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[[folder: Authors and Websites]]

[[ Mooners]]
* Recommended by Super Troper
* ''Comments'': Does ''Gleek-a-Thons'' of ficlets to make it through the hiatuses. Is now on a 13th cycle of them and they are all wonderfully written and wonderfully catalogued.

[[ Miggy]]
* Recommended by Super Troper
* Seconded by Random Fan
* Thirded by LowPurple
* Fourthed by @/{{Zadia}}
* ''Comments'': Miggy is just brilliant - probably one of the best fanfiction authors I've ever seen. She serves up the best Gen fic the fandom has to offer and every one of them is inventive, articulate and filled with emotion.
** Note: When we say "Best gen fic the fandom has to offer," we mean she that at the latest [[ Glee Fic Awards]] over on LiveJournal, she walked away with first ''and'' third for best gen fic, plus ten other awards for a grand total of twelve - [[SerialEscalation including second place for Best Author Overall.]]
* Miggy writes some of the best fic I've ever read, if you even slightly like Glee you owe it to yourself to read her fics.
* Also her recent Glee Survivor and Glee Amazing Race have some of the best characterisation i've seen as well as being crazy addictable.
** And absolutely hilarious.

[[ Keitorin Asthore]]
* Recommended by @/{{Zadia}}
** Seconded by {{Wrenn}}
** Thirded by {{Eatfoodzap}}
* ''Comments'': Keitorin Asthore is a genius- she writes amazing fics and recently has been focusing on Kurt-centric fics as well as Klaine. Her OC's are well-thought out and well-written, the stories are believable and she puts a ton of effort into her them- it shows.
** Seconded. Her writing style is beautiful and flowing, but the most amazing thing about her is the characterization. She does such a fantastic job pinning all of the canon characters, as well as creating well-rounded OC's.

[[ broadwaypants]]
* Recommended by Orthographer
* ''Comments'': Characterizes Kurt and Jesse particularly well and does a great job choosing appropriate songs for her characters to sing.

[[ Swing Girl at Heart]]
* Recommended by @/{{BrdwayRokr16}}
* ''Comments'': This chick writes beautifully. Right now, she's in the middle of a series she calls 'Expect the Unexpected'. Each fic focuses on one character and gives them a wildly outlandish story-line, ranging from comedic to down right tragic. She's also writing a great take on Cormac [=McCarthy=]'s "The Road", using the Glee characters, and in [=McCarthy=]'s writing style. It's amazing.


[[folder: General Fics]]
''Stories focused on... well, anything but romance.''

[[ From Both Sides Now]] by blueink3
* Recommended by Tropers/ThinksTooMuch
* ''Synopsis'': That night, I learn that the man with the curly hair is named Will. I call him Mr. Will because my Mommy told me that that's the proper way to say it... Will's life as viewed by a young neighbor.
* ''Comments'': A really sweet view of how a little kid might see Will's life as heard through the walls. It's something I could really imagine happening, and the kid's got some great characterization going.

[[ Mama Said]] by Mary Flanner
* Recommended by Super Troper
* ''Synopsis'': "How can you be a Mama's boy without a Mama?"
* ''Comments'': A beautifully written Kurt oneshot. [[TearJerker Have some Kleenex on standby.]]

[[ Sensible Heels]] by losers day
* Recommended by Super Troper
* ''Synopsis'': Thanks to an off-hand comment from his mother, there is only one thing Kurt wants for his third birthday.
* ''Comments'': With special guest, Aunt Mildred!

[[ Expectations]] by Closet Geek
* Recommended by Super Troper
* ''Synopsis'': "Quinn knew that she couldn't stay in the bathroom stall forever, even if it had started to feel like home lately"
* ''Comments'': A nice little friendship fic for Quinn and Kurt.

[[ Five Things That Could Have Happened If Mr. Shuester Quit Glee and Became an Accountant]] by Lady Chronic
* Recommended by Super Troper
* ''Synopsis'': ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin
* ''Comments'': Rated R for number 4, but otherwise PG. I love how the author really gets to the heart of how glee affected everyone's lives.

[[ A is for Apple]] by cruiscin Ian
* Recommended by Super Troper
* ''Synopsis'': Brittany angst. Saying anything else would give the story away.
* ''Comments'': A heart-breaking little drabble, and a wonderful piece of characterisation.

[[ Quinn in Wonderland]] by jackiekennedy
* Recommended by Capretty
* ''Synopsis'': Quinn has just moved to Lima, Ohio and is pissed about it. She suddenly sees a boy in all white rolling across her lawn in a wheelchair. When she follows him she ends up falling down the rabbit hole and ends up in Wonderland.
* ''Comments'': A great, well-written crossover that was written by an author who clearly loves both Glee and Literature/AliceInWonderland. They immediately dive right into an exciting and original plot too that somehow still manages to feel urgent all while showing the usual walking around and meeting people formula the Alice story is known for. Everyone she meets is a Glee character but none of them are ever referred to by their names-her writing is so clear that you immediately can tell who everyone is. It does dabble into quite a bit of romance between Quinn and "The Mad Hatter" but for the most part it's a fun and exciting read.
** Now has a [[QuinnInWonderland trope page]] and character sheet.

[[ Just Like Last Tuesday, Except With Zombies]]
* Recommended by Capretty
* Seconded by redvelvetmock. Best. Glee. Fanfic. Ever.
* ''Synopsis'': ZombieFic Lima is infested with zombies, and [=McKinley=] High's glee club, along with guest judge Emma Pillsbury, hole up inside the school to combat the blood-thirsty hordes. Full ensemble fic with emphasis on Puck, Rachel, Finn, Quinn, and Kurt. [[FanFic/JustLikeLastTuesdayExceptWithZombies Now has its own page]].
* ''Comments'': An action-packed, romantic, tragic, and, at time, genuinely scary fic that keeps up major suspense. It occasionally meanders in the middle but when it gets dark, it gets dark!
** Seconded. The story is beautifully written, and very heart-wrenching, especially during the end. It manages to keep a dark sense of humor throughout.
* May I add my two cents? Loved this the whole way through. Starts like standard Glee- Pop culture references ahoy!- But later gets into major zombie genocide business. Would fully say yes to, simply because it made me sit through a whole Puckleberry fic- And that's some of my highest praise.

[[ This is What They Could Make a Glee Video Game About]] by Miggy
* Recommended by Quindin
* ''Synopsis'': Will´s reaction to the new Cheerios´ routine.
* ''Comments'': This 500 word Crackfic manages to sound very IC despite Rule of Funny/Rule of Cool. Well, it helps that Sue´s in it.

[[ And Innocents]] by Gandalf3213
* Recommended by kirana44
* ''Synopsis'': When two boys open fire in [=McKinley=], the Glee club has minutes to save themselves. And if some fall during the tragedy, can they recover? Is there a boundry to forgiveness? A time and a place for heroes? A limit for grief?
* ''Comments'': One of the most heart-wrenchingly tragic fics I've ever read in my life, and that's really saying something. The shooting itself is just soul destroying in how easy and abruptly some seriously major characters die, but the shooting isn't the main focus of the fic - most of it is the slow, difficult aftermath. The OC's who are written in are so realistic and well written, but then the ''whole damn fic'' is so emotive, you can't help but feel for everything that happens. It shows how an event like this can turn a whole town on it's head, and while it's a real TearJerker, it's so beautifully done that you WILL want to keep reading.

''[[ Never Again]]'' by dudsbud101
* Recommended by Lyrical Enigma
* ''Synopsis'': But she has to wake up. But she wont. Never Again... This is a story about Rachel Berry's death bed, and what people have to say to her. Who comes to say goodbye... and who doesn't. (Author's summary)
* ''Comments'': An absolutely beautifully written fic. Written in a brief yet poignant style that inexplicably manages to capture each character's voices. [[TearJerker Bring tissues. A truckload.]]

