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[[WMG: Authors and Websites]]

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[[WMG:[[GenFic General Fics]]]]

''[[ The Brain Damage Trilogy]]'' by [[ Toasterman]]
* Recommended by @/USABobcat
* ''Synopsis'': A rather long-running story set after the Brood War following the adventures and mis-adventures of a strange group of individuals including a Marine, Ghost, Reaper, Medic, Probe, Zealot and more as the series progresses. (Sic) (Taken from the Pit)
* ''Comments'': A long-running trilogy that [[CerebusSyndrome goes from lighthearted mocking of Starcraft fighting all the way to sinister plots and more.]] A RagtagBandOfMisfits form a mercenary band and kill a lot. Somehow manages to capture the feel of a world were a common Marine can die quite easily, but keeping the humor and the badassitude. Well worth a read, all the way to end of all three stories.

''[[ Next Steps]]'' by Qwerty-Man
* Recommended by Tropers/HappyMan, @/USABobcat
* ''Synopsis'': Post-Wings of Liberty. Kerrigan struggles to cope with her situation while the heroes from Starcraft gather to face the looming danger ahead.
* ''Comments'': Despite this story is doomed to be {{Jossed}} once Heart of The Swarm comes out, it's something you must read if you love Starcraft. Absolutely brilliant and enthralling. It has ''loads'' of CharacterDevelopment as well as a good bunch of well writen action secenes. The characters feel more real and complex than in the game. The interaction between the characters is, without any dout, its strongest point, and what make this story worth of reading.

''[[ Parallax]]'' by mirari1
* Recommended by {{Tropers/Kadael}}
* ''Synopsis'': During the "Supernova" mission of the Liberty campaign, the pilots of a terran banshee and Tal'darim phoenix crash-land on Typhon IX. Communications are down, their ships are in bad shape, and they don't feel inclined to trust each other.
* ''Comments'': Although only the second chapter is up, it looks excellent so far. The characters are interesting, the prose and pacing fit with the dramatic-yet-humorous tone of the story, and the situation is something that certainly could happen during that mission.

''[[ A Hydralisk Named Bane, The Bane Series]]'' By Deadfast
* Reccomended by Yellow 13
* ''Synopsis'': A hydralisk with human level intelligence. Instead of being an evil, out of control monster, this Hydralisk is good and fights with his human friends.
* ''Comments'': Slow updates, but each one is WELL worth the wait.
** {{Tropers/Ucal}}: If you're like me, you read this premise and thought it was stupid. Well, it is, but the author manages to make it acceptable with some turns on the premise that make it interesting, and not the 9 kinds of stupid I was expecting.

''[[ Aftermath and Revelations]]'' by Ragnarok666
* Reccomended by DARTHYAM
* ''Synopsis'': Kerrigan tries to find redemption for her sins, while Raynor and the others try to comprehend what is to come...
* ''Comments'': Is weak in some areas it is pretty good overall. Kerrigan's revelation that she remembers every last one of her atrocities is genuinely heartbreaking, and the scene where she comes face to face with Artanis is also pretty intense. The author makes call outs to the Dark Templar Trilogy, and we get a glimpse of Duran and The Dark Voice.

[[WMG:[[{{Crossover}} Crossover Fics]]]]

''[[ Starcraft AU: Tiberium Galaxy]]'' by [[ avatar-of-kane]]
* Recommended by @/SteelDusk
* ''Synopsis'': A Franchise/{{Starcraft}}/[[CommandAndConquer C&C]] crossover alternate universe fanfic set after the events of ''Tiberian Twilight'' and during the events of ''VideoGame/StarcraftII''.
* ''Comments'': This fanfic mainly focuses on Kane after his ascension, finding himself in a strange new world and recreates the Brotherhood of Nod while at it. Meanwhile, the Terran Dominion and the Protoss are baffled by the discovery of mysterious green crystals, which would attract some of Kane's old enemies...Expect lots of action! This fanfic also contains Unit Profiles and 'Unit Versus' sections which compares C&C units to Starcraft units and which one of them will be more likely to win in a fight.
* Status: Ongoing

''Fanfic/TheSwarmOfWar'' by [[ VexMaster]]
* Synopsis: This is one of those stories that people credit for their inspiration. The Swarm of War is based on the reincarnation of a random nerd, steeped in his favorite franchises, into a Zerg Larva after being hit by a car. After a short stay on Aiur, James is sent to a different planet due to the influence of the Xel Naga Artifact firing. But he doesn't make it. Instead, his mind forms the basis for a new Overmind, described as "The last remaining humanity of James Malcolm Raynor merged with the tiny bits of the Xel'Naga pulse energy and then liberally sprinkled with the genetic memories of the Zerg."
* Liberal amounts of grimdark abound, and massive battles are waged.
* There is a decent amount of character development, with most of the story so far written from a First Person point of view of the Overmind. Watch as the Swarm evolves to counter it's new threats, and shows the wars they go through.
* The first arc takes place on a cut-off planet, with a four sided war.
* The second arc has just started, and is set after the events of Space Marine and before the events of Dawn of War.
* This would probably count as a Dark Fic, as the seeming protagonist lost any morals he once had.
* Recommended by: DaLintyMan, Tropers/ChaosTheVoid, ''Omeganian''.