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* "No! I'm the [[spoiler:Prime Minister]]! Get me a phone! Get me- '''AAAAGH!'''" [[spoiler:Gary Cody, realizing too late that he's expendable]]
* "[[spoiler:Heather]]? She is mine, now--" [[spoiler:The Master of the World]]

[[AC:''[[ComicBook/SpiderMan The Amazing Spider-Man]]'']]
* "Be good to her, son. Be good to her... She loves you so very much..." [[spoiler: Captain George Stacy]]
* "Promise me. You'll keep them safe. That's all I ever..." [[spoiler: ... Peter Parker trapped in Dr. Octopus' broken body to Doc Ock in ''his'' body, referring to MJ and his friends.]]
* "Yes. And to save her... I must give up every part of that love. For I know... only you can save her. Because you are The ComicBook/SuperiorSpiderMan." [[spoiler: Doctor Otto Octavius, returning Peter Parker's memories and body to the man and erasing himself.]]

* "[[TakeMeInstead I'm the weakest link]]." [[spoiler:[[Comicbook/AvengersAcademy Mettle]] to the now-godlike Arcade]]

[[AC:''[[ComicBook/CaptainMarVell Captain Marvel]]'']]
* "I expected more." [[spoiler:Mar-Vell, as he takes the path to afterlife with [[TheGrimReaper Mistress Death]] and Thanos before dying.]]

[[AC:''[[Comicbook/{{Excalibur}} Captain Britain]]'']]
* "Muzzn't zztop- urk - now!" [[spoiler:The Junkheap That Walked Like A Man]]
* "She left me behind. I loved her and she forgot about me. I loved her..." [[spoiler:Dimples.]]
* "Don't you fret, captain. Everything will turn out alright. Any minute now, Merlin will fix everything up j-just fine, you'll see... Any minute now, you'll s-s..." [[spoiler:Jackdaw.]]
* "WHY MERLIN? WHY DID YOU SEND ME HERE? WHY HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN ABOUT ME?! Why Merlin? Why?" [[spoiler:Captain Britain]]
* "Well, let me see, you've got a... Oh God. Oh God, ''no...''" [[spoiler:Doctor Destiny.]]
* "Fire missiles! Fire tanks! Troops attack! Bombs away! Launch-" [[spoiler:Colonel Tusker]]
* "No time to callibrate the destination accurately. Just have to hope for the best and-" [[spoiler:Rick]]
* "Well, Bob, I'd say that this is very much a trial of two halves. I'd say that we've seen a lot of disappointments so far, but [[DeadlineNews SKREEEEEET!!!]]" [[spoiler:Neil]]
* "Neil? Sorry, I'm going to have cut you off there. Neil? [[spoiler:Bob]]
* "... Crowd." [[spoiler:Legion.]]
* "Aahwhutthufuh..." [[spoiler:Oxo.]]
* "Uh, Tony, pass me a neural grenade wouldja? This one looks like a bit'v an 'ardcase..." [[spoiler:Beetle 1]]
* "Oh, I dunno. You should try talkin' to it. You never know... p'raps it'll give up." [[spoiler:Beetle 2]]
* "Elizab-" [[spoiler:Tom Lennox]]
* "Now, I say, old horse. That simply isn't shuttlecock, is it? That isn't shuttlecock at all!" [[spoiler:Mad Jim Jaspers, during the final battle with the Fury]]
* "PLEASE STOP HURTING ME." [[spoiler:Sidney Crumb.]]
* "Come here... '''sister'''..." [[spoiler:Kaptain Briton, while attempting to rape Elizabeth Braddock]]
* "Fool! [[TemptingFate You have not the strength to kill]]..." [[spoiler:The Slaymaster]]
* "Terms and conditions apply. Here, General Eccentric, is there a place for silliness in your fascist dreamworld, sir? Got anything for me?" [[spoiler:John the Skrull, before getting a 'no' response via a shot to the face.]]

* "Get ready for the shortest comeback in history." [[spoiler:Bill Foster (Goliath, Black Goliath)]]

* "It won't work, Richards! I can sense your presence inside the computer! You designed even your thinking machines with the capacity to defend themselves!" [[spoiler:Doctor Sun]]
* "But now, I fear, your effort to trap Dr. Sun within the master computer is only too succesful! With every circuit closed to him, he will have only one place left to run-- back into me. Should that happen, he will take control of me again-- and all your lives will be in danger. My programming cannot allow that." [[spoiler:H.E.R.B.I.E., the first one]]

* "Ha ha ha ha- ha ha ha ha--! I wish I could see you. I'd kill every one of you." [[spoiler: Sergeant Cheff Steinhoff from the first arc]].
* "A kiss to the wind." [[spoiler:Shirley Defabio]]