'' [[ A Thousand Paper Cranes]] '' by lookninjas
* Recommended by luckylucky, moooomoooo
* ''Synopsis'': On the third Friday of every month, Wes sits in the basement of a community center in Columbus, drinks cheap coffee, folds paper cranes, and waits for the phone to ring. (Author's summary.)
* ''Comments'': A touching study of an extremely minor character. So many fics shelve Wes into the roles of matchmaker, gavel-obsessed leader, or slightly boring guy-in-the-background. Here, he's fleshed out and given purpose, in a way we've seen no hint of in canon but at the same time is entirely possible. The fic also (in a way that won't be revealed, as it would be rather spoilery) ties in Karofsky, giving him a bit more motivation. Technically, it's AU by now, but still a fantastic read.

'' [[ Magical Thinking]]'' by kappamaki33
* Recommended by Choo Choo, Seconded by SelinaCatz, Thirded by [=SpaceBetween=], Fourthed by TwilightShimmer
* ''Synopsis'': Two questions someone, someday, should ask that would give them all the insight into the mind of Brittany S. Pierce that they would ever want or need. (Author's summary.)
* ''Comments'': A gorgeous character study of Brittany. The author just gets her in a way that's very rare, and it's beautiful. It has some Brittany/Artie and Brittany/Santana, and a smidge of past Brittany/Kurt, but the pairings are only important in how they affect Brittany. A must-read.

''[[ I've Got You Under My Skin]]'' by [=MotherGoddamn=] and [=LolaInk=]
* Recommended by [=SpaceBetween=]
* ''Synopsis'': Kurt and Rachel mysteriously swap bodies and get up to all sorts of shenanigans. Like that movie with Jodie Foster? Yeah. Panic Room.(author's description)
* ''Comments'': Rachel and Kurt switch bodies; HilarityEnsues. It pokes fun at the characters of Glee, while still showing it's love for the show. It's one of the funniest fics this troper has ever read.
* Seconded by ENM. This so funny, it's one of the only fanfics to make me laugh 'til I cried.

[[ The Weight of the World]] by Bellinaball
* Recommended by Cuwi
* ''Synopsis'': AU: Blaine's parents have given him a present. No matter what Kurt tells him, Blaine knows that his gift isn't a person. (Author description)
* ''Comments'': Absolutely brutal fic in which certain children grow wings and those that do (called Angels) are seen as inhuman and sold into slavery. Kurt grows his wings late and as a result, doesn't suffer the brainwashing that most Angels do. Which just makes his enslavement that much worse. The first story deals with Kurt's enslavement and the way Blaine treats him (hint, it's not well) and the sequel, [[ Weightless]], deals with Kurt's return to his family and the long journey back to being happy. Both fics are heartbreakingly realistic looks at prejudice and the casual dehumanization that some of the characters show towards Kurt is painful to read. Both are also rated NC-17 for noncon and flashbacks thereof, be warned.
* Seconded by Lyrical Enigma. I usually dislike wingfics, or even just AU in general, but this is truly stunning. There really aren't words. [[TearJerker And it had my heart breaking from the very first scene.]]
* Thirded by Me4JustinB. First time with wingfic, and I was blown away.

[[ Don't Touch my Goddamn Piano]] by Ophelia Violet
* Recommended by @/{{Cheeseypoofs}}
* ''Summary'': Brad the piano player's opinion on the events of the glee club, taken episode by episode.
* ''Comments'': Hilarious fic that fits perfectly with Brad's SilentSnarker characterization. Also gets points for {{Lampshading}} some of Glee's flaws and for giving Brad more depth.
* Seconded oh so very hard by boronvontwiddle. It's still early days and not quite complete, but if you share my sarcastic sense of humour, you'll love it too.
* Thirded by Lyrical Enigma. Somehow manages to be perfectly in character for someone who... doesn't actually have much of a character. Hilarious and snarky.

[[ Extravaganza!]] by Keitorin Asthore
* Recommended by @/{{Zadia}}
* ''Summary'': The Glee club and the Warblers go to summer camp. Embrace the chaos!
* ''Comments'': Though this is a work in progress (it's being written to tide Glee fans over until season 3) every chapter is amazing. As per usual, the characterisation is spot on, the humour's great and the author's skill really shows.

[[ assured of certain certainties]] by thememoriesfire
* Recommended by Danel
* ''Summary'': Quinn and Finn find themselves bodyswapped after an accident in the chemistry lab, and have to deal with the chaos and problems of each others' lives.
* ''Comments'': Still a work in progress, though there's plenty there already, and it's updated frequently. It plays the idea of bodyswap seriously rather than for comedy, though - as appropriate for a Glee fic - that doesn't mean there aren't some hilarious moments. Quinn and Finn try to cope while having no idea how to switch back, trying not to mess up their lives' more than they already are. It doesn't work so well. The main ship is Quinn-in-Finn/Rachel, though the author has also raised the possibility of eventual Finn-in-Quinn/Sam.

[[ Course Corrections]] by [[ Kivrin]]
* Recommended by Tropers/LadyInGrey
* ''Summary'': When Kurt Hummel was abducted by crazy time-traveling historians who live in bubbles, he never expected to find himself dealing with zombies. Or turning into a girl. Or living with his mother. Here there be angst.
* ''Comments'': First in the ''All Strange Wonders'' trilogy (AKA Weird Things Happen to Kurt Hummel) and one of the best fanfics I've ever read. The writing is gorgeous, the kids are all in character (which is an achievement considering the story's subject matter), and the original characters on their own make it worth reading. Make sure to read the sequels, [[ Morning Shows the Day]] and [[ Ten Thousand Remembrances]] when you're done. In fact, just read everything the author writes.

''[[ Held Hostage]] by mk10
* Recommended by ladyofthelibrary
* ''Synopsis'': On the way to New York, the Glee Club is ambushed.
* ''Comments'': Surprisingly well done from the premise. Basically the Glee kids get held hostage to get money from a new fund at their school. Things quickly go downhill, particularly for Kurt. By the end of the fic, most of the characters in the show are involved in trying to rescue Kurt. Well worth a read.
* ''Trigger warning'': [[spoiler: Vague hints alluding to Kurt being raped by one of the hostage takers, physical abuse of several characters]]

[[ Sue Sylvester Thinks Of The Children]] by airgeer
* Recommended by @/MianPi
* ''Summary'': Sue locks Kurt in her basement in an effort to destroy Burt Hummel’s campaign. It goes about as smoothly as one would expect. (Set Season 3, beginning at 3x05)
* ''Comments'': This is unashamedly a Kurt {{Whump}} fic, but it's well worth checking out. It is oddly humorous yet heartbreaking at the same time. Sue is the same twisted megalomaniac who justifies kidnapping a teenaged boy with the same outrageous logic that characterizes her, but somehow against all odds manages to come out as human. Most of the characters involved feel very much in-character, from Burt's PapaWolf to Blaine's guilt and love for Kurt.

''[[ Stupid Boy]]'' by Emma CS Me
* Recommended by ladyofthelibrary
* ''Synopsis'': The new coach is creepy, and the guys on the football team are worried he'll do something to Kurt. Turns out that's not what they need to worry about, because according to the man, Kurt's too smart to let it happen. And Finn isn't. [[spoiler: Trigger: sexual abuse.]]
* ''Comments'': Whether you like Finn or not, your heart WILL break repeatedly throughout this story. Just watching everything the new coach does to the poor kid is bad enough but Finn thinking he deserve it for being stupid? [[TearJerker GAH! My breaking heart!]] Seriously though; this story is well written and handles its issue well. We also get PapaWolf Mr. Schuester and Burt and MamaBear Carole by the end of it and [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments a very touching end scene]] [[spoiler: where Kurt's response to Finn admitting he's not sure that he didn't deserve what the teacher did to him is to say "Then we'll keep saying it until you do"]] and makes the atmosphere lift just a bit.
* ''Trigger warnings'': [[spoiler: Molestation/sexual abuse]]

[[ Down Where The World is Ending]] by Joyful
* Recommend by kbear1995
* ''Synopsis'' Mama Hummel had Huntington's Disease, and the Hudson-Hummel clan has to deal with Kurt's inevitable early demise, because he inherited it from his mother.
* ''Comments'' By far one of the best stories written. It stays true to the characters, and [[TearJerker will break your heart]]. No matter what you ship, you will love this if you love Kurt. It will make you laugh and cry... sometimes at the same time.
* ''Trigger Warning'' [[spoiler: Major Character Death.]]


