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* "Press it!" [[spoiler:Optimus Prime, killing himself over a video game (he got better).]]
* "Where Optimus Prime can never follow--" [[spoiler:Megatron before blowing up the Space Bridge with him on it in a fit of insanity (he got better).]]
* "Its gravity is pulling me down... into the atmosphere... where it is only logical... that I burn up..." [[spoiler:Shockwave ([[RunningGag he got better]]).]]
* "I go now to meet my '''destiny!'''" [[spoiler:Ratbat]]
* "I shall -- AIGGHH!!" [[spoiler:Starscream (he also got better).]]
* "I... I... [[HeroicBSOD no no no no no!]]" [[spoiler:Brainstorm, before being crushed by Unicron.]]
* "Did -- Did...kuh... I do... good?" [[spoiler:Scorponok to Optimus Prime, who replies, "Yes old friend... You did good."]]
* "SHEEAAAGH!" [[spoiler:Many characters; it's a [[http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Furmanism Furmanism]] after all.]]

''[[AC:WesternAnimation/TheTransformers: G1 cartoon]]''
* "Leave him alone!" [[spoiler:Ariel. She was later rebuilt as Elita-1.]]
* "Ariel, no!" [[spoiler:Dion]]
* "You, you monster!" [[spoiler:Orion Pax. He was later rebuilt as Optimus Prime.]]
* "Until all are one." [[spoiler:Optimus Prime. Again, he got better]]
* "No, I am invulnerable! No one can disarm me. NO ONE! NOOOOOOOOO!" [[spoiler:Unicron... we think]]
* "I understand, Rodimus." [[spoiler:Metroplex]]

* "Not really... find the Power Pack! Rescue Optimus Prime. Go..." [[spoiler: Blaster/Billy (Omni Productions dub)]]
* "You have to keep the peace on Earth. D-don't let the Decepticons-" [[spoiler: Ultra Magnus (Omni Productions dub)]]
* "Darn, my dream is ruined! Come and help me somebody quicklyyyyyyahhhhhhhhhhhh!" [[spoiler:Galvatron (Omni Productions dub)]]

''[[AC:Franchise/GIJoe Vs WesternAnimation/TheTransformers]]''
* "Wh-what's going on? No! NOOOOAAAAAUGH!" [[spoiler: Major Bludd]]

* "Nor was I, but one day... an Autobot shall rise from our ranks... and use the power of the Matrix... to light... our darkest hour. Until that day, till all are one. " [[spoiler:Optimus Prime, He got better.]]
* "Megatron? Is that you?" [[spoiler:Starscream, he too got better.]]
* "Destiny... you cannot... destroy... my... DESTINY!" [[spoiler:Unicron, he also got better.]]
* "Never." [[spoiler:Ultra Magnus. Again, he got better.]]
* "Spare me this mockery of justice!" [[spoiler:Kranix. He did not get better.]]
* "NOOOOOO!!!" [[spoiler:Ironhide]]
* "Megatron! Decepticons!" [[spoiler:Brawn... possibly?]]
* "Decepticons! We are under attack! Scramble!" [[spoiler:Shockwave...possibly?]]
* "NO! NO! I accept your terms! I accept! GRAAAAAAARGH!!!" [[spoiler:Megatron, before he is reformatted into Galvatron.]]
* "Nay..." [[spoiler:Last identifiable words of Shrapnel, Skywarp, Bombshell, Thundercracker and Kickback]]
** "Brothers! Don't!" [[spoiler:Could be anyone of those five, though the voice doesn't sound like any of them.]]
* In the original script
** "Transform and flee, Kranix! You must warn all you meet of the horror of Unicron!" [[spoiler:Arblus]]
** "You were saying?" [[spoiler:Prowl]]
** "Fat chance, Megatron!" [[spoiler:Ironhide]]
** "Until that day... Until all are one... Continue the struggle... Transfer the Matrix of Leadership." [[spoiler:Optimus Prime]]
** "No, no. I accept your terms. I accept!" [[spoiler:Megatron]]
** "Prime, you said the Matrix would light our darkest hour." [[spoiler:Ultra Magnus. He still gets better.]]
** "Decepticons...we're under attack...Scramble -" [[spoiler:Shockwave]]
** "Destroy him, or feel yourself torn from limb to limb." [[spoiler:Unicron]]
* In draft scripts
** "My... Life Spark... quickly... before it escapes into... eternity..." [[spoiler:Megatron]]
** "But not far from it! Our energy is running low." [[spoiler:Gears]]