[[AC:Creator/GrantMorrison's ''Comicbook/NewXMen'']]
* "It doesn't seem real..." [[spoiler:[[IneffectualSympatheticVillain Donald Trask III, DDS]], right before Cassandra Nova shoves her hand through his head]]
* "Damn." John Sublime. That's not much of a spoiler, considering he's just the StarterVillain. [[spoiler:The real spoiler is the fact that it takes much more than falling out a window to kill him]]
* "She '''lies'''... she is '''false'''... [[spoiler:Shi'ar Imperial Sage Araki, before the Cassandra Nova-controlled Lilandra orders his comrade G-Type to fry his brain]]
* "These words are hereticuUUAhH... Empress... heLlPp... heLlPpPMeEme..." [[spoiler:Imperial Guardsman G-Type, as Xorn absorbs his substance into the star inside his head]]
* "NOT MY MIND... NOT... NOT MY PRECIOUS--" [[spoiler:Cassandra Nova, as she's being [[SealedEvilInACan stuffed in a can]]. She's gotten out a couple times, but always goes right back in]]
* "MAKE WAR IN THE NAME OF ETERNAL MAN!" [[spoiler:Weapon XII, the Huntsman]]
* "Haven't you ever wanted to be a superhero?" [[spoiler:Sophie Cuckoo, before her HeroicSacrifice to take down Kid Omega]]
* "What is the real enemy... was inside... all along?" [[spoiler:Kid Omega, predicting the identity of the BiggerBad as he [[AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence ascends to a higher plane of existence]] [[DeathIsCheap from which he's since come down]]]]
* "... I could have been a painter, as well..." [[spoiler:Weapon XV, Ultimaton. He's since gotten better, too]]
* "Somebody ruined it... who just passed gas at the most dramatic moment?" [[spoiler:Mike Columbus/Basilisk, telling the bad joke that costs him his life]]
* "Nuthing like you..." [[spoiler:Esme Cuckoo to Emma Frost, after Xorn [[CruelAndUnusualDeath shoved her own earrings through her head]]]]
* "Give me death. Make me immortal." [[spoiler:Xorn before Wolverine cuts his head off]]
* "All I ever did was die on you." [[spoiler:Jean Grey, [[DiedInYourArmsTonight dying in her husband's arms]] after being given a stroke powerful enough to kill an entire planet by Xorn]]
* "Oh dear. Not like this." [[spoiler:BadFuture Cassandra Nova]]
* "[[spoiler:Triplets]] rule!" [[spoiler:BadFuture Celeste, Phoebe, and Irma Cuckoo, before activating the SelfDestructMechanism]]
* "DESTROY!" [[spoiler:Rover the Sentinel]]
* "...never... never could live up... to a hero like that... to a legacy like that..." [[spoiler:Tito Bohusk II, great-grandson of the Beak]]
* "[[WeCanRuleTogether WE WILL REMAKE GOD IN OUR IMAGE AND SIT ON THRONES HIGH ABOVE THE UNIVERSE!]]" [[spoiler: Sublime. Jean wasn't interested.]]
* "I can't believe I managed to live so long with my asthma." [[spoiler:BadFuture Beast, purged of Sublime by Jean Grey, just before his head is cut off by his abused [[TheIgor Igor]]]]
* "Mind if I... mind if I hand over to you now, darlin'?" [[spoiler:BadFuture Wolverine, after having his HealingFactor turned off and being gutted by the evil Beast]]
* "Live, [[spoiler:Scott]]. Live." [[spoiler:BadFuture Jean Grey, to present Cyclops, before [[AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence ascending to a higher plane of existence]]]]

* "Papa..? I... am... cold." [[spoiler:Titanium Man.]] [[note]]Pretty poignant considering that he was one of the worst hardasses ever, a hard-line Soviet Communist who had actually never shown any emotion except anger before. Jury's still out on whether he got better.[[/note]]

* "I won and you lost. Never forget it. I win." [[spoiler:Kid Loki]]

* "They said my mother was insane." [[spoiler:Kraven the Hunter, before committing suicide.]]

* "Mike! What have I done to you--!" [[spoiler:Comicbook/{{Foolkiller}} I]]
* "You're trying to use that infernal burning power on me, aren't you? But you can't! You've lost it!" [[spoiler:F.A. Schist]]
* "It's back from the dead! The thing that burned my hands!" [[spoiler:Mad Viking]]
* "[[IveComeTooFar I've come too far]], worked too hard, endured too much to be cheated of victory. If I do nothing else creature... '''I will destroy you!'''" [[spoiler:Thog the Netherspawn]]

* "I CAST YOU OUT FOR ALL TIME!" [[spoiler: Brother Voodoo, repelling an invasion by Agamotto]]

* Doug Ramsey (Cypher): "Don't be mad Rahne. I'll never do it again."
In ''ComicBook/NewMutants'' #60, dying after TakingTheBullet for Rahne during a firefight between animal/human mutants the New Mutants befriended and their mad creator. Ironicly it was a DistractedFromDeath moment, and Rahne did not realized those were to be his last words.

* "I think we seriously overestimated the threat." [[spoiler:Cyclops, before [[PresidentEvil Prodigy]] blows him up]]
* "David, what's happened to you?" [[spoiler:Moonstar, before being pumped full of poison by Prodigy's torture chair]]
* "All clear. Security's down. Don't know for how long, but it should-" [[spoiler:Tag, before being skewered by Quill's spikes]]
* "AAAH! IT'S MAGMA!" [[spoiler:Rockslide, as Magma melts him]]
* "[[SuicidalOverconfidence Fire beats rock every time]]." [[spoiler:Magma, in response to the above death, before Wither turns her to dust]]
* "... Done. You guys... ...Go." [[spoiler:Icarus, after Sage crushes his neck]]
* "You shouldn't... your telekinesis... your shield..." [[spoiler:Wind Dancer to Hellion, on the latter's StupidSacrifice]]
* ''I'' need you! [[spoiler:Mercury, as Storm electrocutes her]]
* "We will ''finish'' this." [[spoiler:Storm, before being blown up by...]]
* "No. ''You'' won't, [[spoiler:Storm]]. ''I'' will." [[spoiler:Hellion, who, riddled with bullets, incinerates himself, Storm, and Bishop in a telekinetic fireball]]
* ''NO!'' [[YouMonster You unbelievable-]]" [[spoiler:Wither, before Prodigy snaps his neck]]
* "I'm the smartest man in the world. You can't even touch me!" [[spoiler:[[BigBad Prodigy]]]]
* "I love you, [[spoiler:David]]" [[spoiler:Surge, before overloading her gloves, thereby destroying Prodigy and herself. Fortunately for all those involved, all of the previous turn out to be [[AllJustADream All Just a Telepathic Illusion]]]]
* "H-hey... you're... pretty." [[spoiler:DJ to his would-be rescuer, X-23. Notably, this is his one and only line in ''anything''; he'd previously only appeared in crowd scenes, and was named by [[AllThereInTheManual supplementary materials]]]]
* "Josh, no." [[spoiler:Wallflower]]
* "I didn't know..." [[spoiler:Icarus, this time for real]]
* "WAIT--!" [[spoiler:Quill]]
* "I will not fail you, Lord. I am your serv-- AAAAAAHHHHHH!" [[spoiler:William Stryker, as Elixir gives him a well-deserved case of terminal cancer]]