[[folder: Crossover Fics]]

''[[ Solar Winds]]'' by Morkhan
* TVTropes page: Fanfic/SolarWinds
* Recommended by caelae and Sharysa
* ''Synopsis'': “Kurt Hummel, the current Avatar, finds a Firebending teacher in the young Prince Blaine. But is that all he finds? Or will circumstances conspire to push them into becoming more, to the world, and each other? Fusion Fic!” (author synopsis)
* ''Comments'': A simply ''amazing'' {{fusion|Fic}} between Glee and ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender''. The characters of Glee have been placed in the world of Avatar, which is currently in the grips of a mysterious sickness; the plot kicks off when Avatar Kurt and crew (waterbender Finn and earthbenders Mercedes and Artie) run into Fire Prince Blaine. Kurt/Blaine is the primary pairing, but the author explores other relationships (both platonic and romantic) beautifully, in addition to writing incredible intellectual and physical action scenes; the fic is well-categorized as adventure. The author does a really good job with characterizing Glee clubbers as various benders and non-benders and is funny to boot. Enjoyable for fans of either series, delectable for fans of both!
** Seconded '''extremely''' hard. The characterisations are flawless, the completely original plot is intriguing and gripping, the action is dynamic and well paced...all in all, this is an amazingly written fic that does huge justice to both Glee AND Avatar: The Last Airbender.
*** If this was a novel, and I was an editor, I'd strongly suggest that the first few chapters were heavily trimmed or cut all together. I almost gave up on reading this during the first few chapters... and then it suddenly turned awesome, and I totally lost track of time reading it.
** Thirded like whoa from {{Tropers/Sharysa}}.
** Fourthed like crazy from {{Tropers/duskdragon}}. Every character introduced has a moment for you to connect with and the characterizations are only matched by it's humor and action scenes. All in all a wonderful read that'll keep you invested for days.

[[Fanfic/{{Special}} Special]] by Miggy
* Recommended by @/{{Zadia}}, @/VoodooChild, @/LadyInGrey
* ''Summary'': Being part of something special makes you special. (Also, having superpowers.)
* ''Comments'': This is an absolutely fantastic Glee/Marvel AU. Miggy has the characters perfect and has obviously taken a lot of time to write this very realistic fic. Highly recommended. (Work in progress).
** I'm really freaking picky about reading WIP's and crossovers. This breaks all my rules, because the characters are rendered flawlessly, and no one is left out as is so common in huge ensemble fics. The prologue alone manages to grab you and suck you in, and the entire superhero genre is deconstructed so well (with all the logistics of 11 teenagers discovering superpowers, training, crimefighting, all without alerting parentals).
*** Thirded so hard. The author seamlessly mixes the Marvel and Glee universes and adds in a dash of realism. The characters are just as they should be, and it's exciting to see where it goes.

Champion's Lullaby ''[[]]'' by SweetCaroline91
* recommended by Eigen Locke
* Crossover with Harry Potter
* ''Pairing(s)'': Harry/Kurt/Blaine
* ''Synopsis'': Things weren't going as Kurt expected, Dalton wasn't Wonderland and Blaine was painfully oblivious; then Harry swooped in, claimed the prince charming role without auditioning and led him down the rabbit hole... Kurt blamed the accent. Full summary inside. Will be KurtxHarryxBlaine threesome. AU.
* ''Comments'': You have never seen a crossover like this. This story loses absolutely nothing despite being a non-magic!AU. All the HP characters somehow manage to be both in-character and more badass than their canon selves. You thought Kurt/Blaine was cute in canon? Well that was before Harry entered the scene. After reading this fic, you will wonder how in the world Kurt/Blaine ever worked without Harry in it. Story focuses heavily on character development, with tons of memorable Noodle Incidents and realistic depictions of friendships, romance. The writing style is easy to read, with only rare grammar mistakes, and updates are frequent. Kurt and the Dalton crew are the main Glee cast. Starts off as Harry/Kurt, with Harry/Kurt/Blaine in development. Has complimentary works under author's profile. Definitely worth a read!

[[ Anonymity]] by AquilusNyx (2nd rec by this author here!)
* Recommended by EigenLocke, MacPhisto
* Crossover with ''Literature/HarryPotter''
* ''Pairing(s)'': Kurt/Harry
* ''Summary'': The war is over and Harry needs to escape. Remus decides the Boy-Who-Lived needs a chance to be a normal kid, and whisks him away to a small town in Ohio. Drama ensues. Harry/Kurt, AU after 5th Book and Duets, rated for language and violence.
* ''Comments'': This is the fic that pulled this Troper from the Harry Potter fandom over to the sparkly extravaganza that is the Glee fandom. Remarkably well-written and a very satisfying fic, AuilusNyx lets a war-scarred Harry start the road to recovery with a brilliantly in-character Glee Club, and you know, maybe discover love on the way. Features hilariously socially inept!Harry, likable characters, realistic PTSD, a musical number, and a gun-toting crazy face. Story is complete.

[[ Notoriety]] by AquilusNyx (sequel to "Anonymity")
* Recommended by MacPhisto
* Crossover with ''Literature/HarryPotter''
* ''Pairing(s)'': Kurt/Harry
* ''Summary'': Harry and Kurt's relationship continues to grow. But while Harry is attempting to adjust to "civilian" life, Remus is doing less than stellar. [[spoiler: Things come to a breaking point when Remus, who is heavily drugged most of the time, neglects to take his Wolfsbane and almost attacks Harry, escaping and eventually abandoning him]]. DarkerAndEdgier, turning Harry into an even bigger Woobie, and a major TearJerker [[spoiler: especially when Harry is going through withdrawal from his medication, and the Hummel-Hudson family takes him in]]. Thank Merlin for Ron and Hermione. Story in progress.
* ''Comments'': As EigenLocke said, AquilusNyx actually makes the characters on Glee likeable and helped open me up to their fandom. It's as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming.
** Trigger Warning: Story contains incredibly realistic depictions of mental breakdown/panic attacks. This trooper has never had a mental breakdown/panic attack, but still kinda needed a hug after finally exiting the Depression Forest.

[[ Fallback]] by IrethR
* Recommended by MacPhisto, erics
* Crossover with ''Literature/HarryPotter''
* ''Pairing(s)'': Harry/Kurt
* ''Summary:'' Harry, with Remus as his guardian, has moved to Ohio to try and lead the life of a normal teenager. On his first day, he gets slushied. While he's cleaning himself off in the bathroom, he meets Kurt, who just took a fresh dumpster dive. Harry is immediately smitten, and decides to join the Glee club, hoping it will help him win Kurt over. Rated T for sex talk, and some minor Rachel bashing in Harry's inner monologue.
* ''Commentary'': A sharp contrast to the above stories. Remus fills the CoolUncle roll as Sirius had, though with more traces of an AbsentMindedProfessor. Harry also gets to play UnclePennybags to help the Glee Club, when Sue once again tries to shut Will down over budget issues.

[[ My Way Home is Through You]] by [=LucySaxon=]
* Recommended by erics
* Crossover with ''Literature/HarryPotter''
* ''Pairing(s)'': Harry/Kurt [[spoiler: also mentions of Cedric/Harry]]
* ''Summary'': Six years after the war ended, Harry and his adopted son, Teddy, have moved to Lima to escape the fame and just try to live as a normal family, changing their last name to Black in the process. Over the summer, they meet Kurt while enjoying a day at the park. Harry immediately asks Kurt out for coffee, and their relationship immediately blossoms. Burt is at first apprehensive about an older boy showing interest in his son, but the rest of the family gets him to warm up to Harry. Things are going great until [[spoiler: on the first of his school, Kurt walks into English class and meets the new teacher -- Harry. Even though Kurt recently turned 18, StudentTeacherRomance is still illegal. They contemplate going their seperate ways, but realize they have fallen in love with each other. Burt and Carol give Harry their blessings to continue seeing their son, with Finn also agreeing to stay silent.]] They plan on moving to New York together if Kurt gets into NYADA. [[spoiler: Over Christmas break, Harry gets special permission from Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebot to break the Statute of Secrecy and reveal his (and Teddy's) true identity to Kurt]]. Rated M for (eventual) sexual content. Updates every Tuesday.
* ''Commentary'': Harry is the most awesome boyfriend ever, spoiling Kurt at every opportunity in spite of the latter's protests. Teddy is the most adorable child ever (and at times, it appears that he's the ShipperOnDeck pushing them closer together!). A HasTwoMommies scenario soon emerges, and his interactions with Kurt are precious beyond words.

