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[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5706480/1/A_Little_Night_Music A Little Night Music]] is a Franchise/{{Pokemon}} FanFic by author srgeman. The plot focuses on Angela Duncan, who, having lived an awful 16 years, decides to kill herself. Once she does, however, she meets Mew and is offered the chance to be reborn as a Pokemon. She accepts, and is surprised when the first person she sees is her friend from down the street.

This fic is notable for starting a fad among writers, primarily based around the its Reincarnation mechanics. It also deserves recognition for having over twenty characters, all of whom are well thought out and have rather distinct personalities.

The fic also has a sequel: Smiles Of A Summer Night. After the events of the first fic, Angela and co. decide to head to Johto.

Not to be confused with [[Theatre/ALittleNightMusic the musical]] or [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eine_kleine_Nachtmusik the Mozart composition]].

!!''A Little Night Music'' contains examples of:
* AbusiveParents: The story contains examples from all over the spectrum.
* AnyoneCanDie
* AllDeathsFinal:
** Except Angela's.
** [[spoiler:And Virgil's.]]
* DarkFic: Very. But it's not without it's funny moments.
* DoorStopper (over 400,000 words, or 1200 pages)
* DownerEnding: '''Very.'''
* ElsewhereFic
* LovableSexManiac: Titan. Gabriel in the sequel.
* MoodWhiplash: One chapter, everyone's happy, laughing and making jokes... [[spoiler:[[AnyoneCanDie The next, important cast members die]].]]
* ObfuscatingInsanity: [[spoiler:Sharon.]]
* RagtagBunchOfMisfits: The group as a whole.
* SecretlyWealthy: Louis.
* SlapSlapKiss: Louis and Lisa.
* SortingAlgorithmOfDeadness:
** Angela (human): Accidental suicide'''Died'''. Then reborn.
** Michael: '''Alive.'''
** Louis: [[spoiler:'''Alive''', but leaves forever.]]
** Enfer: [[spoiler:'''Dies'''.]]
** Rush: [[spoiler:'''Alive'''.]]
** Titan: [[spoiler:'''Alive'''.]]
** Lisa: [[spoiler:'''Dead'''.]]
** Nel: [[spoiler:'''Dead'''.]]
** L3: [[spoiler:'''Dead'''.]]
** Pecha: [[spoiler:'''Alive'''.]]
** Streak: [[spoiler:'''Alive'''.]]
** Virgil: Shot in the head. '''Died'''. [[spoiler: Came back for the sequel.]]
** Flash: Shot, but [[spoiler:lived long enough to tell Angela he killed his brother's family. '''Died.''']]
** Sharon: [[spoiler:''[[EyeScream Shot in the eye]]''. '''Died'''.]]
** Wisp: [[spoiler:'''Died'''.]]
** Bane: [[spoiler:Had his leg shot off. '''Alive'''.]]
** Shu: Shot, but [[spoiler:obtained titan status. '''Died'''.]]
** Angela (umbreon): [[spoiler: Crushed by flaming debris]]. '''Died'''. Then reborn ''again''.
** Tagger: [[spoiler:DrivenToSuicide [[LogicBomb by Angela]].]] '''Died.'''

!!''Smiles Of A Summer Night'' adds the following examples:
* CrowningMomentOfFunny: Anna's dream.
* Jerkass: Nemuri.
* RelationshipUpgrade: Angela and Michael.