* "I see you." [[spoiler: Uatu the Watcher]]
* "Bucky... I never liked you, you sunuva..." [[spoiler:Nick Fury's Life Model Decoy]]

[[AC:''Comicbook/ThePunisher'' (mainstream)]]
* "Going to be a sweet reunion-- you and that dead whore of a wife. Get to see your lousy dead brats too. I may cry. You should be thanking me, Frankie! I'm giving you another chance to be with the family! Warm and cuddly! Come on Castiglione-- Thank me!" [[spoiler:Roc]]
* "You're never going to be rid of me." [[spoiler:Agent Blackwell in ''Comicbook/SuicideRun'']]
* "I'm just another liability to you. I'm sure that's the way you see it. But just make it quick, okay? Old friends and all that, right?" [[spoiler:Microchip]]
* "Maybe we deserve each other. Naw, I deserved better'n you. Nobody deserves a piece of filth like you. Goodbye, Frank. Goodbye, baby." [[spoiler:Rosalie Carbone]]
* "Together we can punish the guilty! We can clean up this city once and for all! In heaven's name, man! Isn't this exactly what you want?!" [[spoiler: The Holy, from "ComicBook/WelcomeBackFrank", right before Frank mows him, Payback and Elite down]]
* "[[spoiler:Dosvidanja, big boy! The Russian]] really has to hand it to you!! [[GoOutwithASmile HA HA HA HA HA HA!]]" [[spoiler:The Russian in ''Army of One'']]

[[AC: ''[[ComicBook/ThePunisherMAX The Punisher]]'' (MAX series)]]
* "There ain't no god, fool! [[HumansAreBastards Look around you!]] There ain't no muthafuckin' god!! [[spoiler:Angel from ''[[ComicBook/ThePunisherBorn Born]]'' miniseries]]
* "Kill him, Castle. [[EvenEvilHasStandards Our world is bad, but we are soldiers. He is a parasite;]] he would make the world this way forever." [[spoiler:General Zakharov in "Man of Stone", referring to Rawlins]]
* "It's too much... All the sadness, all the death, it's too much for anyone to carry with them. Anyone but you." [[spoiler:Jenny Cesare from "Widowmaker", right before she blows her brains out]]
* "Fuck off you black cunt--" [[spoiler:Yorkie Mitchell from "Long Cold Dark", before Barracuda kills him]]
* "I'm the Kingpin." [[spoiler:Wilson Fisk before getting his brains blown out by the Punisher]]
* "Your city. My world." [[spoiler: Frank Castle]]
* "We are the last people left alive on earth. But we do have a bank of frozen embryos. And we do have the expertise to ensure their survival. We, and we alone, can save the human race. And that... well, that's all I wanted to say. Do what you will." [[spoiler:The unnamed CorruptCorporateExecutive from ''[[ComicBook/ThePunisherTheEnd The End]]'']]
* "Oh Jesus. You gotta be fucking shitting me." [[spoiler: Paris Peters, ''[[ComicBook/ThePunisherTheEnd The End]]'']]

[[AC: ''Comicbook/ThePunisherKillsTheMarvelUniverse'']]
* "I'm sorry. We... we didn't know they were there...." [[spoiler:Cyclops]]
* "These little wires won't stop us!" [[spoiler:Venom]]
* "Punish--? What for? Why us? Why me?" [[spoiler:Spider-Man]]
* "Uh? Wuzzat...." [[spoiler:Bruce Banner]]
* "That -- won't -- save you -- dead man! DEAD -- MA--" [[spoiler:Kingpin]]
* "What is it? No! It won't come off! I will not allow this--" [[spoiler:Dr. Doom]]
* "But if each of us answered an invitation to war that neither side had sent, who--" [[spoiler:Storm]]
* "Wait a minute, what's that?" [[spoiler:Magneto]]
* "Psycho creep! You-- killed my friends-- KILLED MY FRIENDS!" [[spoiler:Wolverine]]
* "A what?" [[spoiler:Captain America]]
* "You belong to us! I won't let you walk out of here like this! I mean it!" [[spoiler:Kesselring]]
* "There's-- always someone-- under the mask, Frank-- but you killed us all." [[spoiler:Daredevil]]
* "No, Matt. There's-- There's one more to go." [[spoiler:The Punisher]]