[[ Rachel Berry and the Olympians]], ''[[ ( link)]]'' by [[ metacynical]]
* Recommended by Kanon Wakeshima
* Crossover with Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians
* ''Pairing(s)'': Rachel Berry/Quinn Fabray, Brittany S. Pierce/Santana Lopez
* Summary: Glee inhabits the world of Percy Jackson and the Olympians - monsters, magic, and glee club, oh my.
* Comments: At first when i found this i was like [[FlatWhat what]] but as soon as I began I couldn't stop, the characterization is great and you can actually believe the godly parents the author gave to each one of the glee characters.

[[ Sugar and Snails and Slugs and Spice]] by [[ jazzypizzaz]]
* Recommended by SparkyYoungUpstart
* Crossover with Literature/HarryPotter
* Summary: A young boy realizes he's not a boy at all and unlocks hidden magical potential in the process.
* Comments: A great story focusing on Unique as she realizes her gender identity and how it ties into her magical potential, as well as analyzing the state of minorities and how they're treated in the wizarding world and Hogwarts. It can be a bit of a tearjerker at times, but by the end it's definitely one of the most heartwarming reads I've found.

[[FanFic/Hottie3TheBestFanFicInTheWorld Hottie 4: Even Better Sequel]] by Chris Jackson
* Reccomended by chrishouserez
* Crossover with many works of fiction
* Summary: Hottie 4: Even Better Sequel is a MilestoneCelebration that commemorates not only the five year anniversary of Literature/{{Hottie}} but the anniversaries of many works of fiction, including Glee, celebrating 100 episodes.
* Comments: If you had a bucket list, reading this fan fiction should be on it. Nuff said.


[[folder: Shipping Fics]]

[[ Dog Days are Over]] by Lila2
* Recommended by Super Troper
* ''Pairing(s)'': Puck/Quinn
* ''Summary'': Four times Noah Puckerman shows someone else his love for Quinn Fabray and the one time he shows her.
* ''Comments'': Really lovely. The author brings a lot of depth to Puck without losing out on canon characterisation.

[[ Mike and the Mechanics]] by crackedaglet
* Recommended by Tropers/WhiteArchmage
* ''Pairing(s)'': Kurt/Mike
* ''Synopsis'': After bringing his car to Hummel's Tire and Lube, Mike Chang begins to see Kurt Hummel in a new light. Kurt is similarly affected.
* ''Comments'': An adorable fic with just the right amount of fluff and drama, with a good dose of humor thrown in.

[[ More fun than your right hand]] by fakeplasticsnow
* Recommended by Tropers/WhiteArchmage
* ''Pairing(s)'': Kurt/Mike
* ''Synopsis'': Kurt is handcuffed to Mike Chang. It's not as kinky as it sounds.
* ''Comments'': Cute and fluffly like baby rabbits. Funny as hell, too.

[[ Five Times Will Kisses Emma and The One Time it Counts]] by frickative
* Recommended by Super Troper
* ''Pairing(s)'': Will/Emma
* ''Synopsis'': ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin
* ''Comments'': Lovely. Nice mix of fluffy and angsty.
* Link is to a friends-locked LiveJournal. Can we get a different link please?

[[ The Long Road]] by [[ Firithnovwen]]
* Recommended by insubordinance
* ''Pairing(s)'': Puck/Kurt
* ''Synopsis'': It's Spring Break and Kurt's going on a road trip that is if he can find someone to go with him...Dad's orders...Puck wasn't his first choice by far but life is funny like that.
* ''Comments'': One of the main positives about this fic is that it captures both Kurt and Puck in character, and not rushing right into the romance or having a onesided attraction to start with. The plot is fast-paced and sexy, with a dark undertone looming and some of the best humor this troper has seen out of Puck.

[[ When I Mumble, You Would Say]] by summerstorm
* Recommended by Tropers/ThinksTooMuch
* ''Pairing(s)'': Brittany/Santana
* ''Synopsis'': Brittany likes it when Santana plays with her hair.
* ''Comments'': Short, adorable fluffiness. It's from Brittany's point of view, and is a very interesting and enjoyable idea of what might go on in her head.

[[ Losing My Mind (Or, The One Where Mercedes Plays A Yenta]] by fist-and-bone.
* Recommended by Tropers/ThinksTooMuch
* ''Pairings'': Kurt/Puck; Mercedes is heavily featured
* ''Synopsis'': Post-Laryngitis, Mercedes decides to play matchmaker.
* ''Comments'': Fluffy, funny, IC, and made me a Mercedes fan.

''[[ Curious]]'' by ibshafer (Slash, lemon)
* Recommended by Jesajew
* ''Pairing'': Finn/Kurt
* ''Synopsis'': [[ExcusePlot Kurt and Finn accidentally lock themselves in the equipment cage after football practice. Sex ensues.]]
* ''Comments'': PWP at its finest, but still incredibly well-written and in character. The characters' internal monologues are just perfect. (Also, the smut is toe-curlingly hot.)

''[[ Thousand Ways To Leave This Place]]'' by sotto_voice (Slash)
* Recommended by Technic.Giraffe, moooomoooo
* ''Pairing'': Kurt/Blaine
* ''Synopsis'': (author's summary): Kurt has to figure out how life works now, and where he belongs.
* ''Comments'': Two-parter quintessential Klaine fic. Kurt's adjusting to life at Dalton. This fic is amazing in that it has a slow and believable build up to Kurt and Blaine's relationship. The author pegs Kurt (for that matter, everyone canon) very well, and gives a plausible excuse as to how he's willing to leave his best friends and Glee club to go to Dalton (hint; it isn't because of Blaine - that's just a perk). This fic reads quickly because you can't stop, it just flows that well. Read it, then come back and praise!

''[[ Dreams]]'' by spawn_hell (Slash)
* Recommended by Clandestine Clear
* ''Pairing'': Kurt/Blaine
* ''Synopsis'': (from the author): Kurt may not believe in God, but that isnít stopping his mother from trying to talk to him. Itís all Blaineís fault really, not that Kurt knows that.
* ''Comments'': This fic is poignant and well-written and not only handles Kurt and Blaine's relationship in an amazingly sweet way, but also illustrates Kurt's feelings of abandonment from his mother's death. There's a really touching relationship between him and the rest of the members of Glee clubs, and is definitely worth checking out.

''[[ Dalton]]'' by CP Coulter
* TVTropes page: FanFic/{{Dalton}}
* Recommended by: Plokplok26
* ''Pairing'': Kurt/Blaine (teased) [[spoiler:Not any more!!]]
* ''synopsis'': Post-Furt: Spinning off from Glee, Kurt begins an entirely new chapter in his life at Dalton Academy for Boys. Blaine, Wes, David and the boys of Windsor House make his life, for better or worse, far more eventful than he imagined.
* ''Comments'': This is an extremely well written fic. It includes IC canon characters, well rounded OC's. Intricate plot, tense drama, light humor can all be found in this fic. Heck, reading Sue verbally bitch slap a rival cheerleader is worth reading this fic alone!
* Seconded. I can't wait to see where this is going.
* Thirded. Imagine if ''Series/{{Glee}}'' and ''OuranHighSchoolHostClub'' ran at each other headfirst. This would be the result.
** Though it should be noted that it is just similar to Ouran High, and that characters and plot are completely different.
* Let's just put it this way. This fic is popular enough to suffer from HypeBacklash. Make of it what you will.
* Erm, little late on this, but fourthed.

''[[ Thursdays and I Have a History]]'' by audi katia
* Recomended by: Tropers/HopelessRomance
* Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
* Synopsis: "The first time Kurt kisses Blaine, it's a Thursday" (Author's description)
* Comments: This is a beautifully written story dealing with Kurt moving on and becoming comfortable being himself on his own. Warning you now, [[TearJerker bring tissues]]. Trust me, you'll need 'em.

''[[ For Me It Isn't Over]]'' by The Sound of Sunshine
* Recomended by: Tropers/HopelessRomance
* Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, Blaine/OC
* Synopsis: After years without any contact, Blaine asks to meet Kurt and catch up. Kurt writes him a letter explaining why he couldn't show up.
* Comments: Bring tissues because this one is a major TearJerker. One of the most beautiful and simultaneously heartbreaking fics I've ever read. I definitely recommend listening to the song it was inspired by because it enhances the general feel of the story.

''[[ Swing Sets and Sandboxes]]'' by Beautifulwhatsyourhurry
* Recomended by Tropers/HopelessRomance
* Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
* Synopsis: "Kurt Hummel is 7 years old. He makes a new friend, little Blaine, on the playground one day. This is their story." (Author's summary)
* Comments: This fic is as adorable as it is tearjerking. Little Kurt and Blaine have the kind of relationship I wish I had.

''[[ All Those Who Wander Are Lost]]'' by stormy mayday
* Recommended by: warriorhope
* ''Pairing'': Kurt/Sam (focus), various other
* ''synopsis'': ZombieFic A zombie apocalypse hits, and the glee kids must stick together to keep safe. (sorry this is seriously the best way I could explain it.
* ''Comments'': Extremely well-written. Everyone is in character. The story is heartbreaking at some points, but there's also a lot of moments of pure happiness particularly in the last chapter. Also, zombies and Sam/Kurt smut if that's what you're into.

''[[ Don't Trust a Man With Curly Hair]]'' by seaouryou
* Recommended by: Quindin
* ''Pairing'': Kurt/Blaine
* ''synopsis'': Blaine Sylvester. He had fallen in love with the cousin of the infamous cheerleading coach, local celebrity, and budding supervillain.
* ''Comments'': Blaine´s Dalton uniform is his tracksuit. Funny one-shot with parallels between Blaine and Sue of all people. (Regrettable lack of supervillainy, though)

"[[ Straight Camp]] by foraworldundeserving
* Recommended by IJisslightlypsychotic
* Pairing: main Nick/Jeff, Kurt/Blaine
* Synopsis: Welcome to Wildwood Springs Health Camp! Today begins your journey into finding yourself - casting aside the old and embracing the true!" Otherwise known as Brainwashing Camp. Nick/Jeff, Klaine, AU.
* Comments: The relationships in this are all portrayed exactly as they would be if some of the boys were forced to go to straight camp. Incidentally, Kurt is adorable in this.
** Seconded like hell from {{Tropers/Sharysa}}. HUGE trigger warnings regarding self-harm and depression, though.

''[[ Time and Again]]'' by Fyrewyre
* Recommended by: Rainwolf95
* ''Pairing'': Kurt/Karofsky
* ''synopsis'': You wonder if youíre cheating, because something tells you that none of this can be real, that you havenít earned this.
* ''Comments'': A one-shot focusing on the parallels between Dave's life and his fantasies (Sort of, the prompt that the story was based on says it's alternate events that happen after Dave travels back in time to High school through "Suitably vague means" and even the author isn't sure what it is any more) through high school and into his adult years. Just warning you, [[{{Tearjerker}} bring some tissues.]]
** I've always disliked Kurt/Karofsky pairings because of how Karofsky acted in the past. This fic....this made me cry for a character I couldn't stand. A must-read.

''[[ This Kiss]]'' by poetzproblem
* Recommended by: kopernikus
* ''Paring'': Rachel/Quinn
* ''synopsis'': One pivotal moment can change everything. From a Faberry prompt, "Rachel and Quinn share a kiss during a game of spin the bottle. From that night forward both girls desperately try to deny what they felt; what they feel. The other Glee kids know what's up and attempt to play matchmaker."
* ''Comments'': A completed fic that tells the story how Quinn and Rachel slowly(!) fall for each other. The story has a very natural flow, people act believably and very in character. It features a sweet Kurt/Rachel-friendship, and it is very eloquently written.
** I don't like Glee or fanfic in general yet I stumbled across this, started reading and loved it. Highly, highly recommended.

''[[ Should Have Asked for Directions]]'' by Dylan Hart
* Recommended by: kopernikus
* ''Paring'': Rachel/Quinn
* ''synopsis'': Spanning ten years, it tells the story of Rachel and Quinn's legendary love.
* ''Comments'': An emotional rollercoaster. You have been warned.

'' [[ Wake Up Strange]]'' by Threepwillow
* Recommended by: luckylucky
* ''Pairing'': Kurt/Blaine
* ''Summary'': The summer right after Kurt turns seventeen is hot, and personal, and might kind of just maybe be the most important three months of his life.
* ''Comments'': A gorgeous, funny, and hot summer romance fic that manages to nail both characters. A treat to read, this has become this Troper's personal headcanon.
* Seconded. It manages to be an incredibly playful fic and a humorous read. The author not only does a good job with the characterization of Kurt and Blaine, but does a good job capturing minor characters personalities as well. Additionally, it's nice to see a fic that is about the development of their relationship instead of just the build up to it. It's a light fluffly fic, and is good if you are looking for a breezy sort of romance.

''[[ Love Is A Burning Thing]]'' by lynnearlington
* Recommended by glittertorn
* ''Pairing(s)'': Brittany/Santana
* ''Summary'': Since before she can remember, Santana has always been mesmerized by fire.
* ''Comments'': A firefighter!AU. Beautifully written. The story has a feeling of being like a closed circuit; very insular to their relationship, which works incredibly in this context, and the author works in the imagery of fire -- both real and metaphorical-- to perfection. It takes place over several years and yet the pacing is perfect, and everyone is kept in character and believable. Although you might want to [[TearJerker prepare yourself before reading]].

"[[ (con)sensual]]" by the_beccaroo]]"
* Recommended by warriorhope
* ''Pairing(s'': Sam/Kurt
* ''Summary'': A story of Kurt and Sam's first kiss in the wake of Karofsky.
* ''Comments'': Beautiful and shows how Kurt's next kiss with anyone should be handled.]]

''[[ Rachel, Interrupted]]'' by EnchantedtoMeetYou
* Recommended by Orthographer
* ''Pairing'': Rachel/Jesse
* ''Summary'': Rachel deals with Borderline Personality Disorder and with Jesse coming back into her life.
* ''Comments'': A really interesting and yet believable take on Rachel's character. It also features a nice friendship between Rachel and Quinn.

''[[ But with a Whimper]]'' by of_a_crescendo
* Recommended by Orthographer
* ''Pairing'': Kurt/Blaine
* ''Summary'': "Everyone is born with the name of their soulmate on their hand. The only problem? Kurt and Blaine donít have each otherís names on their hands." (Author's summary)
* ''Comments'': An intriguing premise and a truly tragic fic. My heart broke not just for the main characters but also for Quinn, who only appeared in one scene.
** Seconded. Just bring tissues and maybe a drink or five. -{{Tropers/Sharysa}}.

''[[ Even Angels Have Their Wicked Schemes]]'' by Live2Entertain
* Recommended by Lyrical Enigma
* ''Pairing'': Kurt/Blaine
* ''Summary'': "Blaine was such a gentleman. So dapper. So sweet. So ''perfect''... Blaine was such a gentleman. Until he got mad."
* ''Comments'': This troper is a hardcore Klaine fan, so she was... reluctant to read anything involving abusive!Blaine (I mean, come on, he's [[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical Blaine freakin' Anderson]]!). Nevertheless, this is probably one of my favorite fics out there right now. The formatting and stunningly realistic (not to mention heart-breakingly believable, canon-wise) portrayal of an abusive relationship accumulate into one massive TearJerker. Amazing.

''[[ You Have Stolen My Heart]]'' by Lily M. Richards
* Recommended by Lyrical Enigma
* ''Pairing'': Kurt/Blaine
* ''Summary'': And Blaine sees the frustration in his eyes, the pain and the anger and he knows he can't do anything to alleviate it because the feelings are mirrored in him. (Author's summary)
* ''Comments'': An absolutely beautiful oneshot that takes place later on it Blaine and Kurt's (now-failing) relationship. Something of a songfic (to Dashboard Confessionals' "Stolen," though I personally think it works better if you ''haven't'' heard the song before), it incorporates music into their lives in a way that's perfectly natural, given whom we're talking about, without becoming too reliant on the lyrics. The writing style is poignant and almost surreal. Oh, and [[TearJerker bring some tissues]]. And a therapist. No, don't put them away, you ''[[SincerityMode will]]'' need them.

