[[http://archiveofourown.org/works/860701 Reunion]] is a Team Fortress 2 fan fiction written by {{Big Name Fan}} Cat Bountry. It tells the story of the RED team having a big reunion at Engineer's house after 8 years. More of a drama than a comedy, it focuses on the relationships between the characters, romantic and otherwise, and how they have changed since the end of the war. Not everyone went on to lead successful lives after the war. Notably, Pyro is a hobo in New York City and Soldier has an abusive and manipulative brother controlling his life.

The sequel, [[http://archiveofourown.org/works/860824 Afterwards Book 1]] and [[http://archiveofourown.org/works/860866 Book 2]], continues the story, focusing more on the Soldier's brother, Johnny, and the team trying to rescue Pyro from his life of squalor. It's noticeably {{Darker And Edgier}} than Reunion, and both are at least the length of short novels.

!! Both stories show examples of
* AntiHero: The Team, obviously. A bunch of professional killers with few moral restraints team up again to help their friends.
* TheCameo: [[spoiler: Scout appears in the very last chapter of Afterwards, having been absent for the whole story, calling over the phone during the fight with Johnny.]]
* CurbStompBattle: [[spoiler: Engineer, Heavy, and Soldier vs. Johnny.]]
* TheFaceless: Pyro.
* ForceFeeding: Someone tried to blackmail the Medic long time ago, he escaped. "But zat was after I pulled out all his teezh, fed him his own testicles, drilled a hole into his skull and zen poured in ze acid..."
* FrenchJerk: Ze Spy, of course.
* FunetikAksent: Everyone to some extent, with exceptions of Soldier [[spoiler: and Pyro]].
* HeteronormativeCrusader: Soldier.
* IBangedYourMom: Spy in Reunion constantly reminds Scout that he has been bonking his mother.
* ItRunsInTheFamily: The Doe family is batshit insane.
--> '''Spy:''' [Soldier and Johnny] are descendants of one Jensen Dahl, a man who fled from Norway in 1806 after murdering his wife and her lover in a fit of rage, settled in Pennsylvania, fathered two children and eventually went mad after contracting syphilis, ultimately ending his life by jumping from the roof of a church, convinced zat angels would catch him before he landed. Is zat accurate?
* {{Jerkass}}: Soldier is very rude towards Heavy, Medic, and Sniper. Well, everyone really. But he mellows out as the story progresses. Also, [[FrenchJerk Spy]].
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold:
** The Soldier, who's traumatized by his brother and has very little idea of human interaction.
** The Spy, while cold, professional, smug, and still loyal to RED, tries to help his former teammates and doesn't tell his supervisors that Engineer [[spoiler: had built a small teleport network for his friends]].
* MadDoctor: While never shown, a few remarks by other characters suggest that Medic still is this.
--> '''Heavy:''' If Medic had come here instead of Soldier, [[Johnny]] vould be dead by now and his guts would be strung around like it vas Christmas.
* RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil[=/=]RapeAsDrama: [[spoiler: Johnny raped Soldier when they were kids.]]
* SmugSnake: Spy.
* StraightGay: Heavy and Medic.
* ThereAreNoTherapists: Zig-zagged. There are, but the ones Soldier has are either incompetent or unwilling to help him.
* TheUnintelligible: Pyro. [[spoiler:Except when he takes off his scarf to call Soldier.]]
* VitriolicBestBuds: Everyone on the Team, naturally.
* YouNoTakeCandle: Heavy's English still could use some improvement.