Annabelle Lennox is just another little girl, just starting school. She's clever and learns rather quickly. She hates bullies and will not tolerate them trying to be mean. She likes to draw and color in her free time. Her favorite subject of her drawings would be the black truck that is usually parked outside her house.

[[SecretKeeper She never tells anyone, however, that the truck isn't ''just'' a truck.]] It is her best friend, [[{{Film/Transformers}} Ironhide]].

Set after ''Film/TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen'', this series is a prime example of what happens when characters wrestle control away from the writer. [[ Black Crayons]] started out as a short one-shot about the idea of Will Lennox's daughter growing up with the knowledge of the Autobots and how this would affect the child. It was intended to be something short, but as its creator, Creator/BookwormGal, quickly learned, the tale was nowhere near finished. Currently, the series consists of sixteen stories. Most are short one-shots, but four are multi-chapter pieces including the most recent one that attempts to rewrite ''Film/TransformersDarkOfTheMoon''. The series was written out of order and most can be read separately, but taken as one long story as well.

''Black Crayons'' consists of (in order):

* [[ Black Crayons]]
* [[ Drawings]]
* [[ Babysitter's Nightmare]]
* [[ Night Sky]]
* [[ Bully]]
* [[ Parent-Teacher Conference]]
* [[ Everybody Needs a Birthday]]
* [[ Babysitting, Take Two]]
* [[ When I Grow Up]]
* [[ Party Time]]
* [[ Language Lessons]]
* [[ Summer Vacation]]
* [[ My First Decepticon]]
* [[ Nightmares]]
* [[ A Child's Innocence]]

Or they can all be read [[ here]]

In addition to the main stories of the series, a collection of drabbles was written.

* [[ 100 Black Crayons]]

While most of the stories are [[LighterAndSofter simply sweet and adorable tales]] about a little girl who just so happen to be friends with the Autobot Weapon Specialist, it manages to avoid being ''too'' sweet. Characterization of the relationships between the humans and Cybertronians is the main focus. Later stories, as Annabelle begins to grow older, become more serious in tone. Her father and best friend ''are'' in the middle of a war against the Decepticons and events begin to draw closer to home...

!!''Black Crayons'' contains examples of:

* ActionGirl: Mikaela.
* AliensSpeakingEnglish: Just like in the movies, the Cybertronians have downloaded the language. Also inverted when Annabelle begins learning to speak Cybertronian.
* AlternateUniverseFic: "A Child's Innocence" is a rewrite of ''Film/TransformersDarkOfTheMoon''. One of the differences is removing [[ReplacementScrappy Carly]] and putting Mikaela back in the storyline.
* BadlyBatteredBabysitter: While never actually hurt, Jennifer ends the night with her nerves frayed due to a "possessed truck" outside.
* BattleOfWits: Between Annabelle and Simmons, who is trying to prove that a five year old girl can't possibly be trusted with a secret as massive as the Autobots. Too bad that he, like so many others, underestimated her...
* BerserkButton: For Annabelle, anything that might put her Autobot friends in trouble. For Sarah, anything that could threaten her child or husband. For Ironhide, anything that could physically, mentally, or emotionally harm Annabelle.
* {{BFG}}: Ironhide. Annabelle always makes sure to include his cannons in her drawings.
* BilingualBackfire: At one point, Ironhide begins teaching Annabelle some basics about how to speak Cybertronian. [[ChekhovsSkill This allows her to listen in and participate on a few conversations she wasn't supposed to understand.]] This includes Skid and Mudflap's plans to pull a prank on Ironhide, [[spoiler:use the universal greeting on Barricade, and hear a critical conversation about a traitor in the Autobot's midst]].
* BreakTheCutie: [[spoiler:Annabelle, in chapter 11 of "A Child's Innocence," is reduced to heart-broken, crying child after witnessing the Xanthium explode]]
* CarFu: Mikaela pulls this off fairly well.
* CheerfulChild: Annabelle
* ChekhovsSkill: Annabelle speaking Cybertronian. First, a cute way learn about the Twin's pranking plans. [[spoiler:Later,[[ChekhovsBoomerang a life saving skill]]]].
* CruelAndUnusualDeath: [[spoiler:Jolt being disintegrated by Sentinel's [[BuffySpeak rust gun thing]]]].
* CuteMute: Just like in the films, Bumblebee.
* DarkerAndEdgier: While most of the stories in the series have been fluffy, little tales intended to make you smile, things start becoming more serious around "My First Decepticon" and become positively dark at points in "A Child's Innocence."
* DyingMomentOfAwesome: [[spoiler:Jolt]]
* EyeScream: [[spoiler:Starscream]] suffers this in "A Child's Innocence"
* FaceDoodling: [[spoiler:Annabelle]] does this to [[spoiler:the twins, Mudflap and Skids,]] in "Summer Vacation." Glitter was also used.
* FallenHero: [[spoiler:Sentinel Prime]]
* FanVerse
* GoingDownWithTheShip: [[spoiler:Wheelie and Brains. The former survived.]]
* HugeGuyTinyGirl: Ironhide and Annabelle. It is portrayed as [[HonoraryUncle a]] [[PapaWolf platonic]] [[BigBrotherInstinct relationship]].
* HumansThroughAlienEyes: Ironhide, and later Bumblebee, have initial trouble with how the crayon drawings are supposed to represent reality.
* InnocentInaccurate: [[spoiler:Annabelle thinks the skeletons in Chicago are Halloween decorations]].
* InterspeciesFriendship: Annabelle (human) and Ironhide (Cybertronian). Actually, just like in the movies, there a lot of this going on with the main characters.
* InTheBack: Similar to the scene in ''TransformersDarkOfTheMoon'', [[spoiler:Sentinel ''attempts'' to do this to Ironhide. This time, however, Ironhide is able to react in time and make the traitor face him head-on instead]].
* LighterAndSofter: Most of the earlier-set stories are more light-hearted than the movies.
* LittleStowaway: [[spoiler:Annabelle in "A Child's Innocence"]].
* KilledOffForReal: [[spoiler:Jerry Wang, Jolt, Flareup, Laserbeak, Shockwave, Brains, Dylan Gould, and Sentinel Prime]].
* {{Mama Bear}}: Sarah Lennox. Don't mess with her daughter.
* MeleeATrois: Optimus Prime vs. Megatron vs [[spoiler:Sentinel Prime]]
* TheMole: Just like in TransformersDarkOfTheMoon, [[spoiler:Sam is forced to serve as one against his will]].
* MostWritersAreAdults: Averted. Great care is taken to make sure Annabelle acts like a child, albeit a clever child.
* MythologyGag: The Universal Greeting: [[TransformersTheMovie Bah wheep grana wheep ninny bahn]]
* NoEndorHolocaust: Unlike the third film, this is averted in "A Child's Innocence". Having Cybertron coming through the space bridge is mentioned to be causing earthquakes near fault lines and that there is the distinct possibility that having the planet completely come through could rip Earth apart.
* NotAllowedToGrowUp: Averted. Annabelle begins the series at age four, but she's six by "A Child's Innocence."
* {{Papa Wolf}}: Not only does Annabelle have [[BadassNormal Will]] [[HumansAreWarriors Lennox]], but she also has [[TriggerHappy Ironhide]]. Not to mention most of the Autobots have become rather fond of her...
* PluckyGirl: Annabelle. She's sweet and friendly, but she can be as brave and stubborn as her parents (or Ironhide) when she needs to. [[spoiler:She sneaks her way into a ''warzone'' because she thought she needed to be there]].
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Averted with Wheelie, but played straight with the other Decepticons.
* SaveTheVillain: For a certain value of "villain." [[spoiler:When Barricade shows up, Annabelle serves as a distraction so that Carl can escape]].
* SecretKeeper: Not including those connected to the government or [=NEST=], those who know the truth about the Cybertronians include Sam, Mikaela, Annabelle, their families, [[AndZoidberg and Leo]] (though he hasn't appeared in the series).
* ShipperOnDeck: Annabelle is waiting rather impatiently for [[spoiler:Ironhide and Chromia]] to realize they belong together.
* ShoutOut: At one point in "A Child's Innocence," [[ActorAllusion Dutch]] says [[{{Series/Firefly}} I'm a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.]]
** In the same story, Mikaela compares Sam to [[Film/DieHard John McClane]].
* SparedByTheAdaptation: So far in "A Child's Innocence," [[spoiler:Ironhide, Starscream, Wheeljack, Soundwave, Wheelie, and Megatron]] have survived their fates from ''Film/TransformersDarkOfTheMoon''.
* TricksterTwins: Mudflap and Skids
* {{WAFF}}: If you do not go "aww..." at some point, you have no soul.
* WaterGunsAndBalloons: The ideal weapons whenever Annabelle decides to team up with Ironhide against Sam, Wheelie, or the Twins.