* ''Oh, you evil b--'' [[spoiler: Topher.]]
* "Oh, thank God. I thought I was dead." [[spoiler: Lt Flores - and for once, he was right.]]
* ''Be cool babe.'' [[spoiler: Frank Dean.]]
* You know our family's powers don't work on each other, Karolina. [[spoiler: Leslie Dean.]]
* ''And tell us what you've done with our son!'' [[spoiler: Janet Stein.]]
* ''Yes, let's dispose of her before her playmates--'' [[spoiler: Gene Hayes.]]
* ''Thankfully, your brain is no more sophisticated than this prehistoric monstrosity's, so controlling your mind should be just as simple. [[spoiler: Alice Hayes.]]
* ''That's enough, young lady!'' [[spoiler: Robert Minoru.]]
* ''If that's true, i'm gonna rip your lying head from your--'' [[spoiler: Victor Stein.]]
* ''My god. Do you have any idea what you've--'' [[spoiler: Catherine Wilder.]]
* "This is ''my'' doing. I wanted to prove that I'm an adult now, too. I take full responsibility." [[spoiler: Alex Wilder. The Gibborim appreciated his honesty.]]
* "NOOOO!" [[spoiler: Geoffrey Wilder.]]
* "I am still your mother, and you will do as i say!" [[spoiler: Tina Minoru.]]
* "So this is what we're reduced to, eh, mother?" [[spoiler: Dale Yorkes.]]
* "Yes, love... empty nesters." [[spoiler: Stacey Yorkes.]]
* ''Sweet Chase... In all those years... I never told you... how much i loved... [[spoiler: Future Gert.]]#
* I did everything you told me to do. I hid his true lineage, I... i kept Victor off your scent. [[spoiler: Marianella Mancha.]]
* "Chase Stein, I have always..." [[spoiler: Gertrude Yorkes.]]
* ''Shoot. I guess it didn't--'' [[spoiler: Oscar.]]
* "NO! You've killed us! You've..." [[spoiler: The Gibborim.]]

* "This is how it's supposed to be..." [[spoiler:Alexander/Phobos]]

* "I thought us friends. My mistake." [[spoiler:ComicBook/{{Ares}} to Sentry]]

* "Don't, Frank... please, don't... it's better this way... I don't hurt anymore... I don't hrrr...." [[spoiler:Jeanie]]
* "You must stop me -- you must -- before I kill! You must! ''You must!"'' [[spoiler:Edith Harker]]
* "Sun gave me my life, gave me more than you ever did... and if he wants you dead, I'll be the one to kill you." [[spoiler:Cliffton Graves]]
* "You are far too great a risk to be left alive." [[spoiler:Brand, turning against Dr. Sun]]
* "You still live, Dracula? My flames did not stop you -- did not burn the life from you?" [[spoiler:Gorna Storski]]
* "How could you end my life so... How could you? You're a child of Hell as I am." [[spoiler:Alestar Dunwick]]
* "Get away from me, Dracula! If I was ever yours before, I won't be anymore! Never anymore!" [[spoiler:Shiela Whittier]]
* "Correction, fool. If Doctor Sun says you are his prisoner, you shall be his prisoner... ''or die!"'' [[spoiler:Juno]]
* "[[VengeanceFeelsEmpty Vengeance gains nothing! Vengeance means nothing! Vengeance accomplishes nothing!]] Perhaps, in ''final'' death, I can find peace!" [[spoiler:Faceless Fiend]]
* "[[FacePalmOfDoom My face! You're crushing my face!]]" [[spoiler:Anton Lupeski]]
* ''"What?"'' [[spoiler:Torgo]]
* "Elizabeth! Edith! This is for you, my loves! Take care now, both of you... For I shall soon walk with you again!" [[spoiler:Quincy Harker]]

* "Don't you see... it's okay. I did it. I couldn't save [[spoiler:him. Uncle Ben]]. I couldn't save [[spoiler:him]]. No matter what I did. But I saved you. I did it. I did..." [[spoiler:Peter Parker]]

* "I would, Ben, but then who would spot you?" [[spoiler: H.E.R.B.I.E.]]
* "As many times as it takes to get you off your duff and make something out of your life. At your age Johnny, your sister, Susan was already --" [[spoiler: Franklin Storm]]
* "You sure about this, Hank? After all the damage Ultron did, you still want to dress up like him?" [[spoiler: The Wasp]]
* "All of which would fold up neatly inside your Gucci suit." [[spoiler: Beast]]
* "Can we not just get on line? I do not want to miss getting tickets..." [[spoiler: Nightcrawler]]
* "Thor..." [[spoiler: Valkyrie, who recovers. And then she dies and comes back again.]]
* "Warren..." [[spoiler: Dazzler, who ''doesn't'' recover.]]
* "Where are the rest of us? Who made it out? Thor? Hawkeye? Wasp?" [[spoiler: Captain America, who recovers.]]
* "I'd be stating the obvious by pointing out you are NOT God. They will hunt you down. And I will lead the charge. No matter what good you think you are doing -- you'll only be remembered as a madman. Like Pol Pot. Bin Laden. Hitler." [[spoiler: Professor Xavier, who is then given a NeckSnap courtesy of Magneto.]]
* "You know I'm not. You've had him (real Multiple Man) in hiding for weeks making duplicate after duplicate--AN ARMY OF SUICIDE BOMBERS! And it all stops now." [[spoiler: Multiple Man "Dupe"]]
* "Hey, pal, it was nothin' personal." [[spoiler: The Blob, before dying the same way Wasp died.]]
* "I cannot ask this of you." [[spoiler: Thor Odinson, dying [[HeroicSacrifice to save Captain America and Valkyrie]]. And then he came back.]]
* "FOR THE GLORY OF MAGNETO--" [[spoiler: Second Multiple Man "Dupe"]]
* "Tell Jan... I'm sorry... and I love--" [[spoiler: Yellowjacket]]
* "It's your choice, Dormammu. Suffer death in this world OR RETURN DEFEATED TO YOUR OWN." [[spoiler: Doctor Strange]]
* "I'LL KILL YOU!" [[spoiler: Angel]]
* "Not yet." [[spoiler: Wolverine, [[KilledOffForReal and Marvel's ensuring he stays dead]].]]
* "Charles...? Charles will understand. Charles will forgive me..." [[spoiler: Magneto]]
* "We are here today because history is about to be changed. Because FREEDOM is about to be changed. A vote is being take in the Senate which will make it so all mutants must surrender themselves to the United States government OR THEY WILL BE HUNTED DOWN AND SHOT ON SIGHT." [[spoiler: Cyclops. [[Main/DeathByIrony Guess how he dies]].]]
* "This is my home. Leave now. Or I will destroy you." [[spoiler: Doctor Doom]]

* "[[SayMyName Scott!]]" [[spoiler:Jean Grey, though her death in ''ComicBook/TheDarkPhoenixSaga'' was later retconned into the Phoenix Force disguised as Jean]]
* "Look... the sun... it's so bright... so... beautiful...." [[spoiler:Rachel Van Helsing]]

* "No... don't touch my mask! Not my mask! NOT MY MAAASSSKK!" [[spoiler:Sarnak]]
* "Now, Werewolf, because it is only your blood we need, not your life... you shall die!" [[spoiler:Baron Thunder]]
* "All right, Russell... I want that ring!" [[spoiler:Lt. Hackett]]
* "You... you shot me, Cowan.... Guess I... deserved it... but I didn't mean to... kill all those people... I was just... mad... because I'm so ugly... because once... I had such a handsome--" [[spoiler:Steven Rand / Atlas]]
* "To what Topaz, a mockery of existence? No, child, my destiny is an ending, not noble, but merely necessary. And I need you to fulfill it. Decide quickly... before Glitternight intervenes and turns a necessity into the false nobility of wasted sacrifice." [[spoiler:Taboo]]
* "Yes, Jack Russell... come and destroy me... if you can." [[spoiler:Belaric Marcosa]]
* "No! Stop it! I won't let you do it! I'll kill you if I must!" [[spoiler:Dr. Glitternight]]

[[AC:General ''ComicBook/XMen'']]
* "How could anybody... be so... cr... u... e... l...?" [[spoiler:Annalee the Morlock, on her killer, Scalphunter]]
* "I figure, my robust Russian friend, that my speed and my blades can cut even '''you''' down to size!" [[spoiler:Riptide to Colossus, getting a NeckSnap in return, though he's since been cloned back to life]]
* Everybody's comin' back from the dead today! [[SuicidalOverconfidence I'll take care of you in a second]], [[ComicBook/TheMightyThor Goldilocks]]." [[spoiler:Blockbuster, first death]]
* "Let his death serve as an example to human and mutant alike." [[spoiler:Rax of the Neo. Unfortunately for him, the person he's referring to here is ''Magneto''. Yeah, [[CurbStompBattle ouchies]].]]
* "In moments, you will be a distant memory of time gone by." [[spoiler:Salvo the Living Gun, same scene as above]]
* "Yes, [[Comicbook/{{Cable}} Nathan]], what better time and place-- Ah... AH..." [[spoiler:The Watchtower Administrator]]
* "Paint gun." [[spoiler:Jamie Madrox, in his miniseries, when asked if he had any by BigBad Sheila Desoto. Of course, these aren't ''actually'' his last words; he's referring to the paint gun he used to fake Sheila's husband's death, allowing said husband the opportunity to shoot Sheila with a ''real'' one.]]
* "'''AWAY!''' DEATH MEANS NOTHING [[KilledMidSentence TO-]]" [[spoiler:Senyaka, ''[[BatFamilyCrossover Necrosha]]'' finale. Wolverine replies, "Heard you the first time, bub." and [[OffWithHisHead hacks his head off]].]]
* "What... What's happening? How... how is this... NO! '''NO!''' [[spoiler:JOSH]] STOP--" [[spoiler:Wither, ''Necrosha'' finale, as his powers are turned back on him by his old school foe Elixir]]
* "[[ThisCannotBe I was supposed to be...]]" [[spoiler:Selene, ''Necrosha'' finale, after being stabbed in the heart with her own immortal-killing dagger]]
* "STOP! Is it such a crime? I just wanted to [[ForTheEvulz ENJOY MY LIFE]]!" [[spoiler:[[FutureMeScaresMe Sinister Iceman]]. Darkholme replies, "I hope you did," and chucks him into a furnace]].
* We're not like him... he tried to... but we're not like him. X-Men don't kill. And we're... X-Men... [[spoiler:Wolf Cub, after being defeated by Donald Pierce in the Young X-Men finale.]]
* "THAT IS ENOUGH!" [[spoiler:Professor Xavier ([[DeathIsCheap for like, the sixth time]]) to [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity Dark Phoenix Cyclops]], last words]]
** "Someday, that school will save the world." [[spoiler:Professor X, last telepathic broadcast]]
* "Wh-what the Hell did--" [[spoiler:Blob-295, after [[CruelAndUnusualDeath having a live shark teleported into his stomach]]]]
* "I've been a loner all my life Xaiver, an outcast dumped on by everyone I met, but I'm a man Xavier, a warrior of the Apache, and today I'm gonna prove it! [[spoiler: Thunderbird, moments before the plane he was smashing through explodes]].
* "Enough." [[spoiler:Wolverine, right before the adamantium covering his entire body hardens, as he recalls all of the highs and lows of his long and difficult life. In his last moments, he finally found peace.]]
* "Laura... your name is Laura...not X-23. My Laura...I love y--" [[spoiler: Sarah Kinney, giving X-23 her name after she fatally wounds her while under control of the trigger scent.]]
* "But aren't we married in our hearts? Have we not paid a dowry in blood and pain and loneliness? Spare me the final agonies! Release my soul while it still sings with my love for you! Use my claws, my beloved." [[spoiler:Mariko Yashida, who told her on-off love interest Wolverine to [[MercyKill end her suffering]] after being poisoned with a lethal toxin]]
* "Do not allow me to die because of this cursed virus-- do not allow that." [[spoiler:Revanche, who was slowly succumbing from the Legacy Virus and was {{mercy kill}}ed by her lover Matsu'o Tsurayaba]]

