Drinking game for ''Film/TopGun'':

* '''Goose''' Version: Pick a character each. Drink when their callsign is said. Choice usually made by picking out of a hat.
* '''Viper''' Version: Everyone drinks every time any callsign is said. Try and survive the opening scene.
* '''Charlie''' Version: Drink every time "Danger Zone" starts playing. This is marginally more survivable.
* '''Merlin''' Version: Drink every time a character repeats himself ("Wood's been hit! Wood's been hit!"). Have Poison Control on standby.
* '''Iceman''' Version: Drink every time there's a gay moment. Line up a liver transplant in advance.
* '''ArtisticLicenseMilitary''' Version: For those with a military background only. Drink everytime you see a mistake. Only to be played with a designated driver and on a night when no one has to go to work the next day. because all the players will get ''totally'' shitfaced.