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Drinking Game: Pretty Little Liars
Welcome, one and all, to the Pretty Little Liars Drinking Game. Here are the rules:

  • Take a drink whenever A ends a message with "bitch", "bitches", or some variant thereof. (You might want to have a liver transplant lined up in advance.)

  • Take a drink whenever A does something that should require psychic knowledge of the future. (Same as above.)

  • Take a shot when the girls do something stupid that gives A an advantage over them. (Also, when they tell a lie that gives A more to blackmail them with.)

  • Take a drink whenever someone is framed for murder.

  • Take a drink whenever there is an Ezria scene.

  • Take a drink whenever Spencer disses Hanna.

  • Take a drink whenever Hanna gives a good reason for someone to diss her.

  • Take a drink whenever they do something that you definitely shouldn't do if a creepy murderer is after you. (For example when Emily and Paige go to a party in the middle of the woods)

  • Take a drink whenever the girls go to a Halloween party and shit goes down.

  • Take a drink whenever a creepy doll and/or mask shows up

  • Take a drink whenever a possible love interest of the liars acts shady in a potential a team member kind of way.

  • Take a drink whenever the liars break into (or out) of a place they should definitly not be able to break into (ir out of) - like an asylum, a morgue, ect.

  • Take a drink whenever Aria comes on screen with an accessory larger then your head.

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