Creator / Yasunori Matsumoto

One of the more 90's veteran and still on-going voice actor. He's not pigeonholded, but he's mostly known for his mature, yet soothing voice which makes him the go-guy for all those nice guys next door around the teenage and twenties that at least sound quite deep. Of course, he is more than capable in flipping them off into hilarity, and yes, his sound when playing those whose suffering made us laugh was quite the delight to all; his motivation as a voice actor is so high that his adrenaline begins bursting!

Matsumoto is also a guy fit for Hotblooded principal heroes, which was proven with his break as Ryo Hibiki of Sonic Soldier Borgman. However, his journey on the hardcore heroes lane was surpassed by Nobuyuki Hiyama. note  Therefore, he steered steadily into the lane of the Adorkable Idiot Hero type. Though he had portrayed this type through Yutaro Katori beforehand,note  he eventually solidified this characterization with Slayers' Gourry. Contemporarily speaking, Matsumoto can be found taking more narration cases for various non-anime-related Japanese TV shows.

And don't confuse him with Yasunori Masutani.

Roles done by Yasunori Matsumoto: