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Do warn when a fanfic may head into sexually explicit or [[BetterThanCanon non-canon]] territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, {{Shipping}} is SeriousBusiness.
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[[WMG: Authors and Websites]]

''[[ Winter's ice]]''
* Recommended by Fireminer
* ''Comment'': A good drama writer, especially to the Jin/Tsubaki pairing. His writing usually takes notice to the smallest vibration in each character. The stories are usually set in their time in the Military Academy.

''[[ Velvien]]''
* Recommended by {{Tropers/Irikarul}}, John Dirge.
* ''Comment'': One of the best writer of the fandom. His fics are very well-written and epic, which every character has got their moment. Most of the stories have Tsubaki as the heroine, with Ragna often as the other lead; the shipping between the two varies depending on the story, from OfficialCouple here, through JustFriends (complete with ShipSinking) to EnemyMine. Notable stories are ''On Strange Wings'' ([[ Link]].) and its sequel ''[[Fanfic/OnStrangeWings At Fate's Hands]]'' ([[ Link]]).

''[[ Shadowfang 3000]]''
* Recommended by Fireminer
* ''Comment'': A great Ragna/Kokonoe snippet writer. His shorts are truly hilarious.

''[[ Miharu-Unlimited]]''
* Recommended by Fireminer
* ''Comment'': Another writer of shorts.

''[[ Storm VII]]''
* Recommended by EpicLinkSam
* ''Comment'': A great writer that makes many stories involving Ragna in alternate realities or other worlds. Warning; most of his stories are harems due to the demand of his readers.
** Some of his most notable works being:
*** ''[[ A Reaper's Awakening]]'', a crossover with FireEmblemAwakening.
*** ''[[ A Reaper's Game]]'', a crossover with SwordArtOnline. No Kirito in this story.
*** ''[[ Azure Guilt]]'', a crossover with GuiltyGear.

[[WMG:[[GenFic General Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.''

''[[ Ask Rachel Alucard]]'' by {{Tropers/xm0123}}
* Recommended by {{Tropers/Heraklinios}}
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Rachel Alucard gets hold of a Windows 7 laptop and decides to open a blog in which she answers question from several reviewers about the Blazblue universe. HilarityEnsues.
* ''Comments'': Quite interesting, but the amazing fact that Rachel says always on character, without derailing her personality is something unique and rare in the realm of fanfiction. I congratulate this guy for making a really good fic that keeps everything on character while adding the humor that I like so much.
** It should be noted that as of recently {{Tropers/xm0123}} is also managing a spin-off; [[ Help us, Professor Kokonoe]].

''[[ Youth and Havoc]] by ''[[ Tren]]''
* Recommended by Firemienr
* ''Status'': Ongoing
* ''Pairing': Jin/Makoto
* ''Synopsis'': Years after their seperation, Ragna was transferred into the high school where Jin had been the student council president. Even more troublesome was the fact that their bodies switched place. And a lovestruck Makoto was dragged into this fiasco, determinated to find out the truth (and to win Jin's heart.)
* ''Comments'': The High School AU setting and the FreakyFridayFlip plotline might sound cliche, but believe me, this story is nothing like so. Jin, Ragna, and everyone else would be like this if they really weren't stuck in a magical world heading for apocalypse. The brothers actually have their own distinctive problems, which they were making an attempt to overcome while (grudgingly) reconcile their relationship. Also, a plus for being the best Jin/Makoto story out there.

''[[ Aftermath]]'' by ''Maes Lawliet''
* Recommended by Tropers/ChrisX
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Even if it's to save someone she loved very much, Litchi Faye-Ling just doesn't feel right in joining NOL. Then Hazama tried to draw her selfish side in hopes to make her into a selfish, despicable bitch, and the only one that can help her is herself... would she fall for Hazama's draws or would she keep her kindness?
* ''Comments'': If you are distraught by Litchi's FaceHeelTurn, this is the fic for you. I know that most people always believed Litchi to be good despite being antagonist as of current, but if you still have doubts... ''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis READ. THIS. FIC.]]''

''[[ Synchronicity]]'' by ''Vadextra''
* ''Recommended'': {{Tropers/Fireminer}}
* ''Pairings'': Jin/Noel
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Something inexplicable happened to Jin and Noel in one morning, and they were forced to work together and resolve the issue. Well, HilarityEnsues. The central plot revolves around the two trying to return themselves to normal, but unfortunately for them they got into countless [[AccidentalPervert awkward]] and [[NotWhatItLooksLike embarrassing]] incidents. The story is divided into two halves, with the first half taking place pre-CT, and the second during CP.
* ''Comments'': A very well-written and humourous story about the classic FreakyFridayFlip.

''[[ 27 Ways to kill Celica A Mercury]]'' by ''Iris - Soul Guidance''
* ''Recommended'': {{Tropers/Stingray009}}
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Synopsis'': Ranging from silly to brutal, a method for each character to kill ''[=BlazBlue=]'''s mary sue.
* ''Comments'': A one-shot fic that involves 26 characters from ''[=BlazBlue=]'' tends to Kill Celica A Mercury. If you are a [[KillTheCutie Kill the Cutie]] Fetish, this fic is for you and dear god Celica won't be having a happy ending.

[[WMG:[[{{Crossover}} Crossover Fics]]]]
''Crossover series involving Franchise/BlazBlue''

''[[ Still Alive]]'' by [[ CrackPairingLover]]
* Recommended by Sir Bearington
* Crossover with '' WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}''
* ''Status:'' Phase I Complete, with sequels planned.
* ''Synopsis:'' What if Kazuma didn't die? What if The Boundary just teleported him in another world instead of destroying his body? Join Kazuma Kuvaru as he somehow ended up in the world of Remnant and making new friends, meeting new enemies, having new adventures and...romance? That's impossible...right?

''[[ BlazBlue: Crisis Remnant]]''
* ''Recommended by:'' EpicLinkSam
* ''Crossover with:'' '' WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}''
* ''Pairings:'' Ragna/Ruby
* ''Status:'' Ongoing
* ''Synopsis:'' People assumed Ragna the Bloodedge was gone once everything was over, just like they assumed he must have had no friends... well they were wrong on both accounts, and now Ragna is gonna help his friend on her home.
* ''Comments:'' This story is treating RWBY as the sequel to [[VideoGame/BlazBlueCentralFiction Central Fiction]]. The story is actually pretty decent in both writing and incorporating ''[=BlazBlue=]'' characters into the RWBY universe. And before you call out how [[{{Squick}} disgu]][[FireEmblemHeroes sting]] the pairing is, the ''[=BlazBlue=]'' characters are all made younger.

''[[ Creative Approach to Myths]]'' by [[ itonner]]
* Recommended by {{Tropers/Fireminer}}
* Crossover with ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}''
* ''Status:'' Ongoing
* ''Synopsis:'' A month after the Doomsday, Jin and Makoto are sent to investigate a strange anomaly in Japan and end up in the Eastern Land of Fantasy. How will this affect the battle of wits between NOL and Izanami? Moreover, what will happen to Gensokyo when a particularly vengeful green-haired man appears?
* ''Comments'': While the writing isn't the best, the story is definitely original and stays true to the respective series. The interactions between characters, and a big mystery to link everything together - they're what make this a worthy fic to be read and enjoy.

''SinnerBlue:Dark's Misfortune'' by ''Kermee007'' (This fic has numerous Original Characters. It has some foul language here and there too.)
* Recommended by {{Tropers/AquaRobot}}
* Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found.
* ''Synopsis'': A crossover of ''Franchise/BlazBlue'' and ''VideoGame/SoulNomadAndTheWorldEaters''. An Original Character named Dark has to deal with a bunch of supernatural elements in his life like ghosts and demons. After a girl from space randomly crashes into his house, she decides to help him out in any way she can to make up for it. She eventually drags [[Franchise/BlazBlue Ragna]] and [[VideoGame/SoulNomadAndTheWorldEaters Revya]] to join the ride to help him with his life.
* ''Comments'': The two Copyrighted Characters aren’t introduced until about Chapter 7 or so, but the writing is well enough for some to look past that. We aren’t told from what point in time Ragna or [[UnexpectedCharacter Revya]] are taken from their continuity, but there doesn’t seem to be any major out-of-character moments from the two. The writing is captivating, but it’s an in progress fic. However, it seems to have potential and I definitely recommend it to be read during one’s spare time.

