One of the reviews of ''TEEN FORTRESS 2'' proposed a "[=MarissaTheWriter=] Drinking Game":


-->Take a drink when:

-->1) 'lolling' is used as a verb.

-->2) the main characters' names are misspelled in the most ridiculous way possible.

-->3) the chapter number is incorrect (i.e. chapter fife and sex)

-->4) Marissa misspells her own name.

-->I guarantee you will die of alcohol poisoning before you finish this chapter.

Several additional points were added since the review:

5) nouns or adjectives are used as verbs (britished, russianed, happied);

6) anytime someone "o-mouthed";


8) Characters talk in text speak;

9) When she says 'feces' instead of face.

TheHalfWorld came up with its own version:

Play the It’s My Life/Teen Fortress 2 drinking game!
* Take a drink every time Marissa’s name is spelled wrong.
* Take a drink every time [=MarissaTheWriter=] types [[MundaneMadeAwesome “… CHARACTER NAME!”]]
* Take a drink every time a noun or adjective is used as a verb (“britished”, “russianed”, “texased” “happied”, etc.).
* Take a drink every time someone is [[LeetSpeak “lolling” or “o-mouth”ing.]]
* Take a drink every time someone is using “drugs an beer”.
* Take a drink every time [=MarissaTheWriter=] types [[RougeAnglesOfSatin “feces” instead of “faces” or “face”.]]
* Take a drink every time there’s a random cameo ([[VideoGame/HalfLife2 Gordon Freeman and his wife Alex What Ever,]] [[InvaderZim Gas,]] the zomboys from Franchise/DeadSpace, etc.).
* You’ll be dead by the end of the fic. Guaranteed. Works every time.

Tropers/{{Dreigonix}} would like to contribute:

* Take a shot every time Chell "booty-quakes."
* Take two shots every time "[[{{Robosexual}} robot ball/]][[{{Squick}} human babies]]" are mentioned, and wonder ''what the hell this author was thinking.''
** Finish your drink if Marissa and Wheatley have sex. ''[[BrainBleach HE'S A ROBOTIC EYEBALL EVEN IN THE FIC! HOW DOES IT EVEN WORK?!]]''
* Take a shot every time something or someone is described as a "[[EmoTeen goth emo]]." As a matter of fact, drink whenever this fic is uncannily reminiscent of MyImmortal (not counting misspellings unless they are particularly {{egregious}}.)
** Take a shot whenever someone commits "[[DrivenToSuicide sewisde]]."
* Take a [[SelfDemonstratingArticle bloody]] shot every time Wheatley drops a [[DidNotDoTheBloodyResearch British]] ClusterFBomb.
** And another if [[GannonBanned Wheetly, Wheelty, or Whatly]] does so.
** On the subject of swearing, take a shot whenever someone calls someone a [[SoundEffectBleep "b****"]].
* Take a shot for every new [[GodModeSue power]] Marissa gets.


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