Encounters / Edit Warrior

This is an encounter for the editing game we're putting together. Visit this forum thread to join the fun.


A figure in shining white armor, the helmet of which lacks any opening for the eyes, holding a giant quill pen.


Tropedex says:

Edit Warrior. The vigilant editor. This editor so firmly believes in the rightness of his edit that he has gone blind and deaf to anyone else's arguments. His sole existence now is to continually assert his position through any means necessary.''


Now, you think to yourself as you cruise the wiki, now I truly have the hang of this editing thing. Having defeated several demons on your way to your current position, you feel accomplished, and ready for anything.

Kerpow! You defeat a misplaced example AND two bullet-points of justifying edits in one fell swoop. On to the next job...

Wait, what's this? The example grew back? With a third justifying edit? Well, you must have missed some roots. You remove it again, leaving a note that 'This example doesn't belong here'.

...Back again? Foul play must be afoot indeed. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a small figure in shining white armor, the helmet of which lacks any opening in the ocular region, ressurecting the entry with a giant quill pen. You grab for your Tropédex and let it do its thing:

Reader Actions:

Well, that shouldn't be too hard to take care of, you think to yourself. I'll just...

  • Delete the edit again, this time with an even more expansive note. Surely he'll see the error of his ways
  • Abandon the fight. It's just one bad example...
  • Seek outside help. This is too much for one man to handle.

(Delete the edit)
That irritating pest continues to asser his own truth, refusing to see the one, true way to proceed: obviously the entry must be erased at all cost! Unfortunatley, it's getting harder and harder to continue your quest. You feel as though armor is weighing you down. It's only as the helmet slips over your head, blinding you, that you realize the truth: by going toe to toe with this monster, you've become what you despise.

Game Over

(Abandon the fight)
Whatever man. It's just one bad example. Surely it can't hurt. A vague sense of unease sticks with you as you ride off, however; returning a few hours later, you find the entire article overrun with natter and bad examples. And what's worse, the article is full of badly used potholes - potholes that lead to other articles slowly going the way this one has. Soon you find yourself in up to your neck trying to clear a path - and at every turn, another Edit Warrior stymes your efforts. Eventually you throw down your pen in despair, sinking into the muck that was once a valient page.

Game Over

(Call for help)
Luckily, you remember a whistle you were given for just this circumstance - the Whistle of Ask The Tropers. Within moments, the mods banished (read: banned) them to oblivion, and you're free to finish your task cleaning up the page. Once again, the day is saved, thanks to teamwork!