Another [[BlatantLies brilliant]] fanfiction brought to you by [[ Ghostmctavish]]. [[ Jigsaw Versus The Punisher]] is a ''[[ThePunisher Punisher]]''/''Franchise/{{Saw}}'' Crossover. It is about Frank Castles fight with Jigsaw (no, not the Punisher villain), and about Officer John and the drunk cop, two corrupt cops who are trying to catch the Punisher. That's pretty much the whole plot. The fanfic is full of {{Narm}}, implausible over the top battles and bad writing, and includes scenes like the Punisher chasing Billy the puppet, who is riding a tricycle, and the Punisher killing a room full of ninjas with a pair of circular saws.

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!This work provides examples of:

* AssholeVictim: Ronald paid his black employers less because he was a racist. He also cheated on his wife, molested girl scouts, didn't go to the elections last year, spammed on the internet, and [[EnfanteTerrible drowned a litter of kittens as a child]].
* ClusterFBomb
-> "Who the fuck is Frank fucking Castle?" asked the cop because he had now fucking idead who the fuck Frank Castle was.
* CurbStompBattle: Frank Castle easily defeats [[spoiler:Killer]].
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: The killer is called Killer [[CaptainObvious because he kils people]].
* {{Fingore}}: To escape from a trap, Frank Castle headbutts his hands until they are broken before slipping out of the restraints. This doesn't prevent him from kicking ass in the slightest.
** [[spoiler:Killer]] has half his fingers cut off and the other half broken.
* KickTheDog: Billy the puppet shoots at Frank Castle with a missile launcher, but misses and kills a schoolbus full of japanese cheerleaders instead.
* {{Mooks}}: The ninjas with pig masks.
* PintSizedPowerhouse: Billy the puppet can hold his own in a fight against Frank Castle.
* RasputinianDeath: [[spoiler:Killer]] gets his nose broken, has his head smashed on a hotplate, catches fire, has his head smashed with a refrigator door, has half his fingers cut off and the other half broken, has his kneecap, elbow, arm and spine broken, has a leg shot off with a .50 sniper rifle and is punched in the face until his [[YourHeadASplode head explodes]], all in a single battle.
* SadisticChoice:
** Ronald was given the choice to either have his head chopped off with a chainsaw or to eat his own hand. He chose the former.
** Frank Castle is also given the choice between cutting off his own hands or being [[NoKillLikeOverkill shot point-blank with a shotgun, burned to death and being shot with anti-tank missiles]]. He takes [[TakingAThirdOption a third option]], which involves him headbutting his hands until they are broken so he can slip out of his restraints.
** In the end, [[spoiler:Jigsaw gives officer John the choice between killing the president or letting Washington get nuked. [[TakingAThirdOption Instead, the police let the Punisher loose]]]].
* TheDragon: The ''evil detective'' from movie Saw V.
* TrollFic: Quite possible, given the quality of the writing.