[[ The Lost Nightingale]] by [=MotherGoddamn=]
* ''Recommended by:'' {{Tropers/Sharysa}} and [=SpaceBetween=]
* ''Pairing:'' Kurt/Blaine
* ''Summary:'' Kurt Hummel is missing in Tinseltown. And Blaine Anderson is on the case. 1940's noir-style AU. (Summary on FF.Net)
* ''Comments:'' As mentioned in the summary, this is an AU fanfic in the style of film-noir. This makes it dark, gritty, and absolutely thrilling (though it is NOT recommended for younger readers, as it is full of cursing, family-unfriendly violence, and various other things). Quick warning: [[PyrrhicVictory The ending is sad]] and [[DidNotGetTheGirl extremely unsatisfying]]. If you need to restore your faith in life, read [[ The Dapper Highwayman]] by the same author.
** Quite an awesome fic. There is a sequel in the works called [[ The Swan Song]] which was not posted when the previous troper wrote their comment. The Dapper Highwayman is absolutely hilarious, as are many of her other works. I'd highly recommend anything by her.

[[ all the white horses]]by nthcoincident
* ''Recommended by luckylucky, moooomoooo, 20thcenturyvole, Tropers/SparkyYoungUpstart, and [=SpaceBetween=]''
* ''Pairing:'' Kurt/Blaine
* ''Summary:''Seventeen years of [fearing, admiring, failing, loving] raising a gentleman. Kurt/Blaine, as narrated by Blaine's father. (Author's summary.)
* ''Comments:'' Even before Blaine's line in "Sexy", fanfic portrayals of his father generally fell into one homophobic cliche. This fic breaks it all down. It's both realistic and heart-wrenching, throwing everything you thought you knew about Blaine's family out the window. The longing to relate to Blaine is almost tangible, and the story has a lyrical flow that seems to exemplify the pain and confusion.
** Seconded so very, very hard. Everything about this character is excruciatingly believable, most particularly his feelings of grinding duty as he works hard to attend to his children's physical needs while despairing of ever relating to them emotionally. He's a study in all the damage that can be done by simply keeping quiet.
** Thirded. When the show insinuated that Mr. Anderson wanted Blaine to be straight, everybody said he was a homophobe. This fic flips it on its head and makes you want to hug pretty much Blaine's entire family. And the narrative puts you in the same position as the father, making it all the more emotional.

[[ Knife Going In]]by Keitorin Asthore
* ''Recommended by Eatfoodzap''
* ''Pairing:'' Kurt/Blaine, minor mentions of other canon relationships
* ''Summary:'' Blaine put the past behind him, telling Kurt to have the courage he couldn't. But the worst happened anyway, and Kurt is left broken. Now Blaine has to pick up the pieces, but if he couldn't have the courage three years ago, how can he do it now? (Author's summary.)
* ''Comments:'' This is without a doubt one of the best fanfics I've read. What happens to Kurt is absolutely heartbreaking, and the story flows at just the right pace; not too fast, but not too drawn-out. The characterization has to be the best part though. All of the characters from the show, even the ones that don't appear that often, are just so perfectly in-character that you can hear them speaking in your head as you read.

[[ The Kurtofsky IM Sessions]] by kurtofsky_ims
* Recomended by Tropers/SparkyYoungUpstart
* ''Pairing'': Kurt/Karofsky, some OC/Karofsky
* ''Synopsis'': Kurt and Dave are able to form a tentative relationship with the internet serving as a well needed buffer. Their friendship grows through a series of events that could eventually lead to something more.
* ''Comments'': This is such a unique and adorable fic. Kurtofsky is famous for being a tentative pairing, but this ''so'' makes it seem realistic. Of course they start off abrasive, but you can tell that they are growing closer and Kurt is starting to see Karofsky for who he really is, without all of the drama from [=McKinley=]. '''Warning''' some situations have adult content.
* Seconded by Lyrical Enigma. One of the few Kurtofsky fanfics that is witty, funny, and starts from the ''very'' beginning. Every second is absolutely believable, and the characterization is spot-on (well, Blaine's [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation quite a bit off]], but this was before we knew virtually anything, and it's amusing as hell, anyway). Not a story you'll be soldiering through until they get together, and while it is a shipping fic, there's plenty of friendship and laughs to be found. Simply epic. Oh, and did I mention [[ShipToShipCombat I'm usually a Klaine shipper]]?

''[[ Hunting the Unicorn]]'' by [=CrossoverQueen=]
* TVTropes page: FanFic/HuntingTheUnicorn
* Recommended by Bluelantern2814
* Pairing: Kurt/Blaine[[spoiler: , one-sided OriginalCharacter /Blaine ]], teased Jeff/Nick.
* Synopsis: ''"Here is there, and high is low; all may be undone. What is true, no two men know; what is gone is gone." Fairy tales are harder to live through than you'd think.'' (Author's summary.) An on-going DeconstructionFic, now AlternateUniverse. ''Series/{{Glee}}'' meets ''Literature/TheLastUnicorn'', puts Klaine--and ''especially'' Blaine--through the mother of all {{Cerebus Retcon}}s, and [[{{Reconstruction}} still makes it work]]. After a huge ScheduleSlip of nearly two years, it's been updated. It also becomes a three-way CrossOver with ''Series/CriminalMinds'' and ''{{Series/Firefly}}'' in the twenty-seventh chapter.
* ''Comments'': Interesting study on why Kurt's views of sexuality changed between the first and second season, and a real TearJerker.
** Seconded by this troper. Absolutely heartbreaking, yet it keeps itself from being horribly depressing, thanks to wonderful moments from the Warblers.
* Tags: Physical assault, adult language, underage drug/alcohol use, heavy emotional and parental issues, and [[spoiler: stalking/kidnapping.]]

''[[ One for Sorrow]]'' by [=TheSecretMichan=]
* Recommended by Vellophone
* ''Pairing'': Kurt/Karofsky, [[spoiler: a bit of Kurt/Blaine]]
* ''Synopsis'': "The rose was pink."
* ''Comments'': Heartbreaking.

''[[ Dapper and Dumb]]'' by Geminico
* Recommended by Lyrical Enigma
* ''Pairing'': Kurt/Blaine
* ''Synopsis'': Warblers Jeff and Nick give Blaine [[BlatantLies genius romantic advice]]. HilarityEnsues. A possible explanation of Blaine's behavior from Special Education to Regionals.
* ''Comments'': NOTE-- this is technically a fan comic from Deviantart, so I'm not exactly sure if it counts (feel free to delete it if it doesn't). Anyway, this basically pins all of Blaine's strange behavior on Jeff and Nick in the most hilarious way possible. To say more would spoil everything. It is well worth a read-- this troper personally has a new head!cannon.

''[[ White Knight]]'' by [[ LeJazzHot126]]
* Recommended by Cannibalistic Skittles
* ''Pairing'': Kurt Hummel/Mercedes Jones
* ''Synopsis'': (From summary) ""When she leaves, you cry your heart out because you know deep inside that you don't deserve her, and probably never will." Kurt/Mercedes"
* ''Comments'': Honestly, I cannot believe this isn't already up here. The characterization is amazing, the situations are believable, and the whole fic really just makes you feel for them.

'' [[ Newton's Law]]'' by [[ TellNoOne]]
* Recommended by Vellophone
* ''Pairing'': Sam Evans/Mercedes Jones
* ''Synopsis'': An opposing force is met with an equal and opposite force. Hope against defeat. Love against hate. When Sam's world is crumbling around him, can he find something equally great? Or maybe something even greater? Sam/Mercedes
* ''Comments'': Cute, emotional fic.

