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Drinking Game: Grand Theft Auto
Drinking game for Grand Theft Auto:

  • WITH FRIENDS: The player has 30 seconds upon picking up the controller to earn a wanted star. Every time he earns a star, all spectators drink. Every time he loses a star, he drinks. If he loses pursuit entirely, he takes a number of drinks equal to the number of stars evaded, and has 30 seconds to acquire a star again. If the player is arrested, killed, or exceeds his 30 second time limit, he finishes his drink and passes his controller to the next player.

  • SOLO 1: Drink whenever a person opens fire at you for no explicable reason, you complete a mission, or make progress towards 100% Completion. Finish your drink when you get taken out.
  • SOLO 2: Load up San Andreas and have the drink of your choice beside you (bring a lot.) Drink every time the F bomb is dropped and whole glass\shot when the N word is used. Drink every time Ryder calls CJ a busta'.
    • Unless you intend for us to be drinking water, fuck to the no.

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