ventured into awesome-ridiculous -- [[spoiler:killing Volvagia with a van and a fire hydrant]] is probably the best boss battle I've ever seen), and I was as surprised as everyone when it pulled a ''Anime/MaiOtome'' on us.
** {{Tacitus}}: Dark Link is interesting, but probably overemphasized, and I arched an eyebrow at some of the author's decisions about Link's...preferences. That said, I enjoyed this fic's setting, even if as ShayGuy pointed out it makes no sense. It's like ''Urban Arcana'' meets the ''Zelda'' series. It almost makes up for the author making me picture [[NightmareFuel Ashton Kutcher with elf ears]].
** {{guestyman}} I love this story. Every character has a unique and likeable voice, the plot is well paced, the worldbuilding is great. Definitely recommended.

''[[ Go West, My Great Aunt Fanny]], by dress without sleeves
* Recommended by OracleSeven
* ''Synopsis'': After the forest temple, Link gives that disembodied voice what-for. Crack!Fic.

[[ The Legend of Zelda: Legacy of the Sages]]'' by Kerian Halcyon
* Recommended by @/ProgenyExMachina
* ''Synopsis'': 100 years after the events of ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Ocarina of Time]]'', the Hero's [[IdenticalGrandson Identical Great-Grandson]] is the happy, hardworking heir to Lon Lon Ranch. On his eleventh birthday, his life changes entirely when he is called upon to save Hyrule from a band of powerful sorcerers who want to bring Ganondorf back.

''[[ Tainted Heart]]'', by fleets
* Recommended by @/SmashQueen
* ''Synopsis'': What led to Vaati's obsession with ultimate power? Would he still have become evil had circumstances been different? Perhaps his story of his life as a Minish holds some answers.

[[ The Legend of Link: The Burning Blade]]'' by Link13PGF
* Recommended by @/dnzrx
* ''Synopsis'': Set a few years after the end of Twilight Princess, Link was betrayed by the country he worked to save and was driven out of Hyrule into the world outside of Hyrule, into the world of Fire Emblem.

[[ Eloze]] by Darklink.
* Recommended by Shiftyeyeddog
* ''Synopsis'': Set after the main timeline of the series and draws on the events of Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, A Link to the Past, Adventure of Link, Link's Awakening and even the Legend of Zelda cartoon series. After defeating Ganon yet again, Link and Zelda investigate a way to stop Ganon once and for all. This is a huge series, with several complete stories, but the series itself is unfinished.

[[ The Galdr of Release]] by Quantum Cat.
* Recommended by holyexpletive
* ''Synopsis'': "It starts with vibes, stupid things that annoy more than anything. Then those vibes become visions. Then those visions become memories. Memories of times that never happened. Finally, Midna realizes just how much she hates the heavens. Typical..." An on-going story set during and after Twilight Princess, offering a brilliant explanation of how Link can die so many times during a game and get back up as if nothing ever happened, as well as elaborating on the characters' lives post-Twilight.

[[ Shadowed]] by [[ Cere]] (Also found [[ here]] and [[ here]]).
* Recommended by jaimeastorga2000
* ''Status'': Abandoned
* ''Synopsis'': As the plot of Ocarina of Time draws to a close, Ganadorf finishes his greatest creation; Vindari, a monster with the power to warp time. Soon thereafter he finds himself slain at the hands of the Hero of Time. Distraught, Vindari does the only thing he can do, and travels back in time to the beginning of the game. Thus begins a retelling of Ocarina of Time, with one extra character around who knows what things are yet to come, and who is going to help Ganadorf prepare for them...