'' [[ The Worst That Could Happen]]'' by [[ LucyToo]]
* TVTropes Page: Fanfic/TheWorstThatCouldHappen
* Recommended by Vellophone
* ''Pairing'': Kurt Hummel /Dave Karofsky
* ''Synopsis'': Kurt tries to help Dave find his way out of the closet. When his words of encouragement backfire and things go more wrong for Dave than Kurt ever would have guessed, it's up to Kurt to help Dave pick up the pieces.
* ''Comments'': There are no words for how much I love this fic. It has perfect characterization and approaches the situation realistically. Which is to say, reading this will put you on a roller coaster of emotions. Warning: non-con. [[TearJerker Bring lots of tissues.]]
* Seconded by: zigzagzoom94. One of the best parts is the characterisation. You can see Kurt's feelings for Dave before he can, which is impressive because it is written strictly from Kurt's POV. Also you can often see and sympathise with different characters' perspectives on different situations and dilemas. This is what makes the story overall very engrossing.
* Thirded by Sijie. Excellent story, one of the best of the Kurtofsky fandom. The best is that it doesn't paint Blaine as the villain (just slightly misguided, as he is in canon), or make Klaine out to be a horrible relationship. Even when Kurt's feelings for Dave surface, his love for Blaine is never denied.

'' [[ Everything's Made To Be Broken]]'' by clonedmemories
* Recommended by dosala
* ''Pairing'': Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson
* ''Synopsis'': Both Kurt and Blaine have known from a young age that we all die. Now, that prospect seems much too close to home, as one of them falls ill and their bonds are tested to the furthest they ever will be.
* ''Comments'': This troper cried throughout almost the whole of this fic. And then for at least half an hour afterwards. And has done the same every single time it's been re-read. It has some incredibly sweet, tender moments between them, but it just makes the inevitable conclusion even more heartbreaking. In case you might not have guessed, this is a massive TearJerker.

''[[ Just Watch the Fireworks]]'' by heliotropelied
* Recommended by RoseAndHeather
* ''Pairing'': Wes/OC, Kurt/Blaine, Nick/Jeff
* ''Synopsis'': Wesí senior year of high school is supposed to be a breeze: heís got the perfect grades, heís a shoo-in for the Ivy Leagues, heís got everything under control. But then Kurt Hummel steps into his life and Blaine falls in love with Kurt and, really, what else was Wes supposed to do? The story of how Wes Warbler gets through his final year at Dalton Academy and, how along the way, he helps his friends, discovers some things about himself and learns to love life.
* ''Comments'': Written pre-Original Song, but wonderful anyway. Wes is a wonderfully real character here, his relationship with his OC girlfriend is adorable, and Kurt and Blaine, while not the primary characters, are catalysts for basically everything that happens and have a strong presence in the fic. Really a wonderful read.

''[[ Rainbow Magic]]'' by Morkhan
* Recommended by Tropers/SparkyYoungUpstart
* ''Pairing'': Kurt/Blaine, Finn/Rory
* ''Synopsis'': That awkward moment when you reailze the new Irish kid has a crush on your step-brother. And the even more awkward moment when your stepbrother seems to be returning the feelings with realizing it.
* ''Comments'': One of the first fics this troper read with Rory in it, and by God it's hilarious. While the whole thing is rather crack-y, the "romance" between Finn and Rory is strangely adorable, and believable in the context of the story. There are also some really sweet Klaine moments.
** Seconded very hard from {{Tropers/duskdragon}}. Not only is it absolutely hilarious but it also has some amazingly sweet moments as well. This author has a knack for characterization and humor and it's definitely worth a read.
** Thirded oh so very hard from {{Tropers/Me4JustinB}}. It's incredibly funny and very touching.

''[[ Shoelaces]]'' by [=AquilusNyx=]
* Recommended by RoseAndHeather
* ''Pairing'': Puck/Kurt, Burt/Carole
* ''Synopsis'': "Puck would forever blame his sexuality crisis on his shoelaces." Or: How Puck and Kurt Fall In Love Through Adam Lambert Songs, Booty Calls, Video Games, and Sick Little Sisters.
* ''Comments'': This fic. This is Puck and Kurt at their very very best. [=AquilusNyx=] does a ''fantastic'' job of making this pairing utterly believable and absolutely nails the characterization of, oh, everyone who ever appears ever. And it is awesome. This is a must-read.

''[[ Story of Three Boys]]'' by [=patchfire, raving_liberal=]
* Recommended by JBeckwith
* ''Pairing'': Puck/Kurt
* ''Synopsis'': "This is the story of a boy; this is the story of three boys. Two brothers, two best friends, two lovers." Or: Puck and Kurt fall in love as Puck improves himself and they get closer to Nationals and University.
* ''Comments'': Excellent characterisation of anyone who appears and excellent prose all round. The OC s are believable and you (shockingly) genuinely care about them and the writers have nailed just writing about the characters lives (without unbelievable plot twists etc.) and making it wonderfully fresh and exciting to read. Huge and only becoming huger (stands at about 750,000 words at the time of writing) with wonderful detail being order of the day. Must-read.
** Seconded so much by Kathadrion. It has as of January 2012 passed the [[{{Doorstopper}} 800,000 word]] mark and is updated on a weekly basis, but it is so worth the time it takes to read it. Fantastic characterisation and prose, as mentioned above. Also, the authors have boldly taken a {{canon}}ically straight character and describe him as having been gay all along, without ''once'' going into SuddenlySexuality territory. His {{coming out|Story}} process is so fantastically written and believable, it's simply breathtaking.
** Thirded by Nutmeg13. Every single character is both realistic and different enough from the show to be worth reading about, and although it's hard not to lose several days of your life to this fic, it is entirely worth every second.

''[[ The Only True Paradises]]'' by [=jeune fille en fleur=]
* Recommended by benicetonerds
* ''Pairing'': Brittany/Santana
* ''Synopsis'': "The tortuous evolution of Santana's feelings toward Brittany."
* ''Comments'': Because someone desperately needed to rec this. Follows Brittana's lives from first meeting to post season two, and does an excellent job of adressing canon events without quoting verbatim from the show. Also, it's written in second person the entire time - and it WORKS. See also the companion fic [[ Pas de Deux]], which covers the same events from Brittany's POV.

''[[ Just a Little Crush]]'' by [=Belle Dissei=]
* Recommended by picklevictory
* ''Pairing'': Kurt/Sam
* ''Synopsis'': Sam was willing to admit, if only to himself, that it was possible that he might have a slight crush on Kurt Hummel. Set after Kurt's return and written during the break before "Sexy" aired so no Klaine.
* ''Comments'': I haven't watched much of Glee, nor am I a huge fan of it, but I stumbled on to this story one day and was very much delighted. It's a very well-written, well-paced story. The romance is believable, the challenge provided to the club is interesting (sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious, sometimes adorable), and from the little experience I have with the show, everyone SEEMS very much in character (i.e. Mr. Schuester gets an obligatory Journey reference in there somewhere, Sam likes Avatar, etc.). It's a really solid, enjoyable story that I can honestly say is one of the best fanfics I've ever read (and I've been reading fanfic for years now). Check it out.

''[[]] Underneath and Unexplored'' by [=icedwhitemochas=]
* Recommended by jakia
* ''Pairing'': Kurt/Blaine
* ''Synopsis'': Kurt and Blaine think they are straight and become best friends. Then they fall in love.
* ''Comments'': Brilliant take on Kurt and Blaine's courtship. One of the first things we ever learn in canon about either boy is that they are both gay--this fic takes that and spins it on its head. Both boys are still the same lovable boys they are in canon, with their personalities still completely in tact, with just one small difference: they think they are straight. It's amazing how coming to terms with their sexuality just a few years later can change things so much. Their friendship is brilliant, and just stays so true to the show. It's still a work in progress, but updates regularly.