[[AC:''ComicBook/XMen: SecondComing'']]
* "Bastion... Help me..." [[spoiler:Reverend William Stryker, before being sliced in half by Archangel's metal wings]]
* "Oh, spit!" [[spoiler:Ariel]]
* "[[spoiler:HODGE]] I'M [[spoiler:CAMERON HODGE]] I'M THE RIGHT THE TRUTH THE LIFE -- YOU CAN'T -- *" [[spoiler:Cameron Hodge as Warlock [[YouWillBeAssimilated assimilates]] him]]
* "Huhh... wuh... worth it... I... I believe in you." [[spoiler:Nightcrawler, to [[MessianicArchetype Hope Summers]] after a HeroicSacrifice to save her]]
* "My girls... How'd Bastion know about my girls..." [[spoiler:The Vanisher, after discovering his favorite brothel raided by and being machine-gunned by Steven Lang. Technically, the scene cuts away before he actually expires, but he hasn't been seen since then]]
* "... So this is how it ends... surrounded by smoke and genetic filth. I can admit without shame that I am disappointed I won't be here to witness your extinction... but do not think I regret what I have sacrificed here today. Bastion comes for you -- and when he does, when you see the light of his future fire raining down on your benighted "race" -- KNOW THAT HIS CLEANSING LIGHT BURNS WITH BUT A FRACTION OF MY PROFOUND HATRED [[KilledMidSentence FOR--]]" [[spoiler:Donald Pierce. Cyclops shuts him up by blasting him in half]]
* "Get your finger out of my-" [[spoiler:Sack]]
* "He'll be back in charge any second. I'm sorry. No time -- God bless you." [[spoiler:Bolivar Trask, before shooting himself to keep Bastion from controlling his mind]]
* "Never mind me. Check on Cypher." [[spoiler:Cable. Not very climactic; his actual last ''action'' is a smile to his adoptive daughter Hope]]
* "Don't you get it, Bastion? It's over! You failed! We have to get out of here and regroup... [[spoiler:Lang]]... for the love of God, talk to it..." [[spoiler:Graydon Creed]]
* "[[spoiler:Creed]]'s right. Whatever they did, the Sentinels are down, our forces are scattered, and there are too many of them for--" [[spoiler:Steven Lang. Bastion refuses to give up and transforms the both of them into mindless {{Killer Robot}}s]]
* "It is beyond out capacity to hate you. It is beyond our capacity to enjoy murdering you. We have grown beyond our capacity. Because we '''do''' hate you, and we '''will''' enjoy killing--" [[spoiler:Bastion]]

* "I stole this one too... From Kraven." [[spoiler: Mysterio, before committing suicide.]]
* "A billion to one... you think I'm afraid of that? YOU THINK I'M AFRAID OF THAT?! [[spoiler:FLAME ON]]!" [[spoiler: Johnny Storm, [[ComicBook/FantasticFour The Human Torch]]]]
* "[[ThisCannotBe This is impossible! You're no one! You're--]]" [[spoiler:Mephisto, destroyed by [[ComicBook/XFactor Strong Guy]], who had become the Beast of Revelation]]
* "For what it's worth, I'm sorry." J. Jonah Jameson to Spider-Man in ''DC vs. Marvel'', when it looked like TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt. This was in response to Spidey asking if JJJ wanted to insult him one last time before it all ended; after Jonah says the above line, Peter can only manage a quiet "...Oh."
* "It's rare I think of anything funny... but... What's the saying, [[ComicBook/CaptainAmerica Captain?]] Old soldiers never die, they just fade away. Goodbye, Ca--" [[spoiler:Colonel Luthor Manning, the original Deathlok.]]

[[folder:Animated television]]
%%[[AC:X-Men: The Animated Series]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Andre Cocteau]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Graydon Creed, Jr.]]
%%[[AC:Iron Man]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Crimson Dynamo]]
%%[[AC:Fantastic Four]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Puppet Master]]
[[AC:Spider-Man: The Animated Series]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Hydro-Man]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Kingpin's father]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Miranda Wilson]]
* "So am I!" [[spoiler:Mysterio]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Hydro-Man clone]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Mary-Jane Watson clone]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Spider-Carnage]]
%%[[AC:Men in Black: The Series]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:]]
%%[[AC:Silver Surfer]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Husserl]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Kalek]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Master of Zenn-La]]
%%[[AC:X-Men: Evolution]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:The Gauntlet]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Madame Hydra]]
%%[[AC:Spider-Man: The New Animated Series]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Shikata]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Electro]]