[[ The Stuff of Legends]] by ryttu3k
* Recommended by @/ProgenyExMachina
* ''Status:'' Complete
* ''Warnings:'' Modern AU, some semi-explicit sexual scenes, male!Sheik as a separate person, [[spoiler:BittersweetEnding (in a sense)]]
* ''Synopsis:'' A HighSchoolAU done ''right'', this is mainly the story of Link, Zelda, and Sheik in a modern setting. There are plenty of other characters from across the mythos, with roles and characterizations relatively appropriate to those they had in canon, and a lot of the ConstructedWorld elements of the series translate neatly into real-world representations. There is a very jarring GenreShift later on, with beginnings in chapter nine and really coming in full force in chapter 11; however, it's definitely worth checking out for the way the first two-thirds of it pulls off a modernization that is [[InNameOnly easily]] [[TransplantedCharacterFic done]] [[SturgeonsLaw wrong]]. The author has some character concepts and illustrations in her [[ deviantart gallery]].

''[[ More than it Seems]] by Electra Goop''
* Recommended by beeruckzII
* ''Pairings'': Link/Zelda, Dark Link/Midna, others.
* ''Synopsis'': Link, Sheik, Dark, Tetra, Midna, Zelda, and Aryll are in for an adventure unlike any other. The tables are turned when it's Link and Aryll in trouble. Will the rest of the gang be able to save them before it's too late? Or die trying to save them?

''[[ A Spirit of Courage]] by Ruthie of the Wildcats''
* Recommended by burntnovember
* ''Status'': still in-progress
* ''Synopsis'': An AU fic set after Ocarina of Time. Link fails in the final battle, and Zelda makes an escape with the broken Master Sword. A century and a half later, an [[MeaningfulName aptly named]] young woman who carries the Triforce of Courage must set out on a quest to break the seals on the six Sages, repair the Master Sword, and eventually take on Ganon. Has a lot of interesting and creative tie-ins to Ocarina of Time.

''[[ Last of Days]] by [=ElectromagNick=]''
* Recommended by @/RLYoshi
* ''Status'': Ongoing; currently in the first arc
* ''Synopsis'': "It has been years since the world saw a war. Hyrule, Termina, the Twilight Realm, many others, all at peace. All together to form a utopia. But there is evil rising, and this time, we have no hero who will survive the trials. We have only ourselves..." An AU fic set as the 'end' of the Zelda franchise ([[MeaningfulName hence the name]]), combining elements from every game into one story.

''[[ Red Inheritance]]'' by The Loud Guy (Pre-OoT)
* Recommended by IsaacMasterpiece
* ''Synopsis'': Told from a young Nabooru's point of view, this one-shot reflects the young Gerudo's pondering over the future King of Evil. Includes some interesting dialogue regarding Ganondorf's motivations.
** Has now been revived as a series telling the games from Ganondorf's perspective, starting with ''Ocarina of Time.''

''[[ The Biggest of Lies]]'' by Kasuto of Kataan (AU, femmeslash in the sequels)
* Recommended by XanderK and {{Pepinson}}
* ''Synopsis'': Follow Link and Zelda as they delve into the secret of the Triforce, and uncover [[TitleDrop the biggest of lies.]]

''[[ Kokiri Ukyo]]'' by Shritistrang
* Recommended by {{SAMAS}}
* ''Synopsis'': Kokiri Ukyo - A different retelling of ''The Ocarina of Time'', this time with various members of the ''RanmaOneHalf'' cast mixed in.

''[[ Rend]]''
* Recommended by serpentchan
* ''Status'': Ongoing, though it's a revamp of an older fic that the author still has posted, if you ''need'' to know what happens next.
* ''Synopsis'': Ganondorf takes control of a The Render, a monster that can warp time and space, and sends the cast of Four Swords through The Hyrule (or ocean) of Twilight Princess and Wind Waker. In addition to dealing with a strange enviroment and people who knew his incarnations in those time periods that he doesn't recognize, he's also stuck working with Vaati, who's magic has been sealed by The Render.

'' [[ The Crimson Loftwing]]'' by saphira and shruikan
* Recommended by beeruckzII
* ''Synopsis'': A series of fluffy oneshots centered around Link and his Loftwing.

