Fan Fic / LothÝriel

LothÝriel is just a name in Appendix A of The Lord of the Rings. The book says that ╔omer King of Rohan "wedded LothÝriel, daughter of Imrahil."

LothÝriel by JunoMagic is a story about another LothÝriel. Her mother named her after the book character. This LothÝriel lives in Germany and wants to escape her life. Then she walks through a rainbow and falls into The Lord of the Rings, where she becomes the story's Tenth Walker. This is a rare Tenth Walker story that follows the books, not the movies. It also extends beyond the end of The Lord of the Rings, as it becomes the love story of ╔omer and LothÝriel, and totals 474,627 words in 110 chapters.

LothÝriel has an Mature rating, because of sex (not explicit) in a few chapters. The story is a serious Medieval European Fantasy and presents Gondor and Rohan as medieval countries, borrowing customs from real history.

JunoMagic also made a cover image and the "Drabbles about LothÝriel and Drabbles of Rohan".

LothÝriel by JunoMagic provides examples of:

  • Accidental Misnaming: LothÝriel is from Germany. Many other Germans call her "LosÝriel" because they can't say the English "th" sound.
  • Bonus Material: "Drabbles about LothÝriel and Drabbles of Rohan"
  • Distant Finale: Chapter 110 "Epilogue" skips ahead some decades.
  • In-Series Nickname: The hobbits shorten LothÝriel to "Lothy", and LothÝriel herself shortens MÝriel to "MÝri" and Meluir to "Mel".
  • No Periods, Period: Chapter 12 "Preparations for the Journey", puts the idea that the elves never bleed during their periods. "They reabsorbed whatever they had done to get ready once a month to conceive a child." LothÝriel does not have periods because her birth-control implant suppresses them.
  • O.C. Stand-in: LothÝriel was just a name in Appendix A of LoTR. The story titled LothÝriel is about a different LothÝriel who lives in Germany, but then she falls into The Lord of the Rings, where she stands in for the other LothÝriel.
  • Officially Shortened Title: LothÝriel had a longer title, LothÝriel - The Tenth Walker! Novel, but JunoMagic shortened it.
  • One Steve Limit: LothÝriel from Germany falls into The Lord of the Rings, but that story already has a LothÝriel. Now it might have two characters named LothÝriel, and they might meet.
  • Translator Microbes: When LothÝriel enters Middle-earth, she suddenly knows Westron. The magic does not translate anything; it only causes her to know another language. LothÝriel still can't read the local alphabets, nor speak Sindarin, nor Rohirric, unless she learns them the hard way.
  • Trapped in Another World: LothÝriel from Germany falls into Middle-earth. She likes Middle-earth, despite its medieval culture and lack of technology, and would not return to Germany if she had the chance.