''Return to Atlantica'' is the first installment of the Snakeasaur Saga, a series in which a mutated [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Ash Ketchum]] teams up with [[Disney/TheLittleMermaid Ariel's]] daughter Melody in a universe-hopping quest to defeat the world-destroying Snakeasaurus, Tyrone. The story is a MegaCrossover, involving franchises from Franchise/SuperMarioBros to Franchise/SpyroTheDragon. Written by Tyraka628, it can be found [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6932565/1/Return_to_Atlantica_1_out_of_3_A_New_Beginning here]].
!!''Return to Atlantica'' contains examples of:
* CoolSword
* CosmicRetcon: Occurs during the [[WhereItAllBegan backstory]].
* CrackFic: [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Ash Ketchum]], [[VideoGame/DinosaurKing Max Taylor]], and [[Franchise/SpyroTheDragon Spyro]] are the same person. He fights a planet-destroying reptile named Tyrone.
* {{Crossover}}: Pokemon and Little Mermaid is just the beginning.
* DoorstopBaby: Ash.
* {{Doorstopper}}: It clocks in at 166,218 words, a third of the length of ''Literature/LesMiserables''. [[SerialEscalation And it's posted as one 'chapter'.]]
* EarthThatWas: The Pokemon world.
* EvilCounterpart: Shadowrukians, the descendents of Xenanort, to Starukians, the descendents of Sir Aaron.
* LivingShadow
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: Tyrone seeks to destroy all humans and human sympathizers after a group headed by Ash's ancestor's brother attempted to enslave him.
* SoleSurvivor: Ash is the only human left from the Pokemon world. Pikachu appears to be the only Pokemon left as well.