''[[ Malon's Epic Cow Delivery]]'' by The Additional Pylon
* Recommended by @/ProgenyExMachina
* Status: Complete, sequel upcoming
** Sequel found [[ here]]
* Sypnosis: No summary can do this fic justice. It starts out as a simple NoFourthWall tale of how Malon was able to deliver a cow to Link's house after the optional horse-racing sidequest in ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Ocarina of Time]]''. Randomness and CerebusSyndrome battle it out until it ends in a MassivelyMultiplayerCrossover (heavy emphasis on ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'') with the characters gearing up to fight the war they triggered by breaking the fourth wall. Contains humor, drama, action, friendship, slight romance (Malon/Link), and just about everything else.

''[[ Back to Your Roots]]'', ''[[ Back to the Forest]]'', and ''[[ Back to a Life Once Lived]]'' by Queenie Z
* Recommended by @/{{Sparkysharps}}
* Status: Complete
* Summary: Shad has prepared something quite interesting for Link's eighteenth birthday - a genealogy of the young hero's family tracing back two hundred years! Just what kind of legacy has Link inherited from his ancestors?
* Synopsis: A bittersweet glimpse into the Hero of Time's life through the eyes of his distant descendant.

[[ A Simple Game and other tales]] by Pata Hikari
* Recommended by Tropers/{{Kintatsu}}
* Status: Dormant (May be Dead)
* Summary: A collection of short stories covering our heroes' lives. From laughter to tears, life carries on. Newest story: The Birth of a World
* Synopsis: Side stories to the author's main Zelda series, starting with "Tales of a Lost Kokiri". (Drunk Troping is ''hard!'')

[[ What Makes a Hero]] by Selphie Kinneas 175
* Recommended by: Tropers/SapphireBlue
* Status: Ongoing
* Summary: TP. Perpetual twilight, clandestine malevolence; realms linked by an encroaching darkness. The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance and only a hero can save them. A retelling of Twilight Princess.
* Synopsis: As the summary suggests, this is an expanded novelization of Twilight Princess. The first few chapters are prologue, but the rest more or less follows the game's story. A lot of content is added, but as is the mark of a good novelization, most of it feels like it could've been part of the game. The writing is quite good, and it's clear that the author is putting a lot of thought into it.


''[[ My Sword Is]]'' by [[ Scop]].
* Recommended by [=TrueBlue170=]
* Summary: An accidental innuendo turns out to be what Link needs to break out of a shaken mood left from his first fight with The Imprisoned. Also features Gondo and Scrapper. Oneshot, juvenile humor.
* Synopsis: Set during ''TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword'' - if you've played the game, this fic will make you not look at dowsing in the same way ever again. Hilarious, and makes you see Link as not just the Goddess's Hero, but a regular teenager, laughing at the typical crude humour that teenagers have.


''[[ The Waters of Nayru]]'' by [[ Frank Hunter]].
* Recommended by Lord Kyuubi
* Status: Finished, with a sequel in production
* Summary: Book 1 of the Gerudo Legacy Series. What happened to the Gerudo after Ganondorf? One man is born to the tribe every 100 years, and Rigo is that young man. He is destined to become King. But things aren't so simple. How does his destiny tie into the evil legacy left by Ganondorf, the Gerudos' expulsion from Hyrule, and a strange legend about a relic left by the goddess Nayru?
* Synopsis: The first story of the young Gerudo prince, Rigo, the successor to Ganondorf after the events of Twilight Princess. Rigo, in his ignorance of the world, goes on an adventure planning to restore greatness to the Gerudo. However, this adventure has consequences more serious than anything Rigo could have imagined...

''[[ Princess Of Bugs]]'' by ''[[ Secret Flower Child]]''
* Recommended by TwilihtInsect
* Status: Complete? (The latest chapter looks like a finale, but it's apparently still going)
* Summary: In the bustling town of Castle Town lives a very eccentric young girl. Agitha, the self-proclaimed princess of all bugs, lives a secluded life inside her own fairytale. Only the bugs of her kingdom to keep her company. But when a very handsome knight dressed in green enters her home, he might be the first actual person to call a friend.
* Synopsis: A series of one-shots about the young princess we all gave bugs to in Twilight Princess. It's very well written and delves deeply into the characters of the Twilight Princess setting. There is a light Link X Agitha shipping, but as of right now, it's more of a brotherly/sisterly love then outright romantic.

