->“That’s nothing, Sixx once destroyed two enemy attack choppers with a slingshot, and a [[NoodleImplements newspaper from the 1930’s]].”
->“See, Kid, you’re not the only one who can use newspaper as a weapon.”
->–Wolf and Sixx.

[[http://sixthnation.forumotion.net/t1080-apocolypse-a-ww3-story Apocalypse: WW3]] is an all OC story by [[http://kidchimera00.deviantart.com KidChimera00]] on FanFiction.net and deviantArt.com that updates every other month where North America and Western Europe are attacked by Russia, Eastern Europe, The Middle East and Korea. Meanwhile, some American soldiers, helped by the British, attempt to take back Europe and stop the invasion at its source. The story follows Specter, Dog, Omega and Hunter Squads as {{hilarity ensues}}.

!!This work provides examples of:
* CloudCuckooLander: Sixx.
* DeadpanSnarker: Kid and Wolf to Sixx.
* FiveManBand: Specter Squad:
** TheHero: Sixx.
** TheLancer: Wolf (sometimes Kid.)
** ColdSniper[=/=]TheBigGuy: Ace.
** SmartGuy: Kid, most of the time.
* {{Narm}}: Talk about Sixx without bringing up something funny. I dare you.
* NoodleIncident: We can assume it involved Sixx, alcohol, a tank and a Christmas party {{gone horribly wrong}}…
* OhCrap: Kid did this when he realized the man he just woke up was his CO.
* OneSteveLimit: Although a few characters share a last name, no two characters have the same first name even though most of the time their real names aren’t even mentioned.
* ScheduleSlip: On Deviantart.com and FanFiction.net, the author has an excuse because he's rarely near a working computer with those sites unblocked, but on the [[http://sixthnation.forumotion.net/t1080-apocolypse-a-ww3-story Sixthnation.com postings]], he follows a some what strict three month chapter plan... Until chapter four at least.
* TheUnreveal: It’s never explained in the story what exactly happened during the Siege of Fallahj, only that Sixx, Toxic, Snowman, Wolf and Ace were there.