!!Narrative style

* Take a shot whenever Marissa does any of this, which shows her misuse of the English language:
** Using something that is not a verb as a verb, usually in the participle[[note]]not-a-verb-ing[[/note]] or past[[note]]not-a-verb-ed[[/note]] form (to LOL, to happy, etc.)
*** Take two shots if it's a nationality, and therefore the word is taken to mean "to speak with an X accent" (to british, to russian, to texas, etc.)
** Using the complete neologism "to o-mouth"
** Using emoticons or txtspeak (yes, that means LOL counts as two shots)
** Censoring cursewords
*** Down the glass if you can't figure out what the curseword was, due to it having too many/too few asterisks, or the single letter that was not censored being wrong.
* While misspellings are copious and taking a shot whenever something is misspelled will kill you before you get through Chapter 1, misspellings of all of these merit a shot:
** Marissa's own name
** another character's name, ''but'' only if either it's over-the-top or is lampshaded (Gabe vs. Cave, Jenny vs. Ginny, etc.)
** the fic's title
** the chapter number or the word "chapter" itself (chapter fife, sex, etc.)
*** Two shots if [[UnusualChapterNumbers the chapter numbers aren't even sequential]].
** "face"/"faces" as "feces"
* Take a shot when Marissa prefaces a character's appearance with [[MundaneMadeAwesome " CHARACTER NAME!"]].
* Take a shot whenever Marissa feels the need to preface a chapter, or a section of a chapter, with an indication on whose POV we are following.
** Two shots if it's in third person.


* Take a shot for every [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands new]] [[GodModeSue power]] any Mary Sue (most often Marissa, but can also be Wheatly, Scot, [[Fanfic/InvaderZimBornAgainChristian Gloria]], Chell Junor, etc.) gets.
* Take a [[SelfDemonstratingArticle bloody]] shot every time any character (most often Wheatly, but can also be Stephen Merchant, Sweary Guy, etc.) drops a [[DidNotDoTheBloodyResearch British]] ClusterFBomb.
** Two shots if it employs "god save the queen", which isn't even really a curse.
* Take a shot every time something or someone is described as a "[[EmoTeen goth emo]]."
** As a matter of fact, drink whenever this fic is uncannily reminiscent of Fanfic/MyImmortal, Fanfic/LightAndDarkTheAdventuresOfDarkYagami or any other trollfic Doombly could potentially have read, including [[Creator/SueMary those he wrote]] (not counting misspellings unless they are particularly {{egregious}}).
** Take a shot whenever someone commits "[[DrivenToSuicide sewiside]]."
* Take a shot whenever someone is using "drugs and beer".
* Take two shots every time Marissa and Wheatly's "[[{{Robosexual}} robot ball/]][[{{Squick}} human baby]]" is mentioned, and wonder ''what the hell this author was thinking.''
** Finish your drink if Marissa and Wheatly have sex. ''[[BrainBleach HE'S A ROBOTIC EYEBALL EVEN IN THE FIC! HOW DOES IT EVEN WORK?!]]''
* Take a shot every time Chell "booty-quakes."
* Take a shot any time a random cameo ([[VideoGame/HalfLife2 Gordon Freeman and his wife Alex What Ever,]] [[WesternAnimation/InvaderZim Gas,]] the zomboys from Franchise/DeadSpace, etc.) appears.


* Take a shot whenever a plot twist is so out of the line, it makes you wonder how Doombly/Marissa even came up with it in the first place.
* Take a shot whenever time travel is involved, but none of the typical TimeTravelTropes are followed.


* While ''TEEN FORTRESS 2'' was still the current Marrissa fic, there were at least two distinct [=MarissaTheWriter=] drinking games proposed, one by the various reviewers of ''TEEN FORTRESS 2'' and one by Blog/TheHalfWorld. These, alongside a version by Tropers/{{Dreigonix}}, have been integrated into a single game here.


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