[[folder:Beast Wars]]
''[[AC:Transformers: WesternAnimation/BeastWars]]''
* "Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly, [[WartsAndAll the ill deeds along with the good]], [[BeAllMySinsRemembered and let me be judged accordingly]]. The rest...is silence..." [[spoiler:Dinobot,]] paraphrasing Shakespeare.
** "Farewell, Optimus Primal." [[spoiler: Dinobot II, after a last-minute HeelFaceTurn]]
* "For... the... royalty..." [[spoiler:Inferno. Although he got better.]]
* "Decepticons forever!" [[spoiler:Ravage]]
* "Friend... Good. Friend... Dark. I... ammm... [[MajorInjuryUnderreaction HURT!]]" [[spoiler:Transmutate.]]
* "No! STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!" [[spoiler:Tarantulas. He should have known better than to go messing with the Vok.]]
* "Raw energon! Right through your twisted spark! ''Take it! Take it straight to the pit, you '''SICKENING PIECE OF SLAG'''''!" [[spoiler:Depthcharge]]
** "''I'' was ''your'' assignment, and YOU FAILED!!!!" [[spoiler:Rampage]]
* "My queen! We're down here!" [[spoiler:Inferno. KilledOffForReal this time.]]
* "Oh, I don't like the looks o' this..." [[spoiler:Quickstrike]]

''[[AC:Transformers: WesternAnimation/BeastMachines]]''
* "The Great Transformation awaits, [[spoiler:Megatron]]. Prepare to be... reformatted." [[spoiler:Optimus Primal]]
** "[[BigNo NOOOOOOOOOOO!]]" [[spoiler:Megatron.]]

[[folder:Unicron Trilogy]]
''[[AC:Transformers: [[Anime/TransformersArmada The]] [[Anime/TransformersEnergon Unicron]] [[Anime/TransformersCybertron Trilogy]]]]''
* "I tried to protect the Mini-Cons for you...ungh...sir" [[spoiler:Smokescreen. He gets better]]
* "None of that matters now. You must listen - do as Optimus says and join forces with the Autobots, or else every last one of us is doomed. Please sir... do it for me..." [[spoiler:Starscream. He gets better. Also these weren't his actual last words. it's just that his real ones we're basicly just a command code.]]
* "[[spoiler:Galvatron]], you can't just leave me here! Please he..." [[spoiler:Thrust]]
* "I'll get my revenge..." [[spoiler:Sideways. He may or may not've gotten better. depends on if you count Cybertron with Armada and Energon.]]
* "Farewell, Optimus Prime. Victory is all yours. Now go look after your men, they need you!" [[spoiler:Galvatron's]] last words from Armada.
* "Finally! Something cool ''ACTUALLY HAPPENED!''" [[spoiler:Alpha Quintesson]]
* "After eons of watching, I began a new life, with purpose and meaning. And though that life now ends, I know that in the hearts of these friends I have made, I shall live forever. Farewell, Bud, the future is my gift to you." [[spoiler:Vector Prime]]
* "[[spoiler:"I...still...functionnn"]]" [[spoiler:Galvatron. (Quote spoiled because most any knowlegeable TF Fan would know the reference.)]]

* "Find him yourself!" [[spoiler: Starscream]]
* "Prime, you don't even know when you've won!" [[spoiler: Megatron]]
* "Destiny... you cannot... destroy... my... DESTINY!" [[spoiler:Unicron, just like in [[WesternAnimation/TheTransformersTheMovie the movie]].]]

