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Drinking Game: Super Natural
  • Sip every time:
    • It's mentioned that John is missing.
    • The apocalypse is mentioned.
    • They get the monster wrong and have to do more research.
    • Someone cuts their arm.
    • The boys use a shoutout alias.
    • Dean says "Son of a bitch."
    • "Awesome" is used sarcastically.
    • Dean says "Yahtzee".
      • Dean says "Ganked" or "Skeevy".
    • Sam has a psychic vision (in seasons one and two).
    • The fourth wall is leaned upon.
      • Do a shot if the wall is obliterated.
    • Castiel invades someone's personal space.
    • Someone is bleeding from the mouth. note 
    • One of the main characters (Dean, Sam, Castiel, etc.) dies. note 
      • Take two every time they come back.
    • There is a scene in which Dean eats and Sam does not.
      • Finish your drink when Dean refuses food.
    • Dean says "Chuckles," "Chucklehead," or any variant thereof.
      • Take three every time someone parodies this.
    • Someone says 'get this.'
      • Take two if it's not Sam or Dean.
    • If the intro has Dean saying "She's a demon, Sam!"
      • Take two if it's in reference to someone other than Ruby.
    • When asked to justify an extremely dangerous, costly, painful, or downright irresponsible decision, the answer is, "Because you're my brother" (or some variant thereof).
    • A random female character dies.
    • A ceiling fire occurs.
    • You hear "Carry On My Wayward Son".
    • Dean cries one single tear.
    • Bobby says "balls" or "idjits". Finish your drink if the "idjits" comes from season 7's episode "Death's Door".
    • A dick joke is made. note 

  • Shot every time:
    • Someone makes a deal with a crossroads demon.
    • A character makes a big entrance.
      • Finish your drink when it's Death. And then think about ordering pizza.
    • Someone's impending destiny/doom is mentioned.
      • Take two if said character responds with "Screw Destiny" or a variation thereof.
    • Dean and Sam exchange their "jerk"/"bitch" insults.
    • The brothers are mistaken for a gay couple.
    • A named female character dies.
      • Two shots and a middle finger to the screen if she lasted more than one episode.
      • Do two if she died from Death By Sam.
      • Finish your drink if she was an important character who never got into a sexual or romantic relationship with the boys. (i.e. their mom, Mama Tran, Pamela, Ellen.)
    • A hunter's funeral occurs.

  • Rules:

    • Drink every time a character you love dies.
    • Die of alcohol poisoning or sadness, whichever comes first.

As always, TV Tropes is not responsible for the state of your liver.
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