''[[ The One About Dragons ]]'' by [[ Narceus]]
* Recommended by: {{Tropers/LMage}}
* ''Pairing(s)'': Klaine focus, mention of others.
* ''Synopsis'': Blaine's always been told that the dragon you know is safer than the dragon you don't. A spin on the Klaine romance inspired by Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen's relationship from Literature/AGameOfThrones.
* ''Comments'': A beautiful work in progress that puts Blaine and Kurt in the roles of Daenerys and Drogo, respectfully, and plunges them into a original and unique fantasy world. It has a very similar feel to AGameThrons in it's blunt realist approach to Blaine's abuse and his budding relationship with Kurt while still retaining the voice of the Glee characters. It's also a breath of fresh air for people tired of Kurt [[{{Ukefication}} always being the one painted into the role of the abused partner in need of rescue.]]
* ''Tags'': Lemon and Dubious Consent (though the fic hasn't reached them yet), physical and mental abuse of a minor, and an Arranged Marriage

''[[ A Drop In The Ocean]]'' by Phoenix from the Sun
* Recommended by: {{Tropers/Me4JustinB}}
* ''Pairings(s)'': SeBlaine, Kurtofsky, failing/falling-apart Klaine throughout
* ''Synopsis'': Everything was perfect, until Blaine's desires start to gravitate toward Sebastian. As he and Kurt drift apart, will Blaine decide they are perfect for each other or will they discover that love comes from places they never imagined? (Author's summary)
* ''Comments'': An absolutely heartbreaking fic. It humanises everyone; Kurt, Blaine, Karofsky, and especially Sebastian, who has some SERIOUS issues. It begins lighthearted, but quickly becomes EXTREMELY dark. It's also a serious deconstruction of promiscuity, its effects on one's reputation, and the casual dehumanisation of promiscuous people through the derogatory use of words like "slut" and "whore".
** YMMV, this troper found it to be one of the most ooc fics there ever was.
** [[ Here]] is an essay written by the reccer about the fic (specifically Blaine's behaviour) and which was endorsed by the fic's author. It doesn't explain everything but it clears up a lot of points.
* ''Tags'': Lemon, self-harm, [[spoiler: attempted suicide]], copious underage drinking, extremely strong language

[[ Color]]
* Recommended by {{Tropers/goragora}}
* ''Pairing(s)'': Brittany/Santana
* ''Synopsis'': When Glee club loses a friend, everyone feels it. But one glee member feels it so much more than the others and embarks on her own journey to discover how to move on. (Author's Summary)
* ''Comments'': A beautifully written fic that takes place over several years. Very true to the characters in show and brilliant at portraying loss, guilt and love. Haunting yet moving at the same time.
* ''Tags'': Frequent strong language, sexual themes, character death

[[ A Yellow Rose Has Eight Meanings]] by Amaranti
* Recommended by Tulli
* ''Pairing(s)'': mainly Sebastian/Blaine, Blaine/Kurt, allusions to Kurt/Dave
* ''Synopsis'': After Regionals Blaine offers Sebastian a chance to restart their friendship and they try to make it work, both of them distrustful and unsure and having to deal with the sexual tension between them without actually resolving it. (Author's Summary)
* ''Comments'': Many Seblaine fics are AU or have an already established relationship, so they basically ignore how... complicated the canon relationship between Blaine and Sebastian is. But not this one. Even though you can feel that they really do like each other both as friends and in a sexual/romantic sense it doesn't have them get together easily. Sebastian has his asshole moments just like in canon but he is sympathetic, Blaine is flawed but also sympathetic and so is Kurt, who is not made a villain just because he is in the way of the main ship. It also touches upon Dave Karofsky's suicide attempt in a rather heartbreaking way.
* ''Tags'': Adult language, Sexual content

[[ The Sting]] by xonthefloor
* Recommended by Foxboy95
* ''Pairing(s)'': Puck/Kurt
* ''Synopsis'': Without even planning it, Puck and Kurt find out that they actually get along when no one is watching. But after sudden twist of events, they'll realize that getting along may not be enough for the two of them. (Author's Summary)
* ''Comments'': Way better than it sounds. Everyone is in-character, the plot is addictive, and you can't help but shed a tear even if you're not a particular fan of the pairing. It's an emotional roller coaster for you just as much as it is for the characters. The beginning is light-hearted and sweet but then it gets dark and heart-breaking and back to sweet again. You may lose precious hours of sleep but it is well worth it. Takes place around Never Been Kissed. Kurt never goes to Dalton. That's pretty much the main change.
* ''Tags'': Adult language, Sexual content.

[[ (Def)inition]] by hedgerose
* Recommended by quicksilver
* ''Pairing(s)'': Blaine/Kurt, slight Kurt/Quinn and past Quinn/Puck
* ''Synopsis'': Blaine is fifteen years old and he hasnít seen anyone in three days except for Thomas, his motherís Def. (Author's Summary)
* ''Comments'': Wow. This story is brutally heartbreaking yet beautifully written. It deals with dark issues in a very realistic way. It's an AU in which people with unwanted characteristics are sold into slavery, sometimes by their own parents. The romance isn't really romance and it unfolds in a natural and un-rushed manner, really it's more about Kurt helping Blaine to heal. I was sucked into this universe immediately.
* ''Tags'': non-con, consent issues, explicit discussion of suicide, slavery, self-injury, and disordered eating.

[[ All The Other Ghosts]] by rainjoy
* Recommended by alexandrab
* ''Pairing(s)'': Blaine/Kurt, some Rachel/Finn, background Mike/Tina
* ''Synopsis'': "It's a big city for one more lost soul in a mask." (Author's Summary)
* ''Comments'': This is a really well-written story. There's a lot of layers to this - it's not just the love story, but a very compelling superhero story. It's also one of the few stories out there that uses fandom tropes as more than just window-dressing or comic relief - the fandom characters actually have a vital role to play in the main plot (and even more so in the sequel). Lots of angst and very long, but very well worth it.
* ''Tags'': Violence, consent issues, hate crimes, a nuclear scare. As the author says, "If you can read about it in the morning newspaper, it can happen in the fic."

[[ Set the World on Fire]] by Cora709
* Recommended by ThatIrishReader.
* ''Pairing(s)'': Mainly Santana/Brittany but has some bits of other couples.
* ''Synopsis'': For six months Santana has been living in New York City with Kurt and Rachel, but now Brittany has received her diploma and is finally coming to join them. Can new relationships accommodate old ones? And can the past ever really be recaptured? (Author's summary)
* ''Comments'': This story was started during season 3 but seemed to somehow predict a majority of season 4. The story starts with Santana living with Kurt and Rachel with Brittany coming to live with them. The story focuses on both the rekindling romance between Brittany and Santana but also develops a really good friendship between Santana, Kurt, Rachel and Brittany and also some individual ones between them. With enough drama and humor to entertain you, this is a good fic to read. It's long enough at a little over 250,000 words but it's worth it.
* ''Tags'': Adult language, sexual content.

[[ Glee-The-New-York-Story]] by Fire girl125
* Recommended by KHime.
* ''Pairings(s)'': Mainly Finchel, but there's also Dantanna, Brittana, Klaine, among many others.
* ''Synopsis'':Follow Rachel, Finn, Puck, Marley, Kurt, Brittany, Santana, Tina, Artie, Sam, Blaine, Mercedes, Mike, Quinn and Sebastian as they try to navigate New York City while dealing with heartache, love and hardships. Will end in Finchel, Parley, Brittana, Klaine, Wildebrams
* ''Comments'' set during season 4 with a particular focus on New York, but there are times when the gang gets back into Lima. mostly focused on Finchel's relationship, and has excellent character building for Finn, Santana, and Kurt. it's broken up into "Seasons and Episodes", with an side note of casting for the new characters introduced, helps to paint a great visual narrative. it's quite lengthy however, (86 chapters and counting!) so be prepared.
* ''Tags'': some violence, Abuse triggers, some adult language.

[[ I've been trying to reach you]] by thememoriesfire
* Recommended by ze_german
* ''Pairing(s)'': Quinn/Rachel with background Brittana
* ''Synopsis'' : After falling pregnant in sophomore year, Quinn Fabray plummets from the top of the teen hierarchy at [=McKinley=] High to the very bottom. In an effort to give her a chance to start over, her parents transfer her to Carmel, a private school in the area with a blossoming arts program. It's supposed to be a new beginning, but what she doesn't count on is immediately becoming enemies with the most popular girl in school: Rachel Berry, co-captain of Vocal Adrenaline.
* ''Comments'': Featuring a Band formed by Santana Quinn Puck and Sam the story sometimes is more about music than the central relationships. Also features the best version of Russel Fabray this troper ever encountered in Fanon in keeping with thememoriesfire's talent to write the most awesome parents ever.