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Drinking Game: The Phantom of the Opera
Drinking game for The Phantom of the Opera:

  • One shot every time The Phantom or Christine's name is spoken/sung.
  • One shot every time there is a Pimped-Out Dress (ignore Masquerade or you'll give yourself Alcohol Poisoning)
  • One shot every time The Phantom overhears something.
    • Two shots if it's something very important that they don't want him to know.
  • One shot when a melody is reprised.
  • One shot every time you see The Phantom's mask.
    • Two shots if he changes his mask.
    • Down a whole bottle every time he gets unmasked.
  • One shot every time you wonder why they decided to give Raoul such an ugly haircut.
  • One shot every time Christine hits an impossibly high note (such as the one at the end of 'The Phantom of the Opera' song itself.
  • One shot every time there's a duet. Two if it's Christine and Raoul. Three if it's Christine and the Phantom.

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