[[caption-width-right:313:[[SarcasmMode Totally the actions of someone who doesn't care about Spain and would delight in abusing him.]]]]

''Manga/AxisPowersHetalia'', despite being a show full of HoYay-fueled {{Moe Anthropomorphism}}s, has a fandom that's largely free of ShipToShipCombat, probably because almost any pairing can be [[RealitySubtext justified]], and multishipping and ShipMates are very common. But even it isn't ''completely'' free from this trope (...okay, the list below ''is'' rather long, but that's mainly because of LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters, and most examples are still limited to VocalMinority status). In other words, even the nicest and most civil of fanbases - Hetalia shipping being on the whole wonderfully accommodating - can't eradicate the 'fanatic' in 'fandom.'

To simplify, the more popular the ship(s)/character(s), the more fanon will attempt to "kill off" the one that takes the "spotlight" from their favourite pairing(s)/character(s).


* England sometimes gets this from militant Russia/America fans who [[RonTheDeathEater twist and warp]] his {{Tsundere}} behavior and possible crush toward America to {{Jerkass}} or even {{Yandere}} levels to make him into a pathetic {{Crazy Jealous|Guy}} HopelessSuitor who can't accept that America doesn't want him or even a creepy pedophile who's been perving on America ever since he was a kid. The worst cases have England as a DomesticAbuser toward America who seems to have forgotten all about his own SuperStrength or a ManipulativeBastard who uses poor America's undying love for him to emotionally abuse him. (Russia, if he appears, is [[DracoInLeatherPants sane and supportive to America]].) Never mind that in canon, England has almost [[TheWoobie Woobie]] moments with America, or that America is actually a lot harder on him than the other way around. Or that Russia isn't the most innocent nation.
** Pedophile!England perving on young America is not a rare phenomenon in stories that feature America with someone else and feel the need to justify the pairing by showing how horrible England/America would be... even though canon has zero evidence that would back this up; in fact, America seems to think back on their days together with nostalgia. Plus, if England has more-than-brotherly feelings for America, they seem to have been kickstarted when America was a teenager at the very least.
*** Actually Paedophile!England turns up an alarming number of times in colony central fics or to give an ex-colony a dark and tragic past for their lover to heal/save them from- never mind that in canon about the only person he's shown being ''regularly'' nice to is young America.
* As for America, there are some fics that play up his stupidity and tactlessness to emphasize just how unsuitable a partner he would be for England. It ''is'' canon that America can be a jerk to England at times and is the main source of his heartbreak, but some rabid England/someone-other-than-America shippers(namely Japan, Australia and so on) would have you believe that America enjoys making England suffer and couldn't possibly ''ever'' be nice or flirtatious toward him without having some secret agenda to crush his heart again (while conveniently overlooking that America is ''canonly'' friends with England). This mentality crops up the most often in England/Canada fics, where it goes hand-in-hand with some Canada fans' bad habit of [[RonTheDeathEater putting down]] America to make Canada look better too.
** America also comes off badly in some Japan/someone-other-than-him fanworks where he's depicted as being in love with Japan instead of them just being best friends, with his somewhat tactless but genuinely cheerful and friendly attitude toward Japan in canon somehow being translated into him becoming [[CrazyJealousGuy unnervingly possessive]] [[StalkerWithACrush and stalkerish]] toward, if not [[DomesticAbuse outright abusing]], Japan. About the only justification ever given for this is that America's dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan at the end of WWII ''must'' mean that he's actually a {{Yandere}} deep down, which completely ignores not only everything we've seen of them together in canon but everything ''else'' about their (currently good) real-life relations, so it can't even be passed off as "historical canon". However, it would make more sense given America's protectiveness of Japan and their real-life relations, that if America were to fall in love with a Japan who was in love with someone else, America would go the IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy route instead. He might also give the IfYouEverDoAnythingToHurtHer speech to Japan's potential {{Love Interest}}.
