[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7668974/1/Fallen_Hero Fallen Hero]] is an ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' fanfic by an author known as [=FutanariIsFail=]. The story is told all from Finn's perspective, but due to tragic events, he has forgotten his own name, and is retelling his account of the death of Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, the man who killed them (who, apparently, is supposed to be Finn's brother, or an alien, or any combination of the two), Finn's relationship with the man, and how he learns to deal with the recent change of events.

Finn is even given the powers of Finn's brother, who belongs to an ancient order of homicidal gods, which eventually drives him into madness. Finn's... problem, shall we say, experiences conflicting emotions about his... brother, so to speak.

Anyway, after some failed escape attempts and some psychological {{Mind Screw}}s, Finn is brought to his problem's lair and eventually uses the power he is given to sacrifice himself for the better of his world, which sends him into the realm of the people of the order, which Finn had became a member of by gaining his problem's powers through a mysterious stare. After a short stay, Finn is brought back to this mortal realm by his "problem," who [[HeelFaceTurn decides that he no longer wants to use his powers for evil]] by getting rid of them altogether. He brings back Princess Bubblegum and Marceline from the dead, and is valiantly rewarded as a hero.

Has [[http://fanfiction.net/s/8000826/1/A_Brother_Am_I a sequel]]. In it, Finn's brother finds himself involved in a convoluted destiny at the hands of a group of all-powerful beings by the name of the Reapers (of no relation to the ''Franchise/MassEffect'' series). Their mother also comes out of hiding, and the good and evil halves of him speak to him throughout the story.

!!''FallenHero'' provides examples of:

* AbortedArc: Started out as a shipping fic, but things changed along the way.
** Not to mention, chapter 3 has a plot about Finn, while in the afterlife, meeting a girl and becoming close to her. That was also cut short by the plot.
* AddedAlliterativeAppeal: Chapter 2 has Finn using this to describe pancakes, of all things.
-->'''Finn:''' I was then treated to a sizable stack of sizzling sweetness. ... squeezing out the rich rations as I really ravished those round, refreshing revitalizations. ... Alliterative appeal arguably adds amazement to this accomplishment.
* TheAlcoholic: Finn's problem guzzles down an unhealthy amount of alcohol during his interrogation. When Jake calls him out on his actions, Finn's problem simply takes a quick swig in confusion.
* AndIMustScream: Finn has a nightmare that he cannot wake up from, and is also hoarse in his sleep. Jake is absolutely powerless in waking him up.
* AntiHero: Rufus is a Type III.
* ApocalypticLog: Before Finn's problem was such a problem, he was actually a great military leader who vanquished the reapers (people belonging to a homicidal order of gods) in a civil war, with many drastic effects on both the Land of Ooo and himself. This was all found in a log of alien life and pre-apocalyptic observations of Ooo done by Finn's problem himself.
* AwesomeMcCoolName: [[spoiler:Archimedes the Atoner.]] It wasn't even his real name, but you have to admit, it sounds cool. [[spoiler:Rufus]], his real name, may also count.
* BreadEggsMilkSquick: Finn's problem's office has many things cluttered around it; file cabinets, desks and drawers, and weapons of mass extermination, of all things.
* CainAndAbel: While Finn and his problem aren't necessarily bitter towards each other (his problem is somewhat envious, if forcing towards him), the things that Finn's problem does to him lead one to wonder just what is his problem.
* ClosetShuffle: Finn's problem hides in Marceline's house in what else.
* CloudCuckooLander: Finn's problem is... a loony. He never takes any situation seriously unless he's pushed over his limit, and interrogates Finn while drinking heavily.
* CoolBike: Finn is given a motorcycle in his journey of escaping his problem. Eventually, it is destroyed during his FaceHeelTurn, but it is soon replaced by an even cooler bike, with machine guns, flamethrowers, thrusters, and the ability to destroy anything in its sight.
* CurbStompBattle: The Reaper War. While the Reapers are horribly outnumbered, they at least have an incredible advantage in terms of strength and ability. A vast majority of Finn's problems cavalry are already dead by the time only a few Reapers stand. It doesn't help that this war lead to a state of political and economic turmoil afterwards.
* DrivenToSuicide: Finn's problem's personal secretary hanged herself after he used "the stare" on her.
* GoodAllAlong: Finn's problem was possessed the whole time.
* GratuitousSpanish: "Mi hermano" seems to be a catchphrase of Finn's problem, almost a pet-name.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:Finn uses his powers to kill himself in regret, which evokes a MyGodWhatHaveIDone from his problem.]]
* ILied: After Finn [[spoiler:goes on a murderous rampage while possessed]], Finn's problem agrees to keep them out of trouble legally. The next morning, he then reveals that he reported Finn to the local police as a way of "becoming a better person."
* InfantImmortality: Averted in the ApocalypticLog of the Reaper War. Men, women, and children fight against the reapers and just barely come out the victors.
* KubrickStare: How the reapers spread their powers to one another. Also counts as MindRape, as Finn's problem so describes it in his diary.
* MindRape: The reapers' stare is described in this in Finn's problem's ApocalypticLog, both literally and figuratively, in that it serves as a way of passing on the legacy, which is, in essence, reproduction, and thus, can be considered rape.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: The reasoning for Finn's problem's HeelFaceTurn.
* NoMrBondIExpectYouToDine: What does the villain do when he finally has Finn in his power? Bring him to his lair and prepare him a ham dinner. Um... okay?
* NoNameGiven: Finn is never referred to by name in the story, except for near the end when he finally recollects who he was. For that matter, neither was his problem, save for a brief mention during Finn's stay in the underworld. His real name, however, was said at the very end of the fanfic.
* PietaPlagiarism: {{Lampshaded}} by Finn, of all people. Interestingly enough, he's able to hold two women in this pose that are already locked in each other's arms, which leads to an ''Film/{{Inception}}'' reference by Finn.
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Said by Jake in the beginning of the third chapter:
-->'''Jake:''' What kind of sick pleasure do you derive from torturing young boys? You're just a lonely, insane, desperate, psychopathic, conspiring, hate-filled waste of space with no friends and no socially acceptable behaviors. You keep telling him that it's all 'in good fun' and 'there's no running away' but whenever you're right within everyone's reach, where you can freely use your power to wipe them all out, you run away and plot your next pathetic moves. You killed two girls just to prove that your 'hermano' needs to grow up, but you yourself act so immaturely and in desperation that maybe we should just kill someone you love. Oh wait! No one loves you, because you'd rather kill everyone in Ooo and rule in terror than kill some people and have a hypnotized, deluded following. So either stop bugging us and get your shit together, or just go on doing what you do and maybe you'll receive that comeuppance you're desperately in need of.
** The beauty of it is that Finn's problem had no reason not to kill him there and then for saying that, but simply swigged liquor due to how dumbfounded he was.
* TitleDrop: Finn's problem says that it's an honor by his standards to be considered a "fallen hero," which Finn then contemplates the meaning of.
* TogetherInDeath: Marceline and Bubblegum die literally in each other's arms. After falling. It's unclear just how Finn survived this fall, though.
* WhatAPieceOfJunk: Said by Finn's problem regarding his first motorcycle.