* "English, dude. English." [[spoiler:Donnelly, who is killed by Scorponok, who was hunting down any survivors of Qatar attack]]
* "I HATE YOU!!!" [[spoiler:Bonecrusher]]
* "[[OhCrap Oh]] [[CurseCutShort shi--]]" [[spoiler:Frenzy]]
* "You want a piece of me?! You wanna piece?!" [[spoiler:Jazz, who is killed by Megatron by pulling him apart, as he responds with "[[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe No! I want...two]]!]]"
* "I'll kill you! Mine! Allspark!!!" [[spoiler:Megatron, who dies when Sam forces the Allspark into Megatron's chest to kill him (even if [[OnlyMostlyDead it didn't stick)]]]]

''[[AC:Transformers: The Game (Autobot campaign)]]''
* "That will be sooner than you think." [[spoiler:Starscream]]
* "I just took out two of them! (chuckles) But number three might be a problem. How quick can you get here?" [[spoiler:Jazz, who is killed by Brawl, who stabs him offscreen.]]
* "I love how you Autobots die." [[spoiler:Brawl, who is killed by Ironhide during the ensuing boss battle.]]
* "I will crush the spark from you with my own hands, Prime!" [[spoiler:Megatron, who is finished off when Optimus Prime punches the Allspark cube into Megatron's chest.]]

''[[AC:Transformers: The Game (Decepticon campaign)]]''
* "Optimus... I tried..." [[spoiler:Jazz]]
* "Protect the Allspark! We're counting on ya'." [[spoiler:Ironhide]]
* "Let's finish this brother, once and for all." [[spoiler:Optimus Prime]]

''[[AC:Transformers: The DS Game (Autobot campaign)]]''
* "You ain't that smart, Prime. I was just a diversion." [[spoiler:Barricade]]
* "I'm a tank! You're a truck! How do you expect to beat me?" [[spoiler:Brawl]]
* "It won't be enough until all you Autobots are melted into slag." [[spoiler:Blackout]]
* "Optimus, if you destroy me, you'll destroy the Allspark as well! You will never be able to restore your precious Cybertron!" [[spoiler:Megatron]]
* "Prime... I see Cybertron... it's all around us... here on Earth... the humans... need us... we need them... Protect them... and they... will protect us..." [[spoiler:Create-A-Bot]]

''[[AC:Transformers: The DS Game (Decepticon campaign)]]''
* "Drop it, Starscream! The Allspark goes to Lord Megatron, true leader of the Decep--AAAGH!" [[spoiler:Blackout]]
* "Now... you see what it means... to be... a Decepticon..." [[spoiler:Barricade]]
* "I won't be the last, Megatron. Someone will always be there to challenge your leadership!" [[spoiler:Starscream]]
* "But... could be... repaired...?" [[spoiler:Create-A-Bot]]

* "This is not your planet to rule. The Fallen shall rise again." [[spoiler:Demolishor]]
* "Huh?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!" [[spoiler:Scrapmetal]]
* "Is that you girlfriend?" [[spoiler:Alice]]
* "We must have ze brain on the table! Chop-chop!" [[spoiler:Scalpel]]
* "Get off of me!" [[spoiler:Grindor]]
* "Sam... run... ru..." [[spoiler:Optimus Prime. [[OnlyMostlyDead That didn't stick, either.]]]]
* "Listen up!" [[spoiler:Mixmaster]]
* "RUN!!!" [[spoiler:Sam Witwicky. [[OnlyMostlyDead That didn't stick, either.]]]]
* "All my Decepticon life, I never did a thing worth doing until now. Optimus... take my parts, and you will have a power you've never known. Fulfill...your destiny." [[spoiler:Jetfire, just before [[HeroicSuicide committing suicide]], which then, Optimus uses the remaining parts to fight Megatron and the Fallen]]
* "Die, like your brothers!" [[spoiler:The Fallen, before being killed by Optimus.]]

