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''Total Drama Tokyo'' is a ''WesternAnimation/TotalDrama'' fanfic by Toadgamer80. This is the fourth installment of the series by this author, and the most advanced and popular, especially compared to the [[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness first few]]. In this story, twenty-two contestants, ranging from a {{Yaoi}} fanatic to a RichBitch to an AxCrazy {{Cloudcuckoolander}} {{Expy}}, compete in... well, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Tokyo]], to win a million dollars. Chris still hosts, and he has quite a few new tricks up his sleeve, such as radioactive monsters, candied fish tails, and {{Youkai}}.

You can read the story [[http://totaldramaislandfanfiction.wikia.com/wiki/Total_Drama_Tokyo here.]]

This fan-fiction contains the following tropes:
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: The author is fond of this trope. The following quote is typical:
-->'''Estrella:''' Blood. Centipedes crawling across people's skin. Knives flying out of nowhere and almost stabbing people's heads. Dead dogs in the highway. Vultures that eat human carcasses. Gory, grisly corpses hanging out to dry. Oh, and teddy bears.
* AscendedExtra: Mr. Chapman started out as just a person Roz would frequently reference, but then [[SpotlightStealingSquad took over the show]]...
* AuthorAvatar: Tolkien, according to the WordOfGod - his romantic troubles were essentially based on the author's similar situation at the time and his love for fantasy games was thought of so he wouldn't be too similar to the author.
* AxCrazy: Roz at her worst, although she's usually just a GenkiGirl.
* BlandNameProduct:
** [[TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons Luncheons & Laggins]], the card game Tolkien is obsessed with.
** Beets by Dray, which are shaped like the vegetable.
* BreakoutCharacter: Flora is a one dimensional character as a joke on slotfiller characters in ''Total Drama'' fanfictions. She's also a very popular character, so popular she appeared in the 'all-stars' season.
* ButtMonkey: Puck. Within eighteen chapters, he almost drowns multiple times, gets kicked in the groin by Wolfgang multiple times, gets turned into a pig, gets attacked by a demon while using a Porta-Potty, gets attacked by Japanese tourists, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and gets his pizza stolen]]. Among many other things.
* TheCameo: Contestants from previous installments regularly make brief appearances.
* ClosetGeek: Ari. Tolkien comes across her [[TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons Luncheons & Laggins]] cards one day.
* CrowningMomentofAwesome: Puck flying out of the water on Ol' Humpy and destroying Mr. Chapman's boat.
%%* DarkIsNotEvil: Delia and Vivienne, they both have pretty good intentions.
%%* DeadpanSnarker: This trait is [[WorldOfSnark very common]] among the contestants, with Estrella being the leading practitioner.
* DisgustingPublicToilet: Puck runs into a Porta-Potty in the woods in the eighth chapter. In addition to the usual traits, this one has a demon living inside of it.
* TheDragon: [[TheDitz Isabel]] serves as this to [[RichBitch Layla]], although Isabel [[TooDumbToLive doesn't know it]].
* EmbarrassingFirstName: Puck's real name is [[spoiler: Cornelius]] Puckerschmidt.
* {{Expy}}: Roz, of the canonical ''WesternAnimation/TotalDrama'' character, [[CloudCuckooLander Izzy]]. Roz is postulated as Izzy's [[ItRunsInTheFamily cousin]].
* FlatCharacter: Flora, on purpose. She tries to get people notice her, since [[LampshadeHanging she's tired of being boring and one-dimensional]].
%%* GenkiGirl: Roz
* HehHehYouSaidX: Quite a few times with Puck. Also, this:
-->'''Chris:''' Tomorrow, this chappy is getting long.
-->'''Roz:''' Hehehehe. Chappy. Long.
%%* JerkAss: Quite a few, including Anderson, Wolfgang, and Thomas.
* LoonyFan: Casey is obsessed with previous contestant Chelsey and tries to model her behavior after her... it doesn't work. She even meets Chelsey during one chapter, and this is her reaction:
%%* LoveTriangle: Two happen;
%%** One in the beginning of the story between Casey, Thomas and Puck.
%%** One after the merge [[spoiler: between Ari, Roz and Tolkien.]]
%%* MasterOfDisguise: Dolph
%%* OddFriendship: Roz and Ari - Roz is eccentric, extroverted, and a GenkiGirl, and Ari is shy and awkward, and the CloudcuckoolandersMinder. Casey and Puck's relationship is this humorously.
* RichBitch: Layla until [[spoiler:she wins money and gives it to Charles, her butler.]] Although, in the next season, it's back, with her missing Charles and trying to get others to do her work for her.
%%* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship: Ari and Roz are somewhat like this.
* ShoutOut:
** Chapter four to ''Anime/SpiritedAway'', chapter six to {{Pokemon}}, chapter ten to ''Anime/MyNeighborTotoro'', and chapter thirteen to... WebVideo/EpicRapBattlesOfHistory.
** Wolfgang's line "MY LIFE IS LIKE A FART!" is a shout-out to WesternAnimation/AdventureTime.
%%* {{Squee}}: Yuri and Roz are big squee-ers.
%%* TinyGuyHugeGirl: Puck and Casey. He's one of the shortest (and squattest) guys in the season and she's very lanky.
%%* TokyoTower: The contestants have to climb it in one challenge. Disaster ensues.
* TookALevelInJerkass: Thomas. He started out as a nice, somewhat goofy guy, and turned into a bastard who hated Puck and was extremely jealous of his relationship with Casey.
* WorldOfHam: The Final Five include LaughablyEvil Layla, GenkiGirl Roz, CampStraight Kai, and PungeonMaster Puck.
* WorldOfSnark: Snarkiness is a very common trait among the contestants.
* {{Youkai}}: The challenge in chapter eight involves the contestants traversing the woods to find a key to a treasure chest which is guarded by supernatural beings.