[[folder:Yost Animated Universe]]
%%[[AC:Hulk Vs]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:]]
%%[[AC:Wolverine and the X-Men]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Shadow King]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Emma Frost]]
* "Sorry, but the world needs Captain America more than [[spoiler:Bucky]]!" [[spoiler:Bucky Barnes, sacrificing himself to save Captain America from Red Skull's bomb. This demise becomes retconned.]]
* "My love, what is happening? Why are we leaving?" [[spoiler:Princess Ravonna, prior to getting nearly erased by a rift in the space-time continuum. One of the tie-in comics reveals that she eventually recovered.]]
* "It was a mistake to come here, M'baku! The White Gorilla tribe was exiled long ago! Your mere existence is forbidden! But still, I have respected you and your lands, and this is how you repay me?" [[spoiler:T'Chaka, before M'baku the Man-Ape kills him with a Sonic Disruptor]]
* "It's between us, Hall! Do whatever you want with me, and no one else has to get hurt." [[spoiler:Nick Fury's Life Model Decoy, whom Franklin Hall/Graviton blows up after mistaking him for the real Fury.]]
* "Wait! Waaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiit!" [[spoiler:Wonder Man, fading away as his ionic energy becomes unstable. Amora the Enchantress re-stabilizes him later.]]
* "A gift from Klaw. Fitting, you meet the end the same way your father did. You are not even the man he was. You go to outsiders for help? No outsider can help you now." [[spoiler:Man-Ape, right before Black Panther slashes him to death.]]
* "Have at thee, machine!" [[spoiler:Thor, who soon gets zapped by Ultron-5's laser. He comes back.]]
* "This is what needs to be done. This is what you could not do. You lack the strength to bring about the perfect world you desire. A world without chaos and violence." [[spoiler:Ultron-5, before Ant-Man tears out his power core, with help from Iron Man and the Hulk in weakening the robot.]]
* "What do you hope to accomplish here? No virus can stop me." [[spoiler:Ultron-6, as Ant-Man plants a lethal Logic Bomb into his system.]]
* "You dare come here and challenge me! Tell your master he has made a great mistake! Nobody challenges [[spoiler:Karnilla]]! I am--" [[spoiler:Karnilla, who becomes petrified by Grey Gargoyle.]]
* "Consume." [[spoiler:Technovore, becoming overloaded with Arc Reactor energy.]]
* "No! No! No!" [[spoiler:Arnim Zola, whom Amora entraps inside Doughboy.]]
* "Enough, Zemo! I'm not going to stand by and watch anymore! I'm not gonna let you hurt anyone else because I'm afraid!" [[spoiler:Wonder Man (again), who sacrifices himself to stop Nifelheim from becoming opened on Earth.]]
* "No! No one's that good." [[spoiler:Skrull!Hawkeye, right before the real Hawkeye punches him out.]]
* "We are everywhere, you'll see." [[spoiler:Skrull!Iron Man, killed by the combined forces of Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Black Panther, and Wasp.]]
* "When all this is over, I'm gonna get a T-shirt made. You know what it's gonna say?...It'll say, 'Nick Fury was right.'" [[spoiler:Maria Hill's Life Model Decoy, who gets shot during the ellipsis by Skrulls who mistook her for the real Maria Hill.]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Blizzard]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Whirlwind]]
* "Unacceptable. Repairing-" [[spoiler:Ultron-7, after Vision reveals that he has disconnected Ultron's head from his body. Thor knocks off Ultron's head, and the robot explodes afterward.]]
* "You know what? This was a bad idea. Why don't you leave? Now?" [[spoiler:Hank Pym, shooing Tony Stark and Janet van Dyne before he fakes his death, due to his Yellowjacket persona taking him over.]]
* "I only do now as my father did. I protect Wakanda. But unlike any other [[spoiler:Black Panther]], I have had the privilege of doing it by your sides as an Avenger...Clint, don't miss." [[spoiler:Black Panther, putting his life on the line to stop the Kree from destroying the sun. He comes back.]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:Terrax]]
* "Murderer. Now you die!" [[spoiler:Frost Giant Patrol Leader]]
* "Your Highness. Rest assured, it won't happen again." [[spoiler:Ander]]
* "Not as long as the House of Odin still stands!" [[spoiler:Algrim]]
%%[[AC:''Earth's Mightiest Heroes'' comic series]]
%%* "" [[spoiler:]]