''[[AC:Revenge of the Fallen: Novelization]]''
* "Megatron, help me!" [[spoiler:The Fallen]]

''[[AC:Revenge of the Fallen: The Game]]''
* "That, my lad, is a job for you and Optimus, last of the Primes. Tell him to use my wings and parts. Then, I'll be with you both when you fulfill your destiny." [[spoiler:Jetfire]]
* "My own brothers could not stop me, I shall not let you!" [[spoiler:The Fallen]]

* "Come on, you want some of me?" [[spoiler:Jerry Wang]]
* "What have you done?!" [[spoiler:Ironhide]]
* "''I'm gonna kill y--''" [[spoiler:Starscream]]
* "Why did ya--" [[spoiler:Que]]
* "Turn around!" [[spoiler:Soundwave]]
* "I saved a whole other world. You think you're a hero? Huh? You think you're a hero?!" [[spoiler:[[LesCollaborateurs Dylan Gould]]]]
* "No. We need a truce. All I want is to be back in charge. Besides, who would you be without me, Prime?" [[spoiler:Megatron.]] Optimus' response: "[[PreAssKickingOneLiner Time to find out]]!". Again, though, [[SparedByTheAdaptation not in the novel]]
* "No, Optimus!" [[spoiler:[[BigBad Sentinel Prime]]]]

''[[AC:Dark of the Moon: Novelization]]''
* "Thank you." [[spoiler:Alexi Voskhod]]
* "No! No, you don't have to do this! We can still work together!" [[spoiler:Bob Singer]]
* "Ooooh! What up now, bro? Who wants some chicken dinner? Somebody played with the wrong Wang today!" [[spoiler:Jerry Wang]]
* "They just don't make them the way they used to." [[spoiler:Ironhide]]
* "Sorry, bro... guess I wasn't... as smart... as I thought... sorr-" [[spoiler:Skids]]
* "Run, you guys! Leave him to me! This bastard's mine!" [[spoiler:Mudflap]]
* "Saftey off, arm, ignite, thirty seconds, boom." [[spoiler:Wheeljack]]
* "" [[spoiler:Ames]]
* "Run!" [[spoiler:Mirage]]
* "Nowhere left to run." [[spoiler:Starscream]]
* "I thought I would have some fun with you, but now that it comes to it, I feel bored. Time to die." [[spoiler:Soundwave]]
* "Outrage!" [[spoiler:Shockwave]]
* "You see that planet up there? I just rescued a whole other world. Think you're a hero? You think you're a hero?" [[spoiler:Dylan Gould]]
* "All I ever wanted was the survival of our race. You must see... why I had to betray you." [[spoiler:Sentinel Prime]]

[[AC:Dark of the Moon: The Game]]
* "You'll regret this, Starscream!" [[spoiler:Stratosphere]]
* "Megatron, I've been waiting for my sight at you. Promise you won't go down too easy, I want this to last." [[spoiler:Warpath]]

* "Never." [[spoiler:Ratchet, before being killed by Lockdown.]]
* "Wait! Wait!" [[spoiler:Lucas Flannery, who is mangled, exposed, and solidified by one Lockdown's grenades.]]
* "No! An Autobot, I'm an Autobot!" [[spoiler:Leadfoot]]
* "Tough luck. We've all got families." [[spoiler:James Savoy]]
* "There are no good aliens, or bad aliens, Yeager! It's just us and them. And you chose them." [[spoiler:Harold Attinger, confronting Cade. Harold is then blasted by Optimus Prime.]]
* "You see my face, your life is done!" [[spoiler:Lockdown, before attempting to kill Cade. Unfortunately for him, Optimus gets freed and stabs Lockdown, and severs his chest and head in half.]]
* "It's over there!" [[spoiler:Two-Head]]

* "Thank you." [[spoiler:Canopy]]
* "You need a bigger door!" [[spoiler:Onslaught]]
* "Aw, that ain't right." [[spoiler:Mohawk]]
* "You blew your chance to kill [[spoiler:Unicorn!]]" [[spoiler:Nitro Zeus]]