''[[ Remember me as a time of day]]'' by ryttu3k
* Recommended by beeruckzII
* ''Synopsis:'' Princess Zelda, defeater of Demon Kings, has nothing to be ashamed of. Now she just has to convince the rest of the world of that.
* ''Comments:'' In this story, Zelda is a lesbian that wants to be with her girlfriend but her teacher and some others think that it's "un-princess like behaviour". And thus she sets off to find a way out of her predicament. It's full of emotion and is a very realistic portrayal of what some LGBT people go through. While I was a little confused by the ending, it's still worth the read!

''[[ The Hero Of Wolves]]'' by The Wolfess
* Recommended by Troper/{{Kiereth}}
* Status: Completed
* Synopsis: After the Twilight War is over, Link heads back to Ordon, intending to live a peaceful life on the ranch. But try as he might he can't outrun his past - he's changed from a goatherd into a warrior, and what's more, his wolf side still holds sway over his mind. Meanwhile, Zelda is going about restoring her kingdom, and she isn't content to let the Hero of the day fade away into nothingness like all the legends before him.
* Comments: It's an interesting continuation to the story of Twilight Princess, doing a good job of exploring all the consequences of a single hero saving a fantasy world from an evil it didn't even know was there - where he now stands in the world, how his journey affected him, how his powers affected him, how the people might react to a "hero", and how - just like in real life - when you think you might have things sorted, there's always something left going on... One might describe it as a rare example of a {{Deconstruction}} without anywhere near as much {{DarkerAndEdgier}} as the term usually now connotates.

''[[ Kasuto's Redemption]]'' by Vopi
* Recommended by beeruckzII, CenturionsofRome
* Status: Complete
* Pairings: Midna/Link
* Synopsis: What begins as a simple trip to Castle Town spirals into a fight for the world's survival. In the process, battles are raged, relationships are formed, sacrifices are made, lives are changed, and the secrets of the past surface to the present. Post TP.
* Comments: This story is long and awesome! The OC's are believable, the story is intriguing and engaging, the emotion is real and the fight scenes are well-written. Read this. You shouldn't be disappointed.


[[folder: Shipping Fics]]
''Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.''

''[[ A Love Story]]'' by Allendra
* Recommended by beeruckzII
* ''Pairings:'' Link/Zelda
* ''Synopsis:'' A young Link moves into the castle with Zelda, thus starting a friendship that grows into more as the years pass. They'll face pirates, old enemies returned for vengeance, and a prince intent on Hyrule's throne. But their biggest battle is the fact that Zelda is royal and Link is not. (Taken from
* Comments: The whole "snobbish prince that wants Zelda and Hyrule's throne" is kind of clichéd but this story is still VERY good! Be warned that there is violence, torture, sensuality and a bit of swearing.

''[[ Consolation Prize]]'' by Sailor Comet
* Recommended by Mew24ver
* ''Pairings'': Link/Tetra
* ''Synopsis'': A short but well-written drabble delving into Link's thoughts as he rescues the four 'sisters' in Phantom Hourglass.

''[[ Never After]]'' by riversrunthroughme
* Recommended by AvatarOfRage, Pykrete, @/{{Bookwormtiff}}, @/{{ThornBrain}}
* ''Pairings'': Link/Midna
* ''Synopsis'': A {{Continuation}} fic of Twilight Princess; "Never After" looks at how the characters have been affected after their lives regain a semblance of normalcy. Link roams the lands, having rejected a knighthood, Midna rules the Twili, forever separated from Hyrule, and Zelda rules the kingdom, once again the untouchable princess. Things are far from happy, but at least they are peaceful. Until someone revives Dark Link, and sets him loose on the plains of Hyrule.
** Abandoned in 2008.

