Fan Fic / Phantom Miria Trilogy
Cover for Claymore: New Era, by gooloo0-o

Phantom Miria Trilogy is an incomplete Claymore fanfic trilogy setting the post-Organization Claymores and their island itself (the entirety of which is called Toulouse in the fic) in a much larger-scale, dynamic world. The author describes it as a sort of A Song of Ice and Fire story with Claymore characters set in a Claymore universe. The story starts at the point at which Phantom Miria goes together (instead of alone) with the six other Ghosts, topples the Organization and has Rimuto executed in Rabona (thereby setting off a chain of events in the mainland), and follows her subsequent ascent to power.

Find them here:

Claymore: New Era

The Silver-eyed Empress

Clash of Thrones

Phantom Miria Trilogy provides examples of:

  • Asskicking Equals Authority: Demanded and successfully invoked by Miria in Rabona. Also the argument of Miria's evil twin (in a nightmare) for Miria seizing still more power and becoming the monarch of Toulouse.
  • Church Militant: Galatea.
  • Dead Guy Junior: Claire's daughter Teresa.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Some of it was partially justified though
  • Groin Attack: Poor James.
  • Mama Bear: Miria, after she finds that Natalie has been injured by King Charles's archers.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: What the defeat of the Organization and the elimination of the rest of the Yoma and Awakened Beings has amounted to from the perspective of many humans in the years immediately following, due to the increase in bandit attacks and territorial strifes between warlord factions. Also Miria for the Grand Alliance; the toppling of the Organization has resulted in the existence of the semi-Awakening phenomenon being known to the Alliance of Nations, which allows a half-awakened Alliance of Nations claymore Katarzyna Romanowa to lead a regime change into a much more formidable enemy for the Dragonkin-allied Grand Alliance.
  • Translation Convention: "Toulousan" is French, "Bretonese" is English, "Comnenian" (the language of the Romanow Empire) is Polish and the language of the Grand Alliance/Dragonkin is German.