Drinking Game for Series/TheWestWing, created by [[http://beyonceclintonknopezieglergatsby.tumblr.com/ beyonceclintonknopezieglergatsby]] (original post [[http://beyonceclintonknopezieglergatsby.tumblr.com/post/46130140284/my-nights-work here]]).


General rules:

'''One sip''' when:
* Someone is 'nicknamed'
* There is flirting (explicit or implicit)
* A character takes a sip of ''their'' drink
* Someone's name is shouted
* The policy or strategy is over your head

'''Five sips''' if:
* A bill is referred to by number
* President Bartlet "flips" on his jacket
* Someone is dressed in casual clothes
* Any time there is trivia
* Something is called a "thing"
* "What's next?"

'''Finish your drink''' if:
* There is a hug or series of hugs
* A key vote is won
* Something is explained for expository purposes
* You cry one or more tears
* Toby smiles

'''Take a shot''' when:
* You can identify a guest star before your friends
* Most of the cast is together in a "family" scene
* You miss Creator/AaronSorkin (seasons 5-7 specifically)

Character-specific rule sets:

[[folder:President Bartlet]]
'''One sip''' if he:
* Monologues for more than 30 seconds
* Over-reacts in the situation room
* Does economic-y things

'''Take a shot''' if he:
* Acts like a father to his staff
* Exhibits symptoms of MS
* Asserts his authority as president

[[folder:Leo McGarry]]
'''One sip''' if:
* He grins adorably
* He calls someone 'kid'
* A reference, however vague, is made to his alcoholism/drug abuse

'''Take a shot''' if he:
* Teaches an amazing, important life lesson
* Gives a motivational speech
* Gets upset about Lord John Marbury

[[folder:Josh Lyman]]
'''One sip''' if he:
* Has UST with Donna or Sam
* Has the backpack visible
* Talks about his family/past

'''Take a shot''' if he:
* Dramatically flips his phone shut
* Crosses the line with Leo or the President
* Has 'a moment' with Donna

[[folder: CJ Cregg]]
'''One sip''' if she:
* Has 'a moment' with Toby, Sam, or Josh
* Is flirty with the press corps
* Is the most passionate person in the room

'''Take a shot''' if she:
* Sings/lip-syncs/dances
* Kisses Danny
* Is yelled at for being underinformed

[[folder:Toby Ziegler]]
'''One sip''' if he:
* Bounces the pink ball
* Chews on something
* Writes out loud

'''Take a shot''' if he:
* Cries
* Passionately takes the moral high ground
* Has severe writer's block

[[folder:Sam Seaborn]]
'''One sip''' if he:
* Mentions sailing/boats
* Makes a sports reference
* Is overly idealistic
* Talks about Princeston

'''Take a shot''' if he:
* Comes up with something inspirational on the fly
* Acts like Donna/Charlie's big brother
* Gets engaged or talks about his ex-fiancee

[[folder:Will Bailey]]
'''One sip''' if he:
* Defends the vice president
* Speaks in a high-pitched voice when flustered
* Mentions or appears with his sister

'''Take a shot''' if:
* You realize he isn't quite Sam
* He controls the weather
* He impresses/satisfies Toby

[[folder:Donna Moss]]
'''One sip''' if she:
* Is smarter/more put-together than Josh
* Goes on a date
* Says something folksy/mid-western

'''Take a shot''' if she:
* Is overtly emotional towards Josh
* Appears in formal wear
* Reaffirms her US citizenship

[[folder:Charlie Young]]
'''One sip''' if he:
* Sasses the president
* Talks about his mom/sister
* Is in awe of the senior staff/democracy

'''Take a shot''' if he:
* Pranks CJ
* Has to get involved with someone's personal life
* Openly pines over Zoe