* "Now bring me the [=AllSpark=], and I may spare you miserable Autobot lives." [[spoiler:Megatron, for 50 Years]]
* "So this... is what it feels like... to be a hero..." [[spoiler:Optimus Prime ([[FirstEpisodeResurrection who was back in about 75 seconds]])]]
* "''I'' am ready to serve as your ever-faithful second-in-command." [[spoiler:Starscream, the first time]]
* "What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost. Well, maybe you ''have''! [[spoiler:Starscream, the second time]]
* "Do you normally make it a habit to attack your own bots, sir? I mean it seems a little strange since this is such Decepticon-like behaviour if you don't mind my saying so. In fact, if I didn't now any better, I'd say you trying to eliminate me for some unknown reason!" [[spoiler:[[MotorMouth Blurr]]]]
* "Shock... wave..." [[spoiler:Ultra Magnus]]
* "You must not sacrifice a piece of the future to bring back the past. Someday, when your time comes, you will understand." [[spoiler: Yoketron]]
* "Ow! Ow! You are giving me a splitting processor-ache! Ow, ow, ow, ow!" [[spoiler:Starscream, the final time]]
* "Can't... pull in... any more fragments! Only... one way..." [[spoiler:Prowl]]

* "Hey! I'm still functional! I'M STILL F-" [[spoiler:Decepticon Soldier]]
* "A noble sentiment Optimus, but I'm afraid I'm dead already." [[spoiler: Zeta Prime]]

* "So, where's your master?" [[spoiler: Cliffjumper]]
* "Air superiority achieved!" [[spoiler: Skyquake]]
* "[[WhyAmITicking Oh,]] [[OhCrap no.]]" [[spoiler: Makeshift]]
* "Not while I still function, Unicron! The power of the Matrix will light our darkest hour" [[spoiler:Optimus Prime, before reverting back to Orion Pax]]
** "Are you... certain I am worthy?" [[spoiler:Orion Pax, before sacrificing himself to the Matrix]]
** "Who... beckons?" [[spoiler:Optimus Prime, before being upgraded into Optimus 2.0]]
* "[[TemptingFate Easy prey.]]" [[spoiler: Breakdown]]
* "No, no, no!" [[spoiler: Silas]]
* "[[TemptingFate Perish, Bulkhead!]]" [[spoiler: A Starscream clone]]
* "Ignore! Fire on three!" [[spoiler: Another Starscream clone]]
* "One." [[spoiler: The Fourth Starscream clone]]
* "What was that?" [[spoiler: The Third Starscream clone]]
* "You... knew... I would attempt to terminate you!" [[spoiler: The Last Starscream clone]]
* "Critical power drain. I am... in... command. Prepare to be... neutralised." [[spoiler: Trypticon]]
* "Your spark will now belong to Megatron!" [[spoiler: Hardshell]]
* "The logical evolution of MECH's experiments in biotech. Your brain, fused with the donor's nervous and skeletal systems." [[spoiler: MECH's Surgeon]]
* "One [order] which I can not follow." [[spoiler: Dreadwing, responding to Megatron demanding he not kill Starscream]]
* "[[DyingAsYourself No, Thank... you...]]" [[spoiler: C.Y.L.A.S.]]
* [[PrepareToDie "Prepare to join your scout in the Allspark!"]] [[spoiler: Megatron. He Gets Better.]]

''[[AC:Titan Magazine Prime Comics]]''
* "You're wrong. I may have your CNA, but I've learnt from your mistakes, and now I shall show you how leadership ''should'' be taken!" [[spoiler: Tantrum]]

* "Don't do this! Please!" [[spoiler:Damaged Autobot Soldier]]
* "Stop running, you fools! Stand and fight!" [[spoiler:Megatron. He Gets Better,]]
* "Nice try, Starscream! You picked on the wrong-AAAAGGHH! [[spoiler:Decepticon Technician]]
* "Stay away from me! You stay away!" [[spoiler: Sharpshot]]
* "Footing loose! NOOOOOO!! [[spoiler: Grimlock, [[NeverFoundTheBody supposedly]]]]
* "'Til All Are One." [[spoiler: Metroplex]]

''[[AC:WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime: Predacons Rising]]''
* "What?! A trick!" [[spoiler: Megacron]]
* "Though, perhaps, a throne is more befitting of an actual king." [[spoiler: Starscream. He actually survived the ordeal and killed some of his aggressors.]]
* "Simply put: another transformation." [[spoiler: Optimus Prime]]