->''[[RedEyesAreNotGood "Red Eyes.]] [[ThatBabyIsStrange Baby's got red eyes.]] [[WhatTheHellHappendToMakeTheDayRed On a red, red day.]] [[RedEyesMeanBlindness Seeing no one near."]]''
-->[[ThisIsNot/MorseCode --]]'''JohnElton''' [[What/EvilTwinsAreCool (Elton John's evil twin.)]]

[[ThisIsAnArticle All red entry is an article made out of red links.]] [[IThoughtWhatIdDoWasIdPretendIWasOneOfThoseDeafMutes Of course, this is a lot easier to do than this article's]] [[EvenMoreEvilTwin evil-er twin,]] [[HaHaHaHaDidYouThinkIWouldLinkItHereGoFindItYourself all blue entry,]] [[NoWayAmIDoingThat because you can just internal link every word]][[EasterEgg/PotholedComma ,]] OrWikiWordEveryThingHere[[DiskWorld ,]] [[BartSimpsonWhoIsHomerSimpsonsSister or pothole some nonsense that you made up.]] [[PfffftYeahRightNoOnesGonnaDoThat/AtLeastProbablyNot However, if someone makes any of these into an article,]] [[Administrivia/WorstTVTropesChangeOfTwentyThirteen even if it's not in the same namespace,]] [[FBomb we're F'd.]] [[ExamplesMakeEverythingEasierToUnderstand As an example,]] [[WeTriedReallyReallyHard while this article]] [[ItReallyWas used to be a]] [[FormerSelfDemonstratingArticle Self-Demonstrating Article]][[AlmostForgotThisOne ,]] [[KnowWhichItsToUseIdiot it's]] [[CanYouSpotTheOneBlueLink not anymore.]] [[SubvertedAversion You used to be able to avoid this]] [[SugarWiki/IAmSoTotallyNotMakingThisUp by linking to uneditable articles that show up as a red link,]] [[ForExample like This Troper.]] [[YouCantTrustTheSystem But now they turn blue anyways sometimes.]] ThanksALotTVTropes[[UsePeriodsPeriod .]] [[ThisIsImportantStuff Please note]][[ColonKanser :]] [[Oops/IAmTooLate this will hurt your eyes, unlike all blue entry.]]

[[WhenICreatedTheDeadLinkArticleThisStoppedBeingADeadLinkOhTheIrony See also]][[OhMyGod/ItsADottyThingy :]]

* [[WhoopsSorryIBrokeIt All White Entry]]
* AllGrayEntry
* AllPinkEntry
* [[NoWorries/TheArticleWasntCut All Orange Entry]]
* [[ButThisWasMovedTo/AllOrangeEntry All Yellow Entry]]
* AllGreenEntry
** [[CraniumScrapers ^Did you actually miss this, or did you just leave it in since it's Darth Wiki and blue links are dark red anyway?]] [[HypocriticalHumor Also,]] [[FridgeBrilliance Only recently and after fixing it on the actual page did I read]] [[UsefulNotes/GreenIsBlue Green is Blue]] [[FridgeBrilliance and understand why.]]
* AllCyanEntry
* AllTealEntry
* AllNavyEntry
* AllPurpleEntry
* AllNeonBeigeEntry
* AllMagentaEntry
* AllBlackEntry
* AllSchmorangeEntry
* {{All Tye-dye Entryway}}
* AllTedEntry
* [[ICanSeeYouToo All Dead Entry]]
* AllPesEntry
* AllBronzeEntry
* AllSilverEntry
* AllGoldEntry
* AllPlatinumEntry
* [[ThisIsNotALink All Phlebotinum Entry]]
* [[ThisIsAlsoNotALink All Unobtainium Entry]]
* [[ThisIsNotALinkTheThird All Aesoptinum Entry]]
* [[WhatIfWeTookTwoRocksAndDidSomething All Green Rocks Entry]]
* AllPolkaDotEntry
* AllStripedEntry
* AllLiquidEntry
* AllSolidEntry
* AllGaseousEntry
* AllPlasmaEntry
* AllBose-EinsteinCondensateEntry
* [[AlCaponeIsCool All Catraz Entry]]
* AllBreakingAndEntry
* AllInvisibleEntry
* GloriaAllredEntry
* ThePermanentRedLinkClub
* [[HowSadThatYouCantActuallyLinkItHereAnymore This Troper]]

!![[DarthWiki/HowToNotWriteAnExample Examples:]]

* WaitWhatWhoa
* [[ThisIs/AnAllRedEntry This article]] [[ILoveBeing/CapitanObvious seems]] [[ToBeOrMaybeNotToBe to be]] [[EdEddNEddy/EverybodysDoingItBouncyBouncyBouncy doing it.]] [[ThoseCurvyThings (]][[{{Initianalism}} LOL]][[MoarCommaPotholing ,]] [[HoYay/HaHaHaYouSaidX "doing it".]][[TheOtherTypeOfCurvyThings )]]
* IAmNotMakingThisUp
* [[IronicThatThisIsntAnArticle Ironically]] [[NotAChance not]] [[SingleLetterPotholing a]] [[NonSelfDemonstratingArticle Self-Demonstrating Article.]]
* SoYeah
* OhGodSomeonePleaseHelpMeIJustWokeUpAndImSuddenlyABrokenTropeLinkIWantToSeeMyFamilyAgainPleaseHelp
* AllCanadiansAreNotMurderousPsychopaths
* ItLooksLikeThis

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!!This game provides examples of:
* TimedMission: There's a time limit.