Drinking Game for ''Film/TheRoom''. This game is best played with [[GargleBlaster Scotchka]]. And a designated sober to get you to the hospital when you inevitably contract alcohol poisoning:

* Whenever a character says "Oh hi, (character name)", drink.
* Whenever Lisa and Claudette are about to have a heart-to-heart talk, take a sip.
** Be sure to take a gulp when Lisa explicitly states that she doesn't love Johnny any more.
* Take a sip whenever Johnny laughs.
** Take another when he says "huh".
* When a blatantly unnecessary scene draws to a close, drink.
** When a sex scene draws to a close, down your drink.
* Drink when a character shows up with no introduction.
* Drink when Mark says "What's going on?" whilst Lisa is trying to seduce him.
** Hell, drink whenever a character says one of their [[Film/TheRoom catchphrases]]
* Drink when the characters are playing football.
* Drink ''water'' after being shown parts of San Francisco.
* Drink whenever a character shills Johnny in some way.
* Take a sip whenever Denny says something slightly creepy ("I just like to watch you guys!")
* Take a big gulp on the most famous line in the movie, "You're tearing me apart, Lisa!"
* When Johnny dies, take two shots.

If played correctly, you shall be utterly plastered just in time for the first agonizing sex scene.

||'''Name:'''||''' Beverage:'''||'''Comment:'''||
|| @/{{Nerd Bird}} || Raspberry soda. || I had to pee about half an hour in. This was utterly painful, but hilarious. ||
||@/KeidaLemm|| Mikes Hard Lemonade and Vodka || Tommy Wiseu is gonna kill us and we aren't even thru the sex scene... ||
|| @/{{TheGoldnguy}} || Diet Mountain Dew || It was right after the "Denny drug money" scene that I began to feel the urge to go to the bathroom. By the time I got to the "I did not hit her" scene, which was five minutes later, I couldn't take it anymore. ||