* There's also the portrayal of Austria in some [[HotBlooded Prussia]]/[[NinjaMaid Hungary]] fanworks. While they rarely go so far as to make Austria [[DomesticAbuse beat the hell out of Hungary]] (who's still physically [[NinjaMaid stronger]] [[NonActionGuy than he is]], anyway), they still sometimes portray him as a BespectacledBastardBoyfriend [[TheUnfairSex cold, snobbish and neglectful of Hungary to the point of emotional abuse]] to not only discredit their canon marriage as a loveless ArrangedMarriage (even though they show romantic affection for each other even ''after'' their "divorce") but to have Hungary [[GoodAdulteryBadAdultery seek out comfort]] in the [[RichSuitorPoorSuitor "not as well-off but more fun and passionate"]] [[ChildhoodFriendRomance Prussia]]'s arms [[YourCheatingHeart behind Austria's back]]. More than once it's coupled with {{Chickification}}, since Hungary goes from a {{Tomboy}} who managed to [[GirlinessUpgrade become more girly]] without losing [[PluckyGirl her backbone]] and [[GirlyBruiser fighting skills]] into a weepy and wangsty mess who whines and cries about her "loveless married life" with abusive-asshole!Austria and pines endlessly for badass-romantic-hero!Prussia rescuing her from such torment - without even ''attempting'' to do anything for her own sake.
** One of the most pervasive and venomous parts of this ship-related Austria bashing shows in the form of an infamous {{fanon}} that accuses Austria of having forced Hungary to put on dresses when she arrived at his mansion. There is no real evidence that he was the one who told Hungary to do so, and as far as we know it could've even been ''Hungary's'' own idea or even an order of her own bosses; however, lots of fans tend to immediately assume that Austria did so, and it's ''no'' surprise that many of them are either Austria/Hungary bashers who think he "reduces her to a SatelliteLoveInterest", or rabid Prussia/Hungary fans who accuse him of "keeping Hungary away from her True Love Prussia".
* [[BadassLongcoat Romania]] is starting to get this treatment from [[VocalMinority some rabid]] Prussia/Hungary fans, especially because many fans have liked him since his appearance and started shipping him with Hungary, even though [[FoeYay Romania and Hungary are said to hate each other with a burning passion]] -- which is easy to see as potential InterplayOfSexAndViolence. He's also interpreted pretty badass due to the fact that he's ''apparently'' a mischievous yangire with a vampire vibe AND also uses Black Magic, which helped increase his popularity even more. He also looks like a combination between Hungary and Prussia.
** While some Prussia/Hungary fans see Romania as a "serious obstacle" like they do to Austria, others treat the "rivalry" more as a RunningGag and make Prussia a prospect ButtMonkey whom Hungary is still {{Tsundere}} for, rather than a romance hero who must "recover" his love interest from Romania's "dirty" paws and vampire teeth. And two/three others seem to favor a OneTrueThreesome in which Hungary gets it on with ''both'' Prussia and Romania.
* ''Hungary'' herself, while normally embraced by fans for being an ActionGirl and YaoiFangirl, isn't free of this. Some Germany/Austria fics portray her as a whiny, self-centered ClingyJealousGirl or a [[RealWomenDontWearDresses brainless, weak, "girly"]] [[HetIsEw female]] who breaks the Austro-Hungarian compromise ''solely'' because Austria pays less attention to her than she wants to. Seems somebody hasn't read the Anschluss, New Year and/or Valentine strips, huh?
* The ShipToShipCombat between Russia/Lithuania and Poland/Lithuania shippers has fallen more than once into this. The most rabid Poland/Lithuania shippers portray Russia beating and raping Lithuania ForTheEvulz (Russia ''is'' a canon PsychopathicManchild and {{Yandere}}, but many Poland/Lithuania fans ignore [[DespairEventHorizon his sympathetic]] [[JerkassWoobie backstory]] and [[NeverLiveItDown iron out all nuances in his character]] to make him into [[CardCarryingVillain the stock evil antagonist]], AND they also tend to ignore [[LighterandFluffier how Himaruya now plays up more]] his ManChild side than the PsychopathicManchild one in the last strips), and the most vocal Russia/Lithuania fans take Poland's initial selfishness and DumbBlonde quirks (played for laughs in-series) to CharacterExaggeration extremes, denying Poland's own CharacterDevelopment which was remarked on in the third manga volume.
