''Max's Journey'' is a {{Anime/Pokemon}} [[FanFic fanfic]] written by {{Tropers/Bwburke94}}. Set immediately after the Advanced Generation of the anime, the fic follows Max through his first year or so as a Pokémon trainer. Two chapters were written and then deleted, with a side story also deleted, but a re-upload is planned.

The fic's (now former) description on FanFictionDotNet: "After the end of AG, Max sets off on his own journey. His first stop on the way back home is [[FirstTown New Bark Town in Johto]], but when he gets there he finds that a Pokémon trainer has captured [[OlympusMons four legendary Pokémon]] and threatened the entire world in the process."

Due to the publishing and unpublishing of the first two chapters, there is a Darth Wiki page [[DarthWiki/MaxsJourney here]].

!!Tropes relating to the fanfic itself:
* DevelopmentHell: The original two chapters were uploaded in April 2011 before being deleted. The fic itself and its sequel have been in the planning process since '''March 2010'''.
%% Development Hell stays on the main page for now, until the fic is re-uploaded and a Trivia page is created.