Fan Fic: The Marvel DC Project

Back in the late months of 2013, an idea was formed, one which many avid Comic Book fans have likely thought about for some time; what if the Marvel and DC continuities existed as one shared universe? At first, this idea was just that: an idea—one that, at first, might not have been taken seriously. However, as the weeks went on, and as the weeks turned into months, this idea started to become something more. And now, the idea has become reality.

The Marvel–DC Project is Exactly What It Says on the Tin: a universe in which the Marvel and DC universes exist together. Of course, there are multiple incarnations of and takes on these universe, especially with DC and its tendency to do middle-of-the-road reboots. For DC, the team has largely taken from the Post-Crisis–to–Pre Nu 52 period, and for Marvel, they may radically alter various large events such as Civil War or One More Day, if not remove them entirely. So far, the universe has two major eras; the Golden Age, which is based off the original Golden Age comics from the 1940s, as well as various modern works that involve the Golden Age, and the Modern Age, with planned stories that could range anywhere from when the current wave of superheroes began, to far past that point. This is the era that will likely have the highest amount of series and individual stories made for it, for unlike the Golden Age, which will likely only have one series, the Modern Age will probably have several. Series that are currently being produced include:

  • "The Golden Age", by kkhohoho. This series is Exactly What It Says on the Tin: a long-running (it is hoped) series about the Golden Age of this new merged universe, during WWII, and of the exploits of the Invaders for Justice during the war. (The Invaders for Justice being a mashup of DC's Justice Society of America and Marvel's The Invaders, respectively.) The plans for this series are to eventually expand the cast to over 60 heroes as part of the IJ (Invaders for Justice), but to prevent the series from getting too bloated, not every hero is going to appear at once; instead, once enough heroes join, it will become a Revolving Door Roster ŕ la Justice League Unlimited, with an incredibly large group of heroes, but only so many getting the spotlight at a given time. It is also planned for three seasons, with the first season focusing on the Pacific Theater of WWII, and the latter two focusing on the European Theater. Located here.
  • 'Spider-Man', by Red M. This series focuses on Spider-Man, starting out six months after the Modern Age of Superheroes began. Not much more about it is known at this time. Located here.

Other series include:

And more series are being planned. This work may have started as nothing more than a distraction, but by now, as had been said, it has become a very real reality.