** Russia in general has been used as a stock antagonist in many other shipping fics, not so much because the fanwriters hate him but more because he's the closest thing the series has to an "evil" character and they find it all too easy to [[RonTheDeathEater crank up]] his "become one with me, da...?" line to a "you WILL become one with me, whether or not you like it, and only your true love can save you from my clutches, DA!" ultimatum. Suffice it to say that while he's no saint in canon, he's still far from the kidnapping, torturing, raping villain these kind of fics make him into.
* Belarus, as the {{Yandere}} {{stalker|WithACrush}} of Russia, who not only is the [[LauncherOfAThousandShips fandom bicycle]] but also her ''{{brother|SisterIncest}}'', doesn't get ''nearly'' as much hate as you'd expect and many fans actually enjoy her PlayedForLaughs role as the stalker of the stalker. However, more serious fics that pair Russia up with someone other than Belarus often make her without a drop of sympathy or depth. True, Belarus canonically resents anyone Russia shows interest in and she doesn't get a FreudianExcuse or HiddenDepths regarding her behavior like her brother does, but the worst thing she did in canon was breaking Lithuania's fingers - and that was solely done for humor on a date that Lithuania himself asked Belarus for. Having her go out of her way to tie up and ''rape'' Lithuania just to prove the point of him being "unworthy" of Russia's love is probably taking it too far.
* While it hasn't translated into outright RonTheDeathEater in fanworks yet (if only because most Turkey/Greece works simply leave Japan out entirely), the VocalMinority of Turkey/Greece shippers can become very wanky toward Japan and the Greece/Japan ship when provoked, especially after the "provocation" of the anime faithfully adapting some of Japan's strips with Greece and Turkey that had been on the Web for ''years'' beforehand, with them deriding Japan as a FlatCharacter who only got the attention of Greece and Turkey because of him having half of the cast as his harem and claiming that Greece [[SatelliteLoveInterest loses all personality and historical depth]] when paired with him over his "far more interesting and historically important" rival Turkey.
** To elaborate on that final point, some fans think that being with Japan makes Greece a "weak SatelliteLoveInterest" because he acts calm, gentle and laidback with him whereas being with Turkey makes him a "strong, interesting character" because he acts short-tempered, violent and angry with him. Apparently, Greece being ThePhilosopher with Japan gives him no additional depth because it's "[[WhatMeasureIsANonBadass not physical]]" or something like that. Can lead to UnfortunateImplications if you think too hard about the "he's a SatelliteLoveInterest if he [[RealMenHateAffection acts sweet to his boyfriend instead of fighting with him all the time]]!" or "he can be interesting ''only'' if he's paired up with the one that [[ARealManIsAKiller constantly makes him angry and violent]]!" implications.
* Turkey has a case similar to France's (listed just below); he isn't demonized nearly as often by Greece/Japan shippers as you might expect as most of them view him as [[HopelessSuitor posing no real threat to their ship]], but if they feel the need to have someone stir up some external drama for Greece and Japan, he's the one they're most likely to use. It doesn't help that [[RonTheDeathEater exaggeration]] of Turkey's BoisterousBruiser traits to {{Jerkass}}, ManipulativeBastard or SmugSnake levels is a not-uncommon sight even in non-shipping and Turkey-pairing fanworks, which can cause some fans to forget that Turkey is canonly friends with Japan and leans more toward being a JerkWithAHeartOfGold than an irredeemable {{Jerkass}}.
* As for Greece, he's mostly free of this trope. Mostly. There are still some fans who are ''not'' pleased about him being paired up with Japan so often (and are not feeling charitable enough to simply make him JustFriends with Japan) and hence try to make him out to be a [[BitchInSheepsClothing Jerk In Nice Guy's Clothing]] who lies about what "really" happened on that night with Japan or a pathetic CrazyJealousGuy who exists solely to bitch about how Japan's not with him and thus come off as worse than the nation the author wants Japan to be with instead. A few of these fans even claim that Greece hangs out with Japan only because he wants to get into Japan's pants, even though a read-through of all his strips with Japan will show that this is almost certainly ''not'' the case. It's pretty mild compared to many other characters' cases on this list, but it still really stands out in Greece's case, considering his sleepy KindheartedCatLover personality in canon.
