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Fanfic recommendations for ''WesternAnimation/AGoofyMovie.'' No name recommendations will be zapped, since no one was willing to back up the fic.


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[[ Only Miles Apart]] by Roxinrox
* Recommended by: Tropers/{{PPPSSC}}
* Synopsis: Itís sophomore year at college for Max, PJ, and Bobby, and PJ is reuniting with Shala (Beret Girl) after a summer apart. However, her childhood friend, Miles, has transferred to their college, and manages to overshadow PJ in every way by having [[TheAce every virtue he possesses and none of his flaws.]] PJ wants to tell Shala how he really feels about her, with the support of his friends, but becomes concerned that she and Miles are more than just friends, bringing his feelings of inadequacy back to the forefront. (In-progress).
* Pairing(s): Beret Girl/PJ
* Tags: brief depiction of physical abuse, reckless underage alcohol use