A spanish webcomic from the author of Webcomic/{{CROWLEY}} which [[spoiler: so far only exist in the mind of its author and in a few character desings.]]

A HighFantasy ClicheStorm (and that is [[TropesAreNotBad not always a bad thing]] with a good level of LampshadeHanging that basically runs in the Rules of [[RuleOfCool Cool]] and [[RuleOfFunny Funny]], DarthWiki/DungeonHeroes tells us the story of a trio of mercenaries and bodyguards: the half-orc Ervin Steelflint, the halfling Bregh Greenmosh and the mysterious elf Sayla. The trio will be involved with the exiled princess [[OverlyLongName Faerin Faraladh Galleanadra II]] and her guardian mage, the ditzy Ronald Eberlestein, in their quest to destroy an old relic, stop the return of the armies of darkness, defeat the current EvilOverlord and maybe survive all of it without mental scarring. Along they way they will be joined by a wanderer paladin, [[SixthRanger Nyarl]], that has secrets of his own.
!!This unpublished webcomic provides examples of:

%%* ActionGirl: Sayla.
%%** Faerin slowly evolves into this.
%%* ActionMom: Karzha, Ervin's mother.
* AffablyEvil: Russah, TheDragon. It helps he is also a NobleDemon.
* AbsurdlySharpBlade: The sword found by Ervin: It looks rusted, has no magic properties whatsoever... and somehow is the sharpest sword in the world.
* AerithAndBob: You've names like Ervin, Faerin, Nyarl... but also others like Ronald, Albert...
* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: As a rebellious princess, at first Faerin it's attracted to Ervin when she thinks he's the typical roguish merc. When he shows he's actually a NiceGuy, she [[SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan falls harder for him]].
* AGodAmI: Played with Vlakan, [[spoiler: who ''actually was a god'' and only wants to regain his old power.]]
* AlienSky: The world of Ghe has three moons.
%%* AlternativeCalendar
* AncestralWeapon: Nyarl's sword belonged to his mother.
* AscendedExtra: Rouda Sacor, the female dwarf warrior-mage who helps the main characters ends becoming a new member of the team after previously having a much smaller role.
* BadassBoast: A quite humble one from Ervin.
-->'''Ervin:''' I am nobody. I am no ChosenOne, no great hero, no bastard son of a king. I'm the son of two soldiers that fought in opposite sides. I'm just the man that is going to stop you.
%%* BigBad: Vaklan [[spoiler: a.k.a Vakh Ur Rham, the Old God of Blood]]
%%* BigEater: Ervin, Bregh and Faerin.
* TeamNormal: Bregh the halfling and Ervin the half-orc are probably the most '[[DownplayedTrope normal]]' of the team in skill terms.