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Fanfic: Superwomen of Eva: Storm Bringer
Maria Vincennes is an Evangelion pilot stationed at Nerv's Second Branch, far away from the conflict in Japan. Wanting nothing more than to see battle, she will soon be hurled into an incredible conflict by forces beyond her control...

The latest in the Superwomen of Eva series by orionpax09, Superwomen of Eva: Storm Bringer stars Maria Vincennes from Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: The Nerv White Paper, who gains the powers and abilities of The Mighty Thor.

Currently under construction. Please add tropes as you see them!

This Superwomen of Eva story contains examples of the following:

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Superwomen of Eva: Fiery ReturnFanFic/CrossoverSuperwomen of Eva 2: Emerald Courage
Superwomen of Eva: Fiery ReturnFanWorks/NeongenesisevangelionSuperwomen of Eva 2: Emerald Courage

alternative title(s): Superwomen Of Eva Storm Bringer
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