* "So long, big boy." [[spoiler:Talbot]]
* "Take it back!" [[spoiler:David Banner]]
* "Oh Wayne, what the Hell happened to you?" [[spoiler:Rodney Thibedaux]]
* "I know you. I know and I am not afraid. Take my life and be done!" [[spoiler:Pete ]]
* "It's gonna be on cover of Life magazine, man! [[spoiler:Mike Ploog, regarding the picture he's gonna take from Man-Thing]]
* "You!" [[spoiler: Dino Moretti]]
* "Goodbye, Mr. Franco." [[spoiler:Lady Tanaka]]
* "Tommy!" [[spoiler:Gianni Franco]]
* "You are one dumb son of a bitch, bringing a knife to a gunfight." [[spoiler:Harry Heck]]
* "NOOOO--" [[spoiler:John Saint]]
* "Oh god...." [[spoiler:Howard Saint]]
* "Frank! She's a kid. Shoot me." [[spoiler:Micro]]
* "Fuck you." [[spoiler:Jigsaw]]
* "Peter..." [[spoiler:Ben Parker, dying from a gunshot wound from Flint Marko (as we find out in the third movie, which also revealed that the gunshot was unintentional).]]
* "See ya. No!" [[spoiler:Dennis Carradine (The Carjacker)]]
* "Norman! Norman! My god, Norman! Oh my god! Norman! Norman!" [[spoiler:Dr. Mendel Stromm, after the super soldier experiment goes wrong. When Norman wakes up in Goblin mode, he kills Stromm by throwing him through glass after saying, "Back to formula?".]]
* "Nothing would satisfy me more than to see Norman Osborn out of business." [[spoiler: General Slocum]]
* "What the hell is that?" [[spoiler: the QUEST pilot in the exosuit]]
* "Must be new this year." [[spoiler: Maximilian Fargas]]
* "That's our glider!" [[spoiler: Henry Balkan]]
* "Oh." [[spoiler: Norman as the Green Goblin, before stabbed by his own glider]]
* "Peter... don't tell [[spoiler:Harry]]." [[spoiler:Norman Osborn as himself, after being stabbed by his own glider]]
* "I will NOT die a monster!" [[spoiler:Dr. Otto Octavius aka Dr. Octopus, as he performs a HeroicSacrifice to bring the tritium-created mini sun into the bottom of the river, which results in him drowning with it.]]
* "Peter, what are you doing?! No! NOOO!!!" [[spoiler:Eddie Brock aka Venom, who dies when both he and the symbiote get blown up by a bomb.]]
* "None of that matters, [[spoiler:Peter]]. You're my friend." [[spoiler:Harry Osborn]]
* "HEY!" [[spoiler:Ben Parker]]
* "You're gonna make enemies. People will get hurt. Sometimes people closest to you. So I want you to promise me something, okay? Leave Gwen out of this. Promise me that. Huh? You promise me." [[spoiler:Captain George Stacy]]
* "Roosevelt." [[spoiler:Mary Parker]]
* "Peter!" [[spoiler:Gwen Stacy]]
* "Well, I think you've got... one less person to... to be afraid of..." [[spoiler:Robert Kelly to Storm, right before his unstable mutation turns him fully into water]].
* "Don't you people ever die?!" [[spoiler:Toad, as Storm rises back up from the elevator shaft and blasts him with lightning]].
* "You owe me a scream." [[spoiler:Sabretooth to Storm, before Cyclops blasts him off the Statue of Liberty]].
* "What are you doing?" [[spoiler:Mitchell Laurio to Magneto, as Magneto uses the metal Mystique injected into Mitchell to kill him and escape]].
* "He's going to be so mad at me!" [[spoiler:Jason Stryker, when the hallucination he has trapped Charles in collapses due to Storm]].
* "One day someone will finish what I've started, Wolverine! One day! One day!!!" [[spoiler:Colonal William Stryker, Jr., as Wolverine abandons him, chained up as the floodwaters come in]].
* "No. No." [[spoiler:Cyclops, after Jean cures his PowerIncontinence and she loses control of the Phoenix]].
* "Don't let it control you." [[spoiler:Charles Xavier, as he loses a mental battle with the Phoenix and is vaporized]].
* "Save me." [[spoiler:Jean Grey to Wolverine, as she is destroying the compound where the cure was stored]].
* "I told you not to come back here!" [[spoiler:John Howlett, to Thomas Logan before the latter kills him.]]
* "He...He wasn't your father...son." [[spoiler:Thomas Logan, after being stabbed by his son, James Howlett.]]
* "I'm not afraid of you. I'm afraid of dying." [[spoiler:Chris Bradley to Victor, as Victor is about to harvest Chris for the Deadpool]].
* "It's funny how innocent people tend to die around you!" [[spoiler:Agent Zero, mocking Wolverine for the people that Zero killed in an effort to kill Wolverine. Logan blows up the crashed helicopter Zero is trapped in]].
* "Shouldn't have done that. Now i'm gonna kill you before Logan gets the chance." [[spoiler:John Wraith, before trying to kill Victor. Victor grabs John's spine as he rematerializes from a teleport, killing him]].
* "Walk until you bleed... then keep walking!" [[spoiler:Kayla Silverfox using her persuasion powers on William Stryker as she's bleeding to death]].
* "Alles ist in Ordnung!"[[note]]"Everything is fine!"[[/note]] [[spoiler:Edie Eisenhardt to her son Erik, trying to calm him down as she is about to be executed]].
* "You're one of them?!" [[spoiler:Colonel Bob Hendry, after trying to blow up Shaw with a grenade and finding that Shaw can easily absorb the energy. Shaw then uses this energy to kill him]].
* "Alex! Do it!" [[spoiler:Darwin, shielding Angel Dust right before Alex shoots Shaw with an energy beam. Shaw absorbs the energy and then gives it to Darwin, and Darwin fails to adapt fast enough to survive]].
* "I don't want to hurt you, Erik. I never did. I want to help you. This is our time. Our age. We are the future of the human race. You and me, son. This world could be ours." [[spoiler:Sebastian Shaw, before Erik gets his anti-telepath helmet off. Once Charles paralyzes him, Erik telekinetically moves a coin through his skull]].
* "What kind of a monster are you?" [[spoiler:Shingen Yashida, to which Logan [[TitleDrop answers]] "The Wolverine"]].
* "Mariko. It's me. [[spoiler:Your grandfather.]]" [[spoiler:Ichirō Yashida, to which Mariko responds [[BrokenPedestal "I buried my grandfather."]]]]
* "Is everybody all right?" [[spoiler:Storm in the final defense of the monastery, right before a Sentinel stabs her and tosses her over the cliff]].
* "No!" [[spoiler:Bishop, as he is overloaded by Sentinels hitting him with too much energy for him to handle]].
* "Now!" [[spoiler:Colossus to Blink, ordering her to send him through a portal to build up momentum and crash through some Sentinels. He is torn apart a few minutes later when too many Sentinels overwhelm him]].
* "Go, go!" [[spoiler:Warpath, before being killed by Sentinels at the final defense of the monastery]].
* "What's my name?" [[spoiler:Ajax/Francis Freeman]]
* (in Polish) "I won't let them take you!" [[spoiler:Nina Gurzky, as she attempts to rescue Erik by commanding a flock of crows to attack the police officers arresting him. She is then accidentally shot by an arrow along with her mother]].
* "HEY!! Hey, asshole!!!" [[spoiler:Havok to Apocalypse and the Four Horsemen in response to their kidnapping of Xavier, before his chest beam misses the shot at the portal they vanish through and destroys a main generator in the mansion. This sets off an explosion that destroys the entire building and kills him instantly]].
* "Psylocke!" [[spoiler:Angel to Psylocke before they try to attack the fleeing plane with the X-Men on it. When they get on the plane, Jean crashes the plane and Nightcrawler teleports the X-Men out, killing Angel, while Psylocke manages to break her fall.]]
* "All... is revealed..." [[spoiler:En Sabah Nur, as Phoenix vaporises him]].
* "Our boat...the Sunseeker." [[spoiler:Charles Xavier]].
* [[PreMortemOneLiner "Beware]] [[IronicEcho the light."]] [[spoiler:Caliban]].
* "Precisely." [[spoiler:Dr. Zander Rice]]
* "He did that! Get up!" [[spoiler:Donald Pierce]]
* "So, this is what it feels like." [[spoiler:James "Logan" Howlett aka Wolverine]].


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