* France is mostly free of this in America/England fics, in spite of having a [[AnythingThatMoves person]][[LovableSexManiac ality]] that could very easily fall victim to CharacterExaggeration of the [[SexualHarassmentAndRapeTropes worst possible kind]], with almost all America/England fans simply [[ShipMates pairing him up with someone else]] (usually with [[{{Meganekko}} Canada]]), making him a ShipperOnDeck for America and England, or going the IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy route if he's depicted as [[{{Starboarding}} being in love with England]]. However, he's still the character most likely to be used as an obstacle to their relationship; as such, there are some who make either character a KnightInShiningArmor who foils France's AttemptedRape of the DistressedDude.
** A more subtle yet venomous and insidious way to make France look bad in USUK fics (principally {{doujinshi}}) is to take the French Crown's historical role in UsefulNotes/TheAmericanRevolution and flanderize it by characterising France as a borderline EvilMentor to America who sleeps around in the war camps and seems to have fun by pitting a young and easy to manipulate America against his eternal enemy England under the excuse of "giving America the chance to develop into his own country", but actually just wants to make England suffer and get revenge against him. Way to twist ~historical canon~ to fit your ship preferences, people. To be fair, one of the main reasons that the French Crown got involved with the American Revolution '''was''' to get revenge on England for the Seven Years War. In canon, France is pretty self-centered and likes to cash in on other people's victories, so him being a "borderline EvilMentor" isn't that out of character. But it ''can'' (and more often than not, '''is''') taken too far, with France as spiteful and pit against England.
* Believe it or not, ''[[TheDitz North Italy]]'' gets bashed by rabid fans who'd rather pair up Germany with others, especially Austria or Germany's older brother Prussia. Some shippers of Germany/Prussia are notorious for turning Italy into a PsychopathicManchild who actively sexually, emotionally, and physically abuses Germany, so that Prussia can come in and rescue his younger brother and offer him a "truly loving" relationship.
* North Italy's big brother Romano has lately been getting this piled on him too, by those who can't stand his [[{{Tsundere}} abrasive personality]] and would prefer Spain be with a more "suitable" (or "historically important") partner like France or Netherlands. It's often forgotten that ''both'' Romano and Spain have issues with their personalities and in dealing with each other and that South Italy has shown more than once that he ''genuinely'' cares for Spain [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold underneath it all]] (the major proof comes when [[IllGirl when Spain falls sick]] and Romano goes [[FindTheCure searching for a cure]], willing to deal ''even with TheMafia'' to help him). All this hasn't stopped the detractors from derailing South Italy into a horrible boyfriend that you wonder how Spain could ever have been cheerful around, or making Spain into the worst case of a LoveMartyr who must be saved by France. Unless we talk about him actually raping and torturing North Italy to "keep him in check" and "away from the potato bastard" (re: Germany).
* In the rare Romano/Belgium ships they occasionally seem to change Spain from a good-natured, happy character who cares about Romano's wellbeing into a [[PervertDad perverted caretaker]]. That being said, they do have an equal chance of making him have an IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy moment, which is less of a character derailment that the former.
** There are also cases of Prussia/Romano shippers twisting canon in fic and comments to paint Spain as a pedophile and perverted moron that willfully neglects poor Romano's needs, making ''Romano'' out to be the LoveMartyr in this case and making Prussia out to be the savior who must free him and give him a truly loving relationship.
* There are a distressing number of stories where America, North Italy and/or Poland's natural [[TheDitz ditziness]] illustrates how they'd be unsuitable partners to another character (often England, Germany or Lithuania, respectively). Yes, America's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he's not a moron that needs help counting to ten; Italy may not take everything seriously, but he's not brainless; and Poland is flighty, but he's most certainly not an idiot that makes a chimp look like Einstein in comparison.
* While still rare ([[TemptingFate we hope]]), some rabid Prussia/Canada fans are really ''horrible'' not only to France, but to ''[[BigFun Cuba]]'' too. Because not being a {{Bishonen}} and mistaking Canada for America apparently makes Cuba a horrible bully whom Prussia must defeat to release poor uke Canada from his abuse, obviously missing how Cuba is ''very'' apologetic whenever that happens and how they get along extremely well otherwise.
* Though extremely rare, '''[[GentleGiant Sweden]]''' gets this treatment from time to time in Estonia/Finland fics; usually becoming an abusive "husband" keeping Finland from Estonia, or something of a StalkerWithACrush that poor little Finland is too weak to push away.
** Some fanworks take Denmark's canon BoisterousBruiser traits and make him an insane {{Yandere}} who drove Sweden to run away with Finland after raping and torturing him into almost insanity. Even some works that are ''ostensively'' Denmark/Sweden use this; there's a very popular doujin that represents the infamous [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_Bloodbath Stockholm Massacre]] by first making Denmark [[EyeScream severely injure Sweden's eyes]] with his axe when Sweden merely says something that ''sounds'' like he'll leave the Nordic group (which "explains" why Sweden uses glasses), and then torturing and raping him among the ruins of Stockholm right after his defeat.(Though that doujin also has a rather cute [[LoveRedeems reconciliation]] between the two them at the end.)
** Belgium may not be ''as'' big of a target as Seychelles, but she still gets potshots from rabid Spain/Romano fangirls that falsely accuse her of standing in between. An apparently lost Spamano fanart has ''Canada threatening to hit her'' ([[ShrinkingViolet yes]], '''[[NiceGuy CANADA]]''') because she won't give up on interfering with them, ''and we're supposed to cheer for Canada when he says he'll hit her''.
** Even Liechtenstein, who's a ProperLady in canon, is once in a while treated as evil for stealing Switzerland from Austria. (Nevermind that she and Austria are very polite and civil to each other in canon). Luckily it's not that common, but there are some UnfortunateImplications in how the hate stopped ''only'' in the ''Manga/HetaliaBloodbath2011'' when she seemed to [[ShipperOnDeck approve of Swiss and Austria's somewhat improved relationship]].
** Poor Ukraine actually gets this from a certain corner of the fandom who bash her for a barely hinted at BrotherSisterIncest affection for Russia in her character song. A lot of the bashing comes from the fact that she dares to have [[GagBoobs a large chest]] and is a NiceGirl and relatively well-liked TeamMom, which makes the HetIsEw camps treat her as an annoying crybaby [[WhatMeasureIsANonBadass who is a terrible female character]]. Never mind that she canonically has hints of being a LadyOfWar and is a huge [[TheChewToy Chew Toy]].
** [[{{Shorttank}} Wy]] got pegged with this shortly after her first appearance by [[ToyShip Sealand/Latvia and Sealand/Iceland]] shippers. (The fact that she already had [[TheScrappy Scrappy]] status from being a LittleMissSnarker certainly didn't help her case any.) Since the Sealand/others shippers [[VocalMinority are VERY far and in between]], the major part of the fandom decided to keep Wy safe via either making her think [[DoesNotLikeMen "ew boys,]] [[WomenAreWiser why are you so dumb"]] or giving her a PrecociousCrush on [[ChivalrousPervert Seborga]] instead, since he promised to hit on her [[SheIsAllGrownUp when she grows up]].
* Lithuania is disliked by fans who pair Russia or Poland (or America or Belarus...) with someone else. Not all of it is because of this; Lithuania is, after all, portrayed as a ''very'' [[TheWoobie sympathetic]] NiceGuy for a country that was once powerful, and Himaruya seemed quite fond of him in 2007-2008 (though this has improved since, with him being passive-aggressive and rude towards Prussia in a recent sketch). But a few fans have admitted to disliking him just for "getting in the way" of their ship.