[[ Azure Within The Three Kingdoms]] by [[ Zero-Sennin]]
* Reccomended by Ghostface211
* Crossover with ''VisualNovel/KoihimeMusou''
* ''Status'': Dormant
* ''Synopsis'': A trip through a Cauldron with Nu-13 leaves Ragna alone in a strange land, with a new "destiny" as the Messenger of Heaven. Amidst the forces of Sousou, Sonken, and Enshou, Ragna must strive to adjust to this new world and to the presence of people who trust him to guide them to peace and victory.
* ''Comments'': Although it replaces Kazuto with Ragna, it's a fun and interesting read. The plot mostly follows the first Visual Novel's story but incorporates other characters and some scenarios from the anime and the Shin Koihime Musou VN.

''[[ Tales Of Vesperia: Calamity Trigger]]'' by Cypher0120
* Recommended by {{Tropers/Irikarul}}, seconded by {{Tropers/GuySmiley}}
* ''Status'': Complete
* ''Pairings'': Jin/Sodia, Yuri/Estelle, Carl/Rita, Raven/Judith, Hakumen/Nirvana, Flynn/Noel
* ''Synopsis'': A crossover of ''Franchise/BlazBlue'' and ''VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia''. The fic takes place after the ending of Vesperia, and around the ending of ''VideoGame/BlazBlueCalamityTrigger''. Several ''Blazblue'' characters, namely Jin Kisaragi, Carl Clover, Hakumen, Arakune, and recently Noel Vermillion end up in the Vesperia world due to time shifts. As the author said, the time shifts are partially an excuse to cross over the two fandoms. Characters from both sides team up to fight a potentially world-destroying threat, and the [[FanNickname Smooth Criminal]] behind it. Plenty of ship teasing is included, as well.
* ''Comments'': All of the characters are very in-character. There's a good amount of character development in the fic, particularly on the ''Blazblue'' end of the spectrum. The action is also pretty well-detailed. Considering this is a fic crossing over an Action RPG and a 2D Fighting Game, this is a very good thing. The first 33 chapters were all part of "Part 1", with "Part 2" starting after the interlude at Chapter 34. This is going to be a very long series. However, if your favorite character in ''Blazblue'' happens to be the idealistic HighlyVisibleNinja Bang Shishigami, I must warn you: the author is not a fan of him. Don't worry though. Every ''Blazblue'' character has had at least one appearance so far, as well as every major character from Vesperia.
** ...and if your favorite character is series protagonist Ragna, his personality is basically gone (but with good reason) - [[spoiler:he only appears as part of the Black Beast and gets the entirety of one line as himself per se.]]
* The author has also written another ''Blazblue'' fanfic involving, and I quote, "a dead Jin in Yukianesa wielded Soul Reaver style by Sodia". He has written stories for ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'', ''VideoGame/SoulCalibur'', ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'', and many other series.

[[WMG:[[{{Shipping}} Shipping Fics]]]]
''Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.''

''[[ My Vermillion Princess]]'' by [[ The Pug Addict]]
* ''Recommended'': Fireminer
* ''Pairings'': Jin/Noel
* ''Status'': Dead
* ''Synopsis'': Beautiful Noel has shockingly been arranged to marry Captain Hazama. Life as a bride-to-be is already a degrading hell under his feet, but what will happen within those 7 days before the wedding when Major Kisaragi is found stalking her in the night?...
* ''Comments'': One of the best Jin X Noel fanfic out there. The purple prose is what make this story so unique. Couple with the fact that none character is OCC, this story ensure an enjoyable read.