[[ The Legend of Link: Heroes of Time]] by Gargravarr
* Recommended by @/{{ArcVaranus}}, @/{{Zordauch}}, @/{{ThornBrain}}
* ''Pairing'': Link/Midna
* ''Synopsis'': Continuation of Twilight Princess. After Midna destroys the Mirror, Link suffers a breakdown and loses himself. Seeking answers to his life, he may have a chance to set right what once went wrong...

[[ Fortitude]] by Ingie
* Recommended by Flintdjinn, @/{{Mooncinder}}
* ''Pairing'' Link/Zelda
* ''Synopsis'' [=Oot=] - Link and Zelda have been married for over two years, and Link is looked down upon for his common heritage, deprived the title of King by the Royal Council, yet that is the least of their worries as King Ashton of Vandelius declares war on Hyrule. Told from Zelda's POV. Now complete with 45 chapters although it is currently undergoing revision.

[[ Judgement Days]] by Aubuyn
* Recommended by bubbletea
* ''Pairing'': Link/Sheik
* ''Warnings'': Language, future yaoi, violence, light het
* ''Synopsis'': Post OOT. While the war has ended, darker conflicts erupt, and Link strives to uncover the truth about a young man who he believes he has every reason to despise. Walking towards a dubious future, Link tries to fit the pieces together.

[[ Once Upon A Fairytale]] by Spiritual Stone.
* Recommended by Ugolino
* ''Pairing'' Link/Sheik
* ''Synopsis''Link screamed as his legs snapped cleanly in two, his spine twisted and jerked, shoulder-blades jutting out the wrong way, body rippling and bursting with flames of agony, and his scream turned into a wolf's howl as he was mercilessly dragged away. SHINK

[[ Bartending 101]], by khaki knight
* Recommended by OracleSeven
* ''Pairing'': Link/Midna, implied one-sided Link/Iila
* ''Synopsis'': "A bartender is only ever as content as her customers..." In the aftermath of Twilight, Telma receives an unexpected guest in need of some guidance.

[[ The Reign of Ganon]], by The Gemini Sage
* Recommended by OrpheumZero
* ''Pairing'': Link/Zelda, but surprisingly builds over time.
* ''Synopsis'': "Ocarina of Time adaptation that either butchers or embellishes the canon, depending on how you like your fanfic. Warnings include swearing, cheese, OCs, and some violence." A retelling of the classic game that reinvisions the entire series in a darker light, and has a sequel that weaves the narrative of Majora's Mask into a spell binding tale. The author also has expanded universe featuring original characters and expanded histories of the world of Hyrule.

[[ Saria's Wish]], by Dannondorf
* Recommended by DeepC
* ''Pairing'': Link/Saria
* ''Synopsis'': "Link/Saria. Link is pushing himself too hard, but he won't tell anyone why. The sages are concerned…enough to make a reluctant Saria spy on his thoughts and find out. Will she ever get him to open up about the horrors of his past? And just what is he training for, anyway?"
[=[[reviews:Saria's Wish]]=]

''[[ Rekindling Their Bonds]],'' by Viper Inferno
* Reccommended by @/RLYoshi
* ''Pairing'': Link/Saria
* ''Synopsis'': "A Link/Saria pairing. The story takes place mainly after the events of Majora's Mask, with Link returning home after finding Navi. He and Saria soon develop feelings for each other, with their respective fairies helping them through it all. This leads to several moments - some funny, some sad, and some heartwarming."
[=[[reviews:Rekindling Their Bonds]]=]

''[[ Forgotten Memories]]'' by Tairi Soraryu
* Reccommended by beeruckz
* ''Pairing'': Link/Ilia
* ''Synopsis'': Years after the events of Twilight Princess, Link continues to live a life of dualities. A childhood romance has the potential to become something more, but only if both parties involved can look back and live with the memories they've made.

