Encounters / Edit War

This is an encounter for the editing game we're putting together. Visit this forum thread to join the fun.


Things are flying in all directions and two Editors are locked in mortal combat, using all the tools and weapons they were issued to maintain the wiki — Erasers, Scalpels, Chainsaws and Hedge Trimmers, Checking Out The Page, even Edit Reasons. The Edit Reasons are the worst, rude and insulting.



Back and forth the two roll, deleting and adding, deleting and adding, trying to keep the page their way by keeping it checked out.

Do you:

1) Get in between them and try to stop it yourself?


2) Examine the Page, the Edit History, and the Discussion Page more closely?

  • 1) You rush up to them and grab them, one in each hand by the scruff of the neck, and try to separate them. Not surprisingly, they both turn their attentions on you, and you find yourself flying against the wall. Everything goes black. When you wake up, the fight is still going on, and you realize that you aren't going to be able to stop it by getting involved. You need to either try something else or call for back-up.

    • 3) Try something else.
    • 4) Call for back-up.

  • 2) They don't even notice you as you move past them further back into the Edit History. That was the one thing that your Instructor had emphasized the most heavily: never attempt to take on an Edit War without carefully examining the evidence first and knowing what you were getting into. In this case it appears to be over the inclusion of an example that's overgrown with Natter and Justifying Edits. You trim away the overgrowth and examine at the example; and there's the problem, it's Stating Opinion As Fact about the motivations of a particular character. You take out your Editing Pencil and rewrite it, making it more neutral in tone, and noting that the work supports more than one interpretation. You leave an Edit Reason yourself, suggesting that the two warring editors Take their argument to the forums or the discussion page; add the Page to your Watchlist, and continue on your rounds.

    • 3) Goto: 2
    • 4) You take out your Tropedex and hit the button that says Ask The Tropers. You enter the location of the Page, a summary of the Edit War, and the IPs or Handles of the Editors involved in it. Then you press the switch labeled "Save", knowing that your request for assistance is on its way to the Wiki-Mods and Admins, and that it's out of your hands.