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Fan Fic: Alistair The Mage
"Rejoice in your gift, my young friends. For that is what our magic is: a gift. Do not listen to what the Templars, Chantry priests, or even what some of our fellow Mages say. Magic is a gift bestowed upon us from the Maker; why else would He grant us such amazing abilities? We have a heavy burden to pay for our gifts, true, but life is not without consequences. So never forget, children, that the magic you possess is not a curse, but a very important power that the Maker has seen fit to grant you all. Never forget that."

A Dragon Age Alternate Universe fanfic written by Anime-Star Wars-Fan-Zach. It asks the question: what if Alistair hadn't grown up with the Templar Order? What if instead he'd been raised in the Mage Tower?

It features appearances from a young Jowan, Anders, Wynne, and even Emelia Amell.

The story is still in its early stages, but the author plans to take it all the way to the Fifth Blight...and possibly beyond.

Can be found here.

Needs Wiki Magic Love.

This fanfiction contains examples of:

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