''[[ Twilight Sunrise]]'' by Tairi Soraryu
* Reccommended by beeruckz
* ''Pairing'': Link/Ilia
* ''Synopsis'': Sequel to Forgotten Memories. Link is ready to start his life with Ilia, but a disturbance in the desert calls the Hero of Hyrule back into the saddle before his wedding. What, or who, is the shadow in the Mirror Chamber?

''[[ Soul Mates]]'' by andrhats
* Reccommended by Eldresh
* ''Pairing'': Link/Sheik
* ''Warnings'': Yaoi/shounen-ai, male!Sheik as a separate person, long story.
* ''Synopsis'': Navi is killed by Link's shadow inside the Water Temple, leaving the Hero of Time gravely injured, and Sheik is forced to accompany him more thoroughly on his quest. But the shadow is not satisfied.
[=[[reviews:Soul Mates]]=]

''[[ Legend]]'' by Pam t3h Spam
* Recommended by @/{{Bookwormtiff}}
* ''Pairing'': Link/Zelda
* ''Synopsis'': "Reincarnation, repetition, redemption: generation after generation, century after century, the princess is always the same." Zelda-centric. Oneshot. Mostly introspection. Zelda reminisces about her suffering caused by the countless cycles of her reincarnation, because she is unable to forget... Very angsty, but poignant, thoughtful, bittersweet and beautifully written. Interesting also if you know your timeline theories and games.

''[[ Only in High School]]'' by No Pain No Gain
* Recommended by @/{{Rytex}}
* ''Pairing'': Zelda/Link
* ''Synopsis'': One awesome school, two crazy friends, one hot girl, one bully, one new kid, new classes, one week, a dangerous uncle, fun outings and one weird principal all add up to one huge disaster of a school week. Holy crap,I won't survive. Modern Hyrule,AU,ZeLink. Despite the fact that it is a high school AU, it is very well done, and I would go so far as to say it is the best Zelda High School AU there is.
[=[[reviews:Only in High School]]=]

[[ Flowers for Fi]]
* Recommended by @/{{Stikibunn}}
* "Pairing": Fi/Master Sword/LD-301S "Scrapper"
* ''Synopsis'': In Skyward Sword, a little robot called "scrapper" became smitten with Link's companion Fi, the spirit of what later became the Master Sword. After Skyward Sword [[spoiler: When Fi is sent into a permanent sleep inside the sword]] Scrapper remained by her side, caring for the sword which was the final resting place of it's beloved. This is a sad tale spanning several games.
[=[[reviews:Flowers For Fi]]=]

[[ Just Like Royalty]] by [[ No Pain No Gain]]
* Recommended by Cattychan
* Summary: ''Okay, so I have the Throne of Hyrule for 14 days. But with crazy friends, evil ministers, hot servants, regular mood swings and dangerous attempts on my life, I don't think I'll survive until Midna comes back. Modern Hyrule, Zelink. Rated between T and M.''
* Sypnosis: This one is good. Many of the characters from various games are used, although some of them are significantly different from the canon, such as Ruto being a human who dyed her hair blue instead of a Zora princess, and Darmani being (apparently, it's not really specified) a human (but really buff) royal guard (or something like that, I can't quite remember) rather than a Goron. There are also parodies of real-life things (like turning the soda "Dr. Pepper" into "Dr. Hylia"). And to boot, every character has their own theme song! (For example, Sheik's theme is "Numb" by Linkin Park, and Link's theme is "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi.) Also, Tetra, Sheik, and Zelda are all separate people.

''[[ l__________________l]]'' by [[ empty2]]
* Recommended by Tropers/RN452
* Pairing: [[spoiler: Link/Zelda]].
* Summary: "Tell me...if someone lays a book down in the middle of a field...and the book has no name...and the book has no author....and the book has no lines to it....who will read it?"
* Sypnosis: A heck of MindScrew fic, in which helps Link to realize something.

''[[ Tales of a Lost Kokiri]]'' by Pata Hikari
* Recommended by Tropers/{{Kintatsu}}
* Pairing: Link/Saria and Zelda/OC
* Summary: When Link left the Lost Woods, Saria waited for him. Now, after many journies Link is reunited with her. But neither of them see the grand scheme they are in the midst of.
* Synopsis: Pata Hikari takes the world of Ocarina of Time, and blends in elements from other Zelda games seamlessly, while bringing minor characters into the spotlight in a believable manner. Has a completed sequel, ''[[ Finding Your Soul]]'', which focuses on Zelda and the well-written OC. Warning: Uses male!Sheik.

''[[ A Hero's Tale Never Ends]]'' by [=AngelRin89=]
* Recommended by Tropers/{{coolman229}}
* Pairing: Link/Malon (With promise of other pairings)
* Synopsis: Link's adventures from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask have not come to an end. He must face new challenges in the next step of this life. Some good and welcome, others...well let's just say Ganondorf isn't the only thing Hyrule had to worry about. Bridges the gaps between Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.(Currently ongoing)
* Comments: [=AngelRin89=] shows Link and Malon's relationship through snapshots. She makes good use of Zelda lore and continuity, making references that Zelda players will get.
** To add to this...this story tricks you. You come in thinking it's going to just be some cutesy Malink fanfic, but it's not. It's literally got so many layers, that this author is known for doing in any of her main ongoing fanfics. There is continuity, shout outs, and so many wonderful interactions between other characters and friendship moments. And this story is now hinting at some new villain who isn't Ganondorf, that apparently is a servant of the Gerudo's and wants revenge for his master being imprisoned before he could get to the triforce. The other knights of Hyrule characters are so delightful and wonderfully written. The friendship and trust between Link and Zelda's friendship is also very well done. On top of the really nice Malink moments of course that is in there. It's not something I just recommend to Malink fans, it's something I recommend to any Legend of Zelda fan.-clockwork11

''[[ How Do You Love Her?]]'' by [[ The Village Of Bree]]
* Recommended by ILOVEVHS
* Pairing: Link/Fi
* Synopsis: A realistic look at Link and Fi's relationship, considering Fi's personality.
* Comments: This fic, despite it's short length is mainly great because of how Fi is portrayed as she starts developing human emotion, and by extension, feelings for Link. This is a good reason alone for a read.

''[[ The Infinite Wisdom of Wives]]'' by Miss Maudlin
* Recommended by beeruckzII
* Pairing: Link/Zelda
* Synopsis: Husbands should always listen to their wives, for they are wise beyond belief. This even pertains to the Hero of Time.
* Comments: I like how sentimental, slightly humorous and meaningful this story is. And it's perfectly balanced too, with no emotion feeling out of place.

''[[ Shame Sleeps Where Pleasure Lies]]'' by wayward-river
* Recommended by adelz2
* Pairing: Ganondorf/Zelda
* Synopsis: On the third day of each month he asks for her hand, and each time she denies it.
* Comments: Most writers of Zelgan fic focus heavily on the tragic side of a romance between the two, but few stick with you like this fic. Tragic and haunting.


[[folder: Crossover Fics]]
''[[ Link: Mage of Fairy Tail]]'' by Tenrousha
* Recommended by Masterbow, lax
* Pairing: Link/Erza
* ''Synopsis'': A crossover with Fairy Tail. After his defeat in Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf attempts to drag Link into the dimension of his banishment with him. Link retaliates, but the result sends him hurling through dimensions to land in Earthland, back in his child's body. Follows storyline of Fairy Tail with Link added to the mix while he tries to find a way to return to Hyrule.
* Comments: This is not an average sent to a new world fic, Link as been in Earthland for 8 years when the story starts and has relationships with the characters and his own orginal story that are expanded in flashbacks.

''[[ The Legend of Zelda: The Edwaker]]'' by ACEAMC
* Recommended by the tri-ruler
* ''Synopsis'': "Not so long ago, before the winds of change blew, there existed three boys. Though they were very different from each other, they were friends and shared many things, including an island called Outset." Basically, it's the Wind Waker with a fresh note of comedy. It's rated T